The sunny days per year less than 40 days? ! Cradle Mountain of miracle sunny tourism ①

Weather of Cradle Mountain is very bad、The sunny day tour guide 曰 foil year seems less than 40 days。Usually Cradle Mountain tourism is staying a few days、Exclusively of rumors that lucky if sunny them even one day。However、This time we have a whopping minus the sunny day! ! You might run out of luck past another lucky。


Dove lake circuit course (Dove Lake)

This time, only to go around the Dove Lake near Cradle Mountain。But I walk about 6km even if only to say to go around。Here it is that luck meet the Tasmanian Devil and won the bat of the wild if you're、Whether this really meet。

By the way, it is a good idea to climb If you want to enjoy the Cradle Mountain in earnest。Will be the case is to stay here because it is impossible in the day。Therefore we recommend the case forPeppers Cradle Mountain Lodge (Peppers Cradle Mountain Lodge)。In the nearest lodge from Dove Lake、It sounds like or come near the opossum is at night。When the next time comes to Cradle Mountain we're thinking what to stayed here。


 Cradle Mountain entrance

Cradle Mountain has finally arrived! ! Watch live but has been seen in the photograph is still different! ! Thai is also had been saying "I'm came to Tasmania to see this landscape" is also my 🙂

Signs in the same direction as the time being everyone but there。Generally it seems to proceed in a counter-clockwise。Dove lake around the 6km to be in this sign。Surprisingly long!

After all impressed while watching the Cradle Mountain Naa's magnificent! However、Now unfortunately cloudy。I wonder to tour guide of the uncle was saying sunny。

First, enjoy the scenery before around the Dove Lake。The temperature of the lake is also quite Nuruku to feel good!

Oh? Looking at the sky gradually sunny interval is? ! This ordeal. And to clear up a little later!

Three routes of Cradle Mountain。Two to three hours at Dove Lake round、That of the most's a long course and six to eight hours。It is impossible If you do not stay in Cradle Mountain when indeed the longest course

Like there is also the like a tour to walk over a period of several days。Like a cross the Tasmanian Wilderness forest while staying in the camp? I also want to do someday I do not have time and money now。


Dove Lake Tour start

Photo spot。Instant and was taken here、Facebook、That of the white post to Twitter。House、...... because it does not have Wi-Fi

Zoom Cradle Mountain! Fresh I like this form of the mountain!

Alright Now let's move to the previous!

Like this is the way。Occasionally passing with people who come walking from the opposite side。Seems necessarily good even without a counter-clockwise。

Walk etc. walk etc. Cradle Mountain is unexpected come closer。

I walked up to quite near the top。It hut can be seen at the bottom、The following seems going down to there。

10 minutes from the parking lot。Still ahead is long。

Gradually shed has become larger。Still, it I was not quite away from the Dove Lake


One house of huts nestled in Dove Lake

Finally again arrived at the waterside of the Dove Lake。Let's go to the vicinity of the hut because it pains。

Well had seen in the brochure It is this landscape! Because the sky is a cloudy to subtle but there is a little disappointing、Still wonderful scenery! ! Hut makes you stand out to feel good 😆

Cradle Mountain also that it from here Kukkiri。...... I wonder I wanted to climb after all that mountain but it is too late

Another piece in such a composition because there was a flower in front 🙂

While you enjoy this landscape 🙂


Again Dove Lake orbiting Resume

Although there is a fork in the road here and there、Dove to the side of the Lake Circuit。

The road has become narrower。A bit hard to avoid the passing each other and the people

The middle go through such a way。

Gradually and into the woods。

The way there is also such a staircase。Surprisingly hard way。

I feel Cradle Mountain is like ...... that have appeared larger than a little while ago to。

Bench for a rest。It offers some places to such rest place。

Cradle Mountain as seen from here。Deepest of Dove lake looked。Wonder if a little more at Dove Lake half?

Now、Dove Lake to the top-hinterland。

Small pause because there was a place to be out on the water。Water is still lukewarm。You swim Maybe。


This article up to here since half of the Dove Lake roughly。Continued on next time。


Tasmania's most popular tourist destination to the "Cradle Mountain"!

Although the Cradle Mountain originally was going to go by bus、It seems the day of the week limit does not mean running every day。Just this day, book a local tour there is no way because it was the day of the week that are not running bus。Was the company Tteyuu CRADLE COAST TOURS。


From Devonport to Cradle Mountain (From Devonport to Cradle Mountain)

Map car route to the Cradle Mountain from Devonport。The distance is 90km weak。Except、Since this time we are using a day tour、Once you pick up the tourists in Launceston、Dining options at Derorenu。after that、It will head to Dow Lake Cradle Mountain from the appreciation of the superb view point that panoramic view of Cradle Mountain is visible。


 Doorstep of Cradle Mountain to "Derorenu"

Morning 7:00And tour buses came to the hotel in Devonport in time、We went from there to Launceston。I think I just have to reverse run the road that goes by the bus yesterday。One which was taken before heading to Launceston。

Like two pairs are joined in Launceston、What one of which set was Japanese! Toka husband is working in Canberra was the newlyweds。Like I had come to Tasmania on vacation this time。The other one was the Thai people。It was fun and cheerful aunt 🙂

It will head to the entrance Derorenu of Cradle Mountain while looking at the idyllic streets out of the Launceston。

Grave like an object? Then we arrived in Derorenu for a while。


A snack at Derorenu

Bus once stopped here。Toilet break & snacks。Mr. Driver is provided us with tea and cookies pause slowly sitting on a bench。

Such a feeling of open space。We took a snack on a bench under this roof。

Much trouble for all round round the park because。

Playground equipment simulating the locomotive。

Duck us a lot that should have not until a little while ago If you find yourself? !

I have been flocking to the cookie like a spilled Kas。

About time to start。If you suddenly look at the toilet of the roof in many languages ​​with the "Welcome"。Looks something nice there is a Japanese 😆


Superb view point of Cradle Mountain

Driver's on the way to Cradle Mountain was stopped here。Or something wonderful point that panoramic view of Cradle Mountain overlooking。

CRADLE COAST TOURS's car the way that you use this time。I guess a smallish vehicle because the tour participants is 4 people。

Cradle Mountain here is from here! Kana is not transmitted so much grandeur that's standard lens? 😥 was spectacular enough to be feeling that really Do I came to Mother Nature!


Emergency to Cradle Mountain

The middle of the state towards the Cradle Mountain。Many of the white dead trees and fallen trees can be seen unlike had been somehow imagine。

It seems many years of drought and rapid climate change is considered to be a cause。Is a gap that we have seen the full green of nature ever。

Cradle Mountain of parking has been seen。


The next is the Dow Lake of Cradle Mountain!

From Devonport center to the Spirit of Tasmania landing direction

So let's go from the city Devonport to Spirit of Tasmania landing。I think that most people are used a taxi or ferry。But、This time - even in walking directions


Walking map "Spirit from the city center Devon port of Tasmania (From Devonport to Spirit of Tasmania)"

To begin with、Route in the case of light blue routes with ferry。If the required time is there is no waiting time of the ship about 12 minutes。Is the most recommended way to get。However、Ferry is on weekdays 7:00~17:30And Saturday 9:00~17:00Only not open until。In other words、Is that not available in addition to the time and Sunday。

so、This time, I was in tears walking route because they did not meet the time。Red route on the map it is。Distance took about approximately 1 hour at about 5km。Although、Having or shopping at the supermarket or take a photo by rolling the suitcase、As Dekirukana arrive in about 40 minutes if you hurry。

Although it will introduce later、This time accommodation and hotel "Edgewater Hotel』。Since the motel or rather hotel offers parking are available for those who visit in the car。Since the very close from the Spirit of Tasmania it is recommended!



It exits the Devon port city

The time is was around the time 19。Town of Devonport, we have deserted。No way did not think to have subsided so early time。Here Tasmania is the fourth city of? By the way up to third place from first place is、Hobart、Launceston、It has become the Barney。

Devonport maximum of Street Mall "Luke Street Mall (Rooke Street Mall)"

...... I have subsided completely。19The closed when 😯

Tasmania of postal post。Seems to be a pick-up once a day is here Devonport。

Visitor center of Devonport。Of course even here outside office hours。I'm going on this town ......


Spirit of Tasmania to the ferry landing

The came jumped in front of the eye and out along the river Spirit of Tasmania! It seems to start the soon departure preparation。tomorrow、I also I is not going to Melbourne aboard the array

Cross the railway for the time being towards the river。I wonder if I have this railway now also used? But I did not see the place you are through even once ......

line。Just tried to take somehow 🙂

Another ferry is so close!

Here it is the boat landing to the Spirit of Tasmania。Now it has been completely closed 😥

Open from morning to evening on weekdays and Saturdays。Sunday seems to ride if the phone。Huh ...... 2.5 ...... you want to ride if the ride in the Australian dollar


Merge - River (Mersey River) along

Alright、It was south at a stretch from the ferry landing。Already is a place that reaches the Bass Highway。There are perfectly also sidewalk。

Merge - cross the river。The road does not appear to walk the route at why Google Maps and other map。I wish Watareru walk properly。

It will head to the left East Devonport。

Merge - the river boat is full! The city is a success on the river is to have I been deserted ✌

Merge - I this bridge over the river is like a Tteyuu Victoria Bridge (Victoria Bridge)。Now、Now merge - let's move to north on the river。


Merge - and north of the river towards the Spirit of Tasmania landing

East is Devonport。Well wonder if an atmosphere that does not say that city?

You can arrive at the Spirit of Tasmania terminal If all goes with the aim of labeling of ferry。You will never get lost。

We single-mindedly aimed at labeling of ferry。

There is this kind of guide map here and there。And have their own where the now、Looks like many meters or later is found。


To Edgewater Hotel

Spirit of Tasmania hall I know was because the hotel。There was such a park near。

Arrive before the sun sets。This is"Edgewater Hotel"is。When you get to Risepushon towards the acceptance was please put out an immediate room key。We will was over all check-in another my other is。The hotels of the people is very kind is still trapped in the impression 😆


Night view of Devonport

Merge put the luggage in the hotel - and out into the river the color of the sky had dyed red。Medium 's fantastic。

Already Spirit of Tasmania was like they've sailed。Runaway group Rashiki muffler sound I thought whether I will go home to the hotel because it has become soon dark。It is that not so much security is better?


Next time Tasmania big favorite to "Cradle Mountain" of!