Lunch time - at Kazan tourism - restaurants

And finished exploring the Raiffeisen monastery、Ranchitaimu next in front of Subiyashusuku ...... big favorite! !

Lunch Restaurant”Da Vinci”Place or something。Will be temporarily return to Kazan centers side from Raiffeisen monastery。

Bend the corner of the snow-covered road out of the Raiffeisen monastery Mars。

While running when the main street。National highway that A-295? Appear。

Arrived at the restaurant。Why gates next to the restaurant。Country Club。This place name。In the Дубровка (Duburofuka) Загородный Клуб (Zagarodunii Kurupu) I place。Perhaps Where to go from here is probably an off-limits other than officials of the Toka residents。

Properly gate Nikki closed。

Already tour members Once you have taken such pictures to the store。Following the last tail。

Properly at the entrance”Da Vinci”I have written I。

And fine exterior in the middle people。Roughly separately average of 400 rubles about But there was a price list of ready-to-cook entered this entry。Pretty rich shop Considering the average salary of Kazan。

Meanwhile in Russia”Restaurant”It is like a restaurant referred to in Japan image of me。The store is has been beautifully decorated、I like also Toka stage of dance are installed。

It should be noted、Typical meal processing says I Sutarobaya。So、Will be a very Upon entering the restaurant even though there is no room in the money。

that? Certainly also feel like I wrote the same thing in a previous article, but、Well, you might want!

The store is crowded。Only the other almost tour members。I because much seat of the large bus is full。Thing and sit on your favorite seat because the seat has not been decided。

First out was the appetizers。Pretty seasoned said it was delicious has been firmly 😛

Then soup。Do not you soup before the appetizer。This was also delicious。

The main dish of rice。This was also delicious have been seasoned!

Russian cuisine something that is delicious。It might fit in Japanese。Except、Limited to high shop。I ate in several Sutarobaya (cafeteria) during the stay was the honest subtle over 😥

Finally meal time end to eat the bread with a cup of tea!

It should be noted、This is the interior。Probably fine? Toilet we have used since they are installed。Ah、It seems so。Has led here Wi-Fi。

you see。Well, in fact, we know the location of this restaurant in this thanks

Well finished the meal preparation towards the next destination。

Goodbye Da Vinci。Goodbye lunch。It cheap after all this tour I 3,000 yen this meal included!


Next to Subiyashusuku!

In search of water of Kazan tourism - God to Raiffeisen monastery in the snow ② ~

Raiffeisen monastery Following the last time。Entering the home duck gate。

Church bench。That is the church shop。Since no ginger well into the early First toward the back。

To catch up in a hurry ...... has advanced to the Oh ...... tour members splendid destination!

It has been accompanied by flowers。Wonder if something great people of the grave?

Looking back at the entrance。It had been caught up in the tail end of the tour。If Ne hurry。

Frequently onion head of the church in Russia。

Ah、Still there was the back of the tour。It droves is incoming。

The front of the earlier of the grave。After all fine!

Our tour members had heard the story gathered around the tour operator。I was taking photos so anyway inaudible in the twister!

Even so, the great snow。

Oh? ! There is by chance ...... Russian Cat! ! Let's closer to one One of them of them。The target is try to guy sitting of the front。

Elevation Oh Oh! !ーーーー that Chikayore up to here!

Previously scooped the ーーー! ? Still, it has been used to people。I also was asked to let stroked the head of the cat after this person!

I wonder if N think that gives me even 😮 bait that has by another one animal

Again wandering resume Raiffeisen monastery since the sport enough and cat。But apparently placed in a building in the distance。

This building is the main hall。The medium Unfortunately photography ban。It was Well ordinary church。

Here I learned how to pray in the Russian Orthodox。Proceed to the front of the Our Lady like a painted paintings、It is first cut three times the cross with the right hand in front of face、A kiss to the last painting。

But、No not everyone everyone to make this prayer how、Apparently do is people who have inherited the feelings of communism。

I wanted shop right next to the entrance、I feel that only those religious who said so Toka Toka scriptures candles are sold。Interesting souvenir was not。

Doorway of when a person is not。I'm there is a snow plow。It was not bought noticed a while ago。

Well Now that you also worship will head towards the back。One Pasha within a few people!

I wish also to me paying snow all the way you were anyway。

We were talking about something to stop and the tour operators。Here in free time。Walking around all love selfish、That with me back to the bus by the time。

Russian cat again! ! Children were playing with lifting 😯

Ah、Fled the。

Fellow was in the earlier!

Well Innovation'll around various Since much trouble。

Contact。English notation! Since there is only basically Cyrillic I Russia、Get used to this kind of alphabet view and very fresh feeling。

Easy to say when the "drawing water park"。It seems to be brought back to put holy water in plastic bottles。

It becomes like this is in the building、It looks like a take home to put the water in the container, which was to bring waiting for the order。

Child was lying down in the snow of the bed。I'm fine

The last is to shop。

I Ya Well ordinary church shop。Like a to have been sold many paintings!

Classified information at Raiffeisen monastery it's too late。bicycle、Dog-walking、Walk to eat、Tobacco NG。Women off shoulder - Yaheso out the NG。Men tank top is NG。apparently。In particular, there was no attention from the tour operators and tour desk、And I wonder if there is no reason to come to the many clothing of exposure in that raining like this snow is why the。

gallery。It's like paintings I Russia。

Finally toilet。Long line only female toilet。This is I'm a common whole world 😀 By the way, this toilet is paid。Coming held out his hand Give me 30 rubles There are strange aunt at the entrance。It was put up because something of annoyance。By the way, the tour is to visit the restaurant for lunch after this、So we were able to borrow a free toilet!


Next time lunch。And then in the big favorite Subiyashusuku (English:Sviyazhsk 、Russia:It will head to Свияжск)!

In search of water of Kazan tourism - God to Raiffeisen monastery in the snow ① ~

Next of all religion temple of the Russian Orthodox Church to Raiffeisen monastery。2 Station by train If you do not want to use the tour from Kazan、It will be from there to head with the bus。Would be no Problem Since the tour this time。

Distance to 30km。There is quite a distance。Since the tour is a cinch because only riding the bus。

Starting all religion temple。It rocked to the bus while watching has frozen Volga river。

Beyond the overpass。Quite respectable train。

Arrive soon and split so enjoyed because it is a new landscape。Here is a parking lot。

Bus is a lot。I guess the whole tour。Raiffeisen monastery realize that it's a popular tour courses。

Let's toward the monastery droves and followed by everyone。OK even rent a car because there is also a parking lot for general vehicles

Sweets for children in the stalls。

Cute toys。

Coffee Shop。Also it seems to have been provided simple meals。Would be great even if the meal time if you come here on their own rather than tour。

Point to take the bears and photos。But it wears bear snow。

Now children two-shot。It was in fairly lined up to take pictures with this bear。

Vending machine。I guy that comes out candy store toys put a coin。Pretty seasoned is on。

Are written теремок company reserved。I fast-food chain is of me теремок。

Now、Since missing the place Rashiki shopping street will head to the monastery in the back。

Maybe marble statue。It might be a Maybe snow of the image because it is full of snow。

pilgrim house。Pilgrim House。That accommodation for pilgrims。

Since the monastery there are many image。

A little more until the monastery!

Little rating on the likely image and from placed in that location。I're both side becomes the parking lot is a little care。

A little side trip to towards the lake。

Actually, it Raiffeisen monastery like is derived from this lake of the name Raiffeisen。Although it has only about 300m from the entrance to the back of the monastery、Whether or not there is how attractive if you look at the number of people who visit you can see。

Also look at the other blogs、Despite the Kazan tourism in the Ichitori There are here and there is also the opinion that this monastery was the best。

Let's go so like a little more Chikayoreru in lake。

...... still fall are frozen? But it also looks as frozen only in the vicinity of the surface is not yet complete。

animal? Colorful image If you think or。Whether the dog of the list of the。

Vending machine of Pepsi。But I think that it is not found, the middle people, even in such a reverse side

If Ne main gate to the great matrix of when I was sidetracked monastery is not merged with the tour members in a hurry 😯。


Now that we have longer I was introduced before the lengthy entering the Raiffeisen monastery in the site continues to next time!


Kazan tourism - tour the beginning of the destination、To all religion temple! ~

Last visited in summer、Experience of when he visited in Kazan in the fall at the end of November this time。Temperature not yet even in early November and range from minus 10 degrees to plus 5 degrees、It was country Russia seems climate of extreme cold。

This time we will try around the periphery of the Kazan using the weekends。Because here Kazan is not in place is unfortunately still transportation infrastructure、Saturday whether I will go around at once using the tour。

Tour in early in the morning before the first floor of the Information Center of the curse Stan Hotels 9:30set。Tour reservation I've been to finish in one of the previous day。Reservation You can also in this Information Center、It is also possible in the Kremlin near the Information Center。Because I had to stay close to the Kremlin、We used there of the Information Center。

Tickets are these paper。But I was asked me, "but not the English tour OK?" At the time of booking、Rather than in addition to answer YES。It should be noted、This tour 9:30From 18:00All religion temple in one day tour of up to、Lunch after the Raiffeisen temple、Finally 1650 ruble price was a whopping standing with a meal that around the Subiyashusuku! Since the time of the rate was 1 ruble 2 yen、Generally was about 3300 yen。cheap!

Curse Stan hotel is the departure point in the Kazan center。It is the inside of this building。

Immediately to the left and entered the building Information Center。The day is full of tour booking guests。

And various booklet is placed。It is a common guy Well。

It is said to come with the guide and time to become to the internal bus。Seated in your favorite place because the seat has not been decided。Seat of Chinatonari was a parent-child Families with children。

Advance the Russian road that piled up snow。...... harambee little more Russian not hear at all in the twisters of Russian I are talking guide is something。

Pen and paper is something passed on the way。Fill out because there was a column to write a name and birthday。I guess Nde can to some extent read!

Listen flowing Russian and fill in the paper while、Get off the bus because the bus was parked a little later and are looking out of the window。

Arrival to all religion temple is the first destination by long after departure。From Kazan city 10km little。The other to also come out in droves if there is a bus。

This is all religion temple!

Abundance of this person。Thats tour participants often to Datte winter。Ah、It was a fall 😉

Past the strange bell。

I guess is the entrance? It seems the building just all round travel around, because that does not placed in。

Description of all religion temple。Russian。It understands that the temple is a mixture of various religious without being bound to one religion。1992Made in the year Toka's the first time now that your under construction。Ildar Khanov (let's call the Kanofu's) Tteyuu treatment specialist of alcoholism and drug addiction is likely building the person in charge。

Zen meditation Buddha discovery! There is only thing truly sing the entire religion。

Through the side of the building to the side。

Promissory note。Well、Guide's will become carefully what to do refreshing did not ...... Russian better catch was saying but seems to have been explained to me 🙁

back gate。

Employee of the car had been stopped。

It can be seen fairly wide When I walked up to the back side。Also seen that the elaborate making yet been paved with stone。

There was a line on the back of the temple。Or train that you doing through the near。

Nobody will quickly backyard than anyone photographing the back of all religion temple。This is also different religious sense。

Here is the back door? I did not enter into the tour。Probably wonder if off-limits for the。

Character on the wall side。Middle of character Азатлык。The name of this is Kazakhstan of village。The reason is Wakaran。Ah、If you look at the filled way of this weed you will see how much snow that has accumulated?

Kana become the best picture to shoot from here? Seen again well are you mixing the various religious。

These in front of temple。A stone's throw Mother Volga River。

How around the house。I wish I do it something shop Toka something because I'm ...... of these tourist destinations, such as those obsolete just a little? I think flourishing。

I tried to walk towards a little of the river。What also did not。

It is nice to overlook angle also the whole building from here。

I came back at the bell。

that? Strange aunt had business(Lol)I think to Oh yeah business because I have is ...... Kondake customers to were not a little while ago

Here is the bus station。It might be to take the bus from maybe the Kazan city。but、Since Raiffeisen to temples and Subiyashusuku think that it is difficult to truly wonder if the tour or taxi is recommended。


The following is directed to the Raiffeisen monastery (Raiffeisen temple)!

Numazu tourism ~ ~ to Watanabe, the day of the parents' home Oran 陀館

If you take a look because the people there were many in the neighborhood coffee shop profusely、Things that have been on the stage of love live Sunshine。It Oran 陀館。Since about a 1-minute walk from my house、Good men who were hanging animation of the key holder has to walk the front of the house。


Directions from Numazu to Oran 陀館

Distance of about not even 500m from the Numazu Port。This time, guide you through the directions from the bus stop-cho Senbonko 😉

Here is Senbonko-cho bus stop of this starting point。But there is of like a railroad rail to the ground、This was through to the old days Numazu Station "Jamatsu line (Well Matsusen)" mark。What has been used mainly in the transport of materials in Shizuoka Prefecture first railway。It makes you feel history。

For? Cat! !

Approach to cat。Not run away because it is used to people。

Near Numazu Port is the cat often。It was introduced in particular beforeHarbor ParkVisit all means lovers cat because the cat of the Holy Land!

Now let's toward the Numazu Port direction。Here is the entrance of the Numazu Port。Numazu Port market looks in the middle of the photo above。This time, will head to the Kano River direction and turn left here。

To about 1 minute walk and Family Mart is the left hand side。We will enter the road next to it。

The way a person was a little quiet。But this road, such as the Golden Week holidays in May it will be very busy and it is the car of the matrix。Because、Since the temporary parking lot is made in the vicinity of this。

We will sew between the House Apartment proceed further straight。

Turn right the end of the road。Sew between the parking lot。

Turn left the end of the road。Straight on this street。

A small park you will see in the middle of the left side。For? You see the precincts of the temple

Walk along the outer wall of the temple。Barely destination seemed。The building of this abutment is Hey a Oran 陀館!

This is Oran 陀館! How can there are many people who have misunderstood me well Oranda Museum、Oran 陀館 is correct formally using the letter of the European Central Europe。

Entrance riverbed side。This day has been vacant since the weekday。

159 Route can be seen leading to the south of Looking at the west side Numazu Station。

By the way, that's a holiday you busy this much。Another parking lot is full。

In particular, April 16 was amazing。Though it is dozens of matrix、It seems to have been the character of the birthday that I thought something Watanabe Sunday。Ah、This Oran 陀館 than as has been introduced in the anime "Love Live Sunshine"、It seems set of popular characters Watanabe Sunday of the parents' home in the。It seems the birthday of the birthday limited cuisine has been provided、In mercenary it be that fans have gathered a lot。

Also it has stopped car animation of the illustrations painted in the photo。Watanabe, the day is often the Toka taxi that has been painted is parked before the store。

Or let's close to a little this car because it pains。

Character called Canaan Matsuura。Various characters to the other can be seen quite a painted car。It should be noted、This is in a large consecutive holidays in May of 2018。Maybe the event had been held in possibly Once the store is also on this day。

Love live Sunshine of pop at the entrance。I There is also a stamp。The gray hair of the character is Watanabe Sunday。

Oran 陀館 as seen from the riverbed。Mount Fuji shining in the sunset、And collaboration with the Kano River。


Night view of Oran 陀館

I tried to shoot the night atmosphere because on the way back of the fireworks had a single-lens reflex camera and tripod Nikon。Parking is full despite the night。

By changing the little angle。It is strangely bright store。

Since the long-awaited night view of the Kano River from where it climbed the bank from Oran 陀館。Too bad this day Mount Fuji have cloudy It was difficult to look。

Finally, again Oran 陀館。Although the animation seems like pictured the landscape from the second floor of Oran 陀館、It is difficult to reproduce it unfortunately。That the、Like you can reproduce the same kind of landscape and I from on this bank。


This Oran 陀館 is quite visitors there were many shop before the Love live Sunshine come out into the world、It seems further increasing number of visitors in the animation effect。It is a big influence that anime has given in Numazu!


It should be noted that "Try walking Numazu night scene ② ~ along the Kano River in the ultra-sensitive camera -Again. "、Want I Come Miteku so I tried to take a night view of Oran 陀館!