High-class luxury inn "ATAMI Sekaie" ② ~ Room introduction ~

ATAMI AtamiIn all 25 rooms、There are 13 rooms in the new building, "Moon Road".。All rooms are suites with an open-air bath、And since the rooms are arranged facing east, you can worship the rising sun from Sagami Bay from all the rooms.。

There are 6 types of ATAMI room types

  • Ocean view superior
  • Ocean view suite
  • Ocean View Premium Moon Road
  • Ocean View Suite Moon Road
  • Ocean view penthouse cloud waves
  • Ocean View Penthouse Moon Road

Among them, "Ocean View Penthouse Cloud Wave" and "Ocean View Penthouse Tsuki no Michi" are special specifications with only one room each.。Especially the latter is because there is a teppanyaki space in the room、Meals will be teppanyaki in the room。Well, it costs more than 300,000 yen per night ...

This time I stayed at "Ocean View Suite Tsuki no Michi" which is the next rank of the cloud wave.。I really liked Japanese food、Tsuki no Michi guests are all iron plate dishes、I stayed the day beforeAtami FufuI ended up having teppanyaki in a row 🙂


Living room and bedroom

The room is entirely east facing and very bright。The size of the room is 78m2Is enough、The rooms are not divided and are continuous, so it feels even bigger.。By the way, a suite in a suite means "a series".、That's exactly the suite room 😆

Living room and bedroom。Wide enough for two people。There is a mysterious healing BGM in the room、Its identity was a CD, even though it was a recorder under the TV.。

Looking from the back of the room, it looks like this。The open-air bath is a little visible on the left.。Hot water is constantly flowing so you can enter it 24 hours a day 🙂

Just in case, from this angle。Just lie down on the bed and you can see the room like this。The room is very clean。

Yukata in each room、Dan Qian、Nightwear、Bathrobes are provided。Yukata was worn before taking a picture, so only other things。Nightwear is only available at luxury inns.。

Made in Peru Alpaca Stole。Atami Fufu's Comfort Suite was cashmere, so I upgraded it! Well, maybe the equipment in the room will change depending on the rank of the room.。That means it may become Vicuna on the Penthouse Moon Road 😆


Minibar & Refrigerator

This is the minibar。Of course, all are free drinks and all are free ... or rather, they are only included in the accommodation fee.。

When you finish using the coffee cups, put them in the luggage delivery box at the entrance and you can exchange them for new ones.。

Please try these 12 types, 3 each, for a total of 36 Nespresso machines! Never drink up(Lol)

Take-free in the refrigerator。Tea confectionery is also chilled。so、What impressed me with this ATAMI was this cup。Because it is a stainless steel cup that is easy to get cold、It goes great with beer! It seems like ...。I don't like beer so much so I had a cup of tea with a chilled cup 😆

There are only 4 coffee cups, but there are a lot of glasses。

Here too ... It's already treated like a part of the room decorations.


Powder room

This is the powder room。The shower room is right next door、The back is an open-air bath。3 sets of bath towels and 3 sets of face towels are provided。But、If you put the used one in the luggage delivery box at the entrance, the butler will exchange it for a new one, so let's use it 😆

Amenity is very substantial。Moreover, lotion、Lotion、Everything up to face washing is an organic collection。I like additive-free organic、If you want another brand (L'Occitane, Paula, etc.), please contact Butler and they will bring it to you.。

This is a face steamer for a face humidifier。Made by Panasonic。I used it after taking a bath because it was a big deal!

Shower room body soap、shampoo、Conditioner is also organic。I'm happy

brush、toothbrush、Shaver is packed。Body towels are not in the public bath、This street room is prepared。

Hairdryer、Curl dryer、It's the same as Atami Fufu that there is a hair iron。


Ocean view guest room open-air bath & balcony

Balcony overlooking Sagami Bay。The foot side of this bed is just east, so the sunrise is set to be visible in front.。

You can see this kind of scenery from the open-air bath。Adjustable hot water。You can feel the most luxurious!

The green is well maintained so as not to block the ocean view。Perhaps the surrounding land is also owned by this inn、I think they are reaping regularly.

It's best to bring things from the fridge to the balcony 🙂


Dawn seen from the guest room open-air bath

If you stay at ATAMI Atami, you should definitely see the sunrise。So this day is 5:00get up。It's about time for the sun to come out of the horizon。

It's a good time to take a bath in the morning and wait for the sun to come out from the horizon.。

It was a little dark so I turned on the outside light。From here, you can see the horizon reflected on the glass of the room, which is wonderful ❕

I heard it was cloudy today, but I'm glad it was sunny 🙂

The sun is about to come out, so take a break on the balcony bed。The best time to eat beer and sweets gracefully ~

It's getting brighter。


Sunrise in Sagami Bay seen from the ocean view suite

The sunrise over Sagami Bay from the room is also the best。This kind of view is rare among the inns in Atami.。

From a slightly different angle。The inside of the room is already brightened by the morning sun.。

Now、I'm hungry so let's wait for the sunrise while eating sweets。


Finally the long-awaited sunrise

The sun just rose when I was taking a bath。I've seen the Asahi while taking an open-air bath、It's my first experience to see it in such an elegant mood 🙂

Super luxurious mood。Feelings of monopolizing the sunrise in Sagami Bay ~



From the room again

The day has already risen。Already the time is 6:00Around。

The azure terrace will open soon, so let's head for it.。The sunrise from the azure terrace on the roof is the previous article "High-class luxury inn "ATAMI Sekaie" ① ~ Facility introduction ~As introduced in "!


This completes the room introduction。Next time is the meal time!

High-class luxury inn "ATAMI Sekaie" ① ~ Facility introduction ~

The day after Atami FufuATAMI AtamiStayed at。Atami Fufu cares for me、I took the trouble to tell ATAMI the arrival time。Thank you for following me to the very end 🙂

The owner of this ATAMI Sekaie is Kenichi Ohmae, who wrote the new capital theory.。Because it is always displayed at the top of the popularity on travel reservation sites、Many of you may know。


ATAMI Atami Place

ATAMI Sekaie is about 1.5km from Atami station、The road is quite steep。Because the inn is on the top of the mountain, you have to go up a narrow winding mountain road、It's a little difficult when visiting by private car(^^;Well, if you come by train, it's a problem if you use the pick-up service.。


ATAMI Atami entrance

As you go up the mountain road, you will see a sign called "Sekai" on the right side.。Except、It's quite difficult because you have to make a 180 degree turn to get to the inn by car.。There is a parking lot in the middle of the road.、I wonder if it will be easier to enter if you make a switch turn there。

The inn is waiting in front of the entrance, so unload your luggage and hand over the key.。It's the same valley service as Atami Fufu。It seems that some people do not want to drive a car、Such a person went to park the car to the parking lot by himself。

The entrance is divided into two。The back of the image is the moon road、The right side is the main building。This time I booked the Moon Road Corner Suite、First, go to the main building for check-in。

The main building is here。Measure the temperature at the entrance to deal with coronavirus and go inside。


ATAMI Sekaie Front & Lobby & Shop

Front desk and souvenir shop。Amenity was on sale so I saw it、I was relieved that it was organic here too 🙂

Waiting for check-in procedure in the lobby。Have a cup of cold tea and enjoy the view of Sagami Bay for a while。

This is a lounge lookout。Well it's a bar。Not open at this time。

There is a Nespresso machine in the lobby、coffee、tea、Water is take free。Except、It is a mystery that tea and water are prepared only at room temperature.。I thought it would be nice to have a refrigerator ...

"Japanese food Tsukushi"。This is a dining venue for guests staying in the main building。In the case of the moon road, it will be an iron plate dish called "meat dish Hitoshio" so you will not be taken care of here。

Check-in procedure is over, so I will head to my room。


ATAMI Atami:Moon road

To reach the moon road, exit the entrance and go straight on the road on the right side.。

This is the moon road building。The entrance is decorated with works of art with the moon drawn。

From here to the inside of the building。

Moon road entrance space。There were various chairs and books,、I've never seen anyone here。Well, ATAMI itself has a total of 25 rooms.、There are only 13 rooms on the road this month, so I rarely meet other guests.。

Now、I will leave the room introduction to the next article、Let's go to the public bath first。


ATAMI Atami public bath

The large communal bath is the main building, so it is quite far from the moon road。Once out of the moon road、Walk down the outer corridor to the main building、From there you can finally get there using the elevator。

Face towels, bath towels, various amenities and toothbrushes are provided in the large communal bath, so you can come empty-handed.。Except、Unlike Atami Fufu, there is no body towel to wash your body、I was worried that the electric fan was not Dyson 😆

This is the powder room。There are four, but there aren't many people who use the public bath, so there won't be any conflicts.。In the first place, all rooms are open-air baths、There is no open-air bath in this large communal bath, so I wonder if I can enter too much。

It was good that water was prepared in the bathroom。However, at room temperature!


ATAMI Atami rest area

Rest area just outside the public bath。Even with this, chairs are prepared。By the way, I didn't see other guests using this chair。

There is a footrest like an ottoman so you can relax slowly。

Take a break while looking at the garden。The green outside is lit up at night。

This is a free drink。Mineral water and Pocari Sweat ...

Coffee milk and beer ... There was Yakult! Atami Fufu also had barley tea and sorbet, but no Yakult。but、This Yakult is very popular、When I came one hour later, it was already gone ... Atami Fufu was always fully filled 😥

After relaxing here, the tour will resume.


ATAMI Atami:Azure terrace (daytime)

The roof terrace is on the top floor from the elevator in the large communal bath.。Coffee and tea are served at the terrace entrance。I never used this machine after all 🙂

Azure terrace。It was cloudy and then rainy that day, so an umbrella was also available.。

When I opened the door, Sagami Bay was full in front of me ❕ It was cloudy in the morning, but I was lucky enough to see the clear sky at this time.。

Because there is no one, it is in a chartered state 😆 Because it is located on the top of the mountain, the view is superb ❕ And there are still many chairs ❕

Anyway, it's a good view ~

Atami inn and Sagami Bay spread out in front of you。It was 100% cloudy in the morning, but I was lucky to see the blue sky just at this moment.

Sit in this chair and wait for the sunset。


ATAMI Atami:Azure terrace (night view)

I was looking forward to the evening view of Sagami Bay, but unfortunately it started to rain ... The terrace got wet in places.、It will be lit up beautifully at night like this 🙂


ATAMI Atami:Azure terrace (sunrise appreciation)

Azure terrace is 6 in the morning:00Will be released to。In this ATAMI, the building itself faces the east、The sunrise can be seen from all rooms。Actually, this day is 5 in the morning:30Because it was sunrise、After seeing the sunrise from the room、6:00I came to the terrace to worship the Asahi who completely appeared from the horizon.

It's sunny today so there are sofas on the terrace

Wonderful sunrise。The heart is washed。

Watch the Asahi here for a while


This is the end of the facility introduction。Next time, I will introduce the Ocean View Suite Moon Road!



High-class luxury inn "Atami Fufu" ③ ~ Meal introduction ~

This Atami Fufu has a reputation for delicious food, so I'm looking forward to eating it.。I have Japanese food and Teppanyaki for dinner.、Teppanyaki is limited to 8 groups a day, so apply for teppanyaki at the time of booking。I heard that you will be contacted if you cannot meet your request.、I didn't get anything in particular, so it seems that I won the prize 🙂


Atami Fufu Supper:Teppanyaki course meal

Teppanyaki is a counter seat。While watching the chef make it in front of you、Style to eat while talking。Well, it's a common teppanyaki 🙂

At that time, I was obliged to wear a mask in the hall due to coronavirus.、I was surprised that he had prepared a mask holder to put the mask on the table.。I thought it was a ryokan with such detailed attention.。

Wagyu beef to be a treat today。The chef asked me "Do you want to take a picture?" And let me take the meat before baking 😆

By the way, because the food changes every month、You can enjoy different dishes every month.。

First of all, beef tataki。It has a light taste, so you can take a bite with it.。

Return bonito and seasonal fish sashimi。Salt and soy sauce are your choice。

Next is a bowl。This soup stock was very delicious。I'm really good at seasoning 🙂

Four plates are a selection format。Salmon、spiny lobster、I can choose from abalone、Additional 5,500 yen for spiny lobster and abalone。I don't like spiny lobster and abalone in the first place, so I chose the default salmon。

Since the course will be served after a while、I'm hungry around here for the amount。

Grilled vegetables。Wasabi was shaped like a leaf。In French cuisine, butter is shaped like a pine cone.、This kind of thing is fresh in Japanese food

Finally the main dish Wagyu steak。You can choose sirloin and fillet for this steak, but choose fillet。It ’s finished and it ’s delicious.、The meat is also amazingly soft 😆

Rice, miso soup and pickles。Miso soup is red soup。I can choose garlic rice or white rice for rice.、Select garlic rice that can be baked on an iron plate。White rice can be eaten normally、Garlic rice can only be eaten in these places.

Two kinds of dessert from here。At first sherbet。A little liquor is good and refreshing and delicious。

The last is dorayaki baked on an iron plate。I visited this day on my birthday、He wrote the words Happy Birthday in chocolate.。

Don't you think this character is too good? ?? Actually, the chef seems to be good at this kind of thing like a former pastry chef。You will be amazed at the breadth of the chefs 😯

This is the end of dinner。I'm full。


Atami Fufu breakfast:Japanese food

I could choose Japanese food or Western food in the morning, so I chose Japanese food。

The beginning is tofu

Next main。The breakfast was delicious too

I sat by the window so I could eat elegantly while looking out.。I wonder if I could have chosen a terrace seat if it wasn't raining。

Finally desserts and drinks。The dessert was refreshing and delicious、I wonder if it would have been better for me to simply serve melons, watermelons, pears, etc. as Dawn.。


This concludes the introduction of Atami Fufu.、This ryokan has a really high level of food and hospitality。Actually, I was planning to stay at the affiliated store ATAMI Sekaie the next day.、For that reason, we received various special measures.。It was an inn that made me want to come to stay again。

Next, I will introduce ATAMI Sekaie of the same Kato Pleasure Group series.。



High-class luxury inn "Atami Fufu" ② ~ Room introduction ~

Atami FufuIs roughly divided into three types of rooms。There is no ordinary room、All rooms are suites、Moreover, all rooms have an open-air bath。Stylish suites from bottom to bottom、Comfort Suite、It is a luxury suite。Moreover, there is no room with the same design、It seems that all rooms have different room structures.。

This time I stayed in a room called Fukashi in the Comfort Suite.。It's on the second floor of a building near the entrance、Because there are no elevators or escalators、If you are worried about your legs, you should tell the inn in advance.。


Living room & facilities

When I hear Atami Fufu, it seems that there are quite a few people who imagine an old building.、The room is very clean。This room is a Western-style room、There is also a Japanese-Western style room with tatami mats。

Check-in was sitting on this sofa。It ’s great to be able to relax rather than at the front desk.。At overseas luxury hotels, check-in is done in the lounge for suites and above.、There is no such system in Japan。

Nespresso machine and electric kettle installed in the room。You can use the water from the PET bottle next to it to boil water.、I make coffee。

Coffee cups, glasses and teacups are also available。There are a total of 8 coffees of 4 types x 2 in the black box on the far right for Nespresso machine coffee.。

so、This coffee cup is an Italian brand "Richard Ginori"。"Mariage Frères", a French brand of teacups。It seems that the inn here didn't refuse children ... What would you do if your children broke?(-_-;)

Glasses are also prepared more than necessary。Brand unknown。

Pioneer DVD player。There is a list in the room、If you ask Butler, he will bring it to you.。Although、I don't think I'll watch a movie until I come to the inn 🙂

Free drink in the fridge。I feel particular about where the sweets and glasses are chilled。


Bedroom & loungewear

Click here for bedroom。Simmons beds that are common in inns。The bedroom also has a TV.。Because it is surrounded by trees, maybe because there are mosquitoes、There was an insecticide and vapor liquid in the closet。

Men's and women's yukata (with socks), nightwear and bathrobes。Both this yukata and bathrobe can be replaced with new ones as soon as you contact Butler.。

British cashmere stole on the desk。Because this cashmere replaced alpaca in the high-end suite of ATAMI in the same series、If this is also a luxury suite, it may be an alpaca 🙂


Powder room & shower room (with mist sauna)

Spacious powder room。It is true that two washbasins are prepared.。Amenity provided is YOKOU made in Japan。Since it is organic, it is additive-free and safe and secure.。There was also a Sisle lotion set。If you don't like the amenities、You can bring additional L'Occitane and Paula。

The dryer is made by Panasonic。There is also a hair iron。

There is even a curl dryer in the lower row ... Moreover, the brush part is packaged, so it must be disposable.。It is rare that many types of dryers are prepared so far.。

This shower room is a mist sauna&It has a water sauna function。This doesn't seem to be in every room。Thanks to this, cool down in the water sauna after taking an open-air bath、You can try the infinite loop of the open-air bath again ...。

This is the organic series of incense that I introduced earlier.。I liked it so I bought it as a souvenir 🙂


Guest room open-air bath & terrace

Terrace and open-air bath outside the room。I visited on a rainy day this time, so there was no sofa on the terrace、On a clear day, it seems that a sofa will be prepared on a square table on the terrace.。Well, because I don't have a sofa, I had the advantage of being able to lie down easily without having to get out of the open-air bath and wipe my body 🙂

The outside of the terrace is covered with greenery。It ’s very quiet and you can only hear the birdsong。

The hot spring that flows from the source spring that continues to open for 24 hours。You can also control the temperature yourself GOOD。If you like alcohol, you can enjoy drinking beer while taking an open-air bath, which you can't do in a normal room.、I don't like alcohol so much so I drank cider!

Atami Fufu has a butler (concierge) for each room.。When you finish using your coffee cup or bath towel、If you put it in the luggage delivery box at the entrance、Butler will look around regularly and exchange for new ones、If you are in a hurry, just call us and they will respond immediately.。

And this luggage delivery box is wonderful。If you want to change the bath towel at an ordinary inn, after asking by phone、The person at the inn knocks on the door、You also have to open the door to pick it up。However、After asking on the phone for this method, I took a bath、It doesn't take much time because you only have to take out a new one after it comes out.


Now、Next time I will introduce meals。Atami Fufu is also famous for its delicious food ~



High-class luxury inn "Atami Fufu" ① ~ Facility introduction ~

Because the coronavirus cannot go abroad and there is little demand for articles on overseas travel、From this time, I will introduce domestic inns for a while.。At this time, use GoTo Travel to local、In particular, I would like to introduce you to luxury inns and hotels in Izu.。

First of all、All rooms have an open-air hot spring bath that flows directly from the source、Monthly meals are popularAtami Fufu"is!


Atami Fufu place

Next to Atami station、It's about 500m from Kinomiya station。If you can come by train, Kinomiya Station、There is a pick-up service from Atami station, so it's best to use it.。By the way, this Fufu group shuttle car is not a minibus like a general inn or hotel.、You will be greeted by a luxury car like Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, Nissan Fuga, Alphard 🙂

It seems that you can get a hand towel and mineral water when you pick up and drop off.、Anyway, if you arrive at the inn, you can get as much mineral water as you like.。


Atami Fufu entrance

When you think of Atami, you might think of an ocean view.、Atami Fufu is a quiet and quiet location surrounded by rivers and forests.。

Cross the Hatsukawa with this green arch and enter the inn。

This is Hatsukawa。It's a quaint stream pouring into Sagami Bay。I've been to Atami many times before、A new discovery that there is such a place!

When I arrived at the inn, the people at the inn were already waiting in front of the entrance.。If you visit by car、Since it is a volleyball service, you will be given a car key。

Now、Let's enter the inn from here。


Atami Fufu Lobby

The lobby is right next to the entrance。But、Unlike ordinary inns, there is no front desk。You will pass through here and head for the room。Check-in seems to be done in the room。Certainly, if it is a large inn, I wonder if this system is more efficient for inns with a small number of rooms of 26.。

If you check in the room, you can proceed with the procedure while sitting down.、It's rational because the inn can also save labor costs at the front desk.。

A disinfectant was also installed in the lobby as a measure against coronavirus.。

The lobby has a comfortable sofa and books。Well, I think this book is like a decoration to create an atmosphere 🙂

Small shop。Setta, amenities, etc. in the guest room、Sweets and pottery are on sale。I will introduce it later in the article about guest rooms.、The amenities at this ryokan are wonderfully organic。I bought shampoo and conditioner because it was a big deal.。

Toilet in the back of the lobby。The washroom has all the necessary amenities。It is true that there is also a toothbrush。


Go through the hall to the guest room

Since there are 26 rooms, I rarely meet other guests。Follow this path to your room。The room I stayed in this time was on the second floor。Well, even though it's the 2nd floor, the scenery is the same as the 1st floor because the building itself is surrounded by greenery.(Lol)

The restaurant on the right。It feels like a quiet luxury inn surrounded by deep greenery like this.。It will be lit up elegantly after the evening。

A stream flowing through the premises of the inn。There is a large communal bath and beauty treatment salon across this river.。For the time being, there seems to be a roof terrace in front of it, so let's go there。


Atami Fufu roof terrace

Unfortunately this day is cloudy and sometimes rainy。Therefore, the sofas that are usually prepared are stored.。It seems that you can see the sea fireworks from here on the day of the Atami fireworks display.。

The dusk is getting closer and I can see a little clear sky。Even so, I don't meet other guests。

Scenery from the terrace。Looking at this, the number of guest rooms is 26、You can see that it is quite wide。Moreover, it seems that 6 new rooms will be added as ANEX in 2021, so it will be even wider.。

Watch the sun set here for a while


Atami Fufu public bath

Face towel in the public bath、bath towel、Comes with a body towel。Only a luxury inn can go empty-handed and return empty-handed。If it's an inn in the normal price range, bring a wet towel from the room、I have to take it home again ... I have to do something like that.。

Fully equipped with amenities。Of course there is also a toothbrush。The razor here has two blades、It was a type that can not be seen in other inns that one auxiliary line is attached to the side so as not to skid.。Moreover, I felt that I was particular about the fact that it was written as Made in Japan.。

The fan is also a wingless Dyson, not a cheap winged one。It ’s good to be particular about such equipment.。


Free free drinks and free sorbet in the public bath

I was surprised。Drinks and sherbet that you can drink for free are prepared just outside the public bath.。There are quite a few inns that have water and barley tea on the water server.、With such cans and bottles, you can take them back to your room and drink slowly.。Moreover, Asahi beer and Tanna coffee milk、Volvic on Pocari Sweat、A lineup of healthy mineral barley tea ... There is a charge at a decent inn, not just an ordinary inn? ??

The refrigerator looks like this。As you can see, it is constantly being replenished.。I brought mineral water before the bath、It was fully filled when I came back(Lol)

This is the freezer。mango、Grape、Hojicha lineup。When I was hungry, I came here and ate sorbet(Lol)


Now、This is about the facility introduction, and next time I will introduce the room。