Moscow Tourism-Summer Edition-From the Bolshoi Theater to the Plaza de la Monage

I don't have time so I thought I should go only near Red Square this time。If you have time, head to the Cathedral of Christ the Savior、On the way back, stop at the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts and head to the airport。

The nearest station to Red Square is Chair Tralinaya Station (Театра ́льная)、Actually, it takes about 10 minutes from Belaruskaya station using the green Zamosk Volateskaya line (Замоскворе ́цкая ли́ния) without changing trains.。

Things to keep in mind when getting on the subway、The next stop is not displayed in the company。So if you can't hear Russian, you need to count the number of stations。Although there is a display of the station name inside the station,、Only in places、The station name cannot be confirmed depending on the vehicle on which you are riding.。Even if you ask the station staff, most of them can only speak Russian, so please be careful.。

The destination is the third from Belorusskaya station, so be sure to remember it!

For reference, the station on the way、Belorusskaya Station (Белору́сская) → Mayakovskaya Station (Маяковская) → Tverskaya Station (Тверская) → Teatralnaya Station (Театра́льная)。

so、When you arrive, the station yard is quite complicated ... For the time being, I thought I'd take the exit nearby.、When you finally get out of the ticket gate。

Deden! At first I didn't know what this building was、If you look at the guidance display。

With the Bolshoi Theater。Cheeks、This is the Bolshoi Theater, which is famous for ballet.。By the way, on the nameplate of the above image, "Russian Bolshoi Theater" Ticket Office "business hours:15:00From 16:00Excluding breaks up to 11:00From 20:00Until "is written。

exactly、This time、There is something like a painting exhibition in front of the theater、It was a little crowded。

It looks bright in the photo, but the time is already 18:00Past。20:00The door of the theater is closed for some reason even though it is written up to、I can't go inside 😐

I don't have much time, so I'll finish looking at it and look for Red Square.。...... I don't know even if I look for it。I'm sure it was in the southwest direction from the Bolshoi Theater、For the time being, I decided to go to the right with the theater behind the main street in front of the Bolshoi Theater。

Go straight on this main street 2、3 points。Then I saw a square on the left side、Use the underpass to the other side。

Red building on red object! Is this the Red Square? !! I thought。Actually, I found out later、This was Manege Square (Манежная площадь).。In Russian, Manjejunaya Pro-Shady。Pro-Shaddy means Square。By the way, there is a square with the same name in St. Petersburg.。Well, the place I thought was such a red square was a beautiful place with a flower field and a beautiful fountain.。

There is a reddish building on the left, it looks like a red square, right? The large building behind is the Four Seasons Hotel, which is famous for the world chain of super luxury hotels called Hotel Moscow.。

The back side of the previous photo。The white building in the distance is called Moscow Manage、It seems that it was used as a training school and a museum in the past、Currently used as an exhibition hall。

What a subway station! ?? Okhotnyy Ryat station (Охотный ряд) is the closest station to Red Square.。But、From Belorusskaya station you need to change once、After all, it's faster to walk from Teatralnaya Station。

There is a fountain next to Moscow Manage。Because the front of the fountain is directly connected to the exit of the station、There are many people。

Such a road。I can go under the water arch、Get wet so much。It's summer so it's cool so maybe it's just right?

It's getting longer, so I'll continue next time。Next is the Kremlin。

Moscow sightseeing-summer edition-from the airport to the city

Transportation to Moscow city is roughly divided into taxis、bus、There are three types of railways。Of these, the railway is definitely recommended。Because、The road from Moscow to the city is a heavily congested area、Sometimes it can take several hours。By train, you can reach the city in about 30 minutes by using the limited express train called Aeroexpress.。Also、On average, it comes out about once every 30 minutes, so you can ride without having to wait so long.。The price is 470 one way in 2017、Round trip 940 rubles (round trip but no discount)。ActuallyOfficial websiteIf you book in advance on the internet from, you can go for 410 rubles one way.。

By the way, if it is a bus, there will be a shared bus and the fare will not be 100 rubles one way, so it may not be a rush trip or you may go slowly while getting caught in traffic 😛

Now、A short walk from the hotel to the Aeroexpress train station。

It's about a 1-2 minute walk to Aeroexpress、There is a big road in between、Moreover, I was confused because there was no pedestrian crossing.。I asked the person in the hotel parking lot、It is okay to cut through as it is in anticipation of when the car is not passing。After this, I noticed after going to Russia city、Russia is basically surprised by the lack of signals。

Security gate as soon as you enter the railway station。Thoroughly inspected luggage with X-rays and passed through the gate of the metal detector。Probably anti-terrorism measures。

After that, take the elevator to the platform floor to the ticket counter.。There was just a currency exchange corner so I thought I'd change the Japanese yen、It is refused that the currency is not handled。Reluctantly go to the vending machine next to the ticket counter to buy a ticket to Moscow。

The screen is in Russian、English、German、Spanish、French、Italian、Chinese etc.、You can choose multiple。Is this the order of frequency of use from the left? Unfortunately, there is no Japanese.。

If you choose a language, one way or round trip、Choose business class。If you want to buy a round trip, the return ticket ... It's a paper like a receipt, but don't lose it!

Choose the number of people、If you choose cash as the payment method, put the money in the image。

In the case of a card, insert your credit card into the card holder (where Card is written) at the top of the image below.。

If you select a card, you will be prompted to enter your PIN number, so type in the number and then press the green "ввод" at the bottom right.。If you want to cancel, click "выход" written in red, which is two green above.。

Tickets will come out from the bottom so I will receive them。

Since the QR code is printed on the ticket, read it at the entrance gate and enter the platform。

Admission to the platform。

The sign says "Sheremechevo"。

Unreserved seats as the train is not in business class。The inside of the car looks like this。

There is also a luggage storage so there is no problem even if you have a suitcase。

There is also in-car sales。Partial excerpt from the menu。

From the car window。

30Arrive at Belorussky Station (Белорусский вокзал) in Moscow in about a minute。It came down with the droves。

Exiting the Aeroexpress platform, the premises of Belaruski Station。

The blue-green station school building may be rare。If you look to the left。

MOCKBA! Finally Moscow! If you leave yourself to the flow of people, you can go outside。This is called Bella Rusky Station, which is a terminal station.、From now on, transfer to Belorusskaya subway station (Белорусская)。Well, even if you say transfer, walk 1、2 minutes。

The subway is on the left after leaving the premises。Enter immediately!

First of all, the ticket vending machine。Buy your ticket here。

50 rubles for one ticket、100 rubles in 2 times。There is no discount as usual ... Payment can be made with cash and credit card。The ticket is a card that is more crisp than Aeroexpress。

Somehow there is a serial number on the back。Take this to the ticket gate。

If you go through something like a security gate, there is a ticket gate, so if you touch it, you can enter the station yard。The Moscow subway runs long to the basement by elevator, and I would like to post the situation.、As a general rule, photography is prohibited.。What a pity!

Next time is Red Square。

Moscow sightseeing-summer edition-until entry

Everybody knows Moscow。However、I wonder if there are surprisingly few tourists from Japan。The reason is、It seems that VISA is the first thing you need。

I ’m going to Kazan this time、I visited because I was going to go around as much as I could for 3 hours from the evening because I went through Moscow on the way。So、Most of the famous tourist attractions such as the Kremlin, the Armory, the Lenin's Mausoleum, the Tretyakov Gallery, and the Bolshoi Theater are closed.。

there、Carefully planned in advance the transportation route from the airport to Moscow。

There are 4 international airports in Moscow。

  1. Sheremetyevo airport
  2. Domodedovo airport
  3. Vnukovo airport
  4. Bykovo Airport

The above notation is forcibly applied to Japanese notation、Please note that it is not possible to pronounce as it is locally。For example,、The first "She" at Sheremetyevo Airport is pronounced while not touching the tongue slightly to the back of the front upper teeth.、The next "Le" is a winding tongue and is close to "Li"、"Me" means "Mee" quickly。"Chie" is pronounced "Ti" like a tongue behind the front upper teeth。"Shermitivo"。Similarly, at the Domodedovo airport, "Damadye Davo" is closer to the local pronunciation ... Since there is no sharpness, let's stay around here。

From Japan it is possible to go directly to Sheremetyevo Airport and Domodedovo Airport。Vnukovo Airport is from nearby Ukraine、Buikovo Airport mainly has local flights。this time、Using the Russian airline Aeroflot、I used Sheremetyevo airport。

To begin with、Aeroflot is an airline、This is quite difficult。The service is reasonable because the price is low。Drink sprite、Coca Cola、Orange juice、Apple juice、tomato juice、water、black tea、coffee、Red wine、We only focus on white wine。Drinks are provided twice before and after meals。Before meals come well before meals、If you want a drink during meals, maybe you should get two.。Please note that you can only get tea, coffee and water after meals。Only English and Russian movies can be seen on board, so people who do not understand either language may get bored。

Except、It is amazing that there are slippers even in economy class。It's a slippery slipper, but it's better than nothing。I wonder if there are many Russian beautiful women in CA(Lol)。

If you are from Japan, you will arrive in Moscow in about 9 hours.。Not just a terminal as soon as you arrive、The bus came near the plane、From there head to the terminal。

And immigration。Very crowded here。Basically there is no question asked, just pass the passport and just wait。Put some strange light on VISA (probably a special light will show the face photograph and information necessary for entry)、After immigration stamp、A piece of paper is sandwiched and returned。This piece of paper is called an exit card、Because you have to submit it when you leave Russia、Do not lose。If you lose it, you will have to go to the Immigration Bureau (alien visa registration office) and have it reissued, which is troublesome.。

Now、Russia from here。Take the long elevator down the airport。This time there was no checked baggage so baggage claim was through。The hotel we plan to stay at is the NOVOTEL hotel in the world chain。It seems that there is a shuttle bus from the airport so I ask the person at the airport。

The bus seems to come every 20 minutes、I didn't wait so much。Arrived at the hotel in about 5 minutes。

After checking in、Leave your luggage、Holding a camera。The time now is 17:30。From here we head to Moscow。

Sightseeing in New York ~ Day 3 Part 2 ~

The Brooklyn Bridge spans the East River, which connects Manhattan Island and the Brooklyn area.。Isn't it the most famous bridge in New York?。The world's first suspension bridge using steel wire、It seems that it took 14 years to complete。

The total length is 1,825 m, so it's quite difficult。Moreover, this bridge is quite crowded、Some people are taking commemorative photos here and there、It will take some time。It was bright before I started to cross、By the time you finish crossing, it's already sunset。By the time you finish crossing, you will see Brooklyn Bridge Park on your right.、It's quite difficult to get to this park。Because it takes a long time for the bridge to break、It is necessary to make a big turn after crossing over once.。

so、I finally arrived at the park after a lot of trouble。Stunning view!

This is famous as a spot where you can see the night view of Manhattan beautifully.、There are also pleasure boats。The tall tower on the left side of the center is the World Trade Center Building。In the photo, it's hidden behind the Brooklyn Bridge、You can also see the Empire State Building on the right side。There is also a beer garden nearby, and you can enjoy a spectacular view of New York while drinking alcohol!

You may not understand if you write it like this、The distance I walked so far is not odd。There was a bench so I took a short break。It was raining so I wiped the place to sit with the towel I brought。Well、From here, only Dyker Heights will go、You don't have to rush, so let's go slowly 😮

Dyker Heights is conveniently located at York St Station near Brooklyn Bridge Park。10Take the F line for about a minute to 4 Ave-9 St station、From there, change to the R line and arrive at 86th station again in about 10 minutes.。This time、Be sure to go to the bathroom in the station。86I walk quite a bit from th station to Dyker Heights、There is basically no toilet。There is a store on the way, so I think you can rent a toilet.、If you go to Dyker Heights, there are no shops because it is a residential area。

For comparison、10 to 20 minutes walk from the station to Dyker Heights。In our case, we walked very quickly, so we arrived in 10 minutes.、It may take about 20 minutes to walk normally。The direction is towards 7th Avenue、It's a good idea to know where to get out before you leave the station。

86th station is 4th Avenue and Dyker Heights is 11th Avenue。Do you go seven? !! You may think, but don't worry。If you go on 5th Avenue, the next thing you will see is 7th Avenue。Furthermore, after 7th Avenue, it will be 10th Avenue soon.。even if you say so、It's not nearby so you have to walk accordingly。

11Turn left on Bundai、Gradually you can see the illumination。

It's pretty awesome。The small Santa Claus seen at the bottom is also nice!

Objects are displayed here in a narrow space。You can see the university advertisement in the back、Do you get a sponsorship fee?。

This is a house with the image of a soldier。The doll on the left of the screen was spinning。

Only a few are listed here、It is a masterpiece that dozens of houses like this are lined up in a row。It seems that Dyker Heights is a residential area for wealthy people.、They are competing to see which one is the greatest illumination (I don't really understand what the rich think).。

After seeing the whole thing, go to the station again。Actually, there is no transfer from here to Times Square! Get off the station、I wonder if it's vacant because it's late at night ...

It's really crowded! !! Christmas event is being held and it is hard to cut through the street。

I managed to get to the hotel。

Now、Tomorrow is a flight to Las Vegas early in the morning。