2018Year Numazu Summer Festival, Kano River fireworks display - emergency to the summit of Kanukiyama! ~

Fireworks the second day that has become on Tuesday by Miss judgment of typhoon effects and YoriyukiShigeru mayor。Also I hope also be seen in the same vicinity last year this time、Much trouble that since the mountain-climbing in the fact that I want to see from the summit of Kanukiyama plan。Actually、Despite the Born and raised in this Numazu、I have never seen the fireworks conflagration from also Kanukiyama summit once until now of now。There is a certain there for I do not do this kind of thing as local 😮

Since Tuesday Well ...... it had been but was sweet thought I'd vacant place without so much go as soon as possible it later。It should be noted、Past article for climbing how to Kanukiyama "Numazu tourism - Kanukiyama (Part) -"Please refer to。


Visit to dusk Kanukiyama five-story pagoda

In the past was also put on the same kind of image is this evening。People are few quiet。Kanukiyama It is a resting place and a five-story pagoda in the 5th。Up to this point, you can come by car。

Of the evening Kanukiyama five-story pagoda。Catapult one because the cloud was a good feeling 🙂

Fireworks from the place of the five-story pagoda to try tried overlooking the city I thought I Na or not visible。It might rise to about the height of the same eyes rather than overlooking the fireworks that it from here。but、This time to the observatory。Well we will walk along the road to go to the observatory。


From the five-story pagoda to observatory

We do not run away even approaching what are cat 🐈 used to people that I saw on the way。Numazu Port, but also I cats often、Very often cat this Kanukiyama。

Jitter and cats who gloat here。There is a dignity, such as duck shambles 😡

Farewell cat!

Once turned around with a strange sign is such a face 😯 This seems specialty of Kanukiyama say squid and Kappa rock。Obviously it's artificial。

Please give not miss because they are embedded in the surface of a mountain like this this Kappa rock。

Again cat 🐈 also lay in the road now。

Fled you approach 😐 Apparently this cat does not seem to slip through the pandemonium。

Cats at the entrance of the other side of the toilet。Ah、A little out-of-focus Tteru because I took in a hurry。Even so, really I Do not have many cats here。so、Lookout If climb the next to the stairs of the toilet。Like come with much in less than 15 minutes from the five-story pagoda if me at the shortest distance。


Fireworks just before! Kanukiyama observatory dyed in the sunset

Finally observatory arrival with a tripod and camera。Already there was a preceding visitor。I came here to wonder if much the first time in a year。

Mount Fuji is hidden a little cloud。It will give face If you wait a little。

Let's climb to the observation deck。

Sugge view 😯 Suruga Bay light of the sun is reflected in。

Fuji has issued a face from the clouds! The last time was seen properly this time I was hiding in the clouds。Moreover sunset in with Suruga Bay。

Sky gradually dim。Also stained red Numazu。

I wonder if the time was 19 hours ago? Beautiful sunset 😛


Since a little article has been longer、Fireworks Let's say you carried over to the next article!

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