I went from Melbourne city to the airport by the cheapest route (A $ 4.5)!

I think you usually use Sky Bus from Melbourne city to Tullamarine Airport。but、This is expensive。Since it is A $ 20 one way, it will cost around 2,000 yen in Japanese yen.。When I was looking for another cheap way to go ... I found it 🙂 That is the route that I will introduce this time for only A $ 4.5 and less than a quarter of the price!


Cheapest route from Melbourne city to Melbourne Tullamarine Airport

Take the train from Southern Cross Station to Craigieburn Station and get off at Broadmeadows Station、The cheapest route from there to Melbourne Airport by bus。However、You need to purchase a Myki Card to use this method。But why、This is because there is a flat cap system of A $ 4.5 for rides within 2 hours using a Mikey card.。

By the way, there seems to be a way to charge my key card from Google Pay now.、It seems that you don't have to buy a Mikey card for A $ 6 like before。


Southern Cross Station

Southern Cross Station is a large station located on the west side of Melbourne。Of course the free tram also stops。Merry Christmas letters at the entrance。

Inside the station。What platform and its destination are displayed on the electric bulletin board。

Ticket office。This time I will use the Mikey card purchased at the convenience store in advance, so it does not matter。

Mysterious Penguins 🐧 Because you can participate in the Penguin Parade Tour on Phillip Island from here in Melbourne、May be it。But、The Penguins Parade will return to Melbourne late at night, so those who participate should not match the day of the return flight。


Lockers at Southern Cross Station

There are many lockers at Southern Cross Station。If you plan to go sightseeing on a day trip, you should actively use it.。

You will use this panel to deposit your luggage。Prices vary by size。Basically a fixed fee for 24 hours、A system that incurs an additional charge every hour thereafter。

There is also a locker room。This amount will not run out。

Was also here(^^;

This is a dedicated phone for various reservations。I'm confident in my English、If you want to join a hotel, attraction or tour, you can also book here。


Sky Bus with direct access to Melbourne Airport

This skybus is used by most tourists to move to the airport。You can also buy it at Southern Cross Station、It is also possible to purchase on the Internet in advance。However, it costs about $ 20, so general tourists who value time and convenience should definitely try it.、A little higher price for those traveling on a saving trip。

You can also buy it at the Sky Bus platform。So if you don't know the schedule, you can buy it locally.

This is the bus stop。It seems that free Wi-Fi is also attached。


Take the train to Broadmeadows station

The platform at Southern Cross Station is just past the automatic ticket gate。So it's good not to forget to tap in advance, which is common overseas.

I confirmed on the electric bulletin board at the entrance that the train bound for Craigie Burn, which stops on the way to the destination Broadmeadows, departs from line 11.。

11When I arrived at the number platform, the destination was different。Apparently I arrived a little early。

After passing one train, the destination Craigie Burn is finally displayed。All you have to do is wait for the train to come。

Since a list of stations that stop on the way is displayed”BROADMEADOWS”Confirm that is displayed。

This is the platform。It says MIND THE GAP, so be careful when riding!

The train has entered the platform。Certainly on the vehicle”Craigieburn”Is written。


On the train to Broadmeadows station

Immediately after leaving Southern Cross Station, the inside of the car is crowded。Well, even though it's crowded, it's not much less than that in Tokyo.(Lol)

so、By the time you reach your destination, it looks like this。To be clear, no tourist had a big suitcase to go to the airport this time 🙂

Get ready to get off when you hear Ariving Broadmeadows and the announcement。Even if you can't listen, it will be posted on this electric bulletin board, so check it out.。

Arrival ~ ♪


To the bus stop for Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine Airport)

See off the train leaving to the end point Craigieburn。

Orange sign”Buses”Proceed towards。It's 30m from here so it's not so far。By the way, be sure to tap the Mikey card here。The tap machine is slightly to the left of the center of the above photo.。

Aim for the orange sign。It's a little difficult to understand、Follow the path to the right。

This is the bus stop。It was good to be close to the train。Depending on the location, it may be more than 1km away ...

This bus number 901 goes to Melbourne Airport。I will wait here for a while。



901Take the bus to Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine Airport)

Soon the bus came。901It ’s the number bus、I asked the driver just in case, but it was OK 🙂

Everyone will get in。Don't forget to tap your Mikey card before riding properly。

After a while, no one was on the bus。Everyone seems to be locals, and it seems that I was the only one to go to the terminal airport ...


Arrive at Melbourne Tullamarine Airport

Finally arrived!

If you go in the direction of walking with Zoro Zoro, it's OK. Take this elevator to the departure lobby.。

…… I arrived early, but I'm late 😥 I was hungry so I killed time at McDonald's in the airport。There was a Chinese family sitting next to me.、The kid took my folding umbrella out of his bag、He said he was a little angry when he was hit on the table.。After all、My umbrella was damaged so I had to throw it away 😥


This is the end of sightseeing in Melbourne。Ever Sydney、Tasmania、Melbourne and Australia, which has crossed dozens of articles, are now goodbye。Dewadewa!

"Flinders Street Station" which became a model of the Ghibli movie "Kiki's Delivery Service"

This is the last sightseeing in Melbourne。The last is Flinders Street Station, which is also the face of Melbourne&Introducing the night view。The previous"Walking along the Yarra River that flows through Melbourne ~A riverside with a beautiful night view~In the continuation of the introduction of the night view, I will write about the night view again this time.、Since it's a big deal, Flinders Street Station in the daytime。


Location of Flinders Street railway station

Flinders Street Station is on the Yarra River。Tourists mainly use this Flinders Street Station or Southern Cross Station, so it is often the gateway。Of course it is in the free tram zone。


Flinders Street Station in the daytime

When you cross the Yarra River at Princes Bridge, you will find it on your left.。It's one of the busiest places in Melbourne so it's lively all day long。

Scenery that you often see in photos。From the intersection in front of Flinders Street Station。It is said that this station became a model for the Ghibli movie "Kiki's Delivery Service".。Introduced beforeTasmania's Ross VillageYou will be able to go around the witch's house sanctuary in two places at once.。

This is the main entrance of Flinders Street Station。It is characteristic that clocks from all over the world are lined up。

St Paul's Cathedral in front of the station。It's quite unusual for the central station and the cathedral to be so close。Like the Cologne Cathedral in Germany。

The station square is full of Christmas。I feel a little lonely when I think about the Christmas tree in midsummer.。

from a different angle。Fully enjoy the last midsummer Christmas 😆

Looking at Flinders Street Station from the entrance of the cathedral, you can see the Eureka Tower behind。It's kind of strange to see a modern tower behind a medieval building.。


Night view of Flinders Street Station

Yarra River seen from Princess Bridge (Flinders Street Station side)。You can see that the wind is very weak because the light of the building is clearly reflected on the Yarra River.。

Christmas tree in front of the station with St. Paul's Cathedral。This light up can only be seen at this time。

Night ver of the photo posted at the beginning of the article。The atmosphere is different from daytime。By the way, this Melbourne is very safe、You can go out without worrying at all even at night 🙂

From the opposite bank of Flinders Street Station。

Finally from the front of the cathedral。There are quite a lot of people here, so be careful not to bother passers-by when shooting.。


This is the end of sightseeing in Melbourne! Next time, I will introduce the cheapest route from Southern Cross Station to Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne!

Walking along the Yarra River that flows through Melbourne ~A riverside with a beautiful night view~

Along the Yarra River where the Eureka Tower introduced in the previous article is located。This time I will walk along the river。


Walking map "Yara River"

Route starting from Melbourne Aquarium and crossing Eureka Tower to Flinders Street Station。500It’s about m、The scenery is fun, so I will arrive quickly。


In front of Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne Aquarium along the Yarra River。This is a view from the Melbourne Aquarium in the opposite direction from Flinders Street Station。A peaceful landscape that does not seem to be the center of the city。

From the opposite bank of the Melbourne Aquarium。Skyscrapers in the background because it is a city。

Look in front”SEA LIFE”The building that says "Melbourne Aquarium"。There are many unknown objects along the river。


Cross the bridge over the Yarra river

Locks often found on overseas bridges。It’s like a couple's talisman.。

Mysterious object in the right side of the photo。I didn't understand after all。

Sandridge Bridge diagonally crossing the Yarra River

This is the entrance to the bridge。If you cut through, you will reach Flinders Street Station。

Go straight ahead of Eureka Tower without crossing the bridge。

Flinders Street Station is visible in the front。I got the information that the night view from here was beautiful, so I took a short break until the sun set 😳


Melbourne night view along the Yarra River

Night view from the place in the picture above。Unfortunately it was cloudy、The light from the city was reflected in the clouds, giving a nice feeling.。

From around the bridge in the photo above。Occasionally ships cross the river。Maybe a dinner cruise。

Flinders Street Station is just around the corner。The opposite bank is lit up with green and red lights.。

From "Princess Bridge" which connects to Flinders Street Station。It's safe here in Melbourne, so it's OK to carry a single-lens reflex camera and a tripod.。Basically, it's unsafe overseas, so it's nice to be able to carry the camera up to this point.。

From around the middle of the bridge。The night view from here was cloudy、It created a fantastic atmosphere。


Next time, I will introduce the night view of Flinders Street Station.。