~ To Numazu tourism length Izaki junior high school ~ Love live Sunshine of the Holy Land

For Numazu of the bus is in a pay-as-you-go、How to pay the money according to the distance riding in when you get off。Caution is people who are familiar with the bus, so especially in Tokyo。By the way, about 47 stops from Numazu Station to Mizuno Sea Paradise。Up to a length Izaki junior high school will ride very well because about 50 station。

It seems so、I forgot to say one。Length Izaki it's there to there is also a direct bus to junior high school、Since there is only in the early morning To evening of the school or school who use a heavy mandatory (Omosu) is I is highly convenient 🙂

And take the bus for a while the city of Numazu landscape。Photo was taken toward the Numazu Station from Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ of South Exit Numazu Station。Good feeling the weather is not sunny!

To arrive in a few minutes ride to the bus Onaribashi。Contact、Just orange Tokai bus is running。here、It also may become the stage of drama。Pretty clean is lit up in blue at night。Prototype for this bridge was completed in 1876。Then until 1900 around Toka it had taken a toll。From 1937 it became the current form。Then or are neatly painted or with a variety of reconstruction is performed by light。

It's good anyhow、Once upon a time is that many elementary school students to climb the arch、Also there were actually children that had doggie crying on the bridge。Frequently I failed that is no longer down I was able to climb。

The left side of the landscape as seen from Onaribashi。It is beautiful。Unfortunately, Fuji is not visible because towards the left。What is reflected in the image is the most new ones in the bridge rests on the Kano River of Numazu city called "Ayumi Bridge"。Heisei pedestrian bridge, which was completed in 11 years。But in the Wikipedia it is written me access commenting to the city hall from Numazu Station side、Very grateful bridge access to the Numazu Station got better for the people who live on the other side of the river。

This bridge for some time (half-hearted) is from the past countryside is followed。Small shop Toka like such the are arranged along the road。And、And I went digs into the green after a while、Get to town Tteyuu Shizuura proceeds for a while。

Forward and appear sea straight a more monotonous landscape、I see some such gibberish small cave。

We arrived at the Kano River Floodway!

Naa name knew the first time I Kuchino Bridge。Looking at the nearby around the time of pretty scared elementary school children had to hide their eyes every time passing through here in the car。

Well photo that it from in the car did not take 😥 Well Let it turn right at the signal at the spillway as good。

Awashima is so big!

so、Past the side of the Awashima、Past the Mizuno Sea Paradise (is ...... later around here'm sorry even with rough description write in detail)。

Such a landscape is a little more to heavy mandatory when you see。Awashima looks a little far away to behind the Mount Fuji。By the way, small mountain that looks to the left is Ushibuseyama。

...... that fishing uncle had captured

Heavy mandatory just before If this landscape is visible。The soon ready to press the button of the bus。

Arrival to the heavy mandatory! Walk as it is along the prefectural road 17 Route to the direction that was going the bus Once you get off。

Turn right immediately before because the tunnel is visible and walk a little。

A little expansion。Turn right here。

After that we will proceed along the road。

Curve to the large left and walk for a while。

You up the uphill of the left-hand side。Well come and I think that it will not get lost because the junior high school of name also come normally out the signs up around here。

A little side trip before you go up the hill ......。The nearest bus stop this is a long Izaki junior high school。Hard a little to find because it is hidden in the vending machine。

Hereabouts landscape also pretty good! Now、Would you return to the previous hill。

However、If the slope is try to measure the distance in a pretty very ...... smartphone display with 500 m。Junior high school students running through here think that you are going back and forth this very hill every day and amazing ......

arrived! Quite a blink because the scenery was good。Although this is the length Izaki junior high school、It seems to be a relatively new junior high school。Because、It was there originally Uchiura junior high school and junior high school Nishiura、Toka changed the current length Izaki junior high school and the name to integrate the two junior high school in the low birth rate problem。But it called one Kurasu each grade in the current。I There is a good that can not be seen in the city there is a flavor that a small number of schools in the idyllic nature。

Come here evils of the things that have not seen the anime。I do not know what to do take a Dokora sides、Looking at the gate think Let's enter into the time being

staff only!I wonder What a fine person visited Looking at the are you calling attention purposely wrote the name of the animation to the left side。

It does compete Once you become a trespassing、I decided to hang around this neighborhood at that。I something when you're the elementary and junior high school students、Because normally uncle aunt during the holiday there was a time that was a walk in the grounds to take children、That for the first time knew that different Once freedom or the thought of entering into me City(Lol)

Suruga Bay views from the south side of the junior high school。What mandarin orange groves of the underlying? Very much and hear me Uchiura Toka Nishiura would associate the mandarin orange locals of sex (Saga)。Mount Fuji Although I'm clean is clean have reflected towards the upper right corner。

Personally, I like here of the landscape! Very good view but is under a cloud in Mt. Fuji a little! It looks mon good once in a while even come to such a place after all away from the city。

No other in this and saying eye pot arbitrary ones。I do not know if they were photographed in what kind of wind in the anime、Maybe there are people that sort of is you are together、To be changed by the fact that。I am Once there was a Sure enough animation scene and photo comparison summary site of take a look from the back。

Get to the bus stop I incidentally came around all round the peninsula of Nagai Saki without having to go back on the road and tree negative entrance。It is located just above that passed through the tunnel, which seemed at the time to come in just length Izaki junior high school。

There is the tunnel。Passing over there and arrival to the heavy mandatory。

The length Izaki junior high school as seen from the tree negative side。White building at the top of that mountain。It it can be seen that even looked up this climb a pretty hill。


What's next is try closer to the Nagahama Castle before going to Sea Paradise ...... Mizuno。

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