Free tour is not possible? ! However, the Victorian Parliament Building can be visited by a free tour

A 5-minute walk from St. Patrick's Cathedral will take you to the Victorian Capitol。


Walking map "From St. Patrick's Cathedral to Victoria State Capitol (From St). Patrick’s Cathedral to Parliament House)』

As you see the scale of the map、Immediate arrival from St. Patrick's Cathedral to the Victorian Capitol。Melbourne is close to tourist spots, so it's easy to see.。


Passing through Parliament Gardens

Cut through Parliament Gardens, also known as Parliament Gardens, for a shortcut to the State Capitol。It seems that there are usually many people、Unfortunately there is no one because of the rain。

The object in the center is、It seems that water is usually spouted like a shower。

St. Patrick's Cathedral can be seen over there。It would have been a nice view if it was sunny。

The Princess Theater on the other side of the street。The spelling of the theater is Theater in British English and Theater in American English, isn't it?

Bicycles are not allowed in this parliament garden、Also, it seems that walking dogs without leads is also prohibited.。Strict manners。

A trash can that is always installed in such public places。I think Japan is really inconvenient。


Arrive at Victoria State Capitol

As soon as you turn left on the main street, you will see a building like that on your left.。This is the Victorian Capitol, our destination。It seems that it is still used as a parliament。

Everyone seems to be taking shelter from the rain because it is raining。

Parliament of Victoria。Victorian Parliament Building。This state of Victoria is the name of the state to which Melbourne belongs.。By the way, Sydney belongs to New South Wales。

Shall we go up the stairs now?。


The facility can only be viewed on a free tour

You can't freely tour the interior of the Victorian Capitol,、Instead you can enter with a free tour。

Free tour only on weekdays。Approximately 9:30From 2:30Will be held every hour。I didn't participate in the tour this time because I wanted to do other sightseeing.。If you come to Melbourne next time、I want to participate at that time。


This is the end of sightseeing in the Victorian Capitol

This Victorian Capitol is a European building。Well, it is Australia that became independent from England, so it may have left the atmosphere of Europe in some places.。

View from the front of the entrance。If you go straight on this road, you can reach Southern Cross Station.。

Now、I'm in a hurry so it's time to leave the Victorian Capitol。My clothes are getting wet and it's getting a little cold.。

Finally, I took a picture of the Victorian Capitol and St. Patrick's Cathedral.。


Next time, let's visit Melbourne's World Heritage Site "Carlton Gardens"。

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