~ From Orlando tourism - Florida Mall to the Mall at Millenia

Florida Mall next to the Mall at Millenia。Movement was the most difficult in this journey is between the two mall。You do not have a direct bus

The distance is about 10km。Movement is take a bus or taxi。

Directions will transfer to the number 40 bus from 441 bus number (green route)、Or No. 42 transfer to the number 24 bus from the bus (red route)。Just because the 441 bus number came to the bus stop you asked me "me toward the Mall at Millenia!" The driver "No。42Because it was told Ban ride to the bus, "we decided to wait for the No. 42 bus。In other words、It traced the route is red route。

We'll see if you read the later in this article、It was right to choose the red route。But why、Because it's the distance that go walking to the destination from the transfer location。It corresponds very is to walk from the location of the green route。

In fact, No. 42 bus and 441 bus number is starting from the same bus stop。42I turn the bus was anxiety can always tell when come、5I came in about minute。Luck is good!

Because the bus is through the Wi-Fi Mihakarai the timing to pull the rope getting off while checking the current position in the smartphone。Prepare a large bridge in front of the bus pulls the rope When you come to appear。It will supposed to go to the International Outlet Mall and across the bridge。Senna there is is why today last destination。

I guy that looks to the front of the above photo of me bridge。Walk 1 from here to the transfer of the number 24 bus、2Minute。Soon as you take the first right to look signal toward the bridge。

Eleven on the corner of place to turn。It's going to be here Tsukkirru and shortcuts、Kana do that prima facie be trespassing?

Something like a bus stop will be found as soon as anyway around the corner of Seven-Eleven。

24Take bus number。...... But do not wait as anyone one? ! This is a dangerous smell。Lynx, one for basically 1 hour。Anyone that it does not waiting I think that does not mean that it does not come for a while、We decided to walk to take the plunge。

By the way from here to the Millennium at Mall is located in walking distance because it is about 1.5 ~ 2km。

Fountain scan at Millenia。Unfortunately here residential area, but is similar name。

Village's Apartment。Here also residential area。

We will further walk。This Palace on Millenia。Residential area。

Century Millenia。Here also I Ja residential area too many I residential area ...? It seems like when looking at the atmosphere of residential wealthy live。I to have written me Luxury living under the signboard written me this Century Millenia。

Aria at Millenia。The other explanation it's not needed?

University Tteyuu NSU。The official name of Nova Southeastern University (Nova Southeastern University)。It had been stretched tentatively link。It is released at last from residential Happy Happy 😮

Has been all the way straight to the north。Maybe I walked about 1km。Barely curve。Mars bend here to follow the road right

Aqua at Millenia。Do not say only the other name only。

Intersection of Millenia Avenue and Millenia Lake Street。Another destination If all goes towards the Millenia street right there!

It exceeds this Ogawa。It looks the other destinations。


Next time into the Mall at Millenia。Huh ...... Even so, I wonder something also to walk the distance of the early morning tourist for the first time Kondake 😀

Orlando tourism to 4 large mall tour ② Florida Mall -

This route of going to Florida Mall after returning from Lake Eola Park that Eola Lake Park until the Lynx Central Station。

Continue to brief introduction to until the Lynx Central Station from Eola lake in the previous article so much trouble that。There is such a church the way。

so、I have close to here also that Bank of America building。

Now、The main subject to the Florida Mall。This street in the entire map。Florida Mall is about 10km from the Lynx Central Station。

To begin with、Find the bus through the destination of Florida Mall、Try and No. 7 by tracing from there to Lynx Central Station、107Ban、441We can see that is going in the bus number。Moreover, these number 7、107Ban、441I will go without if the bus number transfer。

Actually, it's there is also a way to go Noritsui using the number 8 bus、As Lynx you know is not in operating only basically in 1 hour intervals、Because the timing is bad to wait nearly two hours as of this morning、Let's obediently take the direct flights as long as there is a direct flight。

It will not be able to wait so long options 3 Tsumo。In fact the No. 107 bus immediately from the Lynx Central Station was starting。

As usual Black Only is in the bus。Becoming crowded middle、I I have been asked to pull the window side of the rope to the aisle uncle because it was sitting at the window。I think I think this Do not convenient because it can to stay in Where is Japan of the bus can press get off button。

Ah、I guy in the picture above the right end of I the window of the rope。Articles of VinelandPhoto re-active for the not read readers。Bus in Orlando will be a drop-off sign pull the rope instead of getting off button。

The building does not feel such Tsu taste and go straight to the building off the bus stop。For the time being and with the after Because such as that went into everyone。It should be noted、Florida mall hours are basically 10:00~22:00。Just to be safe when visiting theFlorida Mall's official websiteIn I think it may be confirmed。

Finally admission、Florida Mall。Just good temperature have heard the air conditioning is in。Likely to be shopping normally even on rainy days because there is a roof。

Anyway wide。Shop everywhere。Also you're shopping space in the middle of such intersection。

I ended up throwing foot a monopoly on the other guys rest too 🙂 aunt also 2 seater sofa 1 person。I hope also there is the battery charge。It is a good idea to bring charger of the smartphone for just in case。

I tried to go out。H&It M。To each other and properly planted palm trees are made Ppoku Resort。

I there ZARA Toka also Forever21。Around here'd be that of fast fashion area。

Playground equipment Square。Tteyuu here keep in Asobase the children can be shopping。Ah、Towards the upper left are written me "Welcome"! I wonder if you many Japanese。

Now let's enter into from here。

High ceilings。The atmosphere was little changed from the earlier of the area。

Map of Florida Mall entrance。It is wide

Break space which is in some places。It is resting while doing everyone smartphone。Of course, the smartphone charger also available。

Dining pavilion。That's the so-called Food Court。

Too wide is also a dining pavilion There is only shopping mall is too wide。And it is buried seats。

I wonder because Nobody 'guy you have a place like this photo shoot。It was stared from the people in the diet 😐

The appearance of the dining pavilion。Has been making Florida Mall is that you can enter and exit from anywhere。

A little walk outside。Or try to enter from here。Dillar’s。

Dillar the I's are a leading department store that the United States developed as a center of Florida and Texas。

Because the department store is not the only apparel。We deal also Toka such furniture。

Dick’s。Sports Store。

Casual inside the store as compared with the earlier。

Once in the Florida Mall pass through the shop Crayola (Crayola)。This company is color-related manufacturers。We are dealing with Toka as crayons Toka marker of the company name in the professional company。Mascot character was also clearly aware of the crayon design。Recently seemed are also expanding into Toka solar business、It seems actively to reduce the environmental impact by the private power generation。

Round and round the code to something woman of image。It Is Illumination。

The previous image was the possession of this restaurant。It's not seen much that's Japan Toka the meatballs to the main。

Crayola There is also a private entrance house。Also unique in its own way appearance because such company is a design life。

Florida Mall entrance to the immediately adjacent。And the entrance of the restaurant, which was the previous image to the immediate left。Full of inlets。

A little wide range。Since parking are so as to surround the Florida Mall、If you visit in the Toka car rental you will not be stuck in the parking lot。

Macy's (macy's)。This department store that is based in New York。

Formal and atmosphere There is only department store。I guess will compete with Dillar's。

Let's go in soon because it was walking around just outside。

Mannequin who are taking various poses。

m found at last&m! Large m in the Florida Mall&I found at last I had written that there is a m shop。

A little different from the other stores in the feeling in the was a bit darker shop。Are filled Even so, in the shop at the smell of chocolate。

m not just chocolate&m goods are also sold。Such paint car is also on display。Fun just looking at。

Mascot also out of the store。A little bossy and in partnership foot。

The entrance is surprisingly simple。It is also not not see a little bit if there was just flashy sober de Crayola。

That it is directly connected to the Florida MallFlorida Hotel。It might be good to stay here is people who want to enjoy shopping in the evening。Florida Mall 10:00~22:00Since the opening hours it's night shopping playing daytime efficiency is be better。

It has led at the mall and contact passage like this。Break space here is a little luxury there is also TV also table 😛

It is that also contains up to Microsoft。Roughly propaganda of XBOX。

That is right next to Apple。Around here seems to area of ​​IT manufacturers。

Children were sitting on the ground。Gaijin of children seems to love to Dari lying or sitting on the floor。

There is a large restaurant in softening intersection。

Sushigmi。That sushi。SUSHI looks very popular abroad! Restaurants, but it's wide、The audience was also quite buried。

Arrival to the bus stop。I just got off to when I came。It does not mean doing a cheap sale Unlike the outlet malls, such as the Vineland、Feeling enjoy a wide range of shops。4 shop number among the large shopping mall is by far。


Now、Next to the Mall at Millenia! Since there is no direct bus it will be a little hard way ...... 😥

Oasis in the Orlando tourist-center "Eola Lake" -

Lake Eola it Eola lake that was finally arrived! It is a place of peace in the heart of downtown Orlando。

Lake Eola lake is located in the middle of Eola Lake Park。Reasonably large puddle is in the in the decent center of roughly around 600 ~ 700m。Let's facing towards the northwest of the Lynx Central Station around all round from the direction of the southwest this time!

It is seen neatly maintenance and cleaning has been a lake and within the grounds of the park from a bad downtown of security。Also loose all at once tension。

Close to the lake。Somewhere in the resort like a landscape! To swan pleasure boat of the sound of smth. Floating in the distance。Very heart will peace 😆

It is a swan。Also we have ducks in the back。Look、Chikayoreru until so close。

Swan and skyscrapers collaboration。Shoot!

Huge fountain in the middle of the lake。Linton E. Allen Memorial Fountain (Linton E. And it comes with a very much a named Allen Memorial Fountain)、So it was made in 1957, which celebrated the Orlando 100th anniversary。At that time, I was was the name of the state as it Tteyuu 100 Anniversary fountain、Thing and with the name of the banker Allen's Orlando after。

1980Toka very lake to age had been flooded with seemed vagrants and prostitutes there was a time that has been contaminated。Therefore, the results of lake beautification plan was launched、It seems to have regained the current beautiful park, such as the。

Swan boats in the fountain right in front of。In fact it has been clean light up at night this fountain、It's us to create a landscape to become a picture along with the skyscrapers in the background、Abandoned this time because it is not only stay in downtown hotels is to truly come here to the bad night of security。

Now、I would like to have admired the scenery、Let's hurry ahead because it is clogged scheduled。

Well I do not know object。Let 's stop the littering so in the park have been installed trash here and there

The view from here is very good! Night view What a beautiful Naa ......

skateboard、Roller blades、Bicycle rode prohibited!

Oh? Something in events?

And the statue was built some。Ah、It Mahatma Gandhi in front。The other to be of South American liberator Simon Bolivar、Cuban Revolution's José Martí、There is a bronze statue, such as Mexico's independence leader Miguel Hidalgo, chair, Kosutira。

It Market。Naa encounter a profusely market today but Winter Park also'm so。

Kke see Lake Eola Park sign。Now、And after the market again to the journey of the lake around。

O ...... swan has passed to avoid because there is no ...... the way you are blocking the road。

Also you Ja too closes ...... these guys road sleeping?

Great number of birds I tried to face the Eola lake swim。

Also I like the scenery from here!

Or or。Oidoke。

Exactly the poisoning no sign。I decided to pass to avoid because there is no way。

Toilet discovery。Here, of course, it is free because it is the United States。

I Even so, many bronze statue。

What this guy。Apparently swan there is a habit of sleep and the body to the pillow by folding a long neck。Something interesting 😆

This means that there's gonna be happening

Let me once taken from this angle。The other side corresponding to the location of the approximate location that here was taken at the beginning。

I guess what are you thinking I birds remains on top of the Aiu bar。

The bronze statue。Now ish military personnel。

It is unreal plant。Fussafusa。Oro? Toying children with the object of yellow something in the way of the left。That is、By chance ...? !

ohhhhhhhh! ! Duck children's ーーーー! ! kawaeeee! ! !

Peppy since it was healed。Pagoda located to the left (pagoda) is”Thing”What is referred to me、It seems that as the United States and China of friendship of the testimony was a gift from Nelson Iengu (Nelson Ying)。

What statue warped Ano back is。

I was behind swan sleeping Once the child is thought to be commemorative photo。That sleeping and appearance is I'm still funny。

Beak is buried in the fuselage

Object of hordes of birds。I wonder Maybe this would also do is light up Once at night。

Whether the swan boats are available for rent on here。30Minute 15 US dollars。1 person 30 minutes three US dollars if ride in five of MAX。1Per minute 10 cents。cheap!

What's this。Art work lying on the ground?

Or the identity of the colorful dome that appeared on the other side of the lake was this。In the open air concert field Tteyuu Walt Disney Amphitheater (Walt Disney Amphitheatre)、It seems lakeside concerts and performances are held。I mon's Disney Speaking of Orlando。But surely surprise and was also advanced to the downtown 😯

The end of tourism of Lake Eola Park that Eola Lake Park at this。Kana was Maware in about roughly 30 minutes? You might just fun to visit with picnic mood at Toka family。Prepared to deal I Orlando traveling alone because ......


Next time you directed from the Lynx Central Station 4 to the Florida Mall, which is one of the large shopping mall。

Downtown walking - which boasts the Orlando tourist-poor of America's premier security

Well from the Amway Center to Lake Eola。Orlando Downtown is poor especially security in the United States、According to the United States has announced statistics 100 stage during the whopping 2! ! It is a tremendous city ...... because、The reason is that because Florida is close to Central and South America。Latin America boasts the poor in the world of security, as you know、So Toka'm blacks invading from the south doing the drug trade, etc.。

Well firefight is it seems is happening。scary scary

Always the introduction of this walking route to the street。Although near the beginning also contains the second half of the previous article。

To bypass from the bottom all round the Church Street Station will head to the Eola lake that Lake Eola。The camera is always in the bag。Taken out only when you take、I have the original shot of a perfect sense of crisis that immediately put away。

Florida Hospital。It is located in here and there in Orlando。Such as a large Florida hospital was also visible in between from Winter Park Downtown。

The southern end of Church Street Station。Orlando Downtown is a high building。Meantime Eola lake to the east across because the northeast direction line。

This view and the usual tourist destination。The building, which looks towards the right seems to Orlando City Hall。Only here is whether Orlando heartland gonna be。

This cool building is Dr. Phillips Center (Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts)。It is theater。In has become a modern design has become a stairwell。Well, because the tourists do not appear to most visited、I guess locals of entertainment。

Turn left towards the north and Orlando Information Center。Route bus for I Lymmo that is reflected in the photograph is to turn round and round the Orlando Downtown。This time is not used since it is not a big distance。

It looks Bank, the I Seaside。Probably compete with SunTrust commonly found in Orlando。In fact, SunTrust Bank will have enshrined in the opposite immediately across the road of the Seaside。

Now、It entered Turn right at the Seaside bank Mars。

Ordinary streets boutiques。But I'm security can not believe Toka bad when viewed this way。

church。Such quaint building is fresh because it was seen only high-rise building。

It was a chapel without 's church。Chapel'd wedding hall but was also described in the article of the last but one。Different from the church?

Lymmo crosses。Ah、Is this me free of the。But it does not have to ride so Nde did not come pre-examine the root 🙁

Official website of LymmoFrom。If you visit the Thats how ...... downtown go by one from what I'm Amway Center to Lake Eola is without a mistake like me、Please have all means to take advantage of the Lymmo><

Quickly arrive at the destination if ride to the previous Lymmo、His time this crap is not known soup、We went to Lake Eola。This government agency。It is downright solemn atmosphere!

Baptist Church。Really because of the church not 's chapel is now。

The road surface parking pay-as-you-go。Naa it's commonplace in global credit card to be able to use in such a place。Japan I think that the delay does the will pay only basically in this kind of cash。

Orlando Public Library of。The other Lake Eola is right there!

Seven-Eleven is across the street from the library。The people who want to eat Eola lake would be great if we bought snacks here!


The next is the Eola lake that Lake Eola。Also Naa was fun surprisingly Downtown Orlando tourism 😀


Orlando tourism - Orlando Magic home "Amway Center" -

Return from Winter Park to the Lynx Central Station (Linx Central Station)、Directed from there to the Amway Center。I walk because it is about the distance of 800m to walk、36Or No. 40 choices twice so do you get on the bus。In other words、And has put the expectation that much less latency、Brilliantly number 36 bus were waiting。Lucky 😉

The positional relationship between the bus terminal and the Amway Center and Lake Eola (Eola Lake)。This time, went to Lake Eola walk from the Amway Center、Back from there to the bus terminal、Then will head to Florida Mall。

Amway Center you will see as soon as get off the bus。

Well、Hard to know where too wide Do entrance of the。The time being let's round!

It's for the here clearly truck。

Looked! Amway Center of character!

Object in front entrance。Why the lack of character of I of MAGIC is? I wonder if you have any photography point contains a person in the place of possibly Once I? Lol

Magic grill。Restaurant Kana。

Here is entrance。It is hard to visit a little that I center of public security is poor Downtown。Now、A brief description of where Amway Center。

Is the place you want to visit by all means if basketball lover because Amway Center。NBA Eastern Conference team of the、Orlando Magic home this Amway Center (Orlando Magic)。

First, come up with the Shaq that Shaquille O'Neal to say that the famous players of Magic。Perhaps I think we have heard is about the name also not very detail person for the NBA。Or such as Dwight Howard that it is in recent years would be famous。

And、The sponsor Amway。Because Amway、Is that Amway。But also it might be some people that are solicitation、It is one of the world's large companies as having a professional NBA team。

Ticket office。There is few people because there is no game today。

Entrance immediately on the left side shop。But today in closed。But I want you to be open about shop even without doing game。

Police station in the immediate vicinity of the Amway Center。And whether police headquarters。In a tourist destination that Amway Center is only a bad downtown of security、Guess is that nice to me there is close to the police so far。

Also why police car two。For maintaining security?

What a road closure When you have to go to Lake Eola。Diverted from the right side from helped Sukka

This is in Orlando Orchid Garden。Location for because of me Orchid is a sense that the orchid is here I thought whether Orchid Garden to perform weddings and conferences。

Ah、Wedding in this sign、Meetings、I have written I Celebration Schons。


Next time you went to Lake Eola cuts through the downtown!


Orlando tourist-range and top-end residential area Winter Park -

Following the last of Vineland Outlet Mall、At once around and the remaining three of the four large outlet mall today。Although、Because they were close to the relatively International Drive、First, what to tourism from a distance。Winter Park is the first destination to be located in Orlando north。Here seems famous as the residential area of ​​the wealthy。but、Unfortunately, so much tourists visited have not likely because many of the Orlando tourist's theme park purposes。

To go from near the International Drive to Winter Park、There is a need to switch once in the Lynx Central Station。Destination was carried out further 10km to the north from there。

It's Directions in Lynx、First verify that through the bus of what number to the destination of Winter Park。Then it can be seen that go in the No. 102 bus。The No. 102 bus seems to be starting from the Lynx Central Station。Know that can go with bus number 8 is in and go from near the hotel to the Lynx Central Station。In other words、8Carried out in the bus number to Lynx Central Station、I thought that if off at Winter Park OK ...... at this time is within easy to transfer from there to the No. 102 bus。Now that realize the inconvenience of Lynx。

From the McDonald's located at the intersection of Sand Lake Road and International Drive to a little north。

Here is a bus stop。LINK8 under the bus mark, 38, 42You have written me? This time, waiting for the bus number 8。By the way, route bus for tourists of I IRIDE located in front of the Lynx。If there is a red and green line、Things that only a cyclic each attractions。That is, there is more security good tourists to ride。However、Since the place to visit is limited to a tourist destination、We only use the Lynx and this time comes to go to the Lynx Central Station as。after、I to a little higher price if there only for tourists。

Denny's before your eyes。It's such around 9 o'clock in the morning now I wonder if there are many breakfast guests。Bus does not come for some reason number 8 bus I'm quite come。1Wait intently bus stop while clasped in hand the day tickets。

so、Here whopping 2 hours waiting ...... 38 th and 42 th why # 8 bus to bus is coming more and more does not come at all。When waiting at the bus stop had been crushed time while talking since spoken from the direction of the Black。That was kind of interesting、That it is possible to put the bike in this Lynx bus。How that the rack is mounted to pack the bike two cars on the front part of the bus。

It also was cold to it。While Orlando is very warm because the American South、This time in January。That was the winter。As it will be sufficient if we have something to put on one because the Well was also able to wait long enough for two hours at short-sleeved。

At last the long-sought No. 8 bus arrived at the Just when I thought or try to use a taxi come soon impatient。Naa was really happy(Lol)

I wonder if it was about 20 minutes be tossed to the bus? We arrived at Lynx Central Station。

The so-called ordinary bus terminal。Security seems very bad。Tourists - like the did not have even one person。

Let us enter a little in because there is a lobby。

Information Center and ticket office。No particular errands Well。

Scenery from the train station。Stand out Bank of America Corporation of building。Here seems to be very close from downtown Orlando。

Here the railway station。Certainly it's also possible to go from here to Winter Park、Since the day are buying tickets go by bus only。I do not care、Guests will'm running a single pace in the many hours I was not seen even once of running this train。

Ride because luckily No. 102 bus is coming soon。The prima facie driver was confirmed whether or not to go to Winter Park。

Seven-Eleven was visible from the bus。We've got a lot of Seven-Eleven in Orlando、Is not so much to me just like a convenience store in Japan。It features most of the gas station。It seems Apparently Seven-Eleven is also a famous gasoline chain stores。

Wi-Fi Now that we have close to Winter Park while checking in getting off to pull down and jerk the rope near the window signal。The crowd as soon as down。Into the time being。

It's happened like market was open this day softening。There are many whites than blacks。After all, whether residential area inhabited by wealthy wonder security is good。

Datte History Museum。I tried to enter into the time being、It's photography ban、I wonder in particular was nothing。It's a maniac too I history of Winter Park。

Contact passage from the museum to the market was through。By the way, those who want to add a use here because there was a toilet in the hereabouts。

Well ordinary market。When I took the camera something glared which are ......

Meantime soon market is trying to after。I to I spent much time in the bus latency。

park。Only a large park named Winter Park。

Kana Well wide mean beautiful park。

Strange old man is lying down。


Hey let's walk hanging around the city so much trouble that。

Naa's somewhat well I do not know painted car。

Like a church and kindergarten guy。I guess is the same feeling as often kindergarten temple's is management in Japan。

Cozy and church。Put it in the not。

Such atmosphere as a whole town。Roads have been paved and there is a roadside tree、Though the car is stopped on the side。

Here Chapel。By the way, I chapel is the place to raise a wedding。It is slightly different from the church。

I wonder many church。

I tried to enter into the little、Well, it was basically off-limits。

It will return towards the market a little。

Kuma's discovery!

There is a train station right next to the Market。2 Station probably train with it from Lynx Central Station。

There is no Toka wicket ThatLookLikeThis。

Something subtle pun Teru 😆

Station building is quite beautiful。In Why the shopping cart is ...... that、Pattern to tap to the machine on the right side of the above photo to purchase a ticket in place there is no wicket。As always tap If you take the train。Not equal because it will become to end up paying a penalty of many times of fare。

Ticket machine。I feel like there Toka 1 day ticket is also certainly this Sanreru。Name I certainly San card。But、Tourists you would almost never use it。

I found the or something Morse Museum。Admission did not enter because that mean to six US dollars whether it is five US dollars(Lol)I do not know what may have been on display、Since the first place has been quite time press。So it does not become in today Outlet Mall all Cai Lan。

supermarket。Now we do not have guys or because it has gone towards the square of the market Kankodori。

Oh ...... No. 102 bus。Whether I thought, but in fact the opposite lane。Perhaps this bus is to ride to have been folded back go to the end。

Profusely often dog at me this Winter Park。

you see。Members of the wealthy seems to love the dog。

so、Was in the middle down the location of the I was waiting at the bus stop on the opposite lane people have gathered acorns because do not you come bus。Look had gathered again so 😆


The following is downtown around Tour。Also visited the Amway Center, home of the Orlando Magic!


Orlando tourism to 4 large mall tour ① Vineland -

The first day is already the afternoon we arrived in Orlando。Also to have accumulated fatigue、And I should Yolo only outlet mall near the time being I did not want to do too much long walk。

By that there is a 4 large outlet mall in Orlando、Much trouble because I came to Dari Orlando-kun, I will try by all。Disney World and Universal Studios in Orlando、Because there are a lot of Shiwarudo and tourist attractions, such as such as NASA、Blog It would be one of the few that are introduced Nante Outlet Mall domination tour、I wonder if there is some demand? By the way, we will introduce at a later date since the supermarket tour that is not likely of more demand。

This time we stayed in the Crowne Plaza Hotel、We aim to Vineland Outlet Mall from there。As positional relationship of the above。Huh ...... Vineland hindsight maybe ...... it No was close to Disney World the most efficient that say、I think the Vineland and Disney World that it can go in the set。

so、Because not interesting is to win the just simply 4 large outlet mall as this blog、I think from International Drive around with this Crowne Plaza and want to go with a local bus to the Outlet Mall。

But this route bus'm Tteyuu Lynx、It is bad exceedingly reputation。Orlando is Toka'm the famous and tourists as security is poor city in the top class among the nation Never use a route bus。fact、We stayed a few days but not meet as one person to tourists in the bus、And I have said to use a taxi or Uber was asked for directions by bus to the hotel reception。So、Self in to be examined in the Internet 🙁

We will head to the Information Center from First Hotel。In fact, those that only 4.5 dollars to get in and out many times a day and sell what one day become a bus ticket to the Information Center。1Calculation in which the original can be taken if ride round fare of 2.0 US dollars a so three or more times。Since the meantime today it is not ride only two times back and forth you decided to buy a ticket on the bus。So I've to buy a 1-day ticket for the next day。By the way, this bus ticket is like can be purchased on the Internet。Once the link destinationHereI。

It should be noted、Watch out because not out your fishing in the bus in Orlando。Firmly and let's two US dollars available。

The hotel is like this。Of global chainCrowne Plaza HotelOnce、Respectable hotels of four-star。Rich man's is that's around thisHyatt RegencyWe stayed at Toka。

Next to the Information Center of written me over there of Canon shop。So to buy a one day ticket for the next day wait for the bus。

By the way, this is a bus Tteyuu notorious Lynx。Tourists do not ride。Most were black men were riding in practice。And not to the bus stop is written nothing。Of course in even the destination of there 's no time table。So it does not become to be kept by examining the destination and the landing in advance。

Here one advice。How to use this route bus is speak English、It is difficult to be a person who is accustomed to some extent trip。While you enjoy easy explanation to understand it is prima facie in the article、It is very If the English or could not speak when there was something。In fact It might be a little feeling when you ignored because blacks come or come speak at Toka in the bus will be taken bad。

If you are looking for a destinationLynx HomeI while the map to reference。For example, this time of the destination because Premium Outlets Vineland、Make sure that the number 8 bus is passed through from the map。And、For now the current hotels that I have stayed facing the road of Sand Lake、We must think how to go including transfer from the bus stop in the vicinity of the。

It is not that no transfer because this time is to go in only with bus number 8 is very easy!

Now、Story returns。Luckily the bus was coming soon。It has this happens in。So' the shooting so I do not put a camera in a bad place of such security。This window side momentum the rope like a for which there is a well-pull and us staying in the next bus stop when you get off。

This time was not well understood because it was the first time ride、It gave me respond to kindness I "I tell it in the getting-off station", "Vineland outlet let me go to the mall!" You asked me to driver。

Ah ~、That's it。The Lynx、You may want to see where to get off connect to Wi-Fi in you were worried about smartphone so cheeky to run through Wi-Fi。Wi-Fi I knew the next day I will lead, but I!

If you think that says something in front of the seat "FUCK TRUMP" ...... truly Lynx。Nikki let me scare from the first day。

so、arrival。Fare two US dollars depreciation too。To the one-way 10 US dollars If you come by taxi。Suddenly McDonald's in front of me。Through because it is not hungry separately。

It has started late Yabbe another day。If Ne hurry

Indeed Outlet Mall。And pun or there is a fountain。

Probably guess over there it would be the entrance so found the character of the Premium Outlets (ORLANDO PREMIUM OUTLETS) on the other side of the road。

Somehow shopping center ish。Contact、American Eagle logo discovery!

Kana are coming late a little day also。But Orlando'm bad security、Such tourist destination it's security good。The camera can also be poised in the room Thanks。

GUESS! Or there is a fountain、Beautiful Outlet Mall。

food court。Also but later enter into this、Now I want to keep around one way before the day fall。

Mouth of Truth? It has occupied the front of the children。

A little leaving the mall and fountain。Fairly wide pond。


Fear ......

so、Again to the Outlet Mall。

This time into the food court。

Vending machine in front of the。It is different a little Japan for the design。m&Vending machine also features of m and Pringles。

These are in。Well ordinary food court。

so、Here in trouble trying to exchange the Japanese yen to the US Dollar。Apparently after all fees is higher in an attempt to Hikioroso at the ATM to somehow ...... try Toka taken $ 5 more than in uniform at the time of exchange to the dollar from the exchange the Japanese yen in the United States。Since The reason for this is stronger than the US dollar than a very simple Japanese Yen。I No high fees currency exchange to the currency with demand。Dollars and the euro, such like are without local、It will as always go from Change in Japan。

Already the day was after dark when I various fighting knee-chan of currency exchange shop。Clean Ya I also Outlet Mall, which is lit up。I knew I would forget the trouble of a little while ago

Japan had the sinking almost。People have also been reduced

Shopping cart discovery。It is the same guy as there is to the airport。

Rainy day seven US dollars。More I high airport?

Total darkness。Would you like I do you free soon because it is not even the way to linger more。Even so, night view is also quite beautiful。

Goodbye Vineland Outlet Mall。And earnest Orlando tourism is starting from tomorrow!

By the way, the bus of the way back, but I'm not to be ridden on the same red bus from ...... Vineland waiting for about 45 minutes had been riding to Crowne Plaza、And Kinasa' just green bus。And finally to ride in the red because the bus came When you have to buy the ticket from the driver because it was asked me "ticket with that?" "I have," he said Once the guy to show you have in hand "OK" or said to be free received。Transfer within 90 minutes if asked to get a transfer ticket is likely free when apparently one ticket to get off。so、Seems was mistaken and I forgot to get a transfer ticket because it was foreign、Moreover, it was supposed to be me I may not or newly bought there is also because the bus was late、When I learned later(Lol)So that you've made tourism round-trip $ 2 that。


Next time you try to go to downtown that most security is bad in Orlando!