Tasmania's history can experience for free "Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery"

On the day we arrive in Hobart、Richmond Although I had booked a one day tour of the (Richmond) and Bonorongu wild animal protection center (Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary)、Round and round the Hobart city departure in the morning because the afternoon。Thanks to depart early in the morning in Sydney、Is good the time was able to make to explore the Hobart city。

Without so much tourist destination in Hobart city、Hobart harbor、Salamanca Market、And I think about three of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery to introduce this time。


The location of the "Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery)."

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (Museum and Art Gallery) I However destination。The entrance is not the Davey Street of the harbor side、Note that in the Market Place, which runs straight to it。Practical、I will towards from the harbor side、It has become to be toward the entrance around round of quarter。Well、For more information in the article。

so、Once you look at the scale in the lower left corner of the map、And how is not in you can see whether Hobart is small town。Tteyuu not only about 300m to walk from Salamanca Market to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery。


Tasmanian Museum and to the Museum of the entrance

Here is the harbor side。Tourists without putting from here、It is the official private entrance。As shown in this billboard、Let's proceed to the street of the arrow。

Turn left because when reaches the Market Place visible sign of "← Main Entrance"。

Here is the entrance。At all respectable than expected。Because I have heard free we were not building image have more Shobo。actually、It's seen by exploring the medium、It's beautiful、It exhibits many、Clearly say come normal tourists for a fee and Quality。Hobart amazing!

Break space of mystery and fall within the grounds duck gate。In the back there is a cafe、Your old man we had been graciously spent。

Into the building。Note point of order to tourism here that must be deposited in the locker all luggage。At the reception、It is instructed to put the bag in the built-in locker。I thought because there is a charging port of 1 Australian dollar coins next to the locker box paid kana - and、How come what coin is returned at the time of unlocking。Wherever kind Museum and Art Gallery。

Ah、Here Happening。Why the coin does not fall even as attempts to put a coin in the locker。2 Australian dollar coins Once common、1Saying "I Ja impossible, if that is not 1 Australian dollar coin" and when in trouble ...... did not have the Australian dollar coin is next to the old man me over voice、Gave me exchange my 2 Australian dollar coins。The old man、I went back from Mitodoke the key from being applied to the locker using the coin。

Here is where good security of Australia、Absolutely NG Nante exchange with the passing of the people you were general country。Good security not much different from the Japan。And people also kindly。It's very good country、Only the high prices is a drawback 🙁


A lot of replica of Tasmania live animal

Tourism started toward the camera only shoulder。There is an exhibition room on the first floor and the second floor in the center of this hall。Except、Fairly wide because there is a annex in addition to this。Or would not than the collapsible day with only here if people are interested in the history of Tasmania?

Personally was fun of this exhibition。Animal replica room!

Kangaroo! Not yet seen real thing。I guy that will look at Bonorongu of the day。I guess you wallaby not'm kangaroo fact from small?

Echidna and the platypus。Both Australia of endemic species。Not be able to see Koyatsu et al unfortunately Bonorongu。

This is the big favorite! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Wombat! ! ! Seeing this bushy feeling。Huge amount cute 😆

It is no exaggeration to say that came to Dari this time Tasmanian-kun to see the guy。It's also seen in Bonorongu、I hope if I saw the wild wombat in Cradle Mountain。

I have something a lot、Conspicuously're conspicuous ...... in this

You know、Tasmanian Devil! It is very popular in Tasmania endemic species competing with wombat。but、I Those who won the bat is a favorite。


Various exhibits across Tasmania General

I have also had things like animal、We had over a period of time to replica Room。Impoliteness。We will continue to introduce at once from here。First, the sample system。Tasmania inhabitants of skeletal Toka fur Toka such of the Zurari。In the inner part had to be screened for their。

It was exhibited a thing of the work system。Tasmania of industrial technical?

Donations but here's admission free has recruited。Personally those who want to donate to this place。It seems prima facie want about 10 Australian dollars。In the Japanese yen because it does not even 1,000 yen、This only of the exhibit also good up to donate do because seen。System of around here is I'm the same also Toka British Museum。

This is an interesting collection method。From the top to the place of the yellow went down while around in circles and throwing a coin、Game to enjoy whether to enter into a specific location of the box below。In quite popular、Children had large quantities threw one Australian dollar coin。This kind of idea is excellent。

Many coins

Various bills。Enjoy it seems this kind of which are locals。It's a likely enjoy if there Toka so far List exhibition of the Bank of Japan flights。


Antarctic area

Antarctic area。The reason why the South Pole、Probably because here Tasmania is close to the South Pole。Cool, I do not can feel is gonna be very close to the local、Well well I think I'm very close to the local I here If you think -

Exhibition, such as make me feel the history of the voyage

Unreal emperor number of penguins (laughs)

Emperor penguins who are guarding the only themselves from the cold huddled。

Creatures who are in Antarctica。I do not want to go to myself someday Antarctic -


Tasmanian Museum

I came to the hall from the second floor。I did not know'm from the bottom、I did have the image of the stairs I object in the middle。

Tasmanian Museum there is a sculpture and painting。After all exhibition space is much narrower than the museum。Well、Wonder if personal preference is to stay in the museum is fun 🙂


Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery to annex

I thought here at either the end or the exhibition、In another building and walk along the route。

Welcome is Wonbattu! ! !

Wombats from the top!

Many other。A large number than the replica in the direction of the main building。

Amazing tusks of Tasmanian Devil。Toka'm why this face is said to be the Devil。


Tasmania's indigenous people

Story the second floor of the annex of the indigenous people of Tasmania。

May this old feeling is not out atmosphere。The history of the difficulties likely to Tasmania will have been written and Zurazura on the wall。

I tried to take the animals keep to previous blur the sheep 😎

Production using the tent。Seems ...... reporting the Tasmanian life while this shadow moves in accordance with the voice。For more information Dunno。

Ancient life so far。

Welcome to Tasmania! ! ...... I guess I'm like this is given It 's not something that is said in the vicinity of the museum entrance?

Exhibition space-ish, which represents the old life in Tasmania。

Here in the annex is also the end。Since quite Hasho' are、In fact many more exhibition。The annex also It was stories。

This at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery tourism is the end。There was one last interesting。It is this "ShuTaenomon"。In the idioms of Japan、It is the gate that is all things comes out born。I might have wanted to say that came out born the current Tasmania from this museum。


Next time, even in the Salamanca Market。

Arrival in Tasmania state capital "Hobart"! GO from the airport to the city

Early in the morning departure from Sydney Domestic Airport、Anyway good night's sleep since the flight service also airplane paid。From already When you noticed where the land of Tasmania had seen。Also to be a lot of tourism today、I If you do not resting on around here -


Map of Tasmania throughout

Tasmania is floating in the south of Australia island。The entire island has become one of the state of Tasmania。so、The first destination of the capital is now there, "Hobart"。It is located in the south is in Tasmania。By the way, big in the next Hobart second city Launceston。When you come by plane from Australia、Whether it made in either of the Hobart or Launceston。It was shown in the map、We visited location。It was around in the order of "Hobart → loss Village → Launceston → Devonport → Cradle Mountain"。Return from Devonport to Melbourne by ship Tteyuu Spirit of Tasmania (Spirit of Tasmania)。

For comparison、It's not surprisingly known but what ......You can see the aurora from the Hobart! !

But、I am unreasonable in operation since the license is required best season this time is to be seen to give up 😥 Aurora in early November、But just a certain image that can not be found only in a cold place and say it ...... Aurora it was was a November visit here、Cool this time in the summer and I from here Tasmania、You about're comfortable off the beaten path can be seen in everyday clothes -

Aurora is so can be seen from Toka highest Mount Wellington in Hobart。


From Hobart Airport to the city

People who have driver's license would be best to rent a car at the airport。So it can be said that from the tourism the world heritage "Port Arthur" and small town "Richmond" from the airport to go to Hobart city。Unlicensed person like me can not be like that、It will head the shuttle bus to the city from obediently Airport。

No such thing as train in this Tasmania、Moving means car only。The big city Sydney I know opposite the idyllic location。


We arrived at Hobart Airport

Such scenery When the plane rattled loud and woke up。The clouded a little disappointing 😐

Huge amount countryside。In fact, I love this kind of landscape、Actually, I had the most fun in this trip to Australia - I'm was this Tasmania 😆

Arrival ~。It had stopped affiliates like a plane of truly Qantas Tteyuu Qantas link to airport。

Fumishime Tasmania of the earth。that? I wonder if descended from the beginning the right foot? I wonder if it was the left foot? ...... or do not remember、It is as good、Well So if let's enter the Hobart Airport!


Hobart Airport

There is no odd people in the Hobart Airport small percentage。Check-in counter was crowded great 😯

Objects in the Hobart Airport。Introduction Unlike I thought if this man belongings were。

Tasmanian Devil! ! Those rich in humor, which represents the Tasmanian Devil that sponging in the luggage of travelers at the airport。This is probably a child and from the size。Cute Do ~

It was a human child I thought I quite realistic child objects ......(Lol)Tasmania also to children Devil is popular as!

Without any particularly those seen in the other because the airport is small。The outside there was a lot of such mystery ball 🙂

Shuttle bus is waiting for and go outside to Hobart city。I had that for a small or large、The left of the big bus I was riding。In fact, only show it because it was already purchased the ticket at the already Internet。ticket isThe official site of SkyBusYou can buy from。so、I'm often a pattern that in such a country town、Bus does not depart on time as。Waiting for the arrival time of the airplane、It will depart Once you have gathered some extent passengers。


By shuttle bus to Hobart City!

Bus departs and from beginning to end like this landscape。You earnestly Tsukisusumi the green。Island blessed with environment。Actually、This Tasmania has a clean best air in the world island。Rather than this is often self-proclaimed、Toka's a result of the United Nations was measured scientifically air pollution concentration。Certainly I felt like ...... that was not clear the air when compared to Sydney!

Hobart City If exceeds the Tasman Bridge (Tasman Bridge) coming soon。

Hobart Cenotaph look to the far right of the photo is。That of the memorial is the Cenotaph。In other words、Hobart Cenotaph。Memorial for those who died in the First World War。Here the flame seems to continue to burn for 24 hours。

Finally to Hobart City。It is very violently up and down I Hobart。This fall I look。

Off at Hobart city。Tell a destination when the ride at the airport to the driver of the shuttle bus、Becomes a place to get off I'm tells us in a loud voice the name of the vicinity of the、But even so I English I thought I wonder if have corrupted me honestly what are you talking about whether Wakaran ...... beginning Tasmania of people、Like the driver was a special 😕

I have stayed this timeAstor Private Hotel。It's not a clean hotel、It cheaper price may be rich in traveling alone。Aunt of accepting more than anything was interesting in a friendly person -。Parents gave me various Toka story that raised the poor little baby wombat that was hit by a car。I hope, even a little bit more big place to stay in the family、Also probably wonder if use this hotel when you travel next one。


Tasmanian Museum that was recommended from the aunt of the hotel next time&Introduce the museum!


New area OPEN to the port city eighty-three address! Nakamise manhole also introduce third bullet!

The other day、There is a newly opened area in Numazu。Eighty-three address port city to which it is introduced this time。To be exact、Originally it called the area around the aquarium harbor eighty-three address、The area has been expanded。Suruga Bay and the effect of Love live Sunshine Numazu Port has been thriving every Saturday and Sunday very 🙂

This time the eighty-three address port city at the beginning、And finally, we will introduce the manhole of Love live Sunshine。Love live Sunshine manhole I finally was changed to the third installment of the third grade set!


Minatohachi thirteen address new areas of

Enlarged map of Numazu。The new area has appeared on the north side of the port city eighty-three address! I guess is equivalent profit is TasukuMasashi Co., Ltd., the operating entity of here。If、It is what I want to come and co-sponsored in fireworks next year。Locals is are you properly check which company that is co-sponsored!


Come and walk south from Numazu Station side

Previously, but I did not do anything along the harbor Ohashidori、Now, we have enshrined is such a stylish building。

That's right。New area of ​​here eighty-three address port city。Look、You have written me PORT83 in the building? I wonder I wonder English notation Nde something like a be aware of the Western-style。

Area Info signboard。Not just those that were new、Toka deep sea aquarium Toka Numazu burger Toka Hama grilled Shin-chan、It is also written some from previous。


LOCO MARINO Coffee "Rocco Marino Cafe"

First, this cafe。Fashionable and from the entrance。

LOCO MARINO Coffee。That it is Japanese "loco Marino Cafe"。Loco location Toka room in Italian、Marino blue。That is The Blue Room? We Will be aware of the blue of the deep sea 😕 here shops drink is the main。First floor、Good feeling there is a terrace on the second floor both。

2017Or something Mr. Takayuki Ishitani of the year varistor champion has been produced。


Bakery The Torretta "Bakery La Torretta"

Bakery La Torretta。Bakery La Torretta。Buy bread here、Like it is possible to eat brought to LOCO MARINO Coffee。Since the workshop one integrated crispy bread ♪

The sense of distance bakery and cafe。Easily back and forth at it's facing。


PORTUS "Portus"

The next to the bakery all round around and toward the back。Look good and have written me PORT53 also on the ground。We have a joke

Photo the right side of the building is an Italian restaurant PORTUS(Portus)。The PORTUS seems word that means "harbor" in Latin。that? Of Ne 's Italian?

so、This menu changes at lunch and dinner。Hey you high but the atmosphere is good restaurant。Or something Yukio Ishizaki chef with the title of Italian maestro is supervised。


THE DEEP SEA WORLD "deep sea kingdom."

Attraction was newly can next to the aquarium is Tteyuu "THE DEEP SEA WORLD"。Like a guy move around Aboard。

Here is the ticket office。the price is、Nana What! 3 minutes 700 yen! ? I heard be somewhat cheaper that's Aquarium and set、Middle people in ......'s rich attractions

More than was the PORT83 new area of ​​the Son and of the port city eighty-three address。We are happy and continue to now be doing doing Numazu go increasingly more and more shops in the development


The third installment manhole of Love live Sunshine! Ura star Jogakuin third grade set

Re-use a map that was previously posted。It is a manhole that of three under ☆ to introduce this time。Let's north to immediately north Nakamise from the south!

You just toggle the manhole of the handle a little before the summer festival。

Ohara Kiku莉 color manhole。It is a young lady of the rich。Background, of course Awashima Marine Park。It's a little dirt is a concern、Is Isha lack of Shah because the road through well people 😆

Next is Kurosawa diamond。I wonder if Mount Fuji in the background there was no story(Lol)

And finally Canaan Matsuura。Here it is dyed in the sunset Awashima Marine Park。


All color manhole We now have in this。It should be noted、1Grade ver is "Local Numazu people is over the love live manhole in the shortest route! Sum many kilometers? ?"so、2Grade ver is "Love live is very popular in the still Numazu! Also introduced Nakamise manhole second edition!We have introduced in "!


Now、Next time again to the overseas introduction article。Come If you are interested in Numazu article "NumazuThan "tag。

Numazu carp streamer Festival of Ryowa first year be held in Kano River riverbed! - Day 2 -

Carp streamer Festival second day following the last time。Different events that are held with the first day。


Walking route map

Reverse route is the first day。It will head to the Bridge History from Eitai Bridge。Without the other explanation。


Working car success this year

When overlooking the Kano River riverbed think ...... Na or Let the pony today、Movement zoo is already not many cars in its place。

Crowded much the same as yesterday。I also remembered that when a child is loved working car Speaking。


Earthquake experience car

Was also last year was earthquake experience car。

During experience the intensity 5。I was shaking much I do so shake。


Fire truck

Test rides to the fire engine。I usually look to the eyes、Or medium has become what the do not know much。

Nde was a little time consuming unlikely this path! ...... but I did not not mean separately in a hurry、Because there is that long ago I was riding in a fire truck 🙂

To do if a fire occurs。It is good to get to tell me that you do not tell me at school at the time of such events usually ~


Self-Defense Forces

Opening corner of the Self-Defense Forces is next to the fire engine。In recent years Speaking of the Toka have also plummeted Self-Defense Force volunteers in the declining birthrate。I guess would be that get interested in children。Newcomer of the green harvest 😆

High motor vehicle。This is never a ride!

Over which we were allowed to look into the medium in that。What has been said during the Hoohoo

Children When I was observing the rear seat have boarded! Here the high-mobility vehicles tour ends with me ...... that I'll hand over ~

Also it seems to be able to try on the Self-Defense Forces clothes。Moreover hat even write。

Here is fitting corner entrance。^^ I did not try to truly;


Dashimono introduction of carp streamer Festival

First balloon art experience。Waiting in the other blue sheet is full。

Carp rocket。Something fun。

NLC corner。Had heard I did not know this or what the abbreviation of the。It seems that the NLC the Numazu children Council leader scrub。

Hatena BOX。Why Doraemon 😕

PET bottles bowling。It also has been exhibited every year。

The last basketball Bingo。Popularity seems to girls in addition to。


To Ayumi Hashimoto event stage

An appearance signboard that are wound use every year。Also I guess the same for will be used again next year

When I arrived at Ayumi Bridge performance of floating island nursery school it had been carried out。Front row parents-ish people were eager to take a photo。

The last commemorative photo。I telephoto shooting margin margin ♪ Even so, teachers sitting on top of the stone wall is also above all the children also fun 🙂

Next is MegumiAi nursery school。Followed by a cute performance 🙂


Shop corner

Shop corner and past the Love Live Sunshine climbing。Tall bread was also sold not only drink。However price 😆

It sounds like those of Numazu brands are sold。Also bought I do not know until now at a local myself Nante Mount Fuji dumplings(Lol)

Carp streamer festival this year was a great success。In addition to enjoy the holding of next year!

Numazu carp streamer Festival of Ryowa first year be held in Kano River riverbed! - Day 1 -

Carp festival will take place over a period of 5/4 and 2 days of 5/3 annually。While I was trying to put together originally to 1 article、So it has become more to write than expected to be divided in the first day and the second day。


Tentatively put you walk route

Map of exactly the same as the previous。Already the same for the third time。Without the other explanation。


Near Ayumi Bridge

Looking at the opposite shore amazing people had gathered from Riverside Hotel。

Army Rashiki softening cheerleading and try to zoom。Let's headed。

Carp seems to be blowing wind today also fluttered cheerfully。after、Quite rare I Kano River that has dried up so。

Cheering the performance of local Kato Gakuen high school。But do not know well why or carp streamer with the cheering of the。

I tried to get down from the History Bridge。Enough voice will be heard in this place。

I see。Do not get in the way of the bleachers If you go walking in the back。Behind in the tiptoe So so that it does not interfere。


Doggy discovery!

🐩B walking the 🐶A and ground riding in the car! Miataran owner anywhere。

He was arrested the moment when a disconnect here! Just the moment that has issued a tongue 🙂

Mom dogs (without permission Kimetsuke) also happily 😆


 Carp streamer Festival stroll

Next of cheering children of performance。We will you free soon because their parents in the front row began gathering。

Cheerleading began something ready。The next child performance wonder if you mean this man who。

Guy was very popular last year, like a tunnel it passes through the inside was also last year。Not uncommon for anyone playing。It seems to gone to people of all events。

The doll on top of the stone。Or forgotten that the one place to go was the。

Corps of mystery that is filled with soil to the bag(^^;)

Goldfish scooping。Recently, such as no longer seen in the summer festival Speaking。

YesterdayAt all a lot of people more。I wonder if the previous day is recommended want people to enjoy the carefully the carp streamer

Full of people even if you're here, which was not one person yesterday。There is Dashimono to those of Eitai Bridge。

Various Dashimono under the tent。For more information about around here in the next article。


Movement zoo

Peacock。Blade small peacock。

turtle。Child was willing to touch the back。

Inco。You might have seen white parrots for the first time。

Rabbit! Short and cute。

Keeper facing a huge snake。This is scary ......

Guinea pigs?

Was also Welcome Four 🙂

The moment in which the face showed me I did not miss!

Last owl。Please a break to become this kind of composition because it contains in a cage is。

Movement zoo tent is up to here! Over Even so, the people who took quite a time to finish more common to all


Also pony ride experience!

Pony ride area If you think there is a profusely wide area。Great to ride in such a the free of charge。

After all, it is arranged in its own way。Families with children only。

1Be able to ride to the times is only one family。This is time-consuming Do ......

The first day up to here!

Test drive area as seen from the top of the Eitai Bridge。yet、It had not started。I may not go and not prepared to wait for going if quite a time ride。

the above、Numazu carp streamer Festival completion of first day。


Next time introduction of the second day!

Numazu carp streamer Festival of Ryowa first year be held in Kano River riverbed! - the day before Hen

Return the axis a little time from the previous article、This time, introduce the Numazu carp streamer festival of Ryowa based on fiscal year (fiscal 2019)! Well basically last year "Numazu tourism - 2018 fiscal Numazu carp streamer Festival ~Because "the same、I think that soon change Do not want(Lol)

First of all the fact that the day before Hen、The state of the carp streamer festival the day before。


We walked the route introduction

As it is re-use the map using in the last year of the article。'S it towards the Perpetual Bridge past the Onaribashi from Ayumi Bridge。


Love live Sunshine climbing discovered in Ayumi Bridge!

Festival people are not little but carp are rising even the day before。You may visit the time only if 5/3 days View just carp rather than the events purpose。

Onaribashi The people are gathering to something some of carp When I looked down at the opposite direction ......

When I expanded。It is love live Sunshine。This array has been installed every year。Apparently became Sanmaibashi side of the opposite side this year to until last year had been placed in Hajikko of Eitai Bridge side。Come Even so, the people of fans every year。

I tried to close down the riverbed。I'm every year, such the same thing、One to commemorate the History Bridge because back the first time。

From another angle。Love live Sunshine with Ayumi Bridge & Onaribashi


The along the riverbed toward the Eitai Bridge

I went through Ayumi Bridge。A little shame because the wind is weak carp streamer is completely gone sagging under 😥

Really few people。Carp take unlimited 🙂

So Onaribashi towards the。

Carp who was in the back of the Riverside Hotel

Well、After all, there no wind lonely ......

I went through Onaribashi

Carp load。Walk on the grass it to the side because this walk under the arch annoying hit the carp to the head。Since would walk while looking up if the children of height、The wonder was installed so children can enjoy rather than adults。


Congratulation! Ryowa climbing!

Funny carp discovered only last up to come and one type of arch! It's unusual even for me carp of dried fish、The white one is a concern of the middle that。

Quite hard to grasp the timing of the shooting。Huge carp us a habit that has dropped and Daran under、The size of the would shake Bambang also in weak wind。

Celebration Ryowa REIWA! I feel Tteyuu became the new era did not Waka middle people this year、I will remind you that I was changed era and see this kind of a

It's it is for the time being the day before the carp streamer Festival。The next article will introduce the state of the day。


A Dewa 🙂

Reiwa's First Numazu Summer Festival "Kanogawa Fireworks Festival" This year, I'm going to take on the challenge of having two SLRs!

2019Carried forward on Monday for Saturday the typhoon year of Numazu summer festival。for that reason、The morning of the event scheduled Saturday has become canceled。That it ...... so it does not come a person be Dashimono on weekdays during the day、The morning hanging out and walking the Numazu Port、After that was relaxing in laid back and the house to begin the fireworks。

Let's immediately introduce a photo of fireworks since it is not even the way to lengthen the preface。It should be noted、State of the previous year of fireworks "2018Love live also year Numazu Summer Festival, Kano River fireworks display - this year! ~"The。I realize their own growth Looking at the photo of a year ago(Lol)

From fireworks the first day of the other side of the Eitai Bridge

Normal fireworks。The camera settings are basically the F value is 9、ISO is fixed at 100。The shutter speed is the main camera is BULB。The sub-camera is automatically taken every 5 seconds。Fireworks or to fine-tune the various settings in order to be launched 1 hour。

Upsurge of early。You see fireworks also flashy since the launch pad with it from this position in front of the launch pad and back is quite overlap。

This is a high resolution camera。Since the image resizing and quality we've dropped when placed on the blog、Although it is than the original image ended up Oita deterioration。

Sony SONY full size mirrorless interchangeable-lens camera α7RM4 body ILCE-7RM4

The camera I used is the α7RIII.、This α7RIV is now on sale。At that time, it was the α7RIII, which boasted SONY's highest resolution.。The α7RIII may also be a target as a model drop。

This is a high sensitivity camera。A camera dedicated to sensitivity at the expense of resolution。It's the Toka night view take to clean because the sensitivity is high easy to get color。Although、It is no need to stick to the sensitivity until there Nde bright in its own way it's fireworks。

created byRinker
¥488,000 (2024/06/15 07:32:34At the time of Rakuten Ichiba research-detailed)

I like the night view, so I love this S series.。I use the α7S II in my blog.、Like the R series, there is also a successor model called α7SIII.。

Also not see Niagara from the first day is was far from the launch pad、StarMine is now the main。And the benefits fit the entire fireworks without a wide-angle lens to shoot from here、We guess is that the fireworks can also be seen reflected in Kano

Fireworks Day 2

2The day second from near the launch pad。Since the launch pad to each other does not overlap with it from here、Enjoy twice in the front and back。And、The opening fireworks to also look good、It venue announcement also batch has the advantage that hear。

Will lose its near the top that it from near and not a wide-angle lens。So you may want to provide a wide-angle lens。I shoot switch the lens to wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle。

You can enjoy and firmly from the crackled sounds fireworks this place at this low altitude。Because not see very well done and I from a distance。

This is a wide angle of power!

Fireworks of Aqours I thought about was Sawagidashi。The name of the school idol group that appeared in the in the play of Love live Sunshine of Tteyuu this Aqours。In fact, it is also one of the largest sponsors of Numazu summer festival。Actually it seems there was a greeting's voice actor、Had passed through the recording voice to the organizer became on Monday。

Second half of the season。Since I had never met with such single-shot to camera。

Composition change to enter the city shifted next to the camera a little。The Numazu of fireworks in the major feature of launch in urban areas、It this is I'm also a popular reason

Simultaneous fireworks of last。Only leave the Niagara later in this。

Here again anime songs。Around it will be noisy。Annual "immature DREAMER" Niagara ignition while flow is the song of love live Sunshine of。Sponsor of Niagara Sunday Suruga Bank、And today is the fact that Aqours、In the atmosphere of each different song、It will be implemented。

Niagara also draws to a close。Even so, people who are riding in the front of the ship enviable。It is a privilege of sailors can be viewed close to the fireworks on the day of the fireworks。

Numazu summer festival of this year of the decree sum based on fiscal year ends at this。Much time Numazu is flourishing of the saw fireworks and Yosakoi Festival。Huh I can not wait for next year 😥