Nature in the big city Sydney "Royal Botanic Gardens"

Toward the Opera House side and after the Basilica of Saint Mary。Then、Look is something like a park on the right hand side。Place where there is introduced here, "Royal Botanical Gardens (Royal Botanic Garden)"。


Royal Botanic Gardens neighborhood map

A little 300m to the north out of the Hyde Park。OK If all goes along the river this is from the Royal Botanical Gardens to the Opera House entered the park after because it is directly connected。However、Or let toward its Sydney superb view point before "Mrs. Makuarizu Chair (Mrs Macquarie's Chair)"。There is a turn to the next article、Only in the red root of this map。


From the entrance of the Royal Botanical Gardens to calix (The Calyx)!

Let's enter into the grounds of the Royal Botanic Gardens。The opposite side from the National Library across the road。It will head to the gate around all round because there is such a fountain。

Every day this time is doing events Tteyuu poly Nation (Pollination) 10:00From 16:00Things you're doing to。Written me Free Floral Display would be like a flower garden to put in a free guy。Since the place seems the place I calix (The Calyx)、First of all with the aim of there。

Mosheddo Fountain Gate (Morshead Fountain Gate)。The name of the fountain that was introduced before one is for me Mosheddo Fountain。In other words、You mean gate which is in the fountain is very simplistic naming 😀

Events introduce pop and guide plate of each season of the entered immediately plant garden。Aiming for the time being The Calyx。

Arrive in a few minutes。It was not written me Free Wi-Fi、I quit because it was troublesome pattern for softening e-mail address registration。To the entrance down the front of the stairs of the eye。

Entrance is a little pun square in front of the。Even so it was good to have sunny 🙂

Also it serves as a walk from such like this pond all round around and into the building。


Calix to (The Calyx)

Free Entrance。What Admission is free! I have to go for this! !

The hotel's restaurant is in the。Expensive looking in from view。What we are dinner limited now not time business

I wrote the name and contact instead to pay the money at the entrance of the Botanical Garden。Maybe it's also collected by Statistics。so、Objects such as the image of such a bee in the moment you enter into the。It's this I'm made in the plant。Amazing!

Are decorations to the wall。Ni would have took quite money to make this development。Do not be worried about how are you monetize doing 😉

Worker bees hanging from the ceiling。

Cactus Cactus 😡

Will cut - around in a few minutes because not so widely in。Since the Royal Botanic Gardens is located in central Sydney,、I enjoy at the same time the natural and urban landscape like this。Shinjuku Gyoen like a speaking in Japan?


Tour of the Royal Botanic Gardens

Object of the bee is also out of the calix。You wonder if you'll got to remove all After the event is over。

This botanical garden will never get lost because there is this kind of guide plate to everywhere。Turn left here because toward the Mrs. Makuarizu Chair (Mrs Macquarie's Chair)。

Encounter a population of tour。Chaimashou quickly overtook 👿

Tour groups had softened commentary while watching this building hard。

Was a shop 😎 honey Toka, such as was the souvenir center of such botanical garden system。

Here also another Botanical Garden。I do not care、Something funny I Botanical Garden in the Botanical Gardens 😆

Plants Sales。Perhaps、I guess I'm for sale of I plant has grown to around here。

Ogawa discovery!

One bird when I watched。Can not expand unfortunately so was not a telephoto lens。

As we walk to the north along the river restaurants on the banks of the pond。Here it of the number of customers fairly even in this time was taking a meal。

Another pond of the immediate vicinity from the restaurant。Considerably larger than the previous one。

Common white bird on top of the center of the fountain Once。Something Do's bossy guy。Even so、Toka top of this kind of object I birds、What I would of stops in Toka earlier whiff of bow。Strange habits of birds

Here also the same kind of bird。I birds did not see so much until now、Around here is full of birds。

Such the also inhabit not just of a little while ago。

More, a good pond。Sydney Harbor that another soon Port Jackson。

It was not reflected in the photograph until now、I'm look to Sydney of high-rise buildings as soon as look up on the。

Interesting shape of the tree。I wonder if grow in such a form Once you 😐

Statues of horses。I well I do not know。

Mare and Foal by Arthur Jaques。It seems to work Tteyuu "donkeys and horses" of the people I "Arthur jar Keith"。The author seems to French sculptor who was active in more than 100 years ago。

Another Opera House and Harbor Bridge is within the field of view from this statue。But first to the opera house to the opposite side superb view point of not directed。

We arrived at the southern tip of the Royal Botanic Gardens。Since the article has been longer up to this time here。


Alright、Next to the superb view point of the opera house!

Sydney center of the oasis Hyde Park&St. Mary's Cathedral

Since we arrived safely in Sydney city、Tourism Start early! You do not may know people who sometimes came to Sydney、Insanely high I Sydney hotel。How much we'll exceed Toka normal 20,000 yen higher or say if Samsung hotel ...... In this study in order to stay cheap even a little've stayed at King's Cross station to remove the Sydney heartland。Accommodation the hotel isIbis budget Sydney East (ibis budget Sydney East)Accommodation is 45,000 yen in three nights and four days、1Night 15,000 yen。But is still high ... Samsung I ...? Although the Well、This much If you want to stay at a decent hotel without 's backpacker hotel is be should be prepared for。


First, Hyde Park and St. Mary's Cathedral

This route is like this。Only towards the St. Mary's Cathedral and a walk in the Hyde Park as a starting point the St. James station。The first people to visit Sydney it will put even the entire Sydney view because you would think I "I Where was that St. James !!"。

St. James is a place surrounded by a red circle。so、It's Sydney right in the middle of。By the way, than the distance of up to St James Station from my accommodation was King's Cross Station、It's far better of the Opera House from St. James Station。Well center from Kings Cross Station's a walking distance、Metro if 1's a station、Flights sounds good。

Kings Cross Station is I'm there is also a rumor or something security is poor、Ibis budget Sydney East (ibis budget Sydney East)It will not be dangerous because there is a good side of the security。


Over near St. James Station

Here is St. James Station。From King's Cross Station it can either come in metro、I even walked。Senna I walked 🙂

Dodon in front of the eye and leaving the station! We Innovation dead paddle tower towering。It is Sydney symbol "Sydney Tower Eye"。JP Morgan that has stuck like a goldfish shit in the right-hand side。It is a famous investment bank。Nouveau riche guy is companies such as are you? Wansa。

This park Hyde Park (Hyde Park)。Hyde Park with the same name in London。but、Scale is considerably more London pale in 😀

Scenery is pretty good or but have Shobo。This park, which properly are in good condition。

St. Mary's Cathedral looks far。It's full of Cathedral that it is Europe Sydney is a basically urban、Such medieval building is fresh because there are more high-rise buildings than Cathedral。

For the time being do you walk toward that cathedral over

I came to the side。Over to become a picture if there is a fountain

11So hot in the second half of the month mood refreshing when there such fountain。11Month'd Australia is early summer。

From a different angle the fountain。Sydney Tower Eye is bought not enter too Deca 🙁

Well then、From here or let's around all round the Basilica of Saint Mary!


Wandering around the Basilica of Saint Mary

First of all we should go to the side

Are in and out is something people。I wonder if you put also from the side?

Bronze statue of Saint Mary of the Cross。This is Marie-like?

Or let toward the front now。

I put the tree is a nice touch of palm!

Front of these。Tropical Dana

Left angle of 45 degrees

We arrived at the front over。It has the Christmas tree is decorated with so soon Christmas。But the southern hemisphere've got a Christmas and New Year in the summer、Strange feeling something to live on like a Northern Hemisphere Japan。

Harashi why story in Chinese ...... Well, but this means that you will be seen later ahead。Very I often Chinese I Sydney。That's even as a residence without 's as a tourist destination。Gone to buy more and more the rich Chinese land to Sydney city from Sydney Airport、We've steadily rising land prices in Sydney、It seems story famous in the local area because。It wide land I Australia、Since the self-sufficiency rate high、Maybe popular of。

St. Mary's Cathedral with Sydney Tower Eye。Collaboration of historic buildings and modern buildings。Medium 's not like this to be seen。


St. Mary's Cathedral at night

The time is midnight of 1:00。Sydney can be tourist in room hanging camera even this time of the day because the security is good。I enjoy the Christmas mood have also been lit up Christmas tree But only a little。


The next time the Royal Botanic Gardens!

I went with Best route (3 Australian dollars) from Sydney airport to the city!

I decided to go because I had never landed on the Australian continent Why do not you suddenly thinking。I thought trying to Ayers Rock rejected by the November often flies in the summer。Just in Sydney that Tasmania's this season the best season、Melbourne、And to go to Tasmania。

so、Landing the city I was was Sydney、Is awfully high train from Sydney Airport to the city。20$ Weak also, or whatever struck。PITA likely in Toka taxi there is a change to the habit of consuming route also time to use the bus out of the question。So of being go cheap if you go by train from one side of the station of the Airport? It was examined on the Internet think、Going from the airport on route bus to the station next to、I found a way of going to the city by train from there! But、Well you Ja do further be cheaper If you go to walk to the station next? ? To list the nearest station thought、And we found directions by making full use of the English site。


Great route from the airport to the city

It is this route。Sydney Airport of the nearest station is wo Leigh Creek (Wolli Creek) station and Mascot (Mascot) station。The closer of the Wo Lee Creek Station in order to arrive at Sydney International Airport If you go from Japan。It was going to take this route by Te、I actually think that trying to introduce detail in pretty hard was because this article。

By the way, so I went to Tasmania from Sydney、Since way back, walked to the Domestic Airport from Mascot Station The article "I went with Best route (3 Australian dollars) from Sydney city to Domestic Airport!We have introduced in "。

so、Prices 3.01 at 2018 $。Kana not you be much directly that's train 18 $ from the airport? ? Perhaps you think this is it's lowest price。Ah、It plunged walk go for the lowest price or something is ...... please pardon


Arrival to Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport

To become a flight to arrive before 7 am With JAL from Tokyo、I think that if can sleep in an airplane the first day of tourism make progress。but、I could not sleep unfortunately because baby in the vicinity of his seat had been Nakiwamei much。Shah not because Well baby。

The official name is the gateway to Sydney is that the Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport。I Sydney International Airport in general, so long-winded。so、None Japanese immigration。Strictly speaking,、Passport of the gate and let me read the machine to match the face image is open's it。Immigration is the moment。But、Not a little interesting that the stamp of the passport does not collect。

I think if it passes through the arrival gate and out on photos of the place。Because I think that McDonald's can be seen on the right side、Let's walk up there。

It advances to the right direction when I go out from here to exit。Ah ~、Do not to Wolli Creek to "walk I asked how to walk to the Information Center of the airport just in case。It's to use the train was told Toka good by "、Since the people of airports work that it is net information that has worked walk from Wolli Creek was a pre-researched、I thought I would Do not have been trained to say that way。Transportation expenses of tourists the country of important financial resources Dakan'ne。

Walk up there Once Rashiki of is not visible hotel I RYDGES。With the feeling that travels along the right side of the fence。

There is a road passing to the right of the road to the abutment。

You over because there is a pedestrian bridge and directly north。It was bought a little tough because had carry case。Just good exercise is to return the body that was dull because I did not move in the airplane。


Emergency to Wo Lee Creek Station

Again north down the pedestrian bridge。After you get to the avenue in the only straight ahead on this road。

Building discovery of Qantas!

Avenue in a little

If you get to the main street and go to the left。Unexpected must cross the the road to the。

It became blue。

you're kidding……? Shortness of time for the first time can be surprised was the signal to ...... Sydney that did not fully over。It starts to blink in about two seconds from getting to the blue。It is true not'm exaggerating?

Red light is profusely long。Was I Pasha Sydney of the signal because it was free time。Little different signal machine and Japan。

I calmed down because it was cockles。

Road and proceed along the main street is divided into second-hand。Left Wo Lee Creek Station district。so、Right it seems to Sydney International Airport direction。Maybe there is a method to come from here。When it comes to、Be that no longer have to worry about crossing the footbridge。

Cross the bridge。Pretty scenery is good! !

I'm having about four before the uncle carry case 😮 That's obviously gold Kechi' Teru urged。I guess the same Warwickshire Leigh Creek Station Maybe purpose。

Turn right Once you have crossed the bridge。Go the way of that trees。

Straight here。

Local dog 😆

It came in this park。

Feels good in the lake is not walking visible! I Australia is early summer But around the time comes to winter and Japan

A lot of birds!

Playground equipment also there which was playing children

And birds have advanced to the road

Hey ^^;

Hey Do're free bird

There was a toilet at the exit of the park。Sydney is the toilet will not be stuck in the toilet because it is installed free of charge throughout the town。

Straight across this signal。Green building is super appear in just across the signal。Tara is less luggage you might want to be hoarding here。Cheap because。

Turn right when you get to this intersection。We will enter the street in the middle visible in photos。

Since the sign has also been installed and come up here if we proceed in the direction of the Wolli Creek Station No Problem!

Passing this kind of area。It seems Tteyuu DISCOVERY POINT。

If you find the character of the orange T on the left side of the intersection there is a destination。Finally arrived over


Do not forget to buy and embossing of OPAL CARD!

Wolli Creek station arrived! Information lie put airport! Or Ne 's within walking distance of at all! !

OPAL CARD Let's buy in this KIOSK。I have I bought at Sydney Airport、It is efficient to buy here。so、That this station is to embossing always OPAL CARD before boarding because there is no ticket gate。But I forgot to take a photo、The embossing device has been installed more than one at the entrance of the station。It has a picture of the embossing device is depicted on a poster that just lies between the photo of KIOSK and the public telephone! Since the fine Failure to do this! !

Let's go to the platform according to their own destination When you have finished embossing。...... because toward the Kings Cross in my case

It is a train of here Bondi Jn bound! Platform 6 stops eyes at No. 3 (written from top to stop station order)、7It seems to departure after the minute。

3Tsukisusumi will aim to di

Has arrived。Thing and please wait inside the yellow line。

About 5 minutes left until the train comes。

Safety、We were able to ride the train。

Balance confirmation image at the time of getting off the。OPAL CARD is this time took fare since they must be a minimum $ 10 charge at the beginning $ 3.01! This $ 3.01 looks cheap。Since you this much six times and they would come by train directly from the airport。

Seems now would hit the peak time is 8:00 back and forth in the little I But November 2018 is sandwiched overheard、Or something further fare is also unfortunately fee that was rose has become a $ 4.40。Sydney is I'm a system that fare that it non-peak hours is 30% OFF。Peak time in the morning 7:00~9:00 Since it seems between am、Morning 6:30It is difficult to remove the peak that it is flights to Sydney wearing time。Although it can be crush time also take in the breakfast in the airport、Where such somehow I wonder ...... also crush tourist time at most for 30% discount。By the way, the peak time of the afternoon 4:00~6:30 It is pm。

Although it is to take the $ 2.70 if Sunday、It Sunday is where you want devoted to the Blue Mountains tourism if possible。In the article of the details of the Blue Mountains where N there。


Next time, if the city of Sydney!

Congratulation Love live NHK festival for participation decision! ! Incidentally Numazu burger also tried to re-visit

The other day、Love Live After walking through the Nakamise shopping street! Sunshine! ! Tapestry Aquors of celebrate the participation to the festival for was caught the eye。That the、This time, the kana trying to introduce it。but、Since the contents of it and I just was flimsy technique likely、I wonder if trying to include also Agetsuchi shopping street from Numazu burger。

Even so, not a festival for participation Toka too terrible? ? Among also often singer can not answer thinking of leaving、What anime voice actor comes out。I was once again realized the strength of the influence of Love live。


The entire map

On the map this timeIntroduce the four locations shown in the。Route going from the south of Numazu burger to Nakamise。Because By the way, there is a red and white played veil is a northernmost of Nakamise、Walk from Numazu Station 1、It is a 2-minute。So let's take a look at in order。


In the first year of sets of Numazu burger Aqours sat seat

Numazu Berger "There is also a harbor "Numazu Port" aquarium visited by many tourists from outside the prefecture!Was Chorotto introduced in the article "。but、Re-visit because vacated a little period from there。

John-chan, which is why bite your head shark。It seems to be also sold goods in the usual store。

This time, was vacant Luckily table seat。Moreover, special seat that Aqours seat! ! Before、It seemed the seat of first-year students set of Aqours sat。Had been decorated also photos of that time。

380After the store early to eat Mikkabi Sunday of the circle。Because、It was an ordinary soft cream and Mikkabi oranges have the same amount of money yeah probably Mikkabi! !

Encounter in Love live bus on the way from Numazu to Agetsuchi。And this bus also has been increasing year by year、Now about seeing few cars if the walk to the Numazu Station from Numazu Port。Design also has been updated on a daily basis。


Character tapestry in Nakamachi from Numazu Port to Agetsuchi

From Numazu Port Shimogawara、Up to the temple town followed by a relatively nothing road。But、Character tapestry of Love live from Nakamachi beyond the permanence Bridge has been decorated。Well, and in particular whether let's put in the introduction and the story of the characters only tapestry of image。

First Sakuranai Mariko。Tteyuu why only this character there is only one。

Watanabe Sunday and Koumi Sen'uta。This sophomore set complete!

Ohara Kiku莉 & Canaan Matsuura

Kurosawa diamond。Third grade set complete at this。And Yoshiko Tsushima。

Kurosawa Rubyi & Kunikida Hanamaru。Annual Group finished。

But also there are things for each character in Agetsuchi、If you also look at all means Nakamachi ver because this Nakamachi's also different pattern。


I tried around the Love live stamp shop Agetsuchi

It has been always attached Yara of Love live posters in most of the shops at the top soil between the Otemachi from Onaribashi。It also or has been installed stamp、What was I tried around that there's any kidnapping is。

Here you have Emma's addition to Mr. Love live voice actor also of Agetsuchi limited goods。Let's let me by all means taken because the addition is written and please take photos。

One by one for each character carefully illustrations and comments had been written in such a feeling。

This shop of related Mariko Sakuragi。

Stamp pad also elaborate in or create carefully hand-drawn illustrations。

Ads eyes remained in a bulletin board in front of the Riverside Hotel。Recruitment of Ura star brass band。Tokyo、Kanagawa、It seems to be working in Numazu。It is interesting attempt

I had a lot to other Love live elements soon to Nakamise shopping street。


I wish · Aqours red and white appearance!

Kana have changed manhole? It was still a freshman set I tried to confirm think。Also you child stranded to look now。「Local Numazu people is over the love live manhole in the shortest route! Sum many kilometers? ?Nde, such as manhole of the pattern is changed every few months, as introduced in "。

The banners are also frequently change the design。

11There while also shopping street to enter the Christmas mood because even such end month。


Merry Christmas!

Are some places installed also apply box of keyword rally。

By the way keywords are located studded in each location in such a feeling。We multiplied by the mosaic processing in the image does not go also to not publish the keyword on the Internet。

Christmas & Love Live & crime prevention patrol

Veil of I've seen red and white played。Nakamise is the northern end of the shopping street。

Congratulation! Aqours festival for participation! !

Here was I thought I might take a look at this year I had not seen the front or 😆 recent festival for。


The next stage in Australia changed place。I would like to introduce from Sydney!