High-class luxury inn "Atami Fufu" ② ~ Room introduction ~

Atami FufuIs roughly divided into three types of rooms。There is no ordinary room、All rooms are suites、Moreover, all rooms have an open-air bath。Stylish suites from bottom to bottom、Comfort Suite、It is a luxury suite。Moreover, there is no room with the same design、It seems that all rooms have different room structures.。

This time I stayed in a room called Fukashi in the Comfort Suite.。It's on the second floor of a building near the entrance、Because there are no elevators or escalators、If you are worried about your legs, you should tell the inn in advance.。


Living room & facilities

When I hear Atami Fufu, it seems that there are quite a few people who imagine an old building.、The room is very clean。This room is a Western-style room、There is also a Japanese-Western style room with tatami mats。

Check-in was sitting on this sofa。It ’s great to be able to relax rather than at the front desk.。At overseas luxury hotels, check-in is done in the lounge for suites and above.、There is no such system in Japan。

Nespresso machine and electric kettle installed in the room。You can use the water from the PET bottle next to it to boil water.、I make coffee。

Coffee cups, glasses and teacups are also available。There are a total of 8 coffees of 4 types x 2 in the black box on the far right for Nespresso machine coffee.。

so、This coffee cup is an Italian brand "Richard Ginori"。"Mariage Frères", a French brand of teacups。It seems that the inn here didn't refuse children ... What would you do if your children broke?(-_-;)

Glasses are also prepared more than necessary。Brand unknown。

Pioneer DVD player。There is a list in the room、If you ask Butler, he will bring it to you.。Although、I don't think I'll watch a movie until I come to the inn 🙂

Free drink in the fridge。I feel particular about where the sweets and glasses are chilled。


Bedroom & loungewear

Click here for bedroom。Simmons beds that are common in inns。The bedroom also has a TV.。Because it is surrounded by trees, maybe because there are mosquitoes、There was an insecticide and vapor liquid in the closet。

Men's and women's yukata (with socks), nightwear and bathrobes。Both this yukata and bathrobe can be replaced with new ones as soon as you contact Butler.。

British cashmere stole on the desk。Because this cashmere replaced alpaca in the high-end suite of ATAMI in the same series、If this is also a luxury suite, it may be an alpaca 🙂


Powder room & shower room (with mist sauna)

Spacious powder room。It is true that two washbasins are prepared.。Amenity provided is YOKOU made in Japan。Since it is organic, it is additive-free and safe and secure.。There was also a Sisle lotion set。If you don't like the amenities、You can bring additional L'Occitane and Paula。

The dryer is made by Panasonic。There is also a hair iron。

There is even a curl dryer in the lower row ... Moreover, the brush part is packaged, so it must be disposable.。It is rare that many types of dryers are prepared so far.。

This shower room is a mist sauna&It has a water sauna function。This doesn't seem to be in every room。Thanks to this, cool down in the water sauna after taking an open-air bath、You can try the infinite loop of the open-air bath again ...。

This is the organic series of incense that I introduced earlier.。I liked it so I bought it as a souvenir 🙂


Guest room open-air bath & terrace

Terrace and open-air bath outside the room。I visited on a rainy day this time, so there was no sofa on the terrace、On a clear day, it seems that a sofa will be prepared on a square table on the terrace.。Well, because I don't have a sofa, I had the advantage of being able to lie down easily without having to get out of the open-air bath and wipe my body 🙂

The outside of the terrace is covered with greenery。It ’s very quiet and you can only hear the birdsong。

The hot spring that flows from the source spring that continues to open for 24 hours。You can also control the temperature yourself GOOD。If you like alcohol, you can enjoy drinking beer while taking an open-air bath, which you can't do in a normal room.、I don't like alcohol so much so I drank cider!

Atami Fufu has a butler (concierge) for each room.。When you finish using your coffee cup or bath towel、If you put it in the luggage delivery box at the entrance、Butler will look around regularly and exchange for new ones、If you are in a hurry, just call us and they will respond immediately.。

And this luggage delivery box is wonderful。If you want to change the bath towel at an ordinary inn, after asking by phone、The person at the inn knocks on the door、You also have to open the door to pick it up。However、After asking on the phone for this method, I took a bath、It doesn't take much time because you only have to take out a new one after it comes out.


Now、Next time I will introduce meals。Atami Fufu is also famous for its delicious food ~



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