Australia's largest Gothic architecture "Melbourne St. Patrick's Cathedral"

Melbourne St. Patrick's Cathedral is 300 meters from Fitzroy Gardens。There are many Chinese tourists for some reason only here.。


Walking map "From Fitzroy Gardens to St Patrick's Cathedral"

Go straight on the Cathedral Place from the west exit of Fitzroy Gardens and you will see the Cathedral on your right。Although、At the moment you leave the west exit, you can see a cathedral-like thing on the right side of the front.、Do n’t hesitate。


Melbourne St. Patrick's Cathedral

This is the west exit of Fitzroy Gardens。How can you see the building on the right side?。That is my destination。

Once you cross the main street, it ’s almost like this。It is very close。

I can't enter from here。By the way, the surrounding area is NO SMOKING、That is, cigarettes are NG。

Actually this cathedral、Touring Melbourne's tourist destinations”City Sightseeing Melbourne”One of the bus stops。Because you can walk normally in such a safe town,、You don't have to bother to use such a bus。If you have no time、Because you can turn around efficiently、If you want to buy time for money, you may use it。


Main gate of St. Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne

When I got to the front gate, it was just raining。I have to get in the rain quickly。

It is the entrance of the cathedral。If you think there are no people、Many came to the entrance。Because it's raining、It seems that everyone is looking at the timing。

View of downtown Melbourne from the cathedral。You can see the skyscrapers


Stroll around the cathedral

Meeting time at the cathedral。

I really wanted to introduce you to the cathedral、No cameras inside。So unfortunately I couldn't shoot、Of course I can't even post on this blog。

From the fact that Chinese is also written in English, you can see that there are many Chinese.。Practical、I heard Chinese while I was raining here 🙂

Stroll around the cathedral as it rained。This is oldMelbourneA statue of "Daniel Mannix," who was the archbishop。

There was a bench on the premises。I wonder if there are many people resting here on a sunny day.。

This statue is Daniel O'Connell (Daniel O’Connell)。He is a great person who has also worked hard on the Catholic liberation movement.。

It ’s not possible to shoot with a camera inside the cathedral.、Shall we head to the next tourist spot?。


Take a walk away from the cathedral

I ran through the road north of Fitzroy Gardens。There are many streets here。

A small museum nearby。There is no admission fee so you can kill a little time。

This museum seems to be named McCUBBIN GALLERY。

Ahh ... here too。Since it is a camera NG, I can not introduce it in this blog。


That concludes this article! Thank you again next time!

Fitzroy Gardens, a place for Melbourne citizens to relax

Fitzroy Gardens, just off the Melbourne Cricket Ground。I don't see many large parks in central Tokyo free of charge、There are quite a lot overseas


Walking map "Fitzroy Gardens"

It's not enough to put the map, but just in case。As you can see on the map, Fitzroy Gardens has a way in the shape of the British flag。

Even so, it's amazing that a park of this size is so close to Melbourne's main station, Flinders Street Station!


From Cricket Ground to Fitzroy Gardens

The signboard at YARRA PARK, where the cricket ground is located, is sick and the name "Fitzroy Gardens"。Just go in the direction of the arrow。

You will reach the main street where the tram runs。The Fitzroy Gardens is just to the left after passing here。Well、I'm going to call it Fitzroy Garden from now on。

Bicycling is not allowed in Fitzroy Gardens。Beware of those who visit bicycle rental。Melbourne has a free tram running、There's no need to do a bicycle rental, so just walk!


Fitzroy Garden Visitor Center

There is a signboard right at the entrance。First, visit the visitor center。

Yes Yes。Melbourne is the same as Sydney, so you don't have to worry about toilets in the city。In the city, you can use the toilet for free in the shopping center、It's also in such a park。I really want Europe to emulate such a place。

There was also a cricket ground, but Melbourne has many water recycling facilities。I don't see too much garbage on the roadside、As expected, the world's best place to live in!


Around the visitor center

arrival。Maybe there is a post、To send postcards purchased at the visitor center to commemorate the home。

There is a cafe。I was temporarily evacuated because it was raining 😡


Captain Cook's birthplace "Cooks Cottage"

Cook's Cottage right next to the Visitor Center。Many of you may have heard of James Cook, Captain Cook。He、It's a famous navigator who discovered the Hawaiian Islands。

This is the relocation of Captain Cook's birthplace, originally in the UK, to Melbourne.。This time it was raining and I was in a hurry so I did not go inside this time 😥

The distance from the visitor center is like this。Anyway, it's a small house。


Stroll through the Fitzroy Gardens

This sign I found suddenly。I was surprised that Japanese and Korean were supported 😯 で し ょ う。

The garden is basically paved。

There are waterfalls。


Sinclair House "SINCLAIR HOUSE"

This is Sinclair's house。What is Sinclair、Scottish gardener、It's Sinclair who made this Fitzroy garden!

Click here for more information about Sinclair

It doesn't seem to be inside ...


Strolling through Fitzroy Gardens Part 2

Meet people cleaning the Fitzroy Gardens。Besides these people, cleaning cars are running around the city、You can see why Melbourne is so beautiful。Great!

There was a miniature city on the way。I don't know what this represents、Perhaps it is a reproduction of old Melbourne?

A dome-shaped building that is not well understood。There was a person lying in the middle。

This is the road leading to the north exit。I want to take a walk in the garden a little more。

Birds were bathing in front of the fountain。

This is a bird monument。Not real。

There were various monuments besides birds。


The Fitzroy Gardens are over。If it was fine I wanted to go a little more slowly。

By making full use of the free tram to the "Melbourne Cricket Ground."

After you have taken the time being breakfast entered the Flinders Street per station fast food restaurant because it just arrived in Melbourne、We decided to go to the Melbourne Cricket Ground。It was also go the distance walking、So much trouble that whether I will try using the free tram。


Walking map "Melbourne Cricket Ground from Flinders Street Station"

I wrote a walking map、In fact from the Flinders Street Station to STOP8 riding on the free tram、From there we decided to go to the cricket ground on foot。


Meal in the vicinity of Flinders Street Station

Previous article "Most livable city in the world is not a Date! Melbourne city is free tram and free Wi-Fi? ! Would also introduced how to ride a tram! !Strategize while looking at the map that was available at the visitor center, which was introduced in "。Also incidentally of Eureka Tower brochure。

You can ride for free on the tram only within the range of green that has been written me FREE TRAM ZONE。35Since the tram has been round and round patrol so as to surround the inside of the free zone that the turn of the City Circle、You do not need to pay attention to where you get off、You must be careful when riding a tram that goes out of it other than the free zone of。

Breakfast is ordered the fast food and cafe au lait of one plate。I do not remember the amount of money paid、Is stored, such as it was following Sydney half。Anyway Melbourne is thought that the cheap prices。


To Flinders Street Station of the free tram

Tram stop of Flinders Street Station。Since it is raining hurriedly To ➡ to under the roof

Hanging around in the vicinity because the tram was there until the time comes。It's there is a familiar of Seven-Eleven and DAISO in Japan。

Red tram has arrived。This is because the 75 tram that and it takes money and when it is more than a free zone careful guy 😡


Riding a tram to STOP8

Although there is a card reader and get on the tram、You do not need to touch if the use of the free zone only。

No seats to sit because of the ride is probably because quite a man of the rain。OK while standing say because it is just two stations and。Preparing get off the car of the electric bulletin board by pressing the buzzer Once written and STOP8。

No matter egress success。It will be charged and would go too far。Let 's uneasy tell that want to ride only in the free zone to the driver or other person。


Walk to the Melbourne Cricket Ground

We will walk as it is to the tram went progressing direction。You do not to be exceeded this avenue。

Straight here。It is unexpected not descend at all outcomes's rain。

Fitzroy Gardens can be seen on the other side of the main street。Through now because going to the next Cricket Ground to there 🙂

Duck under elevated to the other side。

Under line to the immediate left at the next corner which was passed under。After that straight this road。

I skyscrapers of Melbourne you will see turned around the post。

Signboard discovery that GATE3! Apparently it seems to have arrived at the destination!


To the Melbourne Cricket Ground entrance

A circular building that appears in front of "Melbourne Cricket Ground."

It seems to have been walking now was a park or something YARRA PARK (Yarra Park)。so、We have arrived at another entrance。

Because there was something good I do not know the monument tried to time being taken 📷


A lot object is to Cricket Ground

A lot of the statue at the entrance square in front。Some suitably Masu Pashari!

Seems bronze statue of the man named DENNIS LILLEE。I do not know。

I'm have written is quite firmly description。

The ticket office is closed。It does not seem to match today。

Reproducing means water。Here I think you have to purify even in water that sow in the ground?

Bronze statue of the man named NEIL HARVEY。

It's being placed a statue in quite a short interval in such a feeling in YARRA in the PARK。

Bronze statue of the man named NORM SMITH。It is that there is up to the people of these out 😯


Mars went to Fitzroy Gardens next time!