Numazu tourism - Kanukiyama (Part) -

We aim to observatory from summit。Down once、In addition it will climb。The summit after while watching a bee in courses followed in front of the people (a family of parents and children encountered the end of the previous article)。I since the probability also reduce the bite The more number of people! !

It came out in the suddenly wide road and go down the mountain road of one road。Ah、There are signs of Meotoiwa。It sounds like someone who wrote had not written me summit。Such place is Naa'm subtly cruel 😕 to the right direction。

Summit looks turned around behind。I wonder if much was down a little?

Such signboard approaches the observatory is。The main wild birds found in Kanukiyama。I'm living Nante pheasant(^-^;I did not know because I had never ever seen。In reference to this it is better to Bird Watching。

Road that leads to the observatory、And routes to visit all round using just wide road、There was a route that goes up the stairs。Let's continue in front of the couple。

Arrive at the Lookout! Here seems attached also named Kanukiyama park。It keeps that has been fairly To good condition but I did not so fine the old days。Here to please those who have been put up since the toilet is installed。

First the vicinity search。I found for this object。Now in、This is I wonder what? ……In front of、Let's look down because I wanted to see the scenery。

The Numazu! The weather is to say、Suruga Bay overlooking!

Well do you want to return to the earlier of silver objects。It seems that Red Cross service team of Numazu is made to pray for peace。You mean 1977 is I wonder if such that I had built from that time? ? To met you but I wonder ...... maybe even when climbing the old days。

When I look into the medium is the model of Numazu。Peace and integrally with leads of this model? ?

Fuji side as seen from the back side of the peace object。Five-story pagoda at the bottom just a little bit from the center can be seen! What has been so walk。

I wonder can not see Mount Fuji is a little wearing the bulk of the cloud top。Let's take a look again later crushed a little time。

Here it's specified in the Izu Peninsula Geopark。This is also the first time knew。What's this Izu Peninsula Geopark、That of thought to think the entire Izu Peninsula, is that it is one big park。At present, it has been approved for membership in the Japan Geopark Network、We're with the aim of certification to the world Geopark in the future。

The history of the formation of the Izu Peninsula is are described wonder if the world Geopark also're also English-speaking is related。

Finally let up in the observatory since finished a walk around pretty much。

Observatory of this is Kanukiyama。Shibaju If you look at the Toka mapLookout How can be displayed (Shibazumi outlook large) and、That nowhere in Numazu homepage not on that name。What does it mean? Fact that could be active as a radio relay tower that not surprisingly known。

It is from the observatory I seen a large panorama of 360 °! Try to shoot by shifting the angle little by little from here! First Shizuura-Uchiura direction。I There is a sense of relief than when viewed from the summit。

Numazu Port。Mihonomatsubara you will see which is also a World Heritage Site on the other side of the Suruga Bay。

Numazu Station Fuji direction。It is seen that there has been remarkably high buildings near the station。

Shoot Fuji tilted at a slight angle。

East side。Although the summit is visible、To feel that does not change so much in height manner。

And finally Mount Fuji。I wonder if a little higher than the location where you just shoot? Unfortunately Fuji I waited about an hour did not you put a face。Much like this。I wonder I wonder constantly being made clouds probably in the west side of Mount Fuji (the left side in terms of the photos)。You next time also Koyo at that!

I want also seen beautiful night view from the observatory。Kanukiyama is、It was like became a filming location of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time、Made up there were many that had visited to see the night view。

Please to go to visit the Kanukiyama is when it all means visit to Numazu!

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