World Heritage "Royal Exhibition Hall" and the modern structure behind it "Melbourne Museum"

After roaming the Carlton Gardens in search of Opossum、The last time I found the Royal Exhibition Hall。This time we will introduce the Royal Exhibition Hall and the Melbourne Museum。


Walking map "Royal Exhibition Hall to Melbourne Museum"

Positional relationship between the Carlton Gardens, the Royal Exhibition Center and the Melbourne Museum。The Royal Exhibition Hall in the Carlton Gardens、Behind it is the Melbourne Museum。You can see 3 places at once, so it's highly efficient!


To the entrance of the Royal Exhibition Hall

This time start from here。World heritage "Royal Exhibition Hall"。

World heritage seen from an angle。It's raining so the ground is wet。

Royal Exhibition Hall and Carleton Garden Stele。It's raining so I have no time to read。I want to quickly enter the eaves of the building。

There are many cars in the parking lot。In fact, today's event is held inside the Royal Exhibition Hall.。


Design exhibition held at the Royal Exhibition Hall

World heritage has a solemn atmosphere、As the name suggests, the Royal Exhibition Hall is still used as an exhibition hall and event venue.。It seems that the entrance fee is $ 2。

Into the world heritage。Full of people。Well it's $ 2。

From here it seems that you can not enter unless you pay $ 2。This time I will hurry up so I will make a U turn here without going inside。Do you usually put it in for free?

This is the back of the exhibition hall。This is relatively quiet。


To the Melbourne Museum behind the Royal Exhibition Hall

The Melbourne Museum is just off the North Exit of the Royal Exhibition Hall。

That is the entrance to the Melbourne Museum。It's raining so let's get in early。

It's a stylish building


Melbourne Museum entrance

From the outside there seemed to be few people、People were lined up at the ticket office。The price is $ 14 for an adult when I visit。And as of June 2020, it ’s $ 15.。Since the ticket price like this goes up year by year、Before you visitOfficial websiteLet's check with。

16It's nice that children under the age of are free

Shark object decorated at the entrance。Many other sea creatures are also displayed.。

Early planes。Mannequin is on board。

Many children except downstairs。Is it a local elementary school?。16Free admission for children under age, so it's easy to get a school on the route。


Stroll around the Melbourne Museum

I'm not going to enter the pay area of ​​the museum this time、I will try various walks in other areas。First, go downstairs on the escalator。

Some stone monument outside the glass。

Bring the shark closer to here。Each tooth is built up。


Leaving the melbourne museum

After all it was too difficult to go around for free ...。There were also such objects around the museum。

Well then, the World Heritage & Melbourne Museum sightseeing is over! Next time further north。Let's go to the University of Melbourne。

To the World Heritage Site "Royal Exhibition Hall and Carlton Gardens" in central Melbourne

World Cultural Heritage in SydneySydney Opera HouseWas also in a place that was easy to access.、Melbourne also has a World Heritage Site in the center of the city。That is the "Royal Exhibition Hall and Carlton Gardens" introduced this time.。

Actually、I was n’t walking around looking for this World Heritage Site、If I happened to be walking, it felt like I had arrived.。


Walking mapRoyalExhibition Hall and Carlton Garden ”

The Royal Exhibition Hall and Carlton Gardens、Previous article "Free tour is not possible? ! However, the Victorian Parliament Building can be visited by a free tourVery close to the Victorian Capitol。A little walking around Melbourne Central Station、Find Old Melbourne Gaol、After that, if I happened to go north, I would have arrived here.。


Go to Old Melbourne Gaol

Urouro in the center of Melbourne。It's Christmas so you can see Santa Claus and Christmas trees everywhere。

Suddenly I found a sign like this so in the direction of the arrow for the time being

This is like the entrance。There are few tourists because it rains。By the way, the entrance fee here is 28 AUD (about 2,000-2,500 yen)!

Actually、If you want to enjoy Melbourne with all your might,iVenture CardIs recommended to purchase。Especially if you have 3 days, buy a 3day Pass、You can travel to most of Melbourne's famous tourist destinations with a free pass。

This little door is like an entrance。I did not enter this time。Have fun until the next time you visit Melbourne!


From the Old Melbourne Gaol to the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens

Cross the pillar-shaped monument that the West likes

And after leaving the skyscraper which is still being expanded

While looking at Seven-Eleven sideways

When I crossed the main street, I could see the Carlton Garden


Carlton Gardens

This is the entrance to the Carlton Gardens、When I took this picture、I thought it was just a park。

The first time I realized that this was the World Heritage Carlton Garden, when I saw this information board。I didn't know that it was in such a city。

And as usual, severe manners。Bicycle riding is strictly prohibited、Put the lead on the dog、10km limit、And it is strictly prohibited to feed animals such as Opossum ... Can you see Opossum in this garden? ?

Start searching for Opossum! I have encountered Tasmanian Devil and Wombat in Tasmania so far、I remember that I haven't seen Opossum yet。

I've walked around a lot, but none at all ... I can't even see a squirrel or a rabbit, let alone Opossum ...


Wang Li Exhibition Hall (Royal Exhibition Building)

I walked around but I couldn't find it after all、Finally I came to the front of the Royal Exhibition Hall。After all, it's raining, so maybe animals are staying in the rain too.。

Even so, the Royal Exhibition Hall is huge。This kind of historical building in the city、It reminds me of Buckingham Palace in London.。


Despite the introduction of world heritage, Opossum became the main in the second half。next time、Walk around the Royal Exhibition Hall。

Free tour is not possible? ! However, the Victorian Parliament Building can be visited by a free tour

A 5-minute walk from St. Patrick's Cathedral will take you to the Victorian Capitol。


Walking map "From St. Patrick's Cathedral to Victoria State Capitol (From St). Patrick’s Cathedral to Parliament House)』

As you see the scale of the map、Immediate arrival from St. Patrick's Cathedral to the Victorian Capitol。Melbourne is close to tourist spots, so it's easy to see.。


Passing through Parliament Gardens

Cut through Parliament Gardens, also known as Parliament Gardens, for a shortcut to the State Capitol。It seems that there are usually many people、Unfortunately there is no one because of the rain。

The object in the center is、It seems that water is usually spouted like a shower。

St. Patrick's Cathedral can be seen over there。It would have been a nice view if it was sunny。

The Princess Theater on the other side of the street。The spelling of the theater is Theater in British English and Theater in American English, isn't it?

Bicycles are not allowed in this parliament garden、Also, it seems that walking dogs without leads is also prohibited.。Strict manners。

A trash can that is always installed in such public places。I think Japan is really inconvenient。


Arrive at Victoria State Capitol

As soon as you turn left on the main street, you will see a building like that on your left.。This is the Victorian Capitol, our destination。It seems that it is still used as a parliament。

Everyone seems to be taking shelter from the rain because it is raining。

Parliament of Victoria。Victorian Parliament Building。This state of Victoria is the name of the state to which Melbourne belongs.。By the way, Sydney belongs to New South Wales。

Shall we go up the stairs now?。


The facility can only be viewed on a free tour

You can't freely tour the interior of the Victorian Capitol,、Instead you can enter with a free tour。

Free tour only on weekdays。Approximately 9:30From 2:30Will be held every hour。I didn't participate in the tour this time because I wanted to do other sightseeing.。If you come to Melbourne next time、I want to participate at that time。


This is the end of sightseeing in the Victorian Capitol

This Victorian Capitol is a European building。Well, it is Australia that became independent from England, so it may have left the atmosphere of Europe in some places.。

View from the front of the entrance。If you go straight on this road, you can reach Southern Cross Station.。

Now、I'm in a hurry so it's time to leave the Victorian Capitol。My clothes are getting wet and it's getting a little cold.。

Finally, I took a picture of the Victorian Capitol and St. Patrick's Cathedral.。


Next time, let's visit Melbourne's World Heritage Site "Carlton Gardens"。