Numazu tourism - 2018 fiscal Numazu carp streamer Festival ~

Numazu carp streamer festival also took part this year following the last year! I've been a period of time to withdraw from the riverbed of the Kano River、Or there is also the effect of the anime "Love Live Sunshine" 2、We are resurrected from three years ago in Kano。of course、2018Year also held in the riverbed! After all, it lively that it is dry riverbed is different 😆

The period of the festival in 2018 fiscal year was approximately two weeks of May 5 days from April 22 (Sun) (Sat)。


We walked the route introduction

The above red route this time。If distance 500m little。so、Because it was while watching the carp whether it was not much less than an hour。A short period of time it is good to could spin and crispy because the carp in a small area has been condensed!

Across the Ayumi Bridge from a little north of Onaribashi starting point、Until you return to again Onaribashi、And from Onaribashi to cross the Eitai Bridge、I wonder if we will introduce divided into the larger Chapter 2。


Onaribashi → History Bridge → Onaribashi

Start point during this Onaribashi and Ayumi Bridge。The back side of the Riverside Hotel。Carp streamer that lined look on the other side of the Kano River。

Riverbed also success of it is not carp streamer。In fact, we are in for or been performed recital also on this side。So it has come out also Toka shaved ice and hot dog stalls。

Zoom up the pigeon! Dove has a lot of the Kano River riverbed。Sometimes lucky if you see so also are Lone parent and child of spot-billed ducks 😆

Here is the hall of the Kano River ferry。Now、Climbing to Ayumi bridge to the other side of the Kano River。

A lot of carp streamer Festival annual Kano River boat。

Let's get down here below。

Experience corner of the fire station。That the front can experience what has happened is in the fire engine。Corner of the car earthquake experience back。

Carp who are powerful in its own way and try to get down to the bottom。

Also set up a children's corner to play with building blocks。

Numazu carp streamer Festival!

Littering is strictly prohibited since the garbage dump have also been installed。

It seems to have been sold Toka yo-yo。Even so, there are many people。

Tunnel made from carp under the Onaribashi。Indeed adults do not put size 😮

Crowd on the other side of the river。It seems now recital begins。Singing voice has been heard so far。


Onaribashi → Eitai Bridge

Now、From here to the Perpetual Bridge from Onaribashi。There was car of the water supply section under Onaribashi。...... and say probably because this is what

Track box toilet。Properly kindly're me to set-up this kind of outdoor toilet。

Secretly photographed in the bathroom。Properly is nice not expired even toilet paper。

It will head to the Eitai Bridge。

I do not know what the masquerade、There were anyway people who are masquerading。

Little bits of knowledge and mini-games。I As you follow the deficit seen to be "Himono"。

Also had come wrestler of Numazu wrestling。...... I wonder did not know this exists for local

Charity corner of cancer patients support。I'm out also this kind of。

Arch of carp streamer。The best part!

The carp streamer arch seems due to the cooperation of the local nursery school。

Bisshiri a picture that children drew the carp! Perhaps his portrait。

Carp there after missing the arch is the last。Love live Sunshine climbing was also last year!

Taken from directly below。...... it does not take beautiful strong wind

So so was able to take if from the side。But hard to take。Each one of carp streamer is compatible with love live Sunshine of character。Colorful color also seems to have image color。The bill seems to those of the local nursery school children。

From the top of the Eitai Bridge。This view and a pretty powerful 😀

Just ferry when I returned from the finished cross the permanence bridge the along the Kano River to Onaribashi side。

Love live Sunshine carp and ferry collaboration 😆

Finally, the Onaribashi。


It is good after all carp festival is a powerful better of Kano than the harbor entrance park。the above、It was Numazu carp streamer Festival!

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