Skyscraper "Eureka Tower" in Melbourne ~Night view at once~

Introducing Melbourne tourist spots。This time we will climb the Eureka Tower, which offers a panoramic view of Melbourne.。I'm going to climb up before dusk and enjoy the night view。


Location of "Eureka Tower"

Eureka Tower is located across the Yarra River from downtown Melbourne。Close to Southern Cross Station and Flinders Street Station、If you walk out of the station and look for tall buildings, you'll be able to find them immediately.。


Cross the Yarra River from Southern Cross Station to Eureka Tower

The tall building in front of this is the Eureka Tower。200692 floors above ground, completed in June 2007 and opened in May 2007、The tallest building in Melbourne with a height of 300m。The lower floors are offices、The upper floors are used as luxury homes。88The observation deck on the floor”Eureka Skydeck 88″Is published as、That is the destination this time。

You can see the height when you come close。It's a little lower than Tokyo Tower。

The building next to the Eureka Tower。Bee object for some reason 🐝


To the observation deck "Eureka Skydeck 88"

The entrance to the sky deck is OK if you proceed in the direction of the arrow at the important point。On the right side of the photo”eureka skydeck”That is the entrance。

Enter here。After purchasing the ticket, board the elevator after baggage inspection。

87Arrived on the floor ~


Eureka Skydeck 88

The observation deck here is much more fashionable than the Sydney Tower Eye。The atmosphere of the lounge is out。

This is the entrance to an attraction called The Edge。The only way to get out of the tower is to join this attraction。I can see the city of Melbourne from the glass cube protruding from the tower.、May be difficult for people with acrophobia。This attraction is similar to the Sydney Tower Eye(Lol)


Scenery from the Eureka Skydeck

To the Spirit of Tasmania。Well、Unfortunately the weather is cloudy。But there is a feeling of exhilaration。

To Flinders Street Station。Buildings are generally lower than Sydney。But there is a lot of green

To Cricket Ground。View the suburbs of Melbourne。Unlike the city center, it seems to be quiet。

The sun is gradually setting。I really wanted to see the sunset, but it's cloudy so I don't know


Night view of Melbourne from Eureka Tower

To Flinders Street Station。As expected in the city。You can see far away

It became almost pitch black。It feels good in combination with the atmosphere of the sky deck。

To Cricket Ground。It seems that there is little light。

To the Spirit of Tasmania。After all it is a city。This is the end of sightseeing at Eureka Tower!


Sydney is more urban、Melbourne is also a good night view in Melbourne。Especially, I think that rivers like the Yarra River create an atmosphere.。

Next time, I will introduce the night view along the Yarra River。

Melbourne Waterfront Redevelopment Area "Docklands"-Library at The Dock-

The Harbor Town introduced last time is located on the north side of the Docklands.。What is Docklands、It represents the entire waterfront area located northwest of downtown Melbourne.。


The location of "Docklands"

Docklands is the U-shaped bay on the west side of Southern Cross Station.。You can go around from Harbor Town、You can also go around quickly with a free tram。


Free tram to Docklands Stadium

I took a free tram from Harbor Town and saw a lot of boats moored, so get off。

It is hard to cross because there are many streets 😥

Aim for the chance that there are few cars!

Since this area is like a redevelopment area, many buildings are under construction、There was still an atmosphere that seems to develop from now on.。

Ferris wheel (Melbourne star) can be seen over there。There seems to be quite a distance if you walk。

You can see the letters ETIHAD STADIUM in the distance。Actually、The owner of this docklands stadium changes frequently.、2020Since Marvel Entertainment, which is famous for end games, owns、Named Marvel Stadium。Except、Does it still have the name of its last owner, the airline Etihad Airways?。

Since the name changes like this, it seems that the Docklands Stadium has become a general name。

Is it a boat platform?。

There is a building that stands out。It's a break, so I'll try。


Docklands Library (Library at The Dock)

The library in Docklands、Seems to be available to anyone。I am also disturbed。

Image of a modern library。It's fashionable

There is a cafe inside and it seems that you can use it while having a light meal.。In Japan, eating and drinking is prohibited in the basic library, so this is a fresh idea.。

There were also comics and audio。And even Japanese ones...

This is a working space。I learned later、This library is very popular with freelance workers called Nomad.。Looking at this landscape, it feels like an IT venture company.。

It's also nice to have one side covered with glass.。Shall we go out now?。


Docklands walk

When I go outside, it rains...

Mysterious present object。

Now、It's getting more rainy so let's hurry to the stadium。

Enjoy shopping in Harbor Town、You can kill time at the library、Somehow it's said that it is an area recommended for tourists and locals。Because the city itself is compactly organized in Melbourne、It's a place you can come to if you stretch a little、It might be fun to come if you have a little time。


Next time to Eureka Tower along the Yarra River。

"Harbor Town" shopping center with free tram

Melbourne souvenirs、You can buy it at the shopping center of Melbourne Central Station、It seems that many people buy it at Harbor Town, which I will introduce this time.。Because it is within the range of free tram、I visited after sightseeing。


Location of "Harbor Town Shopping Center"

Harbor Town、It's in the location that says "Docklands" on the map above.。Free Tram Route86 “Waterfront City Docklands”OK if you go to the end of the road


Free tram to Harbor Town

Route86 “Waterfront City Docklands”Find the tram stop written on Route to。This time use the 119th stop。

Ediad Stadium can be seen below。

Get off at Harbor Town Shopping Center on D11。Of course you can go to the Docklands,、This is the nearest station to the shopping center。If you come near the Ferris wheel (Melbourne Star), you will not walk much wherever you get off.。

See off the tram leaving。

Arrive at Harbor Town Shopping Center 🙂


Harbor Town Shopping Center

Business hours are 10 in the morning:00From 18:00Until。It seems that they are doing late until Friday in summer time。

According to prior information, it was quite a busy shopping center... Maybe it's quiet because it's probably a weekday and the weather isn't so good...?

I went upstairs for the time being...

Sometimes there are people、Not very vigorous。The restaurant is also rattled(^^;

There weren't many people in the amusement corner, too.


Melbourne Ferris Wheel "Melbourne Star"

For now, let's head to Melbourne Harbor, the trademark of Harbor Town Shopping Center。

Play elements in places。Probably it is crowded on holidays.

Or something like this

There is a merry-go-round or coffee cup。Not working at all(^^;

Or something like this

Costco was attached。I can't enter because I'm not a member。

Finally near the entrance of Melbourne Star。Ride the ferris wheel up the escalator over there。

Need to buy a ticket before that。This is the ticket office。It is rattled but w

The price of Melbourne Star is like this、Of course, it is expected that the price will rise depending on when you visit、About the amount of moneyOfficial websitePlease verify。

As expected, there is no reason to ride the Ferris wheel alone。

For the time being, I came to the platform。

Looking up, it looks like this


Walk around the shopping center again

I'm not in a hurry, so I'm going to see a little more Harbor Town Shopping Center.。This is a restaurant that seems a little expensive。There are also restaurants with a good atmosphere like this。

If you think it's Uniqlo ?

It's a courtyard, but no one left because of the rain...

The Christmas tree I've always seen 🎄

Placed objects that children can enjoy here and there

I don't really understand this...

The information board keeps falling

This is the end of sightseeing at Harbor Town Shopping Center! ............The stores were almost closed、I was wondering what。Perhaps we could have enjoyed a different atmosphere on holidays or on weekday evenings.。


Next time go to the Docklands! !!

To Melbourne's kitchen "Queen Victoria Market"

There was a market where people gathered in the middle of trying to return to the hotel from the University of Melbourne, so I stopped by。The rain is getting stronger, and it's also a good night。


Walking map "From The University of Melbourne to Queen Victoria Market"

Along the western wall of the University of Melbourne、Just south of it is Queen Victoria Market。There are a lot of people on the fairly large site, so I can understand immediately。

The route on the map is less than 2km。It is a distance that you can walk with margin。


To Queen Victoria Market

Merry Christmas and beautifully drawn illuminations across the road。I'm already used to seeing midsummer Christmas。

Tram station in the immediate vicinity。If it's raining hard, it's helpful to be able to take a tram home from here。

It may be a public toilet that is written LADIES。Heck、It's raining so let's enter the building。


Inside the Queen Victoria Market

I went around a lot、This is the entrance to Queen Victoria Market。Unlike the Royal Exhibition Hall, no admission fee is required, so enter immediately!

If you go through the entrance, you can reach the market。From the outside, it was a normal building, so it was surprising。

There were a lot of stores that seemed to sell by weight like this.。An image of a market for Melbourne citizens rather than tourists

Toilet found when outside the building。You don't have to worry about toilets in Melbourne


To the fruits and vegetables market

This area was especially crowded。I wonder if you love fruits。

Sell ​​cheese and bread by weight。If this is the case, tourists may be able to buy and eat.


Outside Queen Victoria Market

Balcony seats outside the market。You can also eat what you bought inside.。but、Now it's raining so nobody is using it...

There are a lot of people in the seat with eaves。It might have been nice to have a meal here if it was sunny、Now I just want to go back to the hotel and take a shower(Lol)

A short walk from Queen Victoria Market to a line of restaurants。Discover a ramen shop that says "Tokyo Tonkotsu"! Ramen here if you are in Japanese food homesickness。

I think this is only understood by those studying abroad.、For some reason, when I'm away from Japan, I want to eat ramen.。I don't really like ramen。


That's all for Queen Victoria Market!