Liverpool tourism Arudahei pediatric surgery hospital - to the world's most advanced medical care in the field! ~

I will go to Alderhei Pediatric Surgery Hospital with a one-day bus ticket 🙂

Reusable Bus Terminal 1 Photo! From here, take the 10A bus from platform 4 and get off at Eaton Load.。No transfer。

Reuse this image again! From Queen's Square, take a 10A bus from Platform 4。Easy access 😀

Alder Hey Hospital is so big that you won't miss it。When you get off at the bus stop called Eaton Load, the entrance is right in front of you。This is a pediatric surgery hospital famous for the highest level of medical care in the world.。


Briefly explain this facility (if you are not interested, you can skip it)。

Alder Hay Pediatric Surgery Hospital、Built in 1914 during World War I, it has a history of over 100 years.。1991Entered the NHS in the year。NHS is a national health care service that divides the United Kingdom into four sections and is a compulsory medical insurance system from the age of 16.。If you receive treatment at a facility that is a member of the NHS、What a free medical fee! Well, that's why some people go to the hospital because of a little illness, and it seems that they are supposed to make a reservation days and months in advance to go to the hospital ...

Main entrance。As soon as you enter the entrance, there is a coffee shop called COSTA、The architecture itself is also modern。Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures because photography is prohibited in the hospital 😐

Go around the building from the left to the side。This is like an entrance for staff。

Even though it is for staff, when I see that there are playground equipment in the garden、It's probably used as a playground for patients (I think it's mainly children).。

If you go further, the plants that have been maintained will。It seems that only hospital staff can enter the front entrance、You can't enter without a card key。So I will turn back 😛

Let's make a further detour and head towards the back of the hospital。Walk along the path that appears in fairy tales。It's a promenade。

If you look at this, you can see that it is a big hospital.。Plants are planted around the windows of this front building、The trader had just come and was taking care of it.。

Discover the monument! It's like a park。Turn this branch to the right。

I've been around quite a bit。Even so, the fallen leaves are amazing 😯

From here you can enter the back of the hospital。It was a good walk!

There was such a thing behind the pediatric surgery hospital。that name as well”Institute of the Park”。Apparently, they are conducting cutting-edge medical research and education here.。This white tiger gets in the way a little 😡

The entrance is also a little fashionable、There was a pond on both sides。

Shared space immediately after entering the entrance。It feels like a typical designer house。

There is also something like a water server、There is a meal on the table near the wall。Is there any event?

Alright、Return to the main subject, Alderhay Pediatric Surgery Hospital。The entrance on the back side is like this。

Ambulance entrance。I wonder if it's only for children because it's about a pediatric surgery hospital.。Children are important nowadays, so do your best!

Strange statue on the left。Is it some kind of anime character?。I think it's placed to make children happy。

You can enter from here as well。There is a pictogram about smoking cessation around here。Well, it's a hospital, so it's natural 😮


Unfortunately I couldn't post the photo inside.、It's very unique and it doesn't look like a hospital, but it looks like an amusement facility.。There may not be many people who come to the river pool so far、If you have time, you may want to visit。


Next, let's go to the famous Albert Dock in River Pool 1!

Liverpool tourism - to the home of Anfield, Liverpool FC! ~

Because to buy a long-awaited day ticket、Let's Chimai toward this remains to Anfield。

I home of Liverpool FC for me Anfield。United Kingdom in the (... I'm not able to medium people also won while to say that) football powerhouse、There is the I own Premier League。Above better of by far the Premier League level I'm a J-League like a thing is referred to in Japan。There is also of me the way second league corresponding to the Japanese J2。

In club team with a history of that this Liverpool FC、That of course belongs to Premier League。If you are enrolled many famous players、Recently, Toka Christian Benteke、After that Suarez and Fernando Torres、And Gerrard、kite、Owen and I had been belong to the past。

Well Unchiku is ...... leave this around here I Anfield because football school than the Beatles and if Ne all means go 🙂

Anfield (Anfield) and Liverpool city of positional relationship。At Anfield in the red circle is the destination、I red dotted line square Hey Liverpool city center。Let's use the quiet bus so pretty as you can see far。And walk approximately 1 hour。Ah、But it says even taxi if money is in abundance!

Yes、First Bus Terminal 1 (image is a re-use of the previous three articles!)。It's also going to ride from the sixth stop of the Queen Square bus station in the 17th bus、This time, riding from here。No. 4 OK if caught the number 26 bus from the landing。Time to get on the bus about 15 minutes。

By the way, Queen Square bus station it here (this image is also reused w)。I think it is seen that written me 9 to the right、Looking for this number 6、17OK if get on bus number

Around here is Ssho never get lost because the bus mess covered with something like this! Ah、This is a new image for this article!

so、I hope also ride from either the bus station、It is tentatively good to tell that want to go to Anfield to the bus of luck chan。It is Well I press the push button on their own。Or、In fact Anfield clarity、There Anfield When you come to see a profusely huge stadium。Unless it is to a great extent although the early morning or the middle of the night、Seems that it no problem because I think I get off some other。

Arrived by Anfield! Owen、Gerrard!

The red bird is what is used as a symbol of Liverpool FC in the name Tteyuu "Lai bar Bird (Liver bird)"。It should be noted、Lai bar bird is also the symbol of Liverpool、Rye seems to bar bird taking off the river, pool Nikki been handed down perish, or whatever struck say legend。

Official shop here which is always in any sports stadium。

Front of these。Long next to but not depth、Zurari the goods of the River pool in! But I did not shoot in the store、Rather broadly、Here I bought a key chain and stationery set! !

Ticket shop after finished the shopping。Oh? The statue is on earth who?

Speaking of A's right is likely Liverpool FC's useless to remember Bill Shankly (Bill Shankly) 😀

In defenders around players、Name coach left a great track record from taking office (get angry if I say I?) Did not uninspiring far I'm the supervision of Liverpool。Pull up on the time Liverpool was in second league in Premier League、Yet UEFA Cup winners、And achievement who have created a Liverpool FC to powerhouse club team won the FA Cup twice。

By the way, it uniforms of systemic red also is the brainchild of this man。

It was a object of the face Oh Oh also to the entrance of the gate Speaking。A place surrounded by a red circle in the image above。This is it the face of Bill Shankly 😮

Well ticket office。Certainly since this day I think that there is no game、People wonder if the purchase of pre-ticket in a row?

And various regulations are written。Because after all of hooligans Speaking of United Kingdom wonder if this kind of is do important。Sometimes is the radical football fans like to mob is for me hooligans。

Since scolded me "please list behind!" To the people of the staff When I tried to Koyo in place of this note was doing it drove me, "But I just want to see this!"!


so、This remains I'd got back to Liverpool city center、In fact, I learned at a later that the home Goodison Park, Everton is close terribly 😥

From Anfield in a straight line distance about 600m is to Goodison Park。Kana about 2km in the way of the red arrow。It This was should go。When Why say whether so close、I was not the Anfield the home stadium originally along with Everton FC also Liverpool FC、Because it was moved to a nearby park because it was wage increases against Everton。

I'd visited both If it has come to great pains Anne feel without a mistake like me 😥 😥 😥


Next time I will go to the Arudahei Pediatric Surgery Hospital uses this remains a day ticket!

Follow in the footsteps of Liverpool tourism - Strawberry Fields Beatles -

By the way, this is the last time to visit the suburban Beatles、Let's head to the strawberry field。It's quite difficult to go personally。There aren't many buses。

The route from Penny Lane to Strawberry Field is as shown above。The upper left of the map is Liverpool city area。The red circle surrounded by Penny Rain is the location of the bus stop。Head south on Smithdown Road into Menlove Avenue、Turn left at the corner of the edge of Calderstones Park and your destination is along Beaconsfield Road。The distance is about 3km and about 40 minutes on foot.。Well this time I went by bus、The waiting time was longer。

From Penny Lane、Use the bus stop next to one when you came from Liverpool。In the picture, I use the one in front.。However、As explained in the previous article、I didn't confirm the departure time of the bus, so I decided to wait here。

75The bus came so I asked the driver if he would go to the strawberry field and he said he should use the 76th bus.。Then, after the bus number 75 and the bus for the airport passed about 20 in total,...

40 minutes to wait。Finally came No. 76。When I asked the driver if he would go to Strawberry Field, he said it was OK.。The driver is a very nice person、When I got off, he told me "Strawberry field!" 😛 It would be nice to tell you where you are going。

Men Love Avenue。Unlike Penny Lane, there is no description of Strawberry field at the bus stop。Instead, it's written as Yewtree Road。Well、I'll post a photo on the way back。When I got off the bus, Luck told me, "When I go home, I'm going to the bus stop across the street!"。The yellow ☆ part of the map that was originally published in this article。

This is a picture taken from the bus stop on my way home、Strawberry field is in the back of the street seen in the middle of the above photo。It’s the direction that cars are lined up.。

I'm sure you won't get lost, but if you find a beacon called Beaconsfield Road and go in there。

20 miles speed limit。About 32km/h。It's a narrow road。Is this picture of a local elementary school student?

After a short walk, the red gate appeared! Really just Akamon。This is the strawberry field! I can't cover the fallen leaves 😡

What is Strawberry Fields、1967The 14th original single "Strawberry Fields Forever" released by The Beatles in February 2015 (”Strawberry Fields Forever”) From。The stage of the song was the strawberry field, the war orphanage at that time。Unfortunately I can not enter now 🙁

Street in front of strawberry field。It's narrow

There was a sign and a sign。What what? This gate is a replica elaborated by Jim Bennett、2011Was donated to The Salvation Army。What、Is this a replica of Strawberry Field? !!

If you have any questions please send them to this email address。Why don't you send someone?


Paul is a graffiti discovery。Beatles fans like graffiti 😕

Strawberry field from different angle (replica gate)。Depending on the time, it may be noisy because it may meet with the tour group.

House in front of Strawberry Field。Are you aware of the strawberry field that the entrance door is red? Teka、Isn't it profitable for people in this house to do business?

Well, it's not a place to stay for a long time, so I came back。Actually、The bus for Liverpool departed when I crossed the traffic light.。Wow ... I hate looking at the timetable ...

Just in case, the details of the bus stop。I、As I said, Yewtree Road, right?


30One per minute! !!


After all it's ----------。

Besides, it's cold here。I should have rounded up a little earlier and returned。

Because I'm free, I'll take a look at the park next to the bus stop。Although it does not kill time。

The bus came 30 minutes after the timetable。And、Luck was the same person as when he was going and he was kind on the way back 😀

The return bus is a different route than when I came, so I enjoyed it so much.。Except、I forgot to get off at the last stop、I've entered the bus garage。So I was taken care of by luck again.


Is it Anfield next time?


Liverpool Sightseeing-Following the Footprints of the Penny Lane Beatles-

After Matthew Street, head to Penny Rain。It ’s a suburb, so it ’s a good idea to take a bus.。Strawberry field is beyond Penny Rain、First go to Penny Rain、From there go to Strawberry Field、Better route back to Liverpool。

To begin with、You can get on the bus as it is、It's cheaper to buy a one-day pass。The ticket is £ 1.9 for each ride、One-day ticket is £ 3.9。This £ 3.9 will change depending on how far you go、Beatles tour and Anfield、If you go to Alderhei Pediatric Surgery Hospital, you can go with one area pass, so £ 3.9 is enough.。If you go to Strawberry Field and come back, you will have to take the bus three times, so if you pay the fare for each ride, the total will be £ 5.7, so buy a one-day pass.。

And、You can buy this one-day pass on the bus,、Cheaper to buy in advance。It's £ 4.3 on the bus。

You can buy it at the red circle above。I bought it at Travel Centers in Queen Square Center near Lime Street Station、You can probably buy it at ONE Bus Station。

Buses to Penny Rain depart from ONE Bus Station, so it may be more efficient to buy here。

Queen Square Center is just steps from Liverpool Lime Street Station。When you leave the station and cross the main street on the left side, it looks like this。

Such a building。”May I have one day bus ticket?”When you ask、What kind do you want? Because you will be asked、It ’s a good idea to tell them where you want to go.。I will give you something that suits it”​Saveaway for 1 area”You can say。It should be noted、No cash required as you can buy with a credit card。

It seems so、It was hard to come to Liverpool。that is

I can't hear English!


Liverpool people are pretty angry、Even if you are confident in English, it's pretty tough。I also use English at work、I could hardly hear it 🙁、It's still salvation that I can understand what I'm talking about。Isn't it easy to understand what it means to be a Tohoku accent in Japan?

This is the back and front of the 1-day bus ticket。A decent plastic card。

By the way, if you buy it on the bus, you will find this kind of paper.。If you use a plastic card, the card itself will be a memorial, so be sure to purchase it in advance.。

There are many ways to get to the One Bus Station from Queen Square Center、I don't think you'll get lost、Select this route this time。It's lively because it passes through a shopping mall。

Location of the yellow ☆ mark on the map。Very lively。I think it's the most lively place in Liverpool。

At the end is a department store called John Lewis, so turn left and you will see a square.。The one on the left is the Hilton Hotel。The location is great, so if you can afford it, please come and stay.。

Go down the stairs and shoot behind。Hilton on the left。

Arrive at One Bus Terminal。70、75、80Let's head to the bus stop of A。86You can also use the C bus、Because the number of buses is small。Just in case, check if you can use the one-day ticket when you ride、Also check if you can go to Penny Rain。If you are worried about where to get off、It ’s a good idea to ask the bus driver to tell you.。In that case, it may be better to sit near the driver。

It's a double-decker bus, so it's a good idea, so go up。Contact、The first seat is vacant!

The view is good!

USB charging outlet found! You can charge it by bringing a charging cable。

Passing Liverpool Lime Street Station

There are bus and bicycle lanes。

Pass by Saint Luke ’s Church Gardens。A Gothic revival-style church that lost its roof in World War II and is now in ruins。From the locals”Bombed Out Church”It seems that it is called by the name of。

School for the Blind。In other words、School for the blind。School for the blind。There is such a school in England (it is natural)

From here to the suburbs。The road is quiet。It's a tribute to the countryside as soon as you get out of the city 😀

Liverpool Women ’s Hospital along Upper Parliament Street。Hospital specializing in obstetrics and gynecology。Liverpool also has an Alderhay Pediatric Surgery Hospital、Is medical technology generally high?。

Go straight further。A soccer field like England。

It's a graveyard。Moreover, it is quite wide。

Discover ASDA! This is a huge supermarket that is very famous in England。Like Wal-Mart in America、The inside of the store is large、The price is cheaper than others。It's for bulk buying。Thank you for your help when I live in England。

Exit ASDA、When you see this scenery, press the get-off button。This is the nearest bus stop to Penny Rain。

Where is ALLERTON ROAD。Below is a small Penny Lane。It seems so、You may want to look at the next timetable for Strawberry Field here.。I have to wait quite a while if I don't come back accordingly。It should be noted、I had to wait about 30 minutes ...

By the way, the nearest bus stop to Strawberry Field is Menlove Avenue's Yew Tree Road.。76The number bus is recommended。86There's nothing I can't do with C or 174、The number of buses is small、I didn't run depending on the day of the week、I walked quite a bit from the bus stop。

After checking the timetable, go to this direction。Look for the cathedral called St Barnabas Penny Lane on the left。You could see it from the bus。

Well, it's a church that seems to be everywhere, so I don't think it's necessary to go inside.。If you are interested, why don't you come in?

Penny Lane letters everywhere。

Also in the hotel name。I don't know where the real Penny Lane is anymore。

When I asked the person on the road, he told me。Well, I could hardly hear it! !! I knew I was asked what I was coming to, so I just talked。so、The correct answer, Penny Lane, is the road in front of this。The church on the left side of the screen is interrupted.。

At first I thought Penny Lane was a building、”Lane、Meaning of road)”As the name suggests, the whole street seems to be Penny Lane。Where is Penny Lane for those who came out of the house along the street? After hearing that, I was a little confused”Here”Was answered(Lol)

I will go straight for the time being。

Go straight for a while and you will see it on your left。Aw? What is the Beatles character? ??

This、This is、Lennon Studio? !! It's the studio that John Lennon actually used!

There is also a garden properly。

There is a Penny Lane sign on the premises for some reason 🙂

The Beatles fill the wall。The vehicle in the foreground is ... I don't really understand。but、Is it something related to the Beatles?。

There is also a parking lot so you can come by car.。It ’s nice to be able to go sightseeing freely because there is no one.。

Rush inside the building。Admission is free! This is the studio。I'm deeply moved to think that this is the place where John Lennon was active decades ago.。You can only enter here and at the shop。Others are off limits。I didn't buy it because the Beatles CD was the main item at the shop and there were no key chains.。Unless you're a person who wants to buy a CD at Lennon Studio, you won't buy it.。

Paint on the wall。I don't know if it's a doodle or an official one。I wonder if I should see what I see。It's like this because it's a weekday, but maybe the holidays are crowded。

Wine bar along Penny Lane。By the way, there were many restaurants around here, so it seems that eating is not a problem.。

Doodled Penny Lane board。There aren't many that are so amazing。You can see how the Beatles are loved.。

Next time is Strawberry Field!

Follow in the footsteps of Liverpool tourism - Matthew Street Beatles -

What do you think of when you hear Liverpool? Football? Slave trade? Is it a lamb banana? Certainly they may also be、After all it will be Beatles! I have been expecting football because I myself watch it、Beatles overwhelmingly in the city。It's a legendary star from all over the world.

The hotel I stayed at is ibis styles, a reasonably priced hotel chain that is expanding globally.。Located north of Liverpool、Access is relatively good wherever you go。Sainsbury ’s is nearby so you do n’t have to worry about shopping.、Above all, there is a service where guests can drink coffee for free at any time! !!

Well that's fine、Matthew Street is right next to this hotel so I'm going to go there first.。This Matthew Street is known as the birthplace of the Beatles、Especially the Cavern Club is a live house that has been used since the Beatles were still unknown!

The only route this time。Exit ibis Styles and go right、After a while, go south、When you cross the main street, turn left at Matthew Street。

This is Dale Street in front of the hotel。The clock tower in the photo is part of the Liverpool City Council building.。From here, walk to the west side for about 1 minute。

Turn left on North John Street。The scenery is like this。On the left is the Aloft Liverpool, a rather expensive hotel。Go straight south。

Liverpool bus seen near Victoria Street。It feels more like The Tourist Bus than the London Bus。

The street on the left immediately after crossing Victoria Street is Matthew Street。It's a very narrow road, so if you're not careful, you'll overlook it normally。At first I passed through brilliantly、I went to a shopping mall in the center 😆

This is Matthew Street。The path the Beatles would have traveled to (probably) every day。The uncle who is in front of you must be listening to the Beatles!

Statue of John Lennon! People taking a picture by posing together next to this statue are also flicker。I realized that I was still loved even though I was a star decades ago。

The place where the current John Lennon statue was actually a cavan club。Well, phonetically it would be Cavern Clav。Home Clave of the legendary Beatles! !! There are no people now because it is lunchtime、It gets really busy at night。The situation will be described later。

This is the entrance。The next building is under construction、The door was not closed for the time being。I think it's open for lunch、As expected, I wouldn't think of going into the pub by myself in the middle of the day.。

That? Looking back, is it a cave club? Which is the real one ...? ? I thought、This is a real cavern club。If you take a closer look at the picture above,”Cavern Pub”I noticed that it was written。Aunt is watching with sharp eyes at the entrance。Perhaps he buys a ticket from this aunt and joins the club。

Well, the cavern pub I just thought seemed a little too small ~

This is Cavern Court。I won't be fooled anymore! 😡 Many people were like tours。One here。And one on the left side of the photo。By the way, the place with the group on the left is the Cavan Club。The Liverpool has a Beatles Mystery Tour、Maybe it's that。Common mystery tour of unknown Beatles sights。The most、It's not a mystery because the Beatles-related places are pretty predictable.。

so、On Matthew Street, there are various graffiti on the bricks of the building like this.。There is meaning to this properly ...

This is what was carved on the wall of the cavan club。Actually, what is written here is the name of the famous artist who appeared here。Names such as Oasis and Queen are also carved.。It would be a great honor to be engraved here.。

This is a music bar。Isn't it strange that I should say Music Bar? This store name is Beatles album "SGT. PEPPER ’S LONELY HEARTS CLUB BAND ”。The bottom wall has the faces of four members.。

This Eric ’s live is also a nightclub like Cavern Club。It's a very popular club, so if you're not satisfied with the cavan club alone, you might want to visit this too.。

this”Rubber Soul”That ’s the Beatles album name.。This is the Beatles Bar。It's kind of funny to change the names of pubs and bars 😀

Opposite the Rubber Soul is the Cavern Walk.。Is it like a shopping center?。There are also luxury brands such as GUCCI。...... Rather, I'm sure that the store here has either Beatles or Cavan.

Lennons Bar Appears 😯

It is as good、That one is at the back”The Grapes”The pub。This seems to be a pub where the Beatles go through often。The Beatles pictures of the time are displayed in the store。If you're a Beatles fan you might want to visit。

I thought there was。Beatles shop。You can buy Beatles goods here、There is a bigger Beatles shop in Albert Dock。I will introduce it in another article later.。

This is Matthew Street。It was a narrow street where large cars could not pass、This is the birthplace of the Beatles、The Beatles fans from all over the world still visit。

Alright、Next time I'm going to ride the Beatles wave and head for Penny Lane、It ’s not good to go to the bus station。Liverpool has a one-day bus ticket so it's a good idea to buy it。so、Where you can buy it is Queens Square Center。

Next time I'm heading to Penny Lane from Queens Square Center!