London tourism - Buckingham Palace -

From the hotel's Heathrow Airport、Busy morning towards the Liverpool Virgin train at Euston Station in the morning 8。The kana Let's stop by at Buckingham Palace and Big Ben before that。

Breakfast is early asked to a simple breakfast at the hotel out。Riding on the front of the hotel bus to the central bus station。

Down to the basement to ride the elevator when you get to the bus station。

The UNDERGROUND But today was through yesterday become indebted。Proceed in the First to the ticket vending machines。

This is an automatic ticket vending machine。Normally I hope also bought a ticket to London、It is better to buy the Oyster card。Because、Oyster card it's something like a Suica as referred to in Japan、Is terrific discount rate。

For example,、If you from Heathrow Airport in Zone6 go to London in the Zone1、If you buy the ticket in cash £ but it 5.7、That's Oyster card £ 5。Slightly Furthermore, since the early morning's moves as of this time during off-peak hours £ 3。You do not have a hand you do not use this 🙂 with respect to feeLondon Underground's official websiteIn can be confirmed。

Moreover、In London it has decided upper limit value of the ticket price in one day、With the Oyster card、It is up to a certain fee but pay-as-you-go (that I pay by the amount of use)、How that also will be free with what times and later reaches a certain fee。further、Since the London bus is not possible to ride by paying cash in now、The only use the Oyster card。

What a 14-month-lingual? ! It switched to the Japanese display if English is not good person to touch the Japanese national flag of the monitor downward。And also wrong not to buy an ordinary ticket! On Oyster card you can buy with a credit card、Before returning home you can refund this automatic ticket vending machines。Always refund some people want to take home the Oyster card to Memorial。Since only the information in even if the refund disappears because you card itself Mochikaere。

after、While this I thought since I returned from abroad、It is a good idea to charge a little longer in the Oyster card。Because、Cash come back at the time of refund of the Oyster card。In other words、Simple ATM Once you have the emergency refund on the spot when the cash is needed。Moreover commission also does not take most、It can be directly cash the credit card、Like a good thing。It is a little trick :lol: 

Get off the platform。None that get lost on the train ride because it does not come only Piccadilly line to Heathrow Airport。

Here Heathrow Airport Terminal 1、2、3 Station。Softening miscellaneous?

Morning at 6 platform。We vacant。

The nearest station of Buckingham Palace I know Green Park station but、We will walk from the front of the Hyde Park Corner Station。The truth is no Unfortunately time this time I wanted to museum hopping off at South Kensington。It will ride much Well 18 station。About 1 hour。

We vacant As you can see。

Also free train。Ride was the is was a clean vehicle this time、I also ran the old vehicle of much older 7-seater。Glad to have mood minus the per softening。

Contact、Softening of interesting advertising discover 😀 "Which characters also include a only one station is not included in the word 'mackerel (mackerel)'?" The answer is thing called "St John's Wood."。Or because they omitted the Saint and St。Still, it is interesting I have only a few characters are used in almost all of the subway station name。

Hyde Park Corner arrival! The morning, yet are wet a little ground。Indeed the city of fog London。It is Naku' a way I thought!

Now、Route this red line passes through in this article (... I do not even as much as I root)。I like coming from the back of Buckingham Palace。The positional relationship of each of the attractions also tried to write for clarity。I Thames river that flows next to the Big Ben。

Immediately visible this monument out of the station is Machine Gun Corps Memorial。That's Japanese、Machine Gun Corps Memorial、Kana to become the? Alias ​​David boy (The Boy David)。In casualties of the monument of the machine gun corps of the First World War、It is David boy image of height 2.7m standing in the middle were killed in the war。

Here is the equestrian statue of Wellington generals。In the in office all war undefeated、Is the coach broke the famous Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo。Image of the generals be located in places in London、There is also in front of the Royal Exchange。When Why say whether Exchange、Toka because I prevent the market crash of government bonds by active during the war of Wellington generals。Tremendous influence 😯

so、Here is the Wellington Arch。It is the Arc de Triomphe for the previous Wellington generals。£ but it can also climb on top in about four、Indeed this time did not open 😥

New Zealand War Memorial is to have been built so as to block the sidewalk (New Zealand War Memorial)。New Zealand-born architect John Hardwick-Smith and sculptor、Which was produced by Paul Dibble。If you are symbolizes the New Zealand and United Kingdom bonds、Remember their native New Zealand people even while walking people、As English people remember ties with New Zealand、Dare Toka was built in the middle of the sidewalk。

Commonwealth Memorial Gates When this arrives in the Buckingham Palace from Constitution Hill (Commonwealth Memorial Gates)。The Buckingham Palace I'm there are three gates、I wonder if the most famous of the Admiralty Arch (Admiralty Arch)。Maybe a place not visited so much tourists。

You are here map。Place where the left edge of the Green Park is now。Go straight to Constitution Hill from here will head to Buckingham Palace。Distance kana 1 km little。In fact, a little hard because the trailing purr a suitcase 🙁

Looks toward immediate left into the palace of the premises the Royal Air Force Bomber Command Memorial (RAF Bomber Command Memorial)。RAF is The Royal Air Force stands for。World War II at the time of the 55,573 people who were killed during the mission crew of the monument。Canada not only English people in the victim、Czechoslovakia、Toka is also included crew members, such as Poland。I wonder there are many monuments on around here is war。

Intently straight ahead on the sidewalk。Without hesitation because it is straight, tree-lined avenue。Fallen leaves have littered on the ground since the morning。Perhaps people of cleaning would to clean up during the day 🙂

Green Park to be wrapped in the morning of fresh air。Hitokko unexpected not have one person。It will calm me this kind of landscape。Fall into like a entered into a story illusion。

Finally arriving Buckingham Palace! Buckingham Palace in the UK of the head of state's residence、7Like the general public is being carried out is limited to the period of September 24 days from 26 days a month。When I visited did not put Unfortunately, because it was November。

The image that exudes a good feeling steeped in Asahi。Queen Victoria monument that before have been built in the Rotary palace(Queen Victoria Memorial)。Queen Victoria、1837Year from June 20 until January 22, 1901 is known as the Queen of the reign was the UK's most glorious era as the Queen of England。Golden statue means a victory、The foot of the statue, it has means courage and loyalty。

Overall view of Buckingham Palace。Have stained the thin red purple was to take photos in just a good feeling。I wonder the picturesque 😉

How you can wanted to take also photos from the opposite side、Medium 's Do not cross not。I found finally the crosswalk!

This is probably the best shot angle。Palace is a palace as seen from the front yard。Here Hey is why the famous Changing of the Guard formula is carried out。


Buckingham Palace ~ of ~ night

So much trouble that even in the night of Buckingham Palace here。London is a poor decent security night、Especially near the palace I think not so much come because the pedestrian traffic is small。Here is on the main gate Admiralty Arch near Buckingham Palace monument。

Light-up Buckingham Palace! Time is It is about 0:00 of midnight。It was pretty scary to be honest(Lol)Actually it provides Show me your passport to suspicious disguised as a police officer Black、Toka Show me the contents of the wallet、Was or been told that strange 😐

Next time I think I want to go from here to Big Ben!


London tourism - Heathrow Airport -

United Kingdom is from this time。That the First still from London。

Heathrow Airport Speaking gateway to London。And was very notorious airports is that this Heathrow Airport。In particular、Dari series of refusal of entry、Or lost luggage、Correspondence is bad or etc ......

However、Very pound weakening of this visit to London in the middle of the Toka United Kingdom to euro leave! Although immigration had a premonition that it would have become loosely、In fact, this time entered the United Kingdom、Once to leave to Germany、2 days apart do not know that the re-entry immediately to the United Kingdom and schedule。It seems there is a tendency that the check is severe at the time of re-entry in this kind of short-term、A little pounding。We decided to prepare the answer in advance by assuming a lot of questions。

Since this time headed to London from Kazan、Airlines using the Russian Aeroflot。The airlines arrive and depart at Terminal 4 of Heathrow。Quite the way JAL、Good convenience because arrive and depart in Terminal 2 in the case of ANA。

Now、In nostalgic mood as the plane headed to Heathrow Airport。Is the country that I was studying because United Kingdom。Indeed the first time in 10 years。The or exciting has changed in any feeling 😀

Plane landed at the airport、It will head to immigration, but ......Far!

Divided into EU passport and the rest of the world from quite walking。Actually I'd like to put a photo、Unexpected sorry because it was shot ban。And、Came is your turn side by side in a matrix of immigration。

If you would like to from Conclusion、"You came what was to?" Unsatisfying ended ...... Heard question is "How many days to stay?" Or more。I guess would be the effect of the pound's depreciation。Immigration It was loose。

so、Here Terminal 4。The following 4 means to leave to London。

  1. taxi
  2. Heathrow Express
  3. subway
  4. bus

taxi、Heathrow Express、If you use the subway will go directly to London from Terminal 4。You must go to the central bus station which is once in Terminal 2 If you want to use the bus。Although the cheapest way is to be going because the subway from here even、To 1 night in the hotel once near Terminal 2 due to arrive late at night。Aimed at labeling of the Heathrow Express When you arrive at Terminal 4。

It landed on the platform using an elevator。In fact, the Heathrow Express。Use time and booking time、And charge or round-trip or one-way isDrasticallyto change!

First of all charges in the case of buying the usually、One way £ 25 (off-peak time zone £ 22)、Round trip £ 37。When you buy in the car without buying a ticket in advance £ 5 because it is plus to buy before you always ride。It should be noted、Peak time of the weekday "7am – 10am or 4pm – 7pm」。

A variety of discount is applied from here。To begin with、In the case of boarding during off-peak hours to more than a day、What book online one-way £ 15、The round trip will be £ 25!

further、14Day or more before、30Day or more before、90Day or more before、There are discounts and reserved。You can go in one way £ 5.5 at the maximum。For more informationHeathrow Express's official websiteA It has been refer。

Let's summarized in the following table (as of August 2017)

  Peak (one way) Peak (roundtrip) Off-peak hours (one way) Off-peak hours (round trip)
Normal 25 37 22 25
14Day or more before 16.50 12.10
30Day or more before 14.30 8.80
90Day or more before 12.10 5.50

※ unit amounts pound

※ peak time weekday "7am – 10am or 4pm – 7pm」

the reservationHeathrow Express of the official appBecause it is convenient to do with whether people plan to go London is not a loss should install。

Now、The next train after 12 minutes。Do not wait a little? A little hanging out to kill time the platform。

Yes。This is the terminal 4。

Platform in the non smoking。Electronic cigarette also seems to NG。Maybe because difficult to distinguish from ordinary tobacco、Whether such because there is also a thing of the nicotine-containing、can not understand。

Train came! Or all right but the left side of the light is turned off? What is written on the floor "MIND THE GAP"。But in the announcement may be referred to Watch your step meaning "Please be aware of the feet when the ride"。

The vehicle will pass。It looks beautiful in Rashiku limited express train。Let's boarding as a result of the train of the door is open。

Since this time is few people can take to clean the interior of the state。Seat in the reclining seat、Also it comes with a yellow seat cover at the head。

Here Luggage Storage。You have this kind of space it is also equipped with firmly because it assumes the movement from the airport。Except、Note that the lock is not applied as Toka Narita Express。Since the overseas there are many Sri、It would be better to their luggage had been sitting in the place glaring。

Of course, the toilet is also equipped。It Well it is a 15-minute less than be in London go to the city。

First class is from here。It is a paid area。It is fulfilled not get inside because it does not buy a ticket unfortunately。

It had arrived immediately to the Terminal 2。Here Terminal 2 and 3。Heathrow airport is there to Terminal 5、Only you're away, respectively 2 and 3 I have a close。

Toward the Central Bus Station (Central Bus Station)。By the way, the bus station is very close to the subway (London Underground)。

In the elevator If you have a large carry bag。Heathrow airport escalator is a carry bag ban。

Elevator is OK If all goes in the direction of the arrow that says "Please use lifts"

Ticket office as soon as the Heathrow Express and go up the elevator。Those who would like to go in the Heathrow Express to the city because there is still time regrettable to buy a ticket here、Let's go back to again platform。

Central bus station straight here。

Heathrow Express ticket purchase possible also in the automatic ticket vending machine。Tickets You can buy with a credit card is essentially a London。

Here is a branch point of Terminal 2 and Terminal 3。Central Bus Station turn left because it is in Terminal 2。It's seems to Europe that there is a chapel。Friendly making for those who of religion。

Take the moving walkway。It is quite far from here、It would use the sidewalk several times。

Here is the end of the communication passage。From here to the terminal 2。

It looks to the left subway。And here there is a soon turn to the right elevator goes up to the top and use it。

Ready-to-people of the bus waiting when the elevator opens Zurari! Would people probably use a late-night long-distance bus。Meantime look for the bus of the hotel bound to get out。

Bus that uses this time is this。People to stay in the vicinity of the airport is a good idea to examine the bus stop to get off in advance。Heathrow Airport bus、Then you do not know the name of the bus stop, which stops。Only a "hundred street" does not have a car guide。Also、Although from the airport to a certain extent is the fare is free、And when it is more than there would become a paid。The hotel in advance so that there is no Norisugoshi、Or towards the travel agency it would be a good idea to see where to get off and the number of bus。

Next time you go to the city by subway from Heathrow Airport。

Mihonomatsubara - Japan new Sankei、Japan's three one corner of the large Matsubara -

In June 2013, I visited Miho no Matsubara, which was registered as a constituent asset of Mt. Fuji World Cultural Heritage.。I came to Yui at the Sakura Shrimp Festival, so I decided to stop by 🙂

By the way, what is Miho no Matsubara?、Certified as one of Japan's three major Matsubara。Details of each are as follows。By the way, as a general common sense, the three most scenic spots in Japan are added.。

Japan's Three Great Matsubara Miho no Matsubara (Shizuoka) Niji no Matsubara (Saga) Kehi no Matsubara (Fukui)
New Three Views of Japan Miho no Matsubara (Shizuoka) Onuma (Hokkaido) Yema Creek (Oita)
Three most scenic spots in Japan Matsushima (Miyagi) Miyajima (Hiroshima) Amanohashidate (Kyoto)

Kehi no Matsubara (Kehi no Matsubara)、Yabakei is dangerous、I read!

The route I walked this time is the red line in the above figure.。The parking lot was full, so I decided to park it in a temporary parking lot.。Miho no Matsubara is very crowded、It is hopeless to stay in the parking lot closest to Matsubara 😐 If you have time, you may want to drive further to the other side of Kamagasaki。To the vicinity of Cape Fukiai。From there, Mt. Fuji looks bigger!

The temporary parking lot is free! It's a little far、There is a guide map like this。Let's head to Miho no Matsubara on the left。

Proceed through the residential area。Such a quiet residential area may be good。but、The influence of the building due to the sea breeze、Is the damage caused by the tsunami scary?。

It came out signboard。I'm worried about the path of God, but first of all, it's the main Miho Hagoromo pine.。Fold right!

If you cross that forest, you should have a magnificent view :lol: 

Enter the pine forest from here

Proceed through the pine forest、move on、move on! !!

A stone monument and something that looks like a square appeared。Now、What is the stone monument?

A stone monument written about Miho no Matsubara。It is written that Mrs. Eraines Juglaris of France flew around the world and performed and died at a young age.。Elaine was a Western dancer、The result of pursuing the ultimate dance art without getting tired of it、It seems that it was Japanese Noh that I arrived at。Then, aiming to complete "Hagoromo" that can be understood by the West、At the end, he collapsed while wearing a feather coat during the performance and died at the age of 35.。It is said that he kept thinking of Miho no Matsubara until he died、It ’s a very attractive place.。

Ryohei Suzuki once said on TV, "What is amazing to see is not a World Heritage Site.、What is amazing to know is a World Heritage Site! You said something like、By knowing, Miho's view of Matsubara will change completely.。

This is a shop。There are soba noodles and ramen。It feels like a complete set of noodles。

Contact、Is that in Suruga Bay?

After passing through the pine forest, the sandy beach spread all at once! Be careful not to get sand in your shoes.。

Each person has a great time on the beach。Some people are sitting、Some people take pictures、

Some people are playing with hang riders! Some people were fishing near the Tetrapod.。

Wow ... I can't see Mt. Fuji 😥 It's cloudy before I knew it。Hmm? But when you look closely, you can't see it。

Discover Mt. Fuji, which is faint and blurry! Mt. Fuji that can be seen clearly is also good、This kind of blurring is also nice!

Haguruma Shrine is on the coast。This seems to be the palace of Miho Shrine that will be visited later。The god who descended on the pine tree in Hagoromo heads for the shrine from here through the path of the god.。

When I return to the forest ... Wow、Great person。Just being registered as a World Heritage Site。If Senbonhamamichi in Numazu was registered as a World Heritage Site, it would be so crowded.。

A monument when it was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage Site。Of course English is supported。

Then walk the promenade to Kamagasaki。The child will guide you on the information board 😛

Which way should I go?。Then on the road of pine forest!

Hakushu Kitahara's poem。This person was also visiting here。

Follow the narrow path。People often use bicycle rental。There aren't many people here。Maybe everyone is on the sea road。

Also, Hakushu Kitahara's poem。And it seems that you can join the sea road from here。A little more to Kamagasaki!

There are a lot of white stickers on the pine。Guess something to manage the pine。Because it is registered as a World Heritage Site、I wonder if I have to make some kind of conservation plan。

Further narrow path。

Ah、toilet。Apparently I walked 500m from Hagoromo no Matsu。

arrival! Scenic spot Kamagasaki! It seems that Kamagasaki is a place where Fuji and pine trees are in beautiful harmony on the Hagoromo coast.。but、It's a little cloudy today and unfortunately I can't see Mt. Fuji clearly.。

Outline of the natural park and explanation of prohibited acts such as collection。

Let's follow the manners and go sightseeing。I mean。

Now in、This is the coastal area of ​​Kamagasaki。Let's go to the sandy beach!

Discover the angler!

I went up to Tetrapod。It was pretty big and I had a hard time 😮

Mt. Fuji from Tetrapod ... I want to call it, but it's cloudy than before and I can't see Mt. Fuji at all (laughs), so I gave up and returned to the pine forest.。Let's have a nice day when we visit next time。

Now、From here, head to Miho Shrine。It's easier to understand after returning to Hagoromo no Matsu.、Shortcut from here! This is the road behind the toilet。

It seems that this is Hagoromo East Park。

Go straight through the residential area。No longer pass by anyone。Just the back road。

500If you walk about m、Almost there! Torii of the shrine!

I'm arriving。This is the holy place where God is。

It is written as Miho Shrine。Is this the official name?。Generally it is Miho Shrine。

Well common description。The main deity is Takami Omi (Oonamuchinomikoto)。Takami Omi is the name of the god who first unified Japan in Izumo.。I was surprised that the famous god was enshrined so far.。

Let's go to the main shrine。

Eating and drinking is strictly prohibited。Good manners!

This is the main shrine。I put in a 5-yen coin and worshiped。

Well、Easy delivery、Is it not related to parenting or child treasure?。Through 🙄

Leave the shrine and return to Hagoromo no Matsu。On the way back from this god's way。It's on the right side。Don't walk in the middle。Because the center is where God walks。

Pine forest on both sides。There are some pine cones,、The caretaker was picking it up。I manage it carefully so as not to spoil the scenery.。

Cars are lining up。It looks like they are lined up to enter the parking lot。Is it better to use a temporary parking lot?

goal! Finally arrived Hagoromo no Matsu entrance。

The entrance on this side looks like this。There are various information boards。

Hagoromo Hotel。The hotel is right in front of Miho no Matsubara。The location is good

The entrance to Hagoromo no Matsu from the way of God。There is also a drinking fountain。

Now、Climb here to find the UNESCO monument! I walked quite a bit, but it was fun! I want to write an article about Mt. Fuji someday。

Visitors at the Yui shrimp festival and 30 minutes by car -

Also, but I wanted the introduction of Numazu this time、Since I wrote the NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu article、Let's wrote about the shrimp festival of Yui in the momentum! Actually I, but I was going to post an article in accordance with the holding period of the next year 😀

Do you know the shrimp? Shrimp twice a year in spring (March end-June start) and autumn (end December to end of October) is has become a season、There is a feature that is landed during the night。

Shrimp other Suruga Bay、Sagami Bay and it seems to be inhabited in Tokyo Bay、100% Suruga Bay production is domestic shrimp for only Shizuoka Prefecture only have been observed fishing in Japan。Is there a such as Taiwan production If you do not particular about the domestic。But、Again Suruga Bay production is delicious sweet!

2017Year of May 3, 8:00From 14:00It is what ...... until it actually did not know this information。Shrimp festival has been performed to happen to this day If you just stop by to Yui thinking of buying a shrimp。Really huge amount by chance、It was Miracle 🙂 Naa anxious me this Sakura Yui。

Shrimp festival of Yui that uses a public institution such as a train so crowded very Gil。However、Because today, as described above I did not know that it this day I have come by car。so、Somehow we were able to stop in this Yui elementary school。It seems to be a temporary parking lot。Parking is there is memory, such as was around 500 yen but it is not clear。It's good to not have to introduce the access way is? It's Yui Station of the Tokaido Line if the train、Just get off at Yui of the Tomei Expressway if by car。You'll never get lost because the signs are out if me up there。

Because on the way to Yui Port like a there is a free market Let's stop by! Also to say a dry landscape。

It respectable gate!It is histidinol Institute。Now let's bother you 😀

There was a flea market in front of the entrance of the temple。Demonstration of magic products The most interesting among them! Things that show me the magic in magic items made by hand。Like apprentices's your teacher had demonstrated this year、Your teacher Ms. had been watching in the next。It was delicious unbelievably disciple。Because it was 100 yen in the three thank you I got amused also I bought including 🙂

It is the entrance of the building。Emergency rush!

Building, of course shoes strictly prohibited。There was also a paid service that drink green tea。It also has a quaint to slow in the Japanese-style room with a view this kind of dry landscape 😮

Mimamori Jizo。I am somehow happy face。

It will head to the venue of the shrimp festival and after the temple。Shops will begin to appear from just around the corner to the right。

Suddenly have more people 😯 is a participant in the Minna shrimp festival!

The name of this street is "Yui shrimp Street"。Manma That's。

Come crowded more and more closer to the venue。Increase the number of stalls in the shoulder。We will proceed sew between the crowd is from around here。

Yui fishing port or left! Seems Yui Station of JR Tokai and straight。In other words、Confluence of here car and train。

When you pass through under guard

Harbor in front of the eyes! Let's take the slogan of the location of "It's an earthquake! 'S tsunami! It run away!" First to the left。Since there seems to beach of oysters and Shitaya immediately First from there。

Sakuraebisoba。Now and I wonder if you line up to eat! !

What this matrix ......

Resigned。I gave up because ...... here also crowded but I was trying to Yolo to the toilet 💡

Direct sale place is it seems to be a good night。Shrimp is seems to focus on buckwheat。Soryassokka Irya and can Andake matrix。

Ah、I not a previous advances from here。So back up to the slogan of "It's a tsunami! ..."、Let's go to the right direction of the venue!

It's something was really matrix can be seen。I'm still of person is that?

It was after all a person's matrix。Here it seems to end。Hmm? Present? ? Datte'm giving away at what gifts or heard When the shrimp free? ! Although I knew later、The shrimp festival of Yui by handing out gifts to four times a day for free、The two of them shrimp、And two more times raw Shirasu、That of the。I wonder there is no patience to line up in the ...... indeed this matrix Hmmm

Proceeding by me。This is of the Self-Defense Forces mascot character "Shizupon"。Title is、Head of Sales and cheerleader of the Self-Defense Forces Shizuoka regional cooperation headquarters。The children had to commemorate taken in conjunction with this。The body oranges。Both hands tea、Feet Toka means the black halves。Shrimp seems to me rushed to the support of the festival 🙂

Tanks were also there。This is also popular with children! In particular wonder if boys were many。To receive man after all this kind of is。

Finally arrived、Shrimp is the festival of the venue! ! It is arranged here for is the customer's paid 😉

Catching of fish。Children were playing。It's good like this experience。Ah ~、By the way, we are also doing experience on board of shrimp。Moreover, 200 yen fee only! ! Although a limit of more than elementary school students comes with、I enjoyed the sunny day。

The I poster of Yui Sakura is whether this guy! ! Was surrounded by popular at last we found 😀 children。Yui is the town loose of belonging characters Chamber of Commerce but、Or something are participating in the loose in cheeky characters Grand Prix。

You children are put something in the cheeks of Yui。It was this after commemorative photo。

It is a concert venue。Just it did place which is showing off a solo guitar song。Points that can be rest sitting in a little hot but chair。

I、It would be a great success? Also no wonder because visit many from outside the prefecture。What today of the estimated number of visitors seems to have been 70,000 people? ! The population of Yui is considering that I 8,500、About 8 times the people of the people who live Hey is not coming from outside 😯

I packed all-you-can corner? Tea aside、Great I shiitake mushroom filling all-you-can。

Landscape from Yui Port。- the body that was accustomed to busy day-to-day in the city is healed 😳

Ah、We are caught in a police car。The person who was looking to stop the car so that the concert is performed under that guard must have been done in Chukin。You know the feeling、Let's enjoy the shrimp festival properly observe the traffic rules!


Numazu tourism ~ NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu -

Numazu famous as one of the superb view point Suruga Bay Numazu SA that NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu。NEOPASA will read the Neopasa。Just because like are also doing this time Love live Sunshine of events Chaimashou this opportunity to introduce!

Now、NEOPASA Suruga Bay arrived in Numazu。I hate the service area ......、It is strictly speaking NEOPASA。Official website of NEOPASAIf you quote some from、

"NEOPASA (Neopasa)" is、Based on the new concept advanced and、Facility scale so that the best user experience to our customers a wide variety of needs、Business conditions and facilities located、It is a commercial facility that created from scratch with a new design concept up to the orchards plan。

And、NEO is "new and advanced"、"PA" PA is of parking、SA is that of the "SA" of the service area。And NEOPASA is a five in total、As their concept the following。

name concept
NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu Resort Mind
NEOPASA Shimizu Car Life Community Park
NEOPASA Hamamatsu Landscape with sound
NEOPASA Shizuoka Heart Full oasis
NEOPASA Okazaki Okazaki accommodation and forests of the entrance

Although I have visited all of the above、It is Numazu Suruga Bay still the best of love is。It views is good!

Alright、This NEOPASA and was able to visit from outside of the Tomei Expressway、This time, we have entrance from outside。further、You can also enter and exit if the ETC-equipped vehicles from here to the highway。

And I got out of the car to the inlet。that? Is something strange banners。

Ah、I This is an event introduction of Love live Sunshine。2017It sounds like you're doing until September 3 year。If the fans do not miss!

I found these kind of things before entering into the。I Dog Cafe。Also consideration that slowly can break you were friendly pet。Indeed Resort mind!

There are Information Center Once inside。From a two-story, but First of all the first floor。

Kore is there on the first floor of the middle。I No But we are attached to the eye(^-^;Considerable audience during already was like have become goods shop of Love live Sunshine is。Weekdays (though there is in the summer vacation) Yet it amazing。Wonder will happen Toka Obon。

On the side is such MAP。Is this would be the so-called Holy Land pilgrimage MAP。Tourist destination from Numazu Station to Uchiura、And tall bread and Jutaro oranges have also been introduced。

This is amazing ...... all of the live Sunshine Mini。Moreover, 400 yen once? ! By the way there was to be such the same way as the back。

In the same way as the normal service area there is a souvenir shop。And big is the scale。Specialty of Shizuoka Prefecture not only Numazu is equipped a lot。Jutaro oranges and dried fish of course and to、Shrimp of Yui、Egg pudding、Nekonbu soup etc.。There is also a tasting!

This is the local agricultural products direct sale place。Raw wasabi when saying the Izu! Toka shiitake mushrooms to other、Furthermore, we also sell to flower。Bisshiri also the face of the people of producers towards the back!

Pasha photos because there were interesting things。Seems Fuji specialties that contains the bean jam Tteyuu Fu Fuji。Look-alike wonder if the Akafuku?

Cute animal cookie here that was sold in bakery。Fun just looking 🙂

Nana There was what to Ghibli corner? ! Are you in the middle must have My Neighbor Totoro Mei!

This is the familiar Totoro。Difficult to why shooting in landscape。

Conditioned food court。There is also water server、Here other water、hot water、Genmaicha、Also drink such as roasted green tea。Anchor visible in the center of the screen slightly above (anchor) would do what a hell。

Now、Next to the second floor。

Is in the middle of the wall to go up to the second floor banners of Love live Sunshine Bisshiri!

Immediately welcome anime characters and up the elevator。It has me listed only character of the swamp 😛

In addition your name I thought Bura ...... is。Blu-ray of&It was the announcement POP of DVD 😀

Here was TSUTAYA I thought or bookstore ......。Moreover, collaboration with Starbucks coffee shop。It is a book cafe to read a book with a cup of coffee。

It was a such a mark Speaking。I No this was that the book cafe。

Stuffed towards the back in addition to the Standing picture of 9 characters。It seems things or different type than the guy that lying was ever seen。I There is a note not to touch。

This is a restaurant。The most exclusive shops in perhaps NEOPASA。Its name is "Soranoterasu"。Since the bouillabaisse is not ask serious Toka 2,980 yen 😯

FUJIYAMA COOKIE。I wonder if your local Suites? Well worrisome more than that but I'm a hedgehog stuffed。

Each 2,480 yen There are two types of business well 😀 Aqours Zen multiplied by the animation fish dishes and meat dishes。When Nowak one of the luncheon mat of Love live Sunshine (a total of three) each time to ask this one article。In addition shaved ice is nine at 880 yen each。Presented one type of Puromaido to each ask one and。

Summary、Three Aqours Zen is to collect all (2,480 yen × 3 = 7,440 yen)、It a total of 15,360 yen of the nine shaved ice (880 yen × 9 = 7,920 yen)(^-^;It's so amazing。

The end is this on the second floor。Let's go out!

Suruga Bay! !

This scene is look at the moment that got out! The reason This is what is in Numazu NEOPASA Suruga Bay is popular! Overlook until towards the Osezaki 😀

Like this is the east。It is it looks Kanukiyama and the city of Numazu。Now does not have stopped only one tourist bus has become full it is usually。Nde current time is a weekday early afternoon。

There is also a telescope。100Circle is the array seen a certain period of time to put。Come If you want to look at the landscape and carefully!

so、I wonder if I can not climb up to another place a little high、The discovery that there is a road was overlooking restlessly with! Let's take a walk along the side of the TSUTAYA。

Observatory !

Such is given here ...... that I did not know there is, but I had visited about two times in the past、It had been completely overlooked until now。Out Toka more easy-to-understand guide map or rather?

We will up the narrow stairs。There is one top? !

Arrive at the Lookout! There were already some preceding visitor。Ah ~、I'm not a guy that there is a feeling of opening without a roof even saying Lookout。

Bell has been installed。It seems moreover Naraseru。But it did not rung :-D Whew、In or Let's take a look at most of the spectacular views in NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu。 

Oh Oh Oh Oh! The view is good I just became the first floor high! !

More than was the NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu。Finally、Is rid put a photo of Suruga Bay your tea plantation was back from just outside the NEOPASA。

Numazu tourism - Kanukiyama (Part) -

We aim to observatory from summit。Down once、In addition it will climb。The summit after while watching a bee in courses followed in front of the people (a family of parents and children encountered the end of the previous article)。I since the probability also reduce the bite The more number of people! !

It came out in the suddenly wide road and go down the mountain road of one road。Ah、There are signs of Meotoiwa。It sounds like someone who wrote had not written me summit。Such place is Naa'm subtly cruel 😕 to the right direction。

Summit looks turned around behind。I wonder if much was down a little?

Such signboard approaches the observatory is。The main wild birds found in Kanukiyama。I'm living Nante pheasant(^-^;I did not know because I had never ever seen。In reference to this it is better to Bird Watching。

Road that leads to the observatory、And routes to visit all round using just wide road、There was a route that goes up the stairs。Let's continue in front of the couple。

Arrive at the Lookout! Here seems attached also named Kanukiyama park。It keeps that has been fairly To good condition but I did not so fine the old days。Here to please those who have been put up since the toilet is installed。

First the vicinity search。I found for this object。Now in、This is I wonder what? ……In front of、Let's look down because I wanted to see the scenery。

The Numazu! The weather is to say、Suruga Bay overlooking!

Well do you want to return to the earlier of silver objects。It seems that Red Cross service team of Numazu is made to pray for peace。You mean 1977 is I wonder if such that I had built from that time? ? To met you but I wonder ...... maybe even when climbing the old days。

When I look into the medium is the model of Numazu。Peace and integrally with leads of this model? ?

Fuji side as seen from the back side of the peace object。Five-story pagoda at the bottom just a little bit from the center can be seen! What has been so walk。

I wonder can not see Mount Fuji is a little wearing the bulk of the cloud top。Let's take a look again later crushed a little time。

Here it's specified in the Izu Peninsula Geopark。This is also the first time knew。What's this Izu Peninsula Geopark、That of thought to think the entire Izu Peninsula, is that it is one big park。At present, it has been approved for membership in the Japan Geopark Network、We're with the aim of certification to the world Geopark in the future。

The history of the formation of the Izu Peninsula is are described wonder if the world Geopark also're also English-speaking is related。

Finally let up in the observatory since finished a walk around pretty much。

Observatory of this is Kanukiyama。Shibaju If you look at the Toka mapLookout How can be displayed (Shibazumi outlook large) and、That nowhere in Numazu homepage not on that name。What does it mean? Fact that could be active as a radio relay tower that not surprisingly known。

It is from the observatory I seen a large panorama of 360 °! Try to shoot by shifting the angle little by little from here! First Shizuura-Uchiura direction。I There is a sense of relief than when viewed from the summit。

Numazu Port。Mihonomatsubara you will see which is also a World Heritage Site on the other side of the Suruga Bay。

Numazu Station Fuji direction。It is seen that there has been remarkably high buildings near the station。

Shoot Fuji tilted at a slight angle。

East side。Although the summit is visible、To feel that does not change so much in height manner。

And finally Mount Fuji。I wonder if a little higher than the location where you just shoot? Unfortunately Fuji I waited about an hour did not you put a face。Much like this。I wonder I wonder constantly being made clouds probably in the west side of Mount Fuji (the left side in terms of the photos)。You next time also Koyo at that!

I want also seen beautiful night view from the observatory。Kanukiyama is、It was like became a filming location of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time、Made up there were many that had visited to see the night view。

Please to go to visit the Kanukiyama is when it all means visit to Numazu!

Numazu tourism - Kanukiyama (Part) -

Those who almost come to tourism in Numazu might tourist to the main Numazu Port。But、I personally would like to recommend Kanukiyama of Numazu Alps north end。Although this mountain altitude is not so high because the 193m which is formed by undersea volcano、Numazu overlooks pretty because of the low building。Be Well the thing I countryside if the bad words? From the Izu Peninsula Suruga Bay、There is a further superb view point overlooking all up to Mount Fuji。

From the access method of the First to Kanukiyama。Route to climb Kanukiyama is I have a lot but、This time I would like to introduce those that go most efficiently。It is a red line in the above route。

The starting point is Numazu Station。What、You can go by car to the five-story pagoda from there falls Kanukiyama 5th! Your peace of mind because the confusing thing about the guide with photos。

To begin with、Here is the portion indicated with a yellow star on the map。Turn left where there is a signpost of the mountain trail of Kanukiyama。

Bokusui Wakayama Do you remember? It was introduced in a previous articleBokusui Wakayama MemorialIt is the people。People have forgotten、Or the first time those who visited this blog purchase decisions refer to the hyperlink destination。

Straight through this intersection。But it seems also like a dead end、Please be assured that properly road has led。

That will gradually altitude is higher and go up the mountain road。

Like this is the way。Since coming and quite troublesome oncoming vehicle towards the large vehicles, please note。So as not to earnestly skipped。Safe driving safe driving。You might will die if the poor Once fell 😥

It will continue to climb as it is a few minutes。Ah、Really, but it's good anyhow、Although I myself went to the place Tteyuu Numazu Municipal fourth junior high school at the foot of this mountain、It was well climbing up and down this road is in class Toka extracurricular activities of the school of physical education。It's destination is a place of the five-story pagoda to introduce in the photo from the following。

Parking will appear to open the way。And many cars are already parked、Free is absolutely just 🙂 Toka parking fee that space was good to have free to be Tomah just one。so、Up to this shame is to take the car while the。We will walk from here。Well, it kind of rubbed me the hill-climbing?

Hereabouts in you luck breath。This is the Kanukiyama 5th。Where it becomes the destination of a local elementary school excursion。This incense Ling stand in a place that has been written me free resting place I was selling souvenir Toka long ago Ramune Toka sweets、I wonder if is closed now? Rumors also I have heard or something to extraordinary business if the time of the April cherry blossoms、I wonder what about。

Oh! It is doing a picnic! ! Hey from vantage good 🙂 I monument next to this tent it is a monument of Bokusui Wakayama。Guide plate guy that had been written in the foot。

Here is the view from here。Enough good scenery ......

but 、

It should be seen more good views from the observation deck!

The five-story pagoda This is the memorial to the war dead of Kanukiyama specialties。It will be green to light up at night。Looking at the Kanukiyama from Numazu city the situation is, please take a look because it is seen beautiful!

Here to please the anxious one because there is a toilet。Sorry so can not toilet break for a while。

First, let's go with the aim summit! Single-mindedly climbing route on the right side of the route is the road the car can pass (general car fly is prohibited) in this branch。Left of stairs climbing route。Of course it is climbing route this time。Weak a little worrying about things like insect 😐

We will up this kind of place。Because the road is once developed in such a feeling it is adapted to climb even for beginners。There is also possible to pass each other and the occasional parent-child group。

Maybe good for children of experiential learning so that standing also Description Board of the plant in the middle。I also phillyraeoides、I learned 🙂

We arrived at the branch point。It incenses Ling stand on the front side of've climbed now。Since the left side of the incense Ling table is a road from another root of Kanukiyama climbing to the summit, observatory。

Drinking fountains have been installed in some places。Forgot your water bottle, please use to dehydration and heatstroke measures。

Fee。Look only a little climbed 😎 Kano River and Mount Fuji so far。Ahead is still long!

branch point。To the left because toward the summit。The I right junction is、Will that mean the confluence of the road that have been down through the summit in the route leading to the left of the summit?

A little view got better。Numazu city is An'nani small? ! I there feeling climbed pretty!

Oh! Roughening or Lookout! ! But、First, I have a little wait because going to the summit!

Cherry tree planting of。Contact、Numazu Municipal fourth elementary school and fourth middle school of my alma mater also are participating! Natural Chaa natural Tsu because it is at the foot。Since 2011 new ...... wonder if Speaking fairly new? It's more than five years ago 😛

Nanzo This。Meotoiwa。

Left women right in the husband? It seems there are some these rocks spot in this Kanukiyama。so、Note that this is the case you wanted to arrive follow in Meotoiwa often choppy on the way signposted。You can anyway arrival if traced the path of this blog street!

Yoshino cherry tree。In spring I cherry blossoms in full bloom。Also you can cherry-blossom viewing at the earlier of the five-story pagoda 😀

I、Probably there is no sign of Meotoiwa? It is as good anyhow、GO to the summit

Here also to the right。Furthermore, although the other side of the new Sakuradai I enjoy there is athletic of Sakuradai、A bit far from here。If'm also going to the left there is a time and physical strength、Round-trip in one hour or more, I wonder if not you take。

Finally arrived、It summit! 193m point。But the handwriting is a little mind for the time being the first objective is achieved! This is the top of the Numazu Alps northernmost Kanukiyama!

Dubious tower on the summit。I wonder whether Observatory something such of。Encounter with the parents and children the way here。With it、Because it was Hachigai was a little scared 😡

This is the summit! It becomes the scenery from the highest place in Kanukiyama! Do not overlook only Shizuura-Uchiura direction with many trees around unfortunately、But there is a sense of accomplishment, which has climbed up to here as long look at this sight! It is reflected also Awashima towards the center slightly left。

Since the article has been longer up to here。Next time, go to the observatory。

Numazu Kano River fireworks, Numazu Summer Festival - Day 2 -

Numazu of Kano River fireworks display also the second day。Compared to the first day it will reduce the annual participant。Well it because it is easy to participate better on Saturday than Sunday 🙂 today Jindoru a nearby fireworks launching pad to see the Niagara, which was observed yesterday! At the yellow ◎ of the following map specifically。

Or near Ayumi Bridge other than a fee bleachers、Or location of the selected near the Perpetual Bridge this time I think it good。Since the top of the Perpetual Bridge is a standing ban、It is a good idea above location that contains little in the transverse。

But I just want to immediately go to the fireworks display ......、In the morning so much trouble that from also look at how the incense Ling ground that Koryou Square。What about today but I had a lot yesterday。Exciting 😀

The other exhibitors this time because the love live Sunshine-related introduction has become the main in the previous article。Local high school had been exhibited。Numazu Commercial High School、Numazu Technical High School、And It is Numazukogyokotosenmongakko。This is Numazu Technical High School、Dashimono of commonly known as swamp Engineering (bran Mako will)。Experience corner to create a bridge of bricks。And it is just finished a bridge of bricks was taking photos、Where we are standing on a bridge lined with children in order to try the endurance。

But I was looking for a while、It seems to make a safe sturdy brick bridge without collapse!

Here also Dashimono of swamp Engineering。Chair making experience。Fee is 500 yen。Like just the audience did not come。The chat Torare towards the bricks? But I wanted to also introduce other schools、By just like was no audience is。Numazukogyokotosenmongakko this and the technical college is I was doing made creation of the robot experience but、Was not doing anything not fit unfortunately time。I came back and got only school guide。

When、Here it has been called out to the business's selling suddenly walk of tall bread。Those of price 170 yen、Me and things are what sold at 100 yen? ! I wonder would I had left over too much to make? Certainly But cheap it declined because i was not hungry。I wonder I should me to unplug lunch 😥

Here is the event venue。A lot of seats vacant ...... we do not have Kankodori changes hit the yesterday。Apparently Tarashiku come voice of noon to love live Sunshine of the day、Toka had once customers is closed from it ends。We were allowed a little rest sitting in a chair vacant since the long-awaited。

You can buy one made jewel of the Fallen use that has been able to matrix yesterday in the wait time is zero if now。It is a little lonely softening。

PET bottles dedicated trash in this civic center。It is amazing sales 😮 surprise。

Alright、Let's will complete the time until the fireworks just before the start!

Landscape here was taken from the location where encamped this time。Niagara will have grown toward the Perpetual Bridge here from the other side of the Onaribashi。How can people in love live Sunshine fans had a some places up to when you arrive here、I have me at a location When you go closer to the nearby try to see the fireworks。Thanks to the kindness! 🙂

Fireworks Day 2 start!

Fireworks to see up close and personal than yesterday are very powerful。Above all the great sound! Fireworks shines at the same time Dawn! ! There is a sense of realism with the feeling that resonate with belly。Although it sounds is heard at a later time from glowing with the distance away、After all shiny and good is better to hear a sound at the same time!

Red、Greenery、Decorate the night sky in yellow and various colors。

Collaboration with Onaribashi and the Kano River and fireworks

This was the most powerful。And fireworks Bambang in a row、Followed by many layers overlap sprinkle scatter sound while producing light、It will be repeated many times。All at once to the applause went up when the fireworks get settled down。

Kano River which was brightly lit fireworks

A lot of people also on the Eitai Bridge。Although those of security (maybe the police kana?) Has lifted the voice as "Please do not Tachidomara on the bridge!"、I do not have anymore anyone heard(^-^; Ah、By the way, I have taken because this place is a okay to stop and your peace of mind。Some people sitting bring the chair I bought many people。

Water fireworks。...... this is done and echoed a sudden during the shout of women Kano River、Songs flow、Large cheer from nearby? ! The population was wearing a T-shirt of the anime went closer and Walla Walla to earlier。People around us begins to the "that? I'm not trying to come idle" like a story。

It does not seen from here、It seems to have been animated voice our performance along with the fireworks of Love live Sunshine。It is a surprise in that there was so much influence on until the。

Second half of the season start!

Last of Niagara will begin。People who were watching the fireworks at the back and Niagara starts also have gathered along the shore。Kindness sore that the person who had the anime fan in the next at this timing make room in the back of the grandmother 😯

To gradually Eitai Bridge side

I came up here!

Ah ~、Or up to here。The other was a little I wanted to come up here 😥

Finale Niagara at the same time raised continuous fireworks。Even so, the great smoke。


Numazu Kano River fireworks display over the two days of the one time I have finished the year。I wonder if Let's take a look at from the observation deck of Kanukiyama next year。