In search of water of Kazan tourism - God to Raiffeisen monastery in the snow ① ~

Next of all religion temple of the Russian Orthodox Church to Raiffeisen monastery。2 Station by train If you do not want to use the tour from Kazan、It will be from there to head with the bus。Would be no Problem Since the tour this time。

Distance to 30km。There is quite a distance。Since the tour is a cinch because only riding the bus。

Starting all religion temple。It rocked to the bus while watching has frozen Volga river。

Beyond the overpass。Quite respectable train。

Arrive soon and split so enjoyed because it is a new landscape。Here is a parking lot。

Bus is a lot。I guess the whole tour。Raiffeisen monastery realize that it's a popular tour courses。

Let's toward the monastery droves and followed by everyone。OK even rent a car because there is also a parking lot for general vehicles

Sweets for children in the stalls。

Cute toys。

Coffee Shop。Also it seems to have been provided simple meals。Would be great even if the meal time if you come here on their own rather than tour。

Point to take the bears and photos。But it wears bear snow。

Now children two-shot。It was in fairly lined up to take pictures with this bear。

Vending machine。I guy that comes out candy store toys put a coin。Pretty seasoned is on。

Are written теремок company reserved。I fast-food chain is of me теремок。

Now、Since missing the place Rashiki shopping street will head to the monastery in the back。

Maybe marble statue。It might be a Maybe snow of the image because it is full of snow。

pilgrim house。Pilgrim House。That accommodation for pilgrims。

Since the monastery there are many image。

A little more until the monastery!

Little rating on the likely image and from placed in that location。I're both side becomes the parking lot is a little care。

A little side trip to towards the lake。

Actually, it Raiffeisen monastery like is derived from this lake of the name Raiffeisen。Although it has only about 300m from the entrance to the back of the monastery、Whether or not there is how attractive if you look at the number of people who visit you can see。

Also look at the other blogs、Despite the Kazan tourism in the Ichitori There are here and there is also the opinion that this monastery was the best。

Let's go so like a little more Chikayoreru in lake。

...... still fall are frozen? But it also looks as frozen only in the vicinity of the surface is not yet complete。

animal? Colorful image If you think or。Whether the dog of the list of the。

Vending machine of Pepsi。But I think that it is not found, the middle people, even in such a reverse side

If Ne main gate to the great matrix of when I was sidetracked monastery is not merged with the tour members in a hurry 😯。


Now that we have longer I was introduced before the lengthy entering the Raiffeisen monastery in the site continues to next time!


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