Born in Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture。Just before the generations to become a clear generation。World Heritage Mania。

Without particularly want to do anything until the high school students、I did not have what you want to do in the future。However、The growing interest of overseas a brochure of the UK study that had been placed in front of the course Shidoshitsu at the time of the third year of high school from where it was in the eyes。The reason why the United Kingdom、But it would simply is that the United Kingdom in the heart high school students there was somehow brackets that looks good image。

System does not himself to studying for entrance examinations after the brochure to the eye、Annihilated the university issued a course application form without also should be able to, such as studying for entrance examinations in such a state。after that、Ronin is through a vocational school to study abroad without listening of English、reading、I thoroughly studied lighting。In particular, since the lighting did not learn in high school、The other hand, such as how to write a short essay was interesting a fresh、It was very hard。

After graduating from the domestic school、I was studying in university press cool of the United Kingdom。Fresh all where it is。All shopping in the course town teaching English。English also from home to home。Beginning in the state inaudible also "raining" of local people、Also got me thinking about the meaning of English learning that he came。

Enter the summer vacation in such a feeling、1France travel in humans。Or is Sevilla gold、While or witnessed the Sri、Louvre、Triumphal arch、The Eiffel Tower, etc.、There had been widespread landscape as seen on TV。What do I do not know but was very excited。Considering now、Perhaps you wonder because I put myself in the new landscape that is not experienced until then。

It was in England in one year、Then come back to the country, but spent more than 10 years、I would like to travel abroad in the phrase chance。It's bitter memories after a long time in the not out middle people phrase even try to speak English。

It had revolved around the country in which English is leading、Hit by the language of the wall made want to go to other regions。Although only it had been considered sufficient English、I noticed the need of learning the local language、Currently, during the learning Russian。Push forward the short-term goal of Russian test tertiary acquisition while struggling to pronounce the difficult grammar。

It significance of the travel that can is a wide range of experience。Look at the various land、Learn a lot of culture、Talking with various people。

The goal of life is、To conquer all of the World Heritage!