High-class luxury inn "Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo" ②-Room with open-air bath(Japanese-style twin)Introduction ~

Hotel Grand Bach Atami CrescendoHas 3 types of rooms。

  • Guest room with open-air bath
  • Room with view bath
  • Guest room with bath overlooking the forest

This time, I booked two of these, a room with an open-air bath and a room with a view bath.。I wanted to create rooms with different atmospheres, so the rooms with open-air baths are Japanese-style rooms.、I chose a Hollywood twin Western-style room for the guest room with a view bath.。

Room amenities and refrigerator contents were the same in both rooms.。Let's introduce the room immediately。First of all, from the guest room with an open-air bath。


Japanese-Western style room with open-air bath:Living room and bedroom

106Room No. introduces this time。Basically, the first floor is a guest room with an open-air bath、2The floor is a guest room with a view bath。And it seems that the corner rooms on the upper and lower floors are rooms with a bath with a view of the forest.。

Maybe this time it's in the middle of a coronavirus、Masks and disinfectants for the number of people were prepared at the entrance。It is rare that even high-class luxury inns have paper masks in each room.。

Sweets are in the Arita porcelain box。This is also a way of offering that other hotels do not have。Cookies and yokan are elegantly served.。

Since it is a double room, there are two beds。50Because it is square meter, it is large enough。About 4 people can fit in、Room for 2 people。The floor is tatami because it is a Japanese-style twin room.。

From the back of the room。The room is bright even if you don't turn on the lamp because the outside light comes in.。

TV and tablet。I think the TV is a little far from the bed。

It's an open-air bath in the back of the room.。

There is also a desk、LAN cable and various charging cables in the drawer。Wireless Wi-Fi is available in all rooms、Those who are concerned about speed should use this wired cable。

What is prepared is the arrival in the hall、Dan Qian、yukata、Bathrobe、tabi。And the bath towel and face towel were put in a bag so that they could be taken as they were to the large communal bath in the building.。

And for some reason slippers。There are two pairs in this photo、3 pairs are available in each room。Why is it a Japanese-style room? I thought、I wonder if some people are worried about bare feet.。


Minibar & Refrigerator

Tea cup, coffee cup and teacup in the minibar。All of these are made in Japan。I will talk about it in a meal article that I will introduce later.、This hotel seemed to be made in Japan and stick to the locals。The concept is Western style 🙂

black tea、coffee、All tea has a drip。It's like setting it in a cup and pouring hot water from above.。

This is the refrigerator。Of course take free。Room for 2 people, so 2 drinks each。


Powder room

This is the powder room。Arrangement on the entrance side opposite to the open-air bath。

Amenity is unified with Mikimoto。Is this also a commitment to Made in Japan?。

Shampoo in the shower room、conditioner、All body soaps were also Mikimoto。By the way, this shower room is directly connected to the balcony with an open-air bath.。


Ocean view guest room open-air bath & balcony

You can reach the open-air bath from the room or from the shower room next to it.。

There is a hotel over 300m from Mt. Izu, so you can immerse yourself in the spectacular view of Atami!

Sagami Bay overlooking the trimmed garden 🙂

This chair is also good。With this, you can lie down with your body wet, so it's easy.。Some hotels have beds、If that's the case, you can't sleep until you wipe your body thoroughly.。

The sun has set。The appearance of the town of Atami dyed red is also beautiful。

It's like this at night。Bright even at night as there is a light on the balcony。Slowly take a hot spring while gazing at Orion in the night sky with the night view of Atami。


Dawn seen from the guest room open-air bath

If you stay at this Grand Bach Atami, please take a look at the Asahi。When I woke up, the sun was about to rise, so I hurried to the bath.。

Sit on a balcony chair and wait for the morning sun while drinking beer from the morning。

24It takes time to soak in the hot springs that spring up in the morning, which is a luxury unique to a guest room with an open-air bath 😆

This is the scenery from inside the room。

Unfortunately, I couldn't see the moment of sunrise from this room at this time.、I decided to wait for the dawn while watching the sky dyed by the morning sun 🙂


It's getting longer, so continue to the next article。Next time, I will introduce the Hollywood Twin in the guest room with a view bath.。




High-class luxury inn "Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo" ① ~ Facility introduction ~

This time I visited "Izusan 361m"Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo』。Because of the coronavirus, I chose a hotel with an open-air bath in the guest room.。I visited Atami Fufu and ATAMI Sekaie a while ago, so I was looking forward to being able to compare various things 🙂


Location of Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo

It's about 2 to 3 km from Atami station、It takes a lot of time because it is a mountain climb。When I asked the hotel staff about the time required from Atami Station, it was 15 minutes by car.。Well, I don't think anyone will come on foot,、If you walk, it will take about 30 to 45 minutes.。

This location has a very good view。Since the hotel is built facing Sagami Bay, you can worship the rising sun from the horizon.。


Entrance of Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo

If you drive on a mountain road, you will find a sign that says GRAND BACH CRESCENDO, so that is the entrance.。It will be lit up when it gets dark so you won't miss it。

There is also a signboard on this side so that you can see it even if you come down from the Jukkokutoge side instead of from Atami station。I will go up the slope between the previous sign and this sign。

Because the hotel building will appear soon、Park your car in front of the entrance and unload your luggage。Since it is a volleyball service, give the key to the hotel and go inside as it is。

This decoration is also stylish because the foliage plants are illuminated.。


Front lobby of Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo

This is the front。However, check-in is not done here, but with a welcome drink in the lobby or lounge.。

Shop next to the front desk。It seems that there were many foods、It's a pity that there were no amenities like shampoo and conditioner 😥

The lobby is small and the number of seats is quite small。By the time we arrived there were already a lot of check-in guests、Check-in at the lounge on the upper floor。

It looks like this at night。The hotel has 16 rooms, so there are few other guests.。

This piano is not a decoration, but a live performance in the evening。The songs are from Bach ... I thought I was playing a wide range of songs。

Bach's bust, which is also the name of the hotel。It ’s Johann Sebastian Bach, so it ’s the so-called Great Bach.。


Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo Terrace

Lobby seen from the terrace。The atmosphere is better at night 🙂

The terrace is recommended for sunset。The sun setting on Mt. Izu is dazzling!

There is no magic hour。The splendor of being able to monopolize this landscape。


Lounge and Bar at Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo

This is the lounge where you checked in。As a lounge in the evening、Used as a bar at night。

The books that are placed have a good sense。There were quite a few books I had。For example, meditations or FACT FULLNESS。

I had iced coffee for the welcome drink。I was able to choose wine, which is rare in this Grand Bach.、I'm not very good at alcohol。Even so, it feels good to have a drink while looking at Atami and Sagami Bay.。

After checking in, I went back to my room and then went around the hall, and when I visited the lounge, I was asked "How about a drink and cake?"。I had a camera, so I brought Yuzu wine (darker) for photography 😆

Because it becomes a bar at night、In a different atmosphere from the daytime。

Candlelights are provided at the window seats。


Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo Facility Introduction

A treasure chest located next to the lounge on the 2nd floor of the main building。I didn't have anything in it now, probably because of the coronavirus、It seems that take-free sweets are usually contained in this。

Common space in the guest room。It seems that no one would bother to use it because it's okay to relax in the room、I didn't see anyone using it。

Relaxation room。This massage chair is free to use。But I've never seen anyone use it。

There is also a gym。Since it is deep in the mountains, you can not take a walk in the middle, so it is good to exercise using such a machine。

There was also a golf simulator。Water was prepared in this room、I got one because it was a good time 🙂


Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo's public bath

A PIN is required to enter the public bath。You can tell at check-in。But、It's a mystery why there is such security。I don't think it's coming into the mountains like this from the outside。Did something happen in the past? 😕

The one in the image is the powder room。This time I booked a room with an open-air bath.、This hotel has 7 rooms with open-air baths、There are 9 with an indoor bath。So、Guest room People staying in the open-air bath room do not bother to come to the large communal bath。

Amenities in the bathroom。It's nice to have a toothbrush in the large communal bath of a luxury inn ~

Security box and water preparation。Room temperature is also good、Maybe some people want to drink cold water after taking a bath. It would be nice to have a refrigerator, though.。


Evening / night view of Hotel Grand Bach Atami Crescendo

As the sun goes down, I went around the hall to take pictures.。First of all, I want to go out and see this signboard。It was lit up beautifully as expected 🙂

After the sun has already set in the depths of the mountain。The sky draws a beautiful gradation。

courtyard。This hotel has access to the terrace from the outside、Especially the view from here is superb。Actually、I met a cleaner while shooting the entrance、That person told me this place 😆

Atami City seen from the terrace。You can see Hatsushima in the distance!

It's getting cold, so go to the hall。The sky will soon be pitch black。


Next time I will introduce the room。This time, I made a reservation for two rooms, one with an open-air bath and the other with an indoor bath, so all at once!



"lovelive! Sunshine! ︎ × Majestic SUN!SUN! I went to "Sunshine Cafe"

While living in Numazu, I went to the Majestic Festa, also known as Love Live Sunshine Cafe, which had been in front of the station for the first time.。There is also a feeling of renewal now、I don't know if this article is in demand、I was just doing a campaign lottery so I thought I would introduce it。

By the way, I used the Go to Eat campaign, so I can use it for free.、That was the key to visiting this time。


Location of Love Live Sunshine Cafe (Majestic Festa)

The majestic Festa is 50m from the south exit of Numazu Station。Within 1 minute on foot。Once upon a time、It is built in an empty space on the site where the Seibu department store was.。

This magnificent is mainly Numazu, gourmet and karaoke、A complex entertainment company that develops mobile phone business。It feels like you exhibited in collaboration at the moment when it became the anime stage of Love Live Sunshine.。


To Love Live Sunshine Cafe

When you leave Numazu Station and go straight south, you will see an anime sign in front of you, so that is Love Live Sunshine Cafe, a magnificent festival.。It's in a very easy-to-understand location。

The entrance is here。I have introduced it many times in the articles so far.、This is my first time to enter the store!


To the inside of Love Live Sunshine Cafe

This time I entered the store at dinner time。Because the Go to Eat campaign will give you 1000 points.。There is no lunch menu here and it is the same menu all day、15 if you visit anyway:00After that is good。

At the entrance is a replica of the bus stop in front of Ura no Hoshi Jogakuin, which is the closest bus stop to Ura no Hoshi Jogakuin that appears in the anime.。Previously became a model for this girls' schoolThe length Izaki junior high schoolI introduced you。

Stamp for stamp rally at the entrance。Next to it is a toilet。

Love Live Sunshine Gacha Gacha Machine。By the way, even now, several years after the anime ended, you still have to line up to enter the store.。I made a reservation this time, so I was able to enter the store sideways in the line ~

Lots of love live sunshine goods at the entrance。All of these seem to be for sale。great。

There is also an exhibition of free gifts。Even so, the interior decoration is amazing。

Yoshiko Tsushima and Hanamaru Kunikida welcome guests on this day。The sign seems to have been written when the voice actor visited。

The comment board is also amazing!


To the table in the store

I was guided to the table in the back of the store。Even if you make a reservation, there is no reserved seat、It seems that you will be guided to the vacant seat at that timing。

In this way, Bissiri and Love Live Sunshine near the wall。

Life-sized pops of characters are lined up on the other side。It is interesting that the table is also a school desk。I think it's the image of Nagaizaki Junior High School.。

Signboards for photography that are often found in tourist spots。Take a commemorative photo with your face and arms out。No one was using it、Can I use it if I ask the shop staff?。And a life-sized pop of Chika Takami signed by a voice actor。

Space in the center of the cafe。Anime scenes and character coasters are displayed here.。

Do the same here。

Life-sized character pop in another costume。The caster on the left is slightly in the way 🙂


Arrival of ordered items

The glass menu here is limited to one glass per person、A mechanism to randomly receive a love live sunshine character coaster for each glass。This random is the trick、You have to visit many times to complete。

The glass menu is an original drink with the image of a total of 11 people including Aquors members and Saint Snow members.。And the lineup of coffee and tea。On the right side of the image is a menu called "Kanan Matsuura"。When I ordered from the shop staff, I was impressed that when I asked "This is Kanan Matsuura", he said "Kanan Matsuura is one".

This time, in addition to the glass, I ordered an omelet fried noodle called Yokisoba.。The original coaster is Hanamaru Kunikida、Kurosawa Rubyi、You Watanabe ...、Maybe I had to add "chan" to the character name? 😉

At this angle, you can see the YO character of Yokisoba clearly.。By the way, the animation scene is studded on the table like this.。


Jumbo lottery for a limited time

You can draw one lottery by returning the glass。1Only one glass can be ordered by one person、Inevitably, you will not be able to draw one by one.。This seems to be for a limited time。By the way, I was out 😆


This is the end of your stay at Love Live Sunshine Cafe。There is only a magnificent group and the food is not bad、It seems that it can be used normally as a cafe in front of the station, so I thought I would continue to use it in the future。

High-class luxury inn "ATAMI Sekaie" ③ ~ Meal introduction ~

Continuing teppanyaki course following Atami Fufu。This ATAMI teppanyaki dining venue is a counter seat, but it is a slightly unusual format that it is a private room。There is a partition between the counter seats、The next guest is completely invisible。This allows the chef to check the status of all customers.、Customers don't have to meet each other。I think I thought about it。


ATAMI Atami Supper:Teppanyaki course meal

Guests staying on the Moon Road will have a teppanyaki course at this "Meat Cuisine Hitoshio".。Atami Fufu and Hakone Suishoen have a lottery for the teppanyaki course.、Here at Atami, it is better than other affiliated stores that you can definitely get it if you make a reservation for the moon road.。

First of all, appetizer。Suddenly foie gras came out。I personally think that there weren't many salads。I think it depends on your taste、I didn't like appetizers very much。I left the beets 💦

Next served Wagyu beef roasted meat。This was delicious! Because the appetizer was delicate, it was a grace w

The soup is a consomme soup with lobster ravioli.。This is quite hungry。

Finally meat dishes。Pork spareribs。This mustard was bubble wrap and had a unique texture 🙂

Salad in the middle。I hadn't eaten salad so much in the middle of the course、Meat dishes will continue, so is it a chopstick break?

From the last pig this time chicken。Even so, I can't help but be worried about the fillet that can be seen on the photo from earlier 😕

Retouch with soba。I think the teppanyaki course with meat so far is rare, but what about it?。I'm already quite full ...

Finally the main dish Aso beef fillet steak! The one that had been baked on the iron plate in front for a long time was finally released 😆

This completes the 3 meat combo of pork → chicken → beef 🙂

Eat meat and get full、When I thought about it, the next heavy box was ...

Curry。If you come this far, you have no choice but to eat 👿

The last is a grape tart。I received a birthday congratulatory message here as well! Well, if it's dessert, I'll do my best to eat it ... I'm already a little uncomfortable w

Dinner is complete。To be honest, there is a considerable volume。Because the meat is 3 consecutive。I wish I was hungry more


ATAMI Atami breakfast:Teppanyaki course meal

ATAMI Sekaie's Teppanyaki course is not over yet! 😆

What、Even breakfast is a teppanyaki course! !! No, I'm still hungry for last night's food, so it's a little crazy 🙂

Sphere served after a meal。

The contents were dessert。Breakfast is light ... but I'm full.。


This is the end of the introduction of ATAMI Sekaie.。I thought Atami Fufu had better hospitality and food.、The facility and the view were good here.。Next time I would like to introduce an inn in Atami。