Local Numazu people is over the love live manhole in the shortest route! Sum many kilometers? ?

"Love Live! Sunshine in Numazu!!That the original manhole "has been re-installed、So much trouble that I tried around。Since it is often being visited in Love live related and recently viewed the access log、There is up to a growing number of Love live Sunshine articles 🙂

This because the original manhole "Numazu Roh Takara projectIn the name of "、Numazu、Sony、Nagashima casting、And project Love live implement crowdfunding jointly、It seems that 33,844,000 yen much higher than 22,170,000 yen, which is the target amount of money was realized by donated。

However、2018Or hurt the manhole by three of the crime in May along with high school and college students of the year、With or painted with paint、One o'clock elimination and ended up a victim。And、2018There is a history that has been re-established on October 10, year。

Because of that Maa neighborhood about a thing that has been introduced a lot on other sites、This time, the kana Let around the manhole in the shortest route。Or walked many total kilometers I guess Let's last Summary。


Overall picture of the manhole location

※ copyright of the character image "Project Love Live! Sunshine!!It belongs to "

So much trouble that I tried to place the map using the character image that has been distributed in the official 🙂

Manhole south of Numazu、North until Takashima-cho、It is studded in a very wide range。By the way, the shortest road that connects the two places from the southernmost tip of Kurosawa Rubyi as of the map to Canaan Matsuura of the northernmost 3.2 km。In other words、Whether it made to walk more since they must be a variety detour when it comes over all。

You know actually walk、It becomes quite time of the loss by Kurosawa diamond and Canaan Matsuura is over the two ...... not think only with harassment。

Now、So whether you go around in order from Numazu Port!


Kurosawa Rubyi “Ruby Kurosawa”(Numazu)

Kurosawa Rubyi manhole is located right next to the Numazu Port bus stop of Tokai bus。Because it is near the tourist area I thought that there are many people、Not so much people because the manhole location is a beach Ohashidori harbor。

Manhole the right side of the photo、It is immediately to the right of the orange-colored bus stop。I There are people who are just taking a manhole。A place where there are people who are toward the camera down is exactly the purpose of the manhole。

Like this。It might difficult to find a little because it is not a color、I think that there is no hesitation because there is a mark that the bus stop。

First 1 th。Kurosawa Rubyi manhole discovery! Now、If the there because the next person from the sister of you want to go to the Kurosawa diamond ...... but Watanabe Sunday manhole can pass the shortest route。

Previous article regard to tourism of Numazu Port "There is also a harbor "Numazu Port" aquarium visited by many tourists from outside the prefecture!We are summarized in "。


Watanabe Sunday “You Watanabe”(Shimogawara)

About from Kurosawa Rubyi to Watanabe Sunday 650m。Close to Watanabe Sunday manhole of Oran 陀館 that the Holy Land as a home of the model of Watanabe Sunday there is。It is clearly the arrangement as aimed 😀 Oran 陀館 of the article "Numazu tourism ~ ~ to Watanabe, the day of the parents' home Oran 陀館Please refer to the "

Proceeds from Rubyi manhole to the east、Senbonko cho north and turn left at the intersection。Numazu Station side、That is OK If all goes towards the Mount Fuji is visible

550 There is a manhole and walk m。It is between the second elementary school entrance bus stop and Shimogawara bus stop。Front than FamilyMart。

2 th of Watanabe Sunday manhole。Now、Next to Kurosawa diamond manhole。


Kurosawa diamond “he Kurosawa”(Thousand beach park)

About 700m from Watanabe Sunday to Kurosawa diamond。Since the prior information was only say that there is in Thousand beach park、It was anxiety Where is in a large park、It was just off the entrance。Increase the photo because it may be a little confusing。

Go straight on the road which is visible to the northwest from the intersection with Watanabe Sunday manhole。It is the left side road of gray three-storey house in the photograph。In feeling that advance the backside of the Family Mart。

Straight on this road。

Moreover straight this sidewalk。

When you see a bus stop that Asahimachi to walk for a while turn left at the street。

Since the location of the left turn might be confusing、Another one photo just in case。There is a restaurant that Isoan the corner。Straight on this road。

The entrance of here Thousand beach park。There is a manhole just a place entered。

Manhole discovery!

Like this when viewed from the back of the park。It is where just two duo is seen。Still, Irasshaimasu of Love Live fan for a weekday 🙂 holiday I wonder I wonder more amazing

3 th of Kurosawa diamond manhole。The following is to Yoshiko Tsushima manhole!


Yoshiko Tsushima “Yosiko Tsushima”(Suruga Bank ago)

About from Kurosawa diamond to Yoshiko Tsushima 850m。Distance I think that the road is easy to understand because advance the long I Boulevard。

Return the way you came from Thousand beach park。However、This time, single-mindedly straight without bending at the Asahi-cho!

The Shizuoka Bank, turn right at the signal when you see it。

And immediately turn left。It is as of the previous Eitai Bridge。

Oh? Just love live Sunshine bus。I I do not anything uncommon because Well very number of flights is large now 😆

You past the Nakamachi bus stop。

Manhole arrival。It is before the eyes of the Suruga Bank。It may be a bit hard to see that the bottom right photo is it。

4 th of Yoshiko Tsushima manhole。It has somehow become like a fun looking Pokemon 😀 next Koumi Sen'uta manhole!


High sea one thousand songs “Chika Takami”(TV before Imai of)

From Yoshiko Tsushima to Koumi thousand song is about 300m。We will enter from here to Nakamise shopping street of Numazu。

Actually、This Koumi Sen'uta manhole has struggled most。Often this manhole is being displayed at the north end of Nakamise shopping street If you look on the Internet、Not found even looking for there to brute force、I was able finally discovered the next day。

Apparently when it is re-installed on October 10、Naa I was in was attended ...... first day as the location has been changed(Lol)I have trouble taking photos to go to the same place again。

Enter the left next to the road of "women's clothing Nishino" in the north-west from the intersection of Suruga Bank。

I place this entry ban there are two。^^ I wonder there is why even two;

Straight here。

The middle there is a right to Tsuji photo studio。It seems the place visited by many people in love live fan。

Numazu shopping street from here。

Found。Right in front of the TV of Imai。

5 th of Koumi Sen'uta manhole。The next manhole from here is very even non unlikely to bother explaining so close、Kindness and politely introduce no way because've been standing chapter until now 😡


Ohara Kiku莉“Mari Ohara”(1,000 yen cut ago)

Koumi thousand from the song to Ohara Kiku莉 about 60m。Because longer needed Nante not seem of the guide in the introduction only in the vicinity of the manhole 😆

North to you just before the approaches to the main street。

6 th of Ohara Kiku莉 manhole。I guess that why is there in so near。Good Ya because it was Well easier


Love Live annual assembly and all set & Ura woman coat of arms

Distance to walk this time is about 300 m。The Nakamise shopping street in the middle to go up to the next character manhole There are five special manhole。

Map ofEach all set manhole and Uraon'na emblem is in、And of the three locationsFirst grade sets of Kurosawa Rubyi in、Watanabe Sunday、Yoshiko Tsushima has been arranged。

Sophomore set to four months every other in、It seems pattern is switched to the third grade group。So、Please come regularly to Numazu! ! Is that 🙂

South entrance of Nakamise。It is under banners of Love live。I think you can see that there is a color of the manhole in the lower left corner of the screen?

First Kurosawa Rubyi。Karafuri - compared with those of Numazu Port

This is unseen assassin、Kunikida Hanamaru。Here also Karafuri ~

Fake Fuji If you think the next He first ...! I I'm in the normal manhole so here is everyone is not Tachidomara because the manhole on the roadway。Manhole of the Mt. Fuji and Suruga Bay also will have a joke?

Now what Yoshiko Tsushima。Background Unlike the other two people were tea plantation red Fuji ~

Aqours all set manhole is there immediately beyond the Marsan bookstores。Everyone yan barefoot 😐

The last emblem of Ura woman that Ura star Jogakuin。Please try done people are interested because apparently this one color version is in the Nagahama castle ruins of Uchiura!

Now we'll go to the Sakuranai Mariko manhole。


Sakuranai Mariko “Riko Sakurauchi”(Tomorrow leaf ago)

About 400m from the URA woman emblem to Sakuranai Mariko。It will head from here to Numazu Station North。

A pedestrian crossing over If you get the Nakamise、Proceed to reverse the left and Numazu Station、Turn right at the next intersection to "Amane guard"。

Duck guard to the north exit。I do not care、Me good Numazu Station elevated is

Arch of Ricoh Street exceeds the guard。"Tomorrow leaves" on the west side。Destination if this cross the intersection diagonally。

Tomorrow before the eyes of the leaves。Just this side of the crosswalk。

7 th of Sakuranai Mariko manhole。Remains is a two! It's Kunikida Hanamaru manhole of Numazu Station North is close from here、Since the last is better to arrive at the Numazu Station are convinced that it is somehow smart、First, let's go to Canaan Matsuura manhole located in the northernmost!


South Matsuura fruit “Kanan Matsuura”(Takashimahon-cho intersection)

Sakuranai from up to Canaan Matsuura Mariko about 550m。You will go to the other side of the Ito-Yokado。

Straight Ricoh Street to the north。

Let's go to the other side of the Ito-Yokado。Do I walk quite this is。Senna、You may walk on the right side of the boulevard as in this photo。Since the manhole is located on this side。

Immediately beyond the Takashimacho bus stop。Manhole was found just before reaching the intersection of Takashimahon-cho。

By the way, the sense of distance and Ito-Yokado degree this。

8 th of Canaan Matsuura manhole。...... remain aways One。Last in Kunikida Hanamaru!


Kunikida Hanamaru “Hanamaru Kunikida”(Numazu Station North comfortable in front of the hotel)

Kunikida to Hanamaru is about 600m from Canaan Matsuura。Let's go to defeat the final boss Hanamaru!

Indeed here it would be all right without having to explain the Driving Directions。In Tei that arrived in Numazu Station North。Does not it 's never mean that cut corners! !

Manhole location is just off the north exit Numazu Station。There in front of the comfortable hotel entrance of the eye。Comfortable hotel is located on the right side of the photo。

9 th of Kunikida Hanamaru manhole。This in Love live Sunshine manhole complete domination! ! ! ! !


this timeWalking distance is a total of 4,400 m。We have quite a walk。When the normally comes to walk this distance is fine very much but、I was happily blink in what mind in while looking manhole 😆 Even so, also a middle-people-sur-mindedly for I keep walking while seeking a manhole(Lol)

I think of going to again photograph taken by the time the manhole of Nakamise became 2nd sophomore。

Manhole second part of the article "Love live is very popular in the still Numazu! Also introduced Nakamise manhole second edition!Since "also posted、Please have a look!

Ride chance is only now! ? Numazu Station of free EV bus - Numazu between during the test operation

Free shuttle bus had been operating until a few years ago from Numazu Station to Numazu。However、It will then gone for a while free means、Walking、bus、Ferry was not only going to Numazu Port, etc.。

However、That of a whopping recently Numazu has resumed an attempt to free the bus again。The name is EV bus (green slow mobility)。In fact, scheduled for the time being and was a test operation period is because the free bus from October 6, 2018. until November 4,。So、If there is only now ride!


Routes and stop EV bus

EV bus will run the route connecting in a straight line Numazu Station and Numazu。And then back and forth over a period of about one way 20 minutes the distance of this about 2km。I It seems the concept of being able to tourism while enjoying the scenery of Numazu。

Stop is Numazu Station and in addition to the Numazu Port 6 places。The bus stop location on the mapIt was shown by the mark。It has been separated fairly finely。

However、Numazu Station Hatsubin of the holiday has become a Numazu Port direct flights to pass through all the bus stop en route。And I said that also stops the middle ones of Numazu Port onset of the holiday map ofOf the mark、Of the top three places Nakamachi、Territory、Otemachi only stop。And you can not ride from the middle in the middle and get off only。

It should be noted、Weekdays like applications of interest as locals moving means、You can getting on and off at the round-trip together all of the bus stop。


EV bus stop (Numazu)

Before the eyes of Numazu fresh Museum hall of EV bus in Numazu。There is a need to enter into the harbor just a little bit rather than along the harbor Ohashidori。

Port Ohashidori along。Do not know a good place etc. if the EV bus signs。For the time being to the front of the fresh Museum of eye。

Here Numazu ride field。Sorted in front of the signboard on the left side。Because the next bus that after 30 minutes is still persons waiting zero。

Shipping Accessories you will look towards the upper left corner。so、Want person will be sorted here to take the bus。It will is written, "Please line up to here" to sign? Drop-off field for me, "EV bus" is written in white line on the ground。After dropping off everyone、Driver to remove the chain to move the bus to the side of the front of the signboard。

Bus of diamond (timetable) and the bus stop was Yes written on here signboard。Not only ran once an hour。Except、Because there is a fear not ride to come to the last minute、It is a good idea, along from around 15 minutes before if you want to ride really。Often also be a full house even 10 minutes before that's a holiday。After all because capacity is only 9 people。

30Hanging around a little only Numazu It was a minute before because no one was lined。

The Numazu Deep Sea pudding workshop had conspicuous conspicuously also a holiday of Numazu Port is。2018Pudding shop just opened on July 13 of the year。Also it seems to sell fun Suites look aimed at the instant shine。

In addition to have been soft-serve ice cream also sell pudding to say I pudding workshop。Affordable in the so price is a 400 yen roughly Numazu。

I tried to come a little close to the shop。Image color is unified in blue。Now、If Ne soon return to the EV bus stop。

Back When the taxi had stopped。It is love live Sunshine taxi that has been often introduced in this article。This is Ohara Kiku莉 (Mari Ohara)Those of the character called。Those of anime fans went away in a taxi when I wait a little。

Finally EV bus arrival After looking at the harbor boulevard。Plate of the front glass "full house"。I because capacity is just 9 people

It always looks like this from the bus stop。

Finally arrived。Ads in bus Bisshiri! I because it is free。I wonder not only earn test operating costs in the ad。So、everyone、Please be properly give a look at the ad 🙂

Full finished lower car。However, as not yet boarded。Here is the drop-off field。Let's wait in the previous sign until there is an instruction of the driver。

EV bus to stop in the back。Speed ​​limit is 19km。So it takes not a do 20 minutes。By the way, the number of passengers at this time 7。Holiday and I wonder if few people say slow flights evening to use is?


Finally take the EV bus!

Like this is in the bus。Shape facing in the face-to-face want to see the train。

In the bus there was a tourist guide map of Numazu。20It may also look to pass the time because the minute also take。

Advertising in-house。There is also a timetable。As reward a free service even a little、It is a poor ability in this blog but me for a photo I took the ad 😆

Ah ~、You will be prompted to fill out a questionnaire at the time after EV bus ride。This must be written even when the second and subsequent ride。Please give written so seems good even with the same content。After all because free is 🙄

Bus stop of the EV bus is blue。Photo of is the bus stop Agetsuchi。Tokai bus Let's distinguish the color of the bus stop because the Izu Hakone bus is green with orange。If you want to ride the middle of a weekday in front blue bus stop!

20Finally Numazu Station arrive minute over。Middle cosplay People who love live Sunshine of the character is walking on the street、When the bus driver is to introduce the characters in the service spirit strong a car announcement、Cosplay of people told me waving noticed!

Actually、The day seemed was doing anime cosplay event in Central Park、It seems to have been its participants。Naa Even so Numazu have come to the city of anime(Lol)

Numazu → Numazu Station but I was not a full house、Numazu Station → Numazu Port was packed。It seems there was a man who refused to some ride for the。After all, I think that is good to come early。


EV bus stop (Numazu Station)

At a later date、I tried to ride the EV bus from weekdays to Numazu Station。Since this day was coming home schedule at home and get off at the station the way without going to Numazu。If you are or are riding people of my personal acquaintance、Again like there are many locals on weekdays。

Landing this place。Out of the Numazu Station South Exit、This is where across the pedestrian crossing in front of。

The bus stop is here。High buildings Zutetsu store and looks to the front。

Bus stop south side。Love live Sunshine café and RAKUUN you will see。Since the weekday person is less。

Yasushi Inoue of literary monument at the bus stop front。Previous article "From Numazu tourism - the starting point Numazu Station to Uchiura! ~Since it introduced in "this time again of the introduction of the path!

It seems EV bus came from Numazu Port has arrived。

Today's ads Cocorico Tanaka events。Since this Numazu Raccoon there is Yoshimoto theater、Well I comedians come。

Arrived at the landing before more than 10 minutes of departure time。People who are side-by-side because it is a weekday but few。Almost locals also ride。

I was able to ride at the same time as the arrival unlike Numazu。Pass entirely to the driver with the same answer to the same questionnaire as the other day。After that arrived to slowly return。


It concludes the introduction of the EV bus more。The EV bus is only is only now if the ride because it does not test operation for 30 days。The results of the test run、Because there is also a possibility that the operation。

The more people who ride、Because supposed higher chance of being actual operating、Is what I want you to all means to test drive for those who visited the Numazu。

2018Year Numazu Summer Festival, Kano River fireworks display - Kanukiyama - from the observatory

Finally wait for the sky to darken 19:15。It will start shortly fireworks。This day、It had lined up a number of tripod as much as people in Kanukiyama observatory。The weather was also good really ...... I I was looking forward to


Fireworks conflagration ...... wound to smoke

The camera is fixed wait for the fireworks start。Angle wonder if this much roughly? Also good feeling is there Suruga Bay in the background 😉

Fireworks start! Or a little more left

Waaa'aa! ? ! ? ! ? The smoke Sugohi ...... wind was here ...... And hell is a future、Is this smoke came flying up to the observation deck of Kanukiyama。And terribly badly anymore smoke smell><

The black Shii smoke I please look。I think only with other harassment。It is supposed to be the city also amazing。

The city is covered in dark clouds at the start 10 minutes。It destroyed in something of fantasy likely to come out at work evil such town like a likely 😕

It is that the difficult timing is I'm going to be more visible and left smoke long fireworks。

30Such after seconds。Another really a pity!

Left that still looks beautiful。Most of that right is almost invisible because the wind is blowing towards from the side of the left-to-right。

This photo。I do not look at all I'm as much fireworks and left also right。Another completely smoke baffle - has occurred。

Perhaps this is the best of climax。w that is that there is another terrible and has been too launch fireworks

Become this way and be launched while the smoke is not leave。Since no ginger in the leisure time of the fireworks when you are looking from the bottom、But I think I hurry up and I want you to launch the fireworks、It's coming now want to ask you if it becomes this long a time of fireworks 😀

I wonder what is not seen is beautiful fireworks somehow

Simultaneous fireworks of Niagara just before。Something has been infested is attachment to the other smoke。

Niagara is。Seems to be happening is fire have gone under cover to smoke 😆 Oh、Properly I hear also songs so far。

Finale to be launched at the end of the Niagara。...... that can not be seen only in the other large fire

Since the Well was a disappointing fireworks also it might climb to the next year Kanukiyama(Lol)Since we have seen the night view from the last Kanukiyama because much trouble before you get off、Finally, I guess let's introduce them。


Numazu of night view! From the observatory of Kanukiyama

Numazu after the smoke of fireworks subsided。This is Numazu Port side。Contact Shipping Accessories for is shining blue in the center left。

I tried to expanded。While the current I is shining in two colors of blue and orange、At this time, the blue color。

Finally Numazu Station direction。I think it's a beautiful night view in its own way but light is small compared with the city。Especially Kano River and the bridge、And Suruga Bay wonder if out of the atmosphere。


I was sorry fireworks display, but I want to look forward to next year。Next time we will introduce the EV bus to test run in early October 2018 has been started (Free)。


2018Year Numazu Summer Festival, Kano River fireworks display - emergency to the summit of Kanukiyama! ~

Fireworks the second day that has become on Tuesday by Miss judgment of typhoon effects and YoriyukiShigeru mayor。Also I hope also be seen in the same vicinity last year this time、Much trouble that since the mountain-climbing in the fact that I want to see from the summit of Kanukiyama plan。Actually、Despite the Born and raised in this Numazu、I have never seen the fireworks conflagration from also Kanukiyama summit once until now of now。There is a certain there for I do not do this kind of thing as local 😮

Since Tuesday Well ...... it had been but was sweet thought I'd vacant place without so much go as soon as possible it later。It should be noted、Past article for climbing how to Kanukiyama "Numazu tourism - Kanukiyama (Part) -"Please refer to。


Visit to dusk Kanukiyama five-story pagoda

In the past was also put on the same kind of image is this evening。People are few quiet。Kanukiyama It is a resting place and a five-story pagoda in the 5th。Up to this point, you can come by car。

Of the evening Kanukiyama five-story pagoda。Catapult one because the cloud was a good feeling 🙂

Fireworks from the place of the five-story pagoda to try tried overlooking the city I thought I Na or not visible。It might rise to about the height of the same eyes rather than overlooking the fireworks that it from here。but、This time to the observatory。Well we will walk along the road to go to the observatory。


From the five-story pagoda to observatory

We do not run away even approaching what are cat 🐈 used to people that I saw on the way。Numazu Port, but also I cats often、Very often cat this Kanukiyama。

Jitter and cats who gloat here。There is a dignity, such as duck shambles 😡

Farewell cat!

Once turned around with a strange sign is such a face 😯 This seems specialty of Kanukiyama say squid and Kappa rock。Obviously it's artificial。

Please give not miss because they are embedded in the surface of a mountain like this this Kappa rock。

Again cat 🐈 also lay in the road now。

Fled you approach 😐 Apparently this cat does not seem to slip through the pandemonium。

Cats at the entrance of the other side of the toilet。Ah、A little out-of-focus Tteru because I took in a hurry。Even so, really I Do not have many cats here。so、Lookout If climb the next to the stairs of the toilet。Like come with much in less than 15 minutes from the five-story pagoda if me at the shortest distance。


Fireworks just before! Kanukiyama observatory dyed in the sunset

Finally observatory arrival with a tripod and camera。Already there was a preceding visitor。I came here to wonder if much the first time in a year。

Mount Fuji is hidden a little cloud。It will give face If you wait a little。

Let's climb to the observation deck。

Sugge view 😯 Suruga Bay light of the sun is reflected in。

Fuji has issued a face from the clouds! The last time was seen properly this time I was hiding in the clouds。Moreover sunset in with Suruga Bay。

Sky gradually dim。Also stained red Numazu。

I wonder if the time was 19 hours ago? Beautiful sunset 😛


Since a little article has been longer、Fireworks Let's say you carried over to the next article!

2018Love live also year Numazu Summer Festival, Kano River fireworks display - this year! ~

71st Numazu summer festival tournament also have participated this year! And or is not passed away is Onuma mayor this year、It was shocking year for the Numazu people。Now、Challenge to shoot from the same location as last year also this year。This time becomes a fireworks display brought the single-lens reflex camera and tripod Nikon、I went into even more force in shooting。

Actually、To postponed to Monday and Tuesday will be both two-day event is canceled Saturday and Sunday because there was a typhoon brat this year。Nante I thought that it is not coming only locals weekday surprisingly participants were many。Although、Sunday Sumida River fireworks display to was held、In fact Sunday was sunny。But that it is the mayor of mistakes judgment locals we were are clamoring、I also agree。Dissatisfaction from the first year to do would Naa ...... YoriyukiShigeru mayor was held on Sunday even bear the risk you were Onuma mayor of the previous mayor 🙁

Digress、Please refer to the last year of the article for viewing location。Link "Numazu Kano River fireworks, Numazu summer festival - night HenFrom "。


From fireworks the first day along the Kano River

Ensure the same location as last year。Few people obviously than last year。Since the、Location up is easy 🙂 but、A little rough river probably because strong wind compared to last year。Naa fireworks would be impossible this Well then reflected on the surface of the water。

The time is 19:15。Finally fireworks start。Plan is launched about 5,000 shots today。First of all blown-up guy from the ground。

Fireworks illuminate the night sky。But if you can see a two-Kasho of the launch pad both Chan from here! Ah、After all, I do not reflected on the surface of the water。Regrettable that the wind was not a quiet regret 😥

One that was neatly taken! I see that is flowing toward fireworks is left with a little wind。Scene is Kosomi because can slow down the shutter speed。In the naked eye is the medium people not seen Karafuri fireworks 😆

Guy from the ground blown up vertically。Green and red light is emitted with crackled popping sound! This much is either just say Nde When the shutter speed is too slow becomes a mass of orange light?

The night sky is pink! Kano River to Pinky!

And、It has entered last year as well rendition of Love live。Originally, only the sound people of the voice actor that had been recorded for, but I like had been invited postponed。Still I had A surge cheers of the people of the fan 🙂

And continue colorful fireworks not just pink。After all fireworks is beautiful!

At once bloom colorful fireworks with firing sound I continuous "Hyuru Ruru"。Perhaps you'll be a great photo was taken from the paid bleachers!

Fireworks who are more and more launch。But to a certain tasteful also single-shot fireworks can be seen、It still may be a powerful is more of this kind of continuous fireworks!

I wonder just now was the climax。Fireworks Mr. gradually be lonely towards the end 🙁

But last is N ーーー Doka all at once! ! End and a tremendous cheers at the same time applause was Wakiagari! ! Niagara gave up today because hard to see and not from paid bleachers。Do you across the street to the Numazu Station direction over in order to see the night market。

Ah ~、Sodasoda。Love live Sunshine song of the song rather than the Bon dance this year that flows at the time of the Niagara。I wonder Following the forever anime boom! ?

Disagreeable、Another impossible ... what number of this person ......? I terrible I so crowded for a weekday。Well but was feeling was much less than last year。Because、This day is was this state from Onaribashi、Since the last year had been from one south side of the Perpetual Bridge in this state。


Alright、The next day was the fireworks viewing from the observatory of Kanukiyama。Well、The result is became very unfortunate thing (laughs) or so sides also hope to expect what happened!

Introduced once the Numazu night view! Of ~ fireworks the day before the calm before the storm -


2018Year Numazu Summer Festival, Kano River fireworks 71st。Bringing the single-lens reflex camera Nikon toward its fireworks display。The spirit of this time because trying to introduce incidentally was born and raised city of Numazu of night view。Numazu can not be said to be the city、Even though the night view than subtle? There may be an image that。However、I want to know all means to you that I is worth visiting at night in Numazu!

That the、Numazu Station、Kano River、Numazu Port、And I would like to introduce the night view from the Kanukiyama summit with fireworks in the next article!


Numazu Station neighborhood and along the Kano River

I tried to Numazu tour to confirm the condition of the camera on the previous day。From First Numazu Station。It came to the rotary without withstand the car in spite of the night。

Numazu Station of intersection。Is quite rare for here the car is not running is also one。From RAKUUN the lights at night。New attractions Love live Sunshine cafe of Numazu visible in the photo lower left is Off。

Now、Let us toward the direction of History Bridge from here。

The river side of the Riverside Hotel in a slightly different location。Around here is paid bleachers with fireworks。Do will I see are finely divided?


Try to raise the little angle because it was out just a month。This day is not fit middle people is timing and glimpses of the moon fast flow of clouds。

From History on bridge。The slower the shutter speed because I wanted to express the flow of the Kano River。Here is off-limits area in the fireworks。It fireworks launching pad is located on the Kano River。Just is per blue light of Onaribashi is reflected on the surface of the water。

The Onaribashi direction toward to the Perpetual Bridge side is now。SBS from apartment、Riverside hotel、And this landscape with views to the tower of TEPCO is what I would like you to look at all means is when you visit in Numazu。By the way, this place is during the fireworks display off-limits。Hey from fireworks launching pad is right there。

Onaribashi direction from the middle of Eitai Bridge。Blue Onaribashi light up、And red of the towers has beautifully reflected on the surface of the water。The other side of this over the permanence Bridge of fireworks conflagration finale from Onaribashi "Niagara" will be lit。By the way, here is free viewing area in the fireworks。Except、It has been recognized only while walking、But it will be careful with the stop。


Minatohachi thirteen address and Numazu fresh Museum & Shipping Accessories Contact

We came to Numazu Port area。Nobody harbor eighty-three address。Since there is only traffic of the track I was able to shoot and carefully。Great if there is a taste in the evening, night。Maybe not even come place in the middle 's night because the high-end access is difficult and。

Next is Numazu fresh Museum。No one one was in the parking lot。Oh ...... Unfortunately, the moon had hidden in the clouds ......

Beppu Ogawa。Daytime performance What with in even at night quiet this street bustling fresh Museum。Even so, the wearing light for night sounds great。Would you have me after all night view also aware of?

Decorate the last is your guardian Shipping Accessories from the tsunami! After it is no Numazu market、Tidbit is better you are working even at night。In fact, the day before 23:00If you take a look ...... that dark a write-up on when you visit your Shipping Accessories was seen to light up 22:00Things up。In addition, since, as this time is somewhat around 21:30It may be good and come to a guideline until around。

Contact Shipping Accessories seen when it came to the October bonus。Being careful this time not shake I did not only have a compact digital camera。What orange color addition! In fact, this color added'm impact of the anime "Love Live! Sunshine"。Koumi Sen'uta of the anime(Chika Takami)Character image color is an orange that、Her birthday August size likely to affect surprising influence 😯 also the animation from now Tteyuu attempt was realized that trying brighten your Shipping Accessories in orange give in Numazu to suit your day。

Numazu night view of the first part completed in more than。

how is it? ? There will be taste in Numazu of the night? ! everyone、Please also visit all means of night Numazu!


So next time is the 71st Numazu Summer Festival, Kano River fireworks long-awaited us!

Ferry with Mount Fuji of Ganyudo of Numazu tourism - May 05 ~

Since we introduced the last time Numazu carp streamer Festival、Chaimashou introduce a ferry of the Kano River in the fact that continue to Kano attractions。This ferry is necessary to be careful because not ride all year round。Will be described in the in the article for the operation Date。


The root of the ferry of Ganyudo

That of the place name and Ganyudo。Says the whole area of ​​the map of the above from the south bank of the Kano River of the lower side of the screen until the per Imperial Villa Memorial Park and Ganyudo。Ferry is、Showa until Minato Bridge is completed in 46 years had been useful as a means of crossing the Kano River、Then abolished、And revived in 1997 now leads。

Three places of yellow ★ mark the landing is shown in the map:History Bridge、Numazu Port、I humanely。You can also ride from anywhere、Since the flight number of the day is limited on the suspended service date is often、It is luck that had to check the flight schedules and timetables in advance in case you visit。Flight schedule and timetable is recommended that you review。6month、8month、12month、1month、2Moon is not in flight、Basically only on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays。For more informationLink destinationPlease check。


To stop History Bridge!

The hall of the History Bridge is located in Hashimoto。There are stairs to get down to the ferry to the Central Park side。

Landscape of Onaribashi from History Bridge。Do will you see the blue flag towards the bottom right of the photo? There is a landing。

Because you carefully there is a sign that "Ayumi Bridge boat landing."、Let's get off the bottom of the spiral staircase。

From under the stairs Kano River is directly in front of the eye。Carp to the other side of the river。Anyway it if riding a ferry Numazu carp festival of the day is good!

Guide plate of the ferry at the bottom of the History Bridge。Prices more than junior high school students 100 yen、Below 50 yen elementary school。so、Capacity as it is written here is better, which has been carried out as soon as possible because it is 12 people。Since the period of carp streamer Festival is basically packed、Because it will be refused boarding be carried out time in the last minute。

Earnestly waiting at the blue flag。By the way, so I went in 30 minutes before boarding time、Preceding visitor was the second fastest not he only one family 😆

Kill time looking at the Kano River because there is no way。

Boat fun 😉

Opposite shore Hey booming。so、When it becomes to 15 minutes before roughly droves ferry purpose Rashiki people have list for the first time、Probably it had been in about 12 people of capacity in 10 minutes ago。

Contact、Over the boat, which listed the blue flag under the Onaribashi came。I guy that looks to the other side of the red and yellow boat。There would be ferry of Ganyudo!

Had given way to properly for the red and yellow of the boat also of ferry。Manor is good!


In ferry to Numazu

Ferry arrives over。Small boat There is only a capacity 12 people。It will be asked to wear the best of orange for when sunk any chance。Fee will be paid during the embarkation。

This ferry is "Numazu area common admission ticketAlso possible to ride for free in the purchase benefits "。The admission ticket is included in the admission fee is below the facility a total of 500 yen only。

  • Large outlook floodgates Shipping Accessories you Numazu
  • Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial Park (West University House)
  • Numazu Bokusui Wakayama Memorial
  • Numazu Koji Serizawa good Memorial
  • Numazu Shoji Museum of Art
  • Ferry of Ganyudo

Also、Also you can rent a bicycle for free in the time limit in Numazu running & Skills station。The cover of the Numazu area common admission ticket of the 2018 fiscal year Toka has been adopted is a picture of Love live Sunshine。Since I was purchased last year、Although it was not able to obtain one of the limited cover。

If you use a common admission ticket would be a good idea to disconnect the coupon from the booklet before you get on the ferry。Because the No such thing scissors because after all be collected in the embarkation。

As under the Onaribashi Mars

The opposite shore carp streamer。

Beneath the Onaribashi。I was living in Numazu until now had passed under the Onaribashi by boat are excited about what mind because it is the first time in my life 👿

Pass through the Onaribashi。I'm taking what Photos in this short period of time(Lol)

Mount Fuji from the Kano River。Oh ...... I've reflected uncle in front of ......

People waving toward the ferry。This also let's answering waving!

Not reflected uncle-chan now! Ferry with Mount Fuji

Somehow a piece because I wanted to take the uncle-chan and ferry together。Soon Numazu because Ushibuseyama is visible in front of the eye。

Disembark location of here ferry。For those hard little understanding、I'll show you how to come from Numazu Port here。


Ferry of Ganyudo "landing Numazu Port"

Here is the end point of the side road of Numazu fresh Museum。In other words、It is a straight abutment advanced south from Numazu Station。Climb up the hill on the bank of the Kano River。

Down there because there is a slope that is down to the river bed and headed to the north side of the harbor Bridge。Do will I see there has been many people in the middle, et al side of the photo? There is a blue flag, such as it was in Bridge walk in there。

The blue flag is boarding location。If you come ferry Let's sign waving the yellow flag!


From Numazu Port to Ganyudo

Just across the opposite shore from Numazu Port to Ganyudo。It will arrive in a few minutes。The time being taken because the Shipping Accessories sound Fuji could be seen at the same time。

The end point is to appear in front。Was fun ferry is also the end 😥

Return the orange vest

If the return is also to use the ferry is、Waiting with a yellow flag here。As I wrote in the beginning、Only timetable, as we should be sure to check。

Collaboration between the last ferry and Mount Fuji。Blue flag looks of the opposite bank in Numazu port side!


If you purchased the common admission ticket you may want to go from here to Numazu Koji Serizawa good Memorial。before、Referred "Numazu Imperial Villa Memorial ParkIt might be a good even toward the "!

Numazu tourism - 2018 fiscal Numazu carp streamer Festival ~

Numazu carp streamer festival also took part this year following the last year! I've been a period of time to withdraw from the riverbed of the Kano River、Or there is also the effect of the anime "Love Live Sunshine" 2、We are resurrected from three years ago in Kano。of course、2018Year also held in the riverbed! After all, it lively that it is dry riverbed is different 😆

The period of the festival in 2018 fiscal year was approximately two weeks of May 5 days from April 22 (Sun) (Sat)。


We walked the route introduction

The above red route this time。If distance 500m little。so、Because it was while watching the carp whether it was not much less than an hour。A short period of time it is good to could spin and crispy because the carp in a small area has been condensed!

Across the Ayumi Bridge from a little north of Onaribashi starting point、Until you return to again Onaribashi、And from Onaribashi to cross the Eitai Bridge、I wonder if we will introduce divided into the larger Chapter 2。


Onaribashi → History Bridge → Onaribashi

Start point during this Onaribashi and Ayumi Bridge。The back side of the Riverside Hotel。Carp streamer that lined look on the other side of the Kano River。

Riverbed also success of it is not carp streamer。In fact, we are in for or been performed recital also on this side。So it has come out also Toka shaved ice and hot dog stalls。

Zoom up the pigeon! Dove has a lot of the Kano River riverbed。Sometimes lucky if you see so also are Lone parent and child of spot-billed ducks 😆

Here is the hall of the Kano River ferry。Now、Climbing to Ayumi bridge to the other side of the Kano River。

A lot of carp streamer Festival annual Kano River boat。

Let's get down here below。

Experience corner of the fire station。That the front can experience what has happened is in the fire engine。Corner of the car earthquake experience back。

Carp who are powerful in its own way and try to get down to the bottom。

Also set up a children's corner to play with building blocks。

Numazu carp streamer Festival!

Littering is strictly prohibited since the garbage dump have also been installed。

It seems to have been sold Toka yo-yo。Even so, there are many people。

Tunnel made from carp under the Onaribashi。Indeed adults do not put size 😮

Crowd on the other side of the river。It seems now recital begins。Singing voice has been heard so far。


Onaribashi → Eitai Bridge

Now、From here to the Perpetual Bridge from Onaribashi。There was car of the water supply section under Onaribashi。...... and say probably because this is what

Track box toilet。Properly kindly're me to set-up this kind of outdoor toilet。

Secretly photographed in the bathroom。Properly is nice not expired even toilet paper。

It will head to the Eitai Bridge。

I do not know what the masquerade、There were anyway people who are masquerading。

Little bits of knowledge and mini-games。I As you follow the deficit seen to be "Himono"。

Also had come wrestler of Numazu wrestling。...... I wonder did not know this exists for local

Charity corner of cancer patients support。I'm out also this kind of。

Arch of carp streamer。The best part!

The carp streamer arch seems due to the cooperation of the local nursery school。

Bisshiri a picture that children drew the carp! Perhaps his portrait。

Carp there after missing the arch is the last。Love live Sunshine climbing was also last year!

Taken from directly below。...... it does not take beautiful strong wind

So so was able to take if from the side。But hard to take。Each one of carp streamer is compatible with love live Sunshine of character。Colorful color also seems to have image color。The bill seems to those of the local nursery school children。

From the top of the Eitai Bridge。This view and a pretty powerful 😀

Just ferry when I returned from the finished cross the permanence bridge the along the Kano River to Onaribashi side。

Love live Sunshine carp and ferry collaboration 😆

Finally, the Onaribashi。


It is good after all carp festival is a powerful better of Kano than the harbor entrance park。the above、It was Numazu carp streamer Festival!