Nature in the big city Sydney "Royal Botanic Gardens"

Toward the Opera House side and after the Basilica of Saint Mary。Then、Look is something like a park on the right hand side。Place where there is introduced here, "Royal Botanical Gardens (Royal Botanic Garden)"。


Royal Botanic Gardens neighborhood map

A little 300m to the north out of the Hyde Park。OK If all goes along the river this is from the Royal Botanical Gardens to the Opera House entered the park after because it is directly connected。However、Or let toward its Sydney superb view point before "Mrs. Makuarizu Chair (Mrs Macquarie's Chair)"。There is a turn to the next article、Only in the red root of this map。


From the entrance of the Royal Botanical Gardens to calix (The Calyx)!

Let's enter into the grounds of the Royal Botanic Gardens。The opposite side from the National Library across the road。It will head to the gate around all round because there is such a fountain。

Every day this time is doing events Tteyuu poly Nation (Pollination) 10:00From 16:00Things you're doing to。Written me Free Floral Display would be like a flower garden to put in a free guy。Since the place seems the place I calix (The Calyx)、First of all with the aim of there。

Mosheddo Fountain Gate (Morshead Fountain Gate)。The name of the fountain that was introduced before one is for me Mosheddo Fountain。In other words、You mean gate which is in the fountain is very simplistic naming 😀

Events introduce pop and guide plate of each season of the entered immediately plant garden。Aiming for the time being The Calyx。

Arrive in a few minutes。It was not written me Free Wi-Fi、I quit because it was troublesome pattern for softening e-mail address registration。To the entrance down the front of the stairs of the eye。

Entrance is a little pun square in front of the。Even so it was good to have sunny 🙂

Also it serves as a walk from such like this pond all round around and into the building。


Calix to (The Calyx)

Free Entrance。What Admission is free! I have to go for this! !

The hotel's restaurant is in the。Expensive looking in from view。What we are dinner limited now not time business

I wrote the name and contact instead to pay the money at the entrance of the Botanical Garden。Maybe it's also collected by Statistics。so、Objects such as the image of such a bee in the moment you enter into the。It's this I'm made in the plant。Amazing!

Are decorations to the wall。Ni would have took quite money to make this development。Do not be worried about how are you monetize doing 😉

Worker bees hanging from the ceiling。

Cactus Cactus 😡

Will cut - around in a few minutes because not so widely in。Since the Royal Botanic Gardens is located in central Sydney,、I enjoy at the same time the natural and urban landscape like this。Shinjuku Gyoen like a speaking in Japan?


Tour of the Royal Botanic Gardens

Object of the bee is also out of the calix。You wonder if you'll got to remove all After the event is over。

This botanical garden will never get lost because there is this kind of guide plate to everywhere。Turn left here because toward the Mrs. Makuarizu Chair (Mrs Macquarie's Chair)。

Encounter a population of tour。Chaimashou quickly overtook 👿

Tour groups had softened commentary while watching this building hard。

Was a shop 😎 honey Toka, such as was the souvenir center of such botanical garden system。

Here also another Botanical Garden。I do not care、Something funny I Botanical Garden in the Botanical Gardens 😆

Plants Sales。Perhaps、I guess I'm for sale of I plant has grown to around here。

Ogawa discovery!

One bird when I watched。Can not expand unfortunately so was not a telephoto lens。

As we walk to the north along the river restaurants on the banks of the pond。Here it of the number of customers fairly even in this time was taking a meal。

Another pond of the immediate vicinity from the restaurant。Considerably larger than the previous one。

Common white bird on top of the center of the fountain Once。Something Do's bossy guy。Even so、Toka top of this kind of object I birds、What I would of stops in Toka earlier whiff of bow。Strange habits of birds

Here also the same kind of bird。I birds did not see so much until now、Around here is full of birds。

Such the also inhabit not just of a little while ago。

More, a good pond。Sydney Harbor that another soon Port Jackson。

It was not reflected in the photograph until now、I'm look to Sydney of high-rise buildings as soon as look up on the。

Interesting shape of the tree。I wonder if grow in such a form Once you 😐

Statues of horses。I well I do not know。

Mare and Foal by Arthur Jaques。It seems to work Tteyuu "donkeys and horses" of the people I "Arthur jar Keith"。The author seems to French sculptor who was active in more than 100 years ago。

Another Opera House and Harbor Bridge is within the field of view from this statue。But first to the opera house to the opposite side superb view point of not directed。

We arrived at the southern tip of the Royal Botanic Gardens。Since the article has been longer up to this time here。


Alright、Next to the superb view point of the opera house!

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