2019Year (Ryowa first year) Numazu summer festival this year also held Disney parade! !

But is the Kano River fireworks display of Numazu that introduces every year、A little different from the usual this year。Because、Not just love live Sunshine、That Disney parade is also carried out。

Will be Saturday is canceled followed by relationship also came typhoon this year to last year、It has become a Sun Moon held。Saturday also rain does not rain after all、On the other hand Sumida River fireworks display seems to have been held on the same day。Well、More judgment of management from getting to Shige Shuichi mayor feel that has become quite bad to 😥

Without the map this time you are always posted because not be helped also by placing another similar map!


Welcome、To Numazu。

Numazu summer festival poster, which is affixed to the Numazu Station。Appeal which issued the usual love live Sunshine on the front 🙂

Station during the day of the summer festival also busy! ……Although、Naa'm more large-scale performance has been done in front of the station when the previous Onuma mayor。Resulting in a comparison since really the previous mayor was too excellent

Numazu specialty Love live Sunshine Paint bus。It will change regularly handle。Blue paint this time is that the image of the sea。

Numazu Nakamise shopping street。This veil will change frequently。That this summer festival ver would be Sokusoto When the event is over。

But the love live Sunshine'm every year a new pattern、Under the characters loincloth use to clear。maybe、I wonder are overwriting the character in the "summer" I Tanabata。


Great success fireworks display is also in the event during the day

As directed from Numazu Station to Numazu Port car in the traffic control entry ban。Ikikai is mikoshi、Along the sidewalk lined with shops。

Riverside Hotel before this street。

I found an interesting shrine when I review photos。Why are stuffed Nesoberi of Kurosawa Rubyi of Love live Sunshine is attached。Mystery 😕

It had been held also taiko show in Jooka shrine。I had been watching sitting on the sidewalk of the guys across the street。


Store openings was worrisome

There is only became tapioca first year and the topic、There was such a store this year。Tapioca drink 1 cup of 500 yen!

Invitation If you think something Nagai skewered people walking while eating a snack often was this。Round and round potato。I think this also did not last year。

Game 3 barrage。Likely to miss because there was on a side street。


Tokyo Disney Resort - Special Parade ~

Disney parade is to climb road street from the three kindergartens Bridge。Distance to 1.2km。Is what has worked hard this scorching sun well。

By the way, this Disney parade、What that of the Tokyo Disney Resort came for free! Generous Disney's Nante。However、It's taking a considerable amount of money in preparation。Although you refrain from writing indeed the amount of money here、I received the impression that I wonder I quite take you me security bill。

Parade 18:00Despite the start、Already 15:00There was a person that has a place up from the front。Since we arrived in one hour before said that、Keep the second column per the middle of the entire process of the parade。Pass in front leading car of the eyes and wait for a while。

First, the local elementary school or junior high school or children's performance。

I rode in a Ferrari Numazu Sansan Lady of Watanabe Shahi and Chiba SakiAi。And in the middle of the talentYuki Fujiki

Next is from Azul Claro Numazu。The front is TERUYOSHI ITO、The back is Takuya Sugai、And central to Gon Nakayama that Masashi Nakayama。


Finally Mickey appeared!

Mickey Mouse finally ...... the previous vacant for a while interval! !

Someone between Mickey and Minnie and look good。

Ah ~、Ayumi Noguchi of Disney Ambassador! Well、Was Tsu AF miss。Because high-resolution roughness comes out ......

Mickey looked up

Behind Goofy and Pluto。

First, the first of which is the pass -。I do not care in this hot、It costume very likely。


Whether or not the next Donald? ! Thinks and、Local performance second edition。

Over to Donald & Daisy has been seen

Daisy Duck! I'm wearing sailor me Donald Duck Once common。

Behind chip & Dale。I was waving cheerfully likely。

This in two units first pass。This at Disney Special parade end! Helped'm free it was unsatisfactory as a parade。If you also then have a chance、I am happy and will do for a little more flashy 🙂


So because soon fireworks display starts will head to the riverbed is responsible for the camera and tripod by two -

I went with Best route (3 Australian dollars) from Sydney city to Domestic Airport!

At last the day to leave the Sydney we have been doing。Today in the early morning of the airplane to Tasmania in Hobart。so、But I will go to Sydney Domestic Airport general travelers using the airport link to pay about 1,500 yen、So I went in the root-friendly money will introduce the route。

It should be noted、For the lowest price route from Sydney International Airport to the city "I went with Best route (about 3 Australian dollars) from Sydney airport to the city!Please refer to the "🙂


Great route from Sydney city to Domestic Airport

The nearest station of the Domestic Airport is Mascot (Mascot) station。So、It becomes a different route from the international airport。Mascot Railway Station is not taken is an airport charge。Is large can be saved only at 1000 yen or more off at one stop before。

Distance as much as 1km walk、The road also was not very far, even while rolling purr a carry bag because it is paved with firmly。


Central from (Sydney Central) station to Mascot Station

Starting here Central Station。Be sure to ride the thing via Mascot station!

We arrived at the platform。Action so as soon as possible while rolling a carry bag。

This train because it is written with the Mascot in an electric bulletin board。The next station there is the next in the Green Square Mascot。6I boarded the train after minute。

Mascot station arrival -。Full MASCOT to the wall 😆

By the outskirts of the Suburban、It is mean that appeal that the Sydney suburb -

There are no turnstiles is unattended。Even so, Do not get off is amazing the number of people。I initially thought that everyone or go to the airport、Who was not the person to go to one person Airport。Perhaps attendance set。

Welcome to Mascot Station!

Come with a single no transfer if from Circular quay, etc., which are written here。I've spent a transfer because Been to this time Kings Cross

Exit there is only one。If it keeps up to everyone OK


From Mascot Station to Sydney Domestic Airport

Turn left out of the station。Here to the direction。

Straight along the road。

Come more gradually green。To the right across the road。

Qantas (Qantas) aviation building。

Subtle curve road

(Oriodan street) is the confluence。Proceed may not follow the road。

Sidewalk has become narrower 😥

Pullman Sydney Airport

Five-star hotel near Sydney Domestic Airport。Who is here that want to taste the luxury mood。

ibis Sydney Airport

This is two-star hotel。It is a popular ibis for those seeking a COSPA good travel

Still straight even past the hotel。

Finally guide plate Airport。Another soon destination。

We get to the airport if the right turn this state straight to、Somehow turn right here。

Evil likely way street somehow security。Night do not want absolutely to walk 😥

Turn left at the bottom of the corner。

Straight here until the abutment

Pass through this narrow place。

Turn right out to the main street。This narrow sidewalk Tekuteku

Intersection of the boulevard between。The destination is look to the right in front、Sydney's Domestic Airport!

Cross the signal。

Proceeds suitable guide plate street because it is within the grounds of the other airports。

Character discovery of Domestic!

After you go to the purpose of the terminal to sign street only。

Check-in counter is the second floor of the domestic airport。We were able somehow arrived safely!


Virgin Australia (Virgin Australia) Airlines check-in

To use this time Virgin Australia。Initially I was going to use the Jet Star, but、Baggage restrictions Toka 7kg、Decision to here airline Nde various constraints were Mendokusaka'。It's quite a lot of luggage so had the camera and tripod。

……so、Tremendous matrix If you see the check-in counter。I'm glad sure that you arrive at the airport early -

This will check in at the machine。

Ticketing flights Tasmania Hobart flights。Because come with tags for luggage together Chaimashou attached to carry bag receiving and firmly。

Prohibited Items List。No place in particular, it has changed、Same standards as general aviation company。

The gate was also crowded horrendously。Early why these morning will'm trying to catch everyone airplane?


Boarding the aircraft of Hobart flights

It will head to pass through the long had security check to the boarding gate。

Jet Star。I truth'm was going to ride to the array。

Ride of here this time。Cheaper than Qantas but higher than the Jet Star。Flight service requires attention because it is paid。


Sydney ends at this。The following Australian resort to "Tasmania"!


Overlooking the Opera House from the opposite shore "Milsons Point"

Although we arrived traced to Circular Quay by ferry from Parramatta、Try toward the opposite shore of Milsons point before the day sunset。I as it is to be going to Milsons Point from if you use the F4 ferry、Dare whether let's go by train。


Route map "Circular Quay - Milsons Point"

If you go by train from Circular Quay to Milsons Point requires transfer。Once to go to the next to the Wynyard (Wynyard) station、You will go from there to Milsons Point (Milsons Point) station。

The easiest way But it's such to ride the F4 ferry from Circular Quay。


From Circular Quay Station to Milsons Point Station

To come many times in Circular Quay until now、That the first time I came to the station platform。

Re-recognize that Sydney Datte big city and look out from the station。We immediately boarded since the metro came。

Board the train of North Sydney bound by the following Wynyard station。Always Next Station is to ride in what has become Milsons Point!

Milsons Point station arrival。Surprisingly far from the Harbor Bridge。You will return to walk from here to the Parramatta River。


Milsons Popint (Milsons Point) out of the station to the river

Only directed towards the Harbor Bridge along the line。There is a good atmosphere has spread green, such as can picnic。

Ish arrived on the other Harbor Bridge。

I had come to Sydney Luna Park parking lot。Let's get off to the left of the stairs。

Not enter from here。For the time being to the entrance。


Luna Park Sydney (Sydney Luna Park)

Entrance with an unreal presence。We've also looked at from the ferry also from the Opera House、There is a more powerful when it is near。

By the way, the ferry is here。Right in front of the entrance of Luna Park。Come by train as long as there is no compelling reason meaning Nasage。

Admission is free。So to the time being in。

Ticket office。Other 1-day ticket、A passport (Annual Pass) is also of throughout the year。1-day ticket is about 52 Australian dollars。

There are many families with children looking at the customer base。Kana feeling local families facing amusement park than tourists from abroad。

Mysterious corner or something Laughing CLOWN。Everyone there was no playing not know what kind of attraction of the。

I'm only'm there are many attractions that do not know the contents name、I feel that I wonder who play relatively nowhere。

It has been late is gradually day。I can not afford to have around all unfortunately。

Round around guy Aboard。Guy likely to become popular there anywhere in the amusement park。

Harbor Bridge View from the Luna Park。


Luna Park second half of the season

When you pass through the underpass Luna Park to the rear half portion。It seems there is a picnic area and a guest locker。but、It Ja mon in the common entrance What locker?

Locker discovered under the stairs! ……However、Not it a pretty hard when you have heavy luggage I is under the stairs 😕

The moment you escape the underpass、Strange gate in front of the eye。Meaning of the spiral is the WHIRLER。

Soon deepest。


Lavender Green Picnic Area (lavender green picnic area)

Here is a picnic area。The name is Lavender Green Picnic Area be that is in bloom lavender and become (lavender green picnic area) time。

Anyone Let's go back because there is no ...... way that has not been a picnic now。


Looking night scenes point

Luna Park escape walking along the river。The wind feels good 🙂

It has been lit up to soon feel good also Ferris wheel。

Point Harbor Bridge and the Opera House can be seen at once discovered! As we take a night view here later、On the other side, which was passed under the Harbor Bridge to find whether there is a night view point to the other。

I returned to the ferry wharf of Milsons Point。This time wicket the Harbor Bridge Mars

The back side of the Harbor Bridge 😆

Let's a little more advanced Opera House and Harbor Bridge and Sydney buildings even from here but it is likely to take a total of containing。

People who are tripod installed in around here there were a lot。Probably you do a night view shooting point。I guess let's wait for this state day sunset。


Sydney night view from Milsons Point

I waited until the Twilight time! Port city Sydney superb view 😆

One back to the previous location。This Sydney tourism also last。Somehow emotional。Tomorrow I will be going to Tasmania。

It should be noted、Other Sydney night view "...... from the Sydney Tower Eye? ! This is the Southern Hemisphere the best night view!"When"Night view photographing the projection mapping of the Opera House! From Sydney Tower Eye to Circular Quay penetrate the Sydney heartlandThere also means because introduced in "!


This in Sydney tourism end! Next destination Tasmania ...... But I'd like to introduce you to cheap route of the last from Sydney to Sydney Domestic Airport!



Journey of chillin water ferry - to Sydney from Parramatta -

I waited at the ferry landing of Parramatta、Finally arriving ferry to the wharf。We boarded the ferry at the same time when the gate is opened。


Ferry route From Parramatta to Sydney

From Parramatta to Sydney is about 25km。Will this distance to be advanced over a period of one hour a little。Since the article is likely to be long Let's enter the Sassa and content。


Ferry boarding

This river in the direction。Harbor Bridge in the far destination、I wonder I have a Sydney Opera House。

Ready to board the ferry waiting for the gate to open!

Everyone boarded all at once。...... but seems out of the bench it is popular again was delayed to ride when I take photos、I am standing in the front row of some of the ferry interested。But it was maintained at this time the left front、The best is probably Jindoru the left front。Because、Since the Circular Quay entering turn right from the upstream side you look without being disturbed and Sydney Opera House。

By the way, the inside of the ferry is such。So sorry ...... windows Te shake is not open to the outside if you want to enjoy the wind。


Parramatta set sail!

Scenes from the ferry foreground。Video both feel it has taken, such as I said the same thing in the article try kana ...... even before Blue Mountains even upload to YouTube If you have increased the number of access article。

The starting of the annual street。Farewell Parramatta!

You down a peaceful river。The river is about to change in the river of about consuming Harbor Bridge after 1 hour、I do not even think at this stage。

Under the James Ruse Drive Bridge wicket Mars。

And ferry from for some time forward and the other side is。And from Sydney have Kawakami Rioshi、Will the place soon get to the end point Parramatta。

Amazing the number of people。Maybe more than here ferry。Even so, that I come to Parramatta on this time、Or locals、Or wonder if the people who are taking the inn to Parramatta?

By the way it has become increasingly cold。It's body comes cold and are working on the river air at Gee Innovation standing state。Like some people have been prepared protection against cold is in the customer。Even so carefully prepared and windbreaker。Admiration 🙄

The first stop is approaching。

Rydalmere (Raidarumea)。Rashiku city of Sydney suburbs、Sights not hear much but looks good to live in if there is a park Toka Shopping Center。


Of Parramatta river river also to spread midstream

Sun also been lowered further temperature been late a little more cold ...... 😥

Have spread the width of a river much is difficult to swim across the other。It is painful to wind becoming stronger as the river widens。Recommended that more of the ferry ride scheduled to bring a jacket even in the summer。

Bus stop。Now for the fine size likely。

Sydney Olympic Park (Sydney Olympic Park)。If I thought it a beautiful place、It seems to be going where it was improved probably according to the Sydney Olympic Games of 2000。

Soon arrival。

And departure。


From midstream to downstream

Not Do not cross a dip from the other shore to shore。

Next stop。

Meadowbank (Medobanku)。Likely area that something is indigenous Aboriginal culture of Australia remain。

And Ikika' boat a lot。Over it mon that small Parramatta river was much growth 🙂

In the Brays Bay (Blows Bay) Rivendell School (Rivenderu school)。It seems to be a special needs school。Great location。

Kissing Point (Kissing points)。Pretty intense name。Wharf in the previous whiff of Kendall Bay (Kindoru Bay)。

Sydney looked towards the far away! Well understood that the big city and view from here。

The next stop came into view on the other side of the Wangal Park where there is a Flag of Australia (one gal Park)。

Cabarita (Cabarita)。Ish around here there are many golf courses。

It was just where the stroller gets off。Ferry properly barrier-free already。

Abbotsford (Abbotsford)。A quiet area that is from Sydney in a place called about 30 minutes by ferry or bus。Apartment often。Live in around here than many people are through to Sydney。

Huge bridge you will see。

Chiswick (Chiswick)。Around here is it seems to be a luxury residential area。

Big bridge was approaching。

Huntleys Point (Hantorizu points)。Interval of softening stop is I have become smaller and smaller。Here I'll just came to the opposite shore from Chiswick。

so、You will be passing under the bridge that finally some of this presence。Gladesville Bridge strength likely that (Guradisubiru Bridge) name。

You can see that the city of Sydney has become much larger。


Looked、Harbor Bridge! !

The the? ! By chance it looks towards the left than a Harbor Bridge? ! ? !

Drummoyne (Doramoin)。Or something overlooking the best views of the Sydney waterfront from here。

Island with a strong presence。

The number of birds is amazing 😯

Quite gorgeous stop came into sight。

Cockatoo Island (Cockatoo Island)。The old days jail、Juvenile homes、Island prison had been established。San Francisco Alcatraz like a image? At present, it has been inscribed on the World Heritage as "Australian Convict Sites"、Campground Also there is a tourist destination。

Bigger and bigger it seemed to come Sydney city。

You can see the Sydney Tower Eye quite clearly in another naked eye。


Darling Harbor arrival

Familiar landscape。RightPyrmont district。The leftBarangaru protected areas。And it is to rush from nowDarling Harbor

Wharf who came from the land in the previous article。Port of call this time by ferry。

So the final destination to the "Circular Quay"!


And ...... to Circular Quay

Pass under the Harbor Bridge overlooking the Barangaru protected areas。There is no photo because of the much photographed the video actually from here。We had a lot of guys commemorative photograph when passing through the side of the Sydney Opera House。

We arrived at the Circular Quay end also water of the journey of little over an hour。It was put in Sydney before somehow the sun goes down。Or a little happy because there was no way anyway cold。But I'm glad if the rumbling on board If you did not bring a camera。


Next time facing to the opposite shore "Milsons Point (Milsons Point)" in the Circular Quay by train、Sydney night view watching!

Tourism Sydney second of the business district the "Parramatta" and crispy

But came to an end and Blue Mountains tourism is still physical strength Ariamari。Let's head to the ferry while tourism slowly because Parramatta residence time was about 1 hour。


Walking map "Parramatta (Parramatta)"

From Parramatta station to the ferry that Parramatta wharf there is a distance of about 500m。Because the south side of the station has spread shopping mall、And Is not that the time trouble in the crush。Go without this time is to that side、I tried to explore the north side。

I've got a stupid big park Tteyuu further advance and Parramatta Park from the left edge of the map (Parramatta Park)、Since there is only tourist time of 1 hour pass。To a picnic and sports and wonder if the best of the location of the。

You might have the option of Sydney hotels to take the inn to a high of if around here。




There is also a place where can stay even at about 10,000 yen in the period immediately before and seen the hotel rates for quite conscientious compared to Sydney。When various changing the date of the above to try、5000You will also notice that there is a day that can stay in the circle bill。Darling Harbor、Since up to Circular Quay is a single without the transfer on the water ferry, but flights are good、A little cold that's winter、Although there are disadvantages that can not be tourism Sydney until late at night。



Parramatta Square (Parramatta Square) hanging around the neighborhood

Guide plate as soon as leaving the station。Here straight 800m、Let's aim there it means that get to the Visitor Information Center in about 12 minutes。

We arrived at the Parramatta Square -。We have received the atmosphere, such as there are many local people than tourists。

Parramatta St. John's Cathedral (St. John’s Cathedral Parramatta)

It might be put in because people had to come out from within。But Well Cathedral system rush ahead so were proficient in Sydney。

This is Parramatta city hall (Parramatta Town Hall)

The building was a small。Since Sunday today near the entrance have the inlet is closed is deserted。Clean you Darrow glowing shiny Christmas tree at night

Fountain that springs up from the ground。I think there was also in Sydney's Darling Harbor for such a such a。

Innocence great that children are drenched though it is casual not'm happily 🙂 apparently swimsuit。

By the way, here it is named I centimeter Nally Square (Centenary Square)。Until today write articles I thought I wonder if part of the Parramatta Square。Night Toka'm shining brilliantly this fountain is in the illumination。You will not only be seen Parramatta Guests。


Visitor Information Center to the (Visitor Information Centre)

The northern end of the square。From here to the north。Well、It has changed a little atmosphere。Security is a little evil likely。

It is seen that the security is not bad at least this time zone in the manner of this business。Since become stolen when I lined up outside the shop in places like Sri there are many!

Seven-Eleven。Frequently seen Do this convenience store in Australia。

Further north Church Street the (Church St)。Tighten a little care because the streets is somehow off guard can such unlikely。But it remains hanging the camera on the shoulder 🙂

Finally arrived at the bridge。Here Parramatta River。It seems to immediately Visitor Information Center if Do not cross this bridge。

Parramatta River。After the ferry landing If we cage here to downstream。

First to the Visitor Information Center。I There is a character of the "i" of Information to the building along the front of the river

Overlooking the Parramatta River from the middle of the bridge。Birds are also swimming in the population。It's this kind of environment good

……so、Visitor Information Center had closed。Apparently Sunday seems to rest。I mean、Sunday what I think we should be operating(^^;)


Stroll along Parramatta River

The river because there is no way those that are closed。

Prohibitions Lots。That it is up to 2,000 Australian dollars and violation。Even so, I wonder if that I had a golf Toka Toka horse riding to people?

I no be violated because the walk。Enjoy the paved walk way 🙂

Bird's also seems to spend leisurely holidays

Since the middle of the way to be able to traverse the opposite bank of the Parramatta River river while zigzag -

Around here 's a security looks good。Even so, such a small river is time to for me something interesting becomes wider as must cross over at the Harbor Bridge to go to Sydney 😆

Monument memorial flagpole。Is not that what particular。

The bridge that this greater presence wicket Mars

It aims to ferry。

The bird is full!

Oh! Reed、Let's go up there!

Duck is taking a break 😛 was some time healed by observing the bird。


Ferry "Parramatta wharf (Parramatta Wharf)" arrival

Ferry was visible from the bridge。Apparently it just arrived。

Finally ferry arrival。While the droves and people are descended from in

that? Do not forget to tap the opal card when I thought to catch the ferry is also coming to or Naa 😕 the way ride back from you in ...... preparation has gone somewhere。I think familiar anymore truly。

Because ginger not wait to sit on the bench。Actually、Location up of the ferry you had better have towards the front row because it is quite important。Especially Truly important if you take Toka videos!


Non-stop voyage next time by ferry to Circular Quay!

Beyond the Blue Mountains tourism to the middle station Parramatta rather than Sydney ...... from the ruler!

Introduction from the ruler Station to Parramatta Station this time。Although I article was likely to be short、In such a configuration because I wanted to use 1 article in Parramatta。You might get bored、Please dating Well 🙂


Sydney suburbs "Parramatta Station" (Parramatta Station)

From the ruler Parramatta is about 85km。Previous article "Only 2.7 Australian dollar from Sydney? ! World heritage of the "Blue Mountains" nearest station to "Katoomba Station"!"In so location had been introduced because of the might it did not have to put the map again just in case。Of course, the train does not have to be gone back directly to Sydney、When the ride to the ferry from Parramatta because it pains、I would recommend because the more enjoyable the Australia!

Ah、Is on the map I am writing as "Parramatta" but unified in the future in "Parramatta"。Pronunciation symbol of Parramatta were examined in order to write this article(pærəmætə)That of the。In other words、It's closer to the correct pronunciation more of Parramatta in Japanese notation。Pa and Ma be a hard little to say to those who are not familiar with English because it is the middle pronunciation of a and e?


Ruler station (Leura Station)

Ruler station platform。Such thing wicket Masen。

Person to a country station is often。Indeed tourist destination Blue Mountains National Park。It seems many people have the choice to return from Leura Station rather than Katoomba station。

Let's be sure to tap the opal card before getting on the train。I guy of silver pole located near the center of the screen。Since the unmanned station it proves to be likely to forget catapult、Because it and forget it becomes a penalty。

BEWARE GAP WHEN BOARDING. Note that "Ride attention to the gap between the train and the platform."。For comparisonIn London "MIND THE GAP"I did。Is interesting change expressed by the country。UK image concise and Australia is polite?

Would you wait around here。The bench already Do you stood in Unfortunately the scorching sun because it is packed。

The train is coming! Same the double-decker train with the time come! Also it will be your relationship enough guy and two-hours to


Off at Parramatta station for a ride to the ferry

Vehicle riding this time Quiet Carriage。Difficult if translate to in Japanese、Vehicle that is to talk is that must be quiet in the NG。That said here tourist destination Blue Mountains。Do Wansa guys that are making noise in without knowing such manners。There were also people who are chatting on a mobile phone。I aunt who was sitting next to had in mind many times to such people。”Excuse me. This is a quiet carriage”A note of this image has been pointed while saying I 🙂

It's not this kind of vehicle I Japan Speaking。It's the car phone ban Toka meaning unknown to the habit。And Quiet Carriage prepared in the same way as overseas、Those who want to people and chatting you want a phone I Ja natural is better I usually go to the vehicle? Not only in Australia、I wish has also been Quiet Carriage standard equipment in Germany also to the United Kingdom

Also black town that has passed through the time of going。The name remains a strong presence。Parramatta is a stone's throw if you come again to here!


Arrival in Parramatta station

Arrival in Parramatta station! The time is 16:48! Day was good likely to be able to ride a ferry before falling! !

First, get off the escalator。Looking at the tourists hardly get off、Everyone I Will got to Chokuki in Sydney。

Sapporo mouth change。There was a decent wicket unlike the ruler station 😀

There are fine people。In fact, this Parramatta is the urban as has been referred to as the second of the business district in Sydney!

Alright、Rather on whether it celebrating and ...... was told Datte right Once at all listening to Wakaran ...... station attendant clogging、Direction I Darcy St。Ferry is much either'm mon want you to write! ! 👿

Ferry that are written I F to the green circle landing。And then a little detour because it is likely of such can visit the city center and go at the shortest distance。I It is a lot still time until the ferry departure。

Out ticket gate was written I Parramatta Wharf on the wall when I walked to the right。...... by us may need to mention to the guide plate of the station yard


Explore the city center of Parramatta next time!

The endpoint small country town "ruler of the Blue Mountains tourism(Leura)』

The end is ruler cascade of running、Somehow seems to go back to Sydney before sunset as planned because the ride to the bus。And fun was Blue Mountains National Park, the last in this tourist。It will head to the ruler station to catch the train。


Route map From ruler cascade to ruler station

Within 2km from the ruler cascade ruler station is that it is walking off erect a ruler park。Tour bus headed to the station around Innovation guru at something like root。When you are riding on the bus was thinking or "is quite time Naa I take After walking" without knowing Nante are detour like this。


The last bus ride in this! To the ruler Village

The bus received the second floor of the front row! TOY & RAILWAY MUSEUM (Toy Railway Museum) What seems to be going towards the direction。

Here is the museum。Will What business hours now because it is written I OPEN。In fact, in quite widely me this museum、Various seems flowers Toka can enjoy have spread garden on the back side of the building。It sounds like can also be used as a wedding hall。

Just passing by the park。

Somehow there was a well know does object 🙂

Intently straight ahead this kind of way。It is why I think I really Do's idyllic location。

Contact、A person to the bus stop。It's Some people ride from a place like this。What people have stayed in around here cottage。

Arrived at the ruler village! It'll come down with another droves。This next is to stop the ruler station、Also it seems to want to explore everyone ruler village 😆


Stylish cafés "ruler Village"

If you walked towards the back alley off the bus had wander in strange places。Rashiku Apparently shopping mall、Around here seems have names or something ruler Mall。

woolworths! Supermarket was also here!

Hours are 7:00 – 22:00so、That's Friday is a regular holiday。Hmm? Here I wonder Maybe you do not to be pooled to buy on Thursday because not come to the only shopping around here, I who live? 😕

Wide ...... and、Also firmly barrier-free escalator。It will have around here truly feeling Australia。

Ruler post office (Leura Post Office)。Since Sunday regular holiday。1Ruler Shakespeare Festival in month (Leura Shakespeare Festival)、5Ruler harvest festival in the month (Leura Harvest Festival)、9End of the month - ruler Village Fair over the beginning of October I'm there is a (Leura Village Fair) and the ruler Garden Festival (Leura Garden Festival)。No events today unfortunately!

Ruler village rooftops of。Very quiet。

Lined with fashionable cafe。I like a resort of wealthy。

the above、It was the ruler village streets。


Ruler to the station

Ruler station is the other side of that clock tower。

I thought if something or government office I this clock tower、It seems that contains restaurants Toka Toka hotels。

Across the bridge to the ruler station。It this is the end also Blue Mountains tourism。But enough is also a day trip from Sydney、And it is indeed likely to need for one night If you want to enjoy trekking Toka Toka shopping slowly。


Next to the Parramatta rather than going ...... to Sydney by train!

Enjoy trekking in the Blue Mountains! Of the cliff to the "Lula cascade"

Ride from Echo Point to the bus to Lula cascade。Also there is the notation I Leura Cascades、Want will be unified in the ruler in this blog。It has been pushing tourist time、30Now hard it walks that it must come back to the bus stop within a minute。From beginning to end run leave in another hot。Since the running had repeatedly take pictures stopped、It might have been strangely seem from around 🙁


Route map From Echo Point to ruler cascade

Along the main road if you take the bus。I wonder if would be a walk in the forest if you walk from Echo Point。As can be seen if you look at the map、It is enough can go the distance to walk from Echo Point。Scenic World from Katoomba Station people who have stayed is also serves as a walking track in Katoomba、Echo Point、It is also fun to go to the ruler station through the ruler cascade。


To the ruler cascade entrance of the picnic area

Such a sign and get off the bus。1.3km until the ruler Station cut through a huge park Tteyuu ruler park from here。That slowly walking about 30 minutes。In less than probably able to run if 10 minutes。Boils finally feel I Blue Mountains National Park is also the end。

Going into this road across the bus was running road。

Cross the Lula Falls River。

Picnic Square If you think the children's voice heard。Friendly tourist destination to people who have rent-a-car tour because there was a parking lot next to this square。

And quite widely、Many people in its own way。It ran through because time is in a hurry this time I wanted to slowly if there over

There was such of it is like something resting place。What I would Kore。

Also equipped with toilet。Do not ask for cleanliness because the toilet in nature。

Now、So missing the picnic area to the road towards the ruler cascade


Small babbling "ruler waterfall" in the great outdoors

There was a map at the entrance。But apparently not to reciprocate the one road、...... and that seems to be coming back here around all round、I was wondering when this。It's noticed at a later though I WARNING at the bottom right of this sign。Story it was in the last minute whether or not the time for the bus of time at later in this article。

Only down intently the Lula Falls along the river。It without any hesitation。It will be healed in the peaceful atmosphere 😀

Big tree had fallen 😯

Overtake the front of the group all at once。I ran through Sasatto because in a hurry。

Run down a gentle down stairs!

Ruler cascade ahead。The road was not wrong。

Because there is a sign but there was a fork in the road to the right of the road that says "Leura Cascades"。

People in the river? !

I enjoy chillin To Nature。It is be good and now slowly want people in comes to swimsuit Toka prepared

I This is the ruler waterfall。This side view from when the Shobo-in you, but ......

This side will be in the picture in its own way that it from! Although force is I do not separately、Waterfall of elegant feeling。It waterfall is this that has been posted on the Toka brochure。Actually bring tripod、Something like this for but I wanted to take a slow shutter was in a hurry with better composition。

Gonna turn if there is to come next time take good pictures over! ! !


Superb view "Lula cascade"

Superb view of the cliff that appear immediately from the previous waterfall。This is the ruler cascade。But is this greatness in the middle people you is not transmitted because it's photos do not appear on only the front、There are quite impressive and I actually come。The most、I is I did not have time to enjoy slowly scenery came running(^^;)

Bench to Anna where there is? ! Who would you sit ......

In addition to top up the stairs。There are things pretty scary looking at the bottom。

As waterfall sliding down the cliff。It looks like there are quite a person at the basin、I guess would be those who walked from Echo Point。

Time has become a tapir。Let Susumo to earlier。In and things like this road walk only people who are familiar because not a good condition。It may not proceed Mars!

It can not be said that certainly landscaped road。And go straight here seems to get to Echo Point。

that? ? It is something red net。Something bad feeling ......

Seriously is the paddle ...... traffic ban ...... yet、Until the threatened complaint that punished Once in the off-limits area。Dangerous dangerous ......

Ah、It is a rare bird(Escapism


To the bus stop back the coming road

I Truly ran。Really much ran leave。I'm talking about I'm what doing while holding the camera in a hot summer day。so、I read this warning paper to come back to the place of this sign。...... the red route of the photograph was written properly closed to traffic

It was in time with Somehow。Still bus did not come。Although as much this one minute after I bus is coming。Even so, ...... By the way, the bus driver was tired was the same person as when from Katoomba station to Scenic World。Chan told me Also remember me 🙂


The next is the ruler station。Finally is it in the next and Blue Mountains National Park!