Kazan tourism - tour the beginning of the destination、To all religion temple! ~

Last visited in summer、Experience of when he visited in Kazan in the fall at the end of November this time。Temperature not yet even in early November and range from minus 10 degrees to plus 5 degrees、It was country Russia seems climate of extreme cold。

This time we will try around the periphery of the Kazan using the weekends。Because here Kazan is not in place is unfortunately still transportation infrastructure、Saturday whether I will go around at once using the tour。

Tour in early in the morning before the first floor of the Information Center of the curse Stan Hotels 9:30set。Tour reservation I've been to finish in one of the previous day。Reservation You can also in this Information Center、It is also possible in the Kremlin near the Information Center。Because I had to stay close to the Kremlin、We used there of the Information Center。

Tickets are these paper。But I was asked me, "but not the English tour OK?" At the time of booking、Rather than in addition to answer YES。It should be noted、This tour 9:30From 18:00All religion temple in one day tour of up to、Lunch after the Raiffeisen temple、Finally 1650 ruble price was a whopping standing with a meal that around the Subiyashusuku! Since the time of the rate was 1 ruble 2 yen、Generally was about 3300 yen。cheap!

Curse Stan hotel is the departure point in the Kazan center。It is the inside of this building。

Immediately to the left and entered the building Information Center。The day is full of tour booking guests。

And various booklet is placed。It is a common guy Well。

It is said to come with the guide and time to become to the internal bus。Seated in your favorite place because the seat has not been decided。Seat of Chinatonari was a parent-child Families with children。

Advance the Russian road that piled up snow。...... harambee little more Russian not hear at all in the twisters of Russian I are talking guide is something。

Pen and paper is something passed on the way。Fill out because there was a column to write a name and birthday。I guess Nde can to some extent read!

Listen flowing Russian and fill in the paper while、Get off the bus because the bus was parked a little later and are looking out of the window。

Arrival to all religion temple is the first destination by long after departure。From Kazan city 10km little。The other to also come out in droves if there is a bus。

This is all religion temple!

Abundance of this person。Thats tour participants often to Datte winter。Ah、It was a fall 😉

Past the strange bell。

I guess is the entrance? It seems the building just all round travel around, because that does not placed in。

Description of all religion temple。Russian。It understands that the temple is a mixture of various religious without being bound to one religion。1992Made in the year Toka's the first time now that your under construction。Ildar Khanov (let's call the Kanofu's) Tteyuu treatment specialist of alcoholism and drug addiction is likely building the person in charge。

Zen meditation Buddha discovery! There is only thing truly sing the entire religion。

Through the side of the building to the side。

Promissory note。Well、Guide's will become carefully what to do refreshing did not ...... Russian better catch was saying but seems to have been explained to me 🙁

back gate。

Employee of the car had been stopped。

It can be seen fairly wide When I walked up to the back side。Also seen that the elaborate making yet been paved with stone。

There was a line on the back of the temple。Or train that you doing through the near。

Nobody will quickly backyard than anyone photographing the back of all religion temple。This is also different religious sense。

Here is the back door? I did not enter into the tour。Probably wonder if off-limits for the。

Character on the wall side。Middle of character Азатлык。The name of this is Kazakhstan of village。The reason is Wakaran。Ah、If you look at the filled way of this weed you will see how much snow that has accumulated?

Kana become the best picture to shoot from here? Seen again well are you mixing the various religious。

These in front of temple。A stone's throw Mother Volga River。

How around the house。I wish I do it something shop Toka something because I'm ...... of these tourist destinations, such as those obsolete just a little? I think flourishing。

I tried to walk towards a little of the river。What also did not。

It is nice to overlook angle also the whole building from here。

I came back at the bell。

that? Strange aunt had business(Lol)I think to Oh yeah business because I have is ...... Kondake customers to were not a little while ago

Here is the bus station。It might be to take the bus from maybe the Kazan city。but、Since Raiffeisen to temples and Subiyashusuku think that it is difficult to truly wonder if the tour or taxi is recommended。


The following is directed to the Raiffeisen monastery (Raiffeisen temple)!

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