Kazan Tourism-Kazanka River-

The Kazanka River runs just behind Kazan Kremlin。Originating around Arsk、It can be said that it is a left tributary of the Volga River because it joins the Volga River here in Kazan.。

Kremlin seen from the Kazanka River。From here, I think I can only see the head of the Kuru-Sharif Mosque.。In front of it is the Bragoveschensky Cathedral。Rather than looking up from below、After all the view from above is better!

The Kazanka River is quite busy、It feels like the landscape was created in a planned manner。Behind the photo is the Kazanka River。The green is also beautifully planted、Fountains are also arranged at equal intervals, perfect for walking。This fountain、It will be lit up beautifully at night, so that's a separate article!

The merry-go-round can be seen at the rear left of the screen。Fully equipped with amusement! Shops are lined up from the side next to it。Illumination is beautiful here at night。

This time I took a picture with the Kazanka River in the back。Many people are cycling。Is it even rented?

Green art that imitates animals。

This is ladies and gentlemen。Well、It's the same with the animals I mentioned earlier, but I guess it meant something.、Unfortunately there is no reason to know it。

This is a restaurant。I'm a little hungry so maybe I should eat here。

Before that, shoot at a slightly different angle。Collaboration between restaurant and Kazan Kremlin。

Here is the entrance。The word "бахча" written above is the word melon。Is it the name of the store? There are no photos in the store because I refrained from taking pictures.、It was very delicious like a restaurant serving Tatarstan food。I think Russian food suits the taste of Japanese people。

Evening when returning。Perhaps this area is a date spot。There were quite a lot of duos of men and women。

Now、Next, head south on Baumann Street。

Kazan Tourism-Kazan Kremlin Part 2-

Leave the mosque and head further into the Kremlin。The toilet is also here, so it's a good idea to finish it.。I have never used this toilet、Probably paid。Basically, there is no problem considering that Russian toilets are charged。

There is a square、There is nothing in particular。A few couples were taking a walk in this courtyard、What are you thinking。Turn right here to the viewpoint。

Arrive on main street。Contact、People has increased。I could see the Ferris wheel in the distance and I got excited。

On the left is the Suyumbike Tower in Kazan, which is 58 m high.。The Suyumbike Tower is derived from the late Princess Kazan Khan, who committed suicide from this tower around 1800.。It seems to be a landmark of Kazan。The building on the right has the Tatarstan mark, so is it the government that has jurisdiction over the Kremlin?。

Tower gate。The sun is on the left、The moon is on the right。This tower has many mysteries、It seems that it is not clear why it was built。So the meaning of the relief of the sun and moon at this gate may be unknown.。Unfortunately I can't go inside the tower so far。

This is the first view point of Kazan Kremlin! Overlooking the Kazanka River、You can also see the Volga River in the distance。You can see the Ferris wheel on the opposite bank、I guess it was probably made systematically to improve the landscape。Many tourists were taking a commemorative photo here。

Now、Bypass the tower and proceed clockwise。Then this square opens。Some people were taking a break because there was a bench。Depending on the time of day, stalls such as crepe shops are open, so it's a great place to relax.。

Nestled in front of this square is the Goddess Evangelical Cathedral(Bragoveschensky Cathedral)。Both are difficult to read ... The Theotokos Gospel is read as "Shoshinjo Fukuin"、This is the Russian Orthodox church。Characterized by an onion-shaped roof。

And ... This is the second superb view point! Overlooking the Kazanka River。A little to the right of the front is an administrative building called the Agricultural Palace.。It's lit up beautifully at night、It's in another article。

Even so, the wind feels good!

After enjoying the superb view、After Kazan Kremlin。On the way home、Raw Goddess Evangelical Cathedral(Bragoveschensky Cathedral)There is a statue in front of。It seems to be a Tatar and Russian architect who designed the Kazan Kremlin。When Ivan the Terrible attacked Kazan、Kazan Kremlin seems to have been destroyed。It seems that it is also thought that the reconciliation was symbolized by arranging the Russians and Tatars side by side to make a statue.。

It will continue to be Kazan next time!

Kazan tourism - Kazan Kremlin Part -

Speaking of Kazan, Kazan Kremlin。It is the fastest building registered as a World Heritage Site in Kazan.。

There is a subway running in Kazan、The closest station to Kazan Kremlin is the Kremlin Station、Or Kremryovskaya station。Кремль in Tatar。In Russian Кремлёвская。

It costs about 30 yen each time on a very cheap subway.、Save even more with a prepaid card。

Prepaid cards can be purchased at the ticket office inside the station。7 on weekdays from Monday to Friday:00~20:30、8 on Saturday and Sunday:00~20:00It is written that it is open until。I mean, I wonder why this photo was taken around noon。Is it during lunch break?

I bought it at the ticket shop on the other side of the platform because it can not be helped。It's a small tri-fold booklet、There are various advertisements on each page。

When you open the inside, the card is sandwiched。It seems that you can use this card not only on the subway but also on the trolleybus。You can charge it、Even if it is used up, you can use it as many times as you like by charging it at the ticket vending machine.。Same as Suica。

Once you get the ticket, go through the ticket gate to the subway。15The train comes every minute、It's faster to walk if it's about 1 station。Especially since there is no hesitation from the central station to Kremryovskaya station、You should walk unless the weather is very bad。

Now、Kazan Kremlin is just at the intersection of the Kazanka and Volga rivers、Located north of downtown Kazan。Just above the map with a red circle。This time I stayed near Sukhonaya Slavada station (Суконная слобода) at the bottom of this map.、It was a distance that I could walk back and forth normally。Well, even if you use a taxi, it's about 150 yen (price is cheap!)

Kazan Kremlin is quite high。The entrance is this pure white building。The crowd is amazing ... As expected, the most famous place in Kazan。I don't know if it's a school trip or an excursion, but there was also a group of students。

Monument at the entrance。This is written about what is worrisome about World War II。

This is also a war-related monument。The content that "courageous life is beautiful"。Are the heroes who were active in the war lined up?。I wonder if there are many monuments about war because there is only a military nation。So did Moscow。

This is a statue of the Tatar poet Musa Dzhalil。In the German-Soviet war of World War II、During the battle against Leningrad, he continued to resist Nazi Germany.、Finally he was taken prisoner and executed in 1944.。The appearance of being restrained shirtless、It expresses the appearance of being a POW、It represents the feelings of Musa Dzhalil who wants to be free。In 1957, 13 years after his death, he won the Lenin Prize as a poet.。

This is the scenery in the direction of the Volga River。The Volga River can be seen in the distance。I think the Volga River is familiar to anyone who has studied geography.。To put it simply, it is also called "Russian Mother River".、In some places it can be as wide as 10 km。The length of this river, which flows into the Caspian Sea from the middle of Moscow and St. Petersburg, is 3,700 At m this is as much as the Mississippi River in the United States。It seems that it is still useful for water transportation。

Well, if you go through the entrance, you can enter inside Kazan Kremlin。The first thing you see when you enter is the map on the premises。It ’s a citadel surrounded by walls.。When you look at the map like this, it looks quite wide,、Sightseeing in no time。I don't have time because I can see a lot of beautiful buildings and scenery。

There is a way to go straight after entering the entrance、It ’s a good idea to go clockwise from the left.。Immediately after passing through the main gate, there is a gate like this on the left, so invade。There is a monument with many faces in the back.。

Turn right here and follow the road。There must be a Kremlin in the future ...

Deta、Kuru-Sharif Mosque!

A magnificent blue and white mosque suddenly appears。The moment you turn the street, you suddenly see a huge mosque, which is a masterpiece.。I think this impression can only be understood by those who went there.(Lol)。Moreover, the sky is clear and the contrails that are nicely formed are also pictures.。

It seems that this area is a shooting point, and there were many other Lassiyas (← Russians) taking pictures of Pasha Pasha.。

Arrived at the entrance。Entrance is free of charge。But women seem to have to wear a scarf around their heads for religious reasons, so rent a scarf at the entrance.。It was once destroyed by Ivan the Terrible, but is now restored.、It is now a great tourist attraction。I like this cool exterior in summer、It's cold in winter ... I'll post about winter on my blog later.。

It closes late at night, so if you want to get inside, go early。The Kremlin itself is 22:00It's open until around that time。

The article is getting longer, so let's break it here。Next is Kazan Kremlin。Introducing famous spots overlooking the Kazanka River from the Suyumbike Tower。