Kazan tourism World Cultural Heritage "Bolghar" in ~ snow ① ~

Now、Where to visit this time Bolghar that has been registered as a World Cultural Heritage in 2014。Although in general I heard the place to go by ship、There is no sea for this season is to have frozen the Volga river。The ship does not appear to be operated only up to the end of October Unfortunately now the beginning of November。Because even if examined in the web site of the Japanese was not found other methods found a way to go somehow looking for the English page。Way it is to use the bus。By the way, the fact that out of the question because it around 15,000 yen one way and use a taxi。

I tried to always me for a street map。

If you go with the ship, but you will be starting from the Kazan River Port、In the case of bus from Kazan Bus Terminal。It is a distance walking from Kazan center。It is also possible to go by trolley bus from Tatarstan hotel before the bus stop。

Bus in the morning 8:00We booked back and forth on foot to the bus terminal on the night of the day before because that is starting to。Sure enough English is not through、It became to interact in Russian。Uneasy may need to mention the destination in advance in smartphone there is also the show the screen。「Fields (目的地):Bulgaria、Date (日 時):1/1You may if writing (the date you want to departure) утро (morning) "or。

I think that certainly the price was unusually cheap and 300 rubles。In the Japanese yen around 600 yen。It I'd take about one-way four hours travel time。

Microbus bus is that about the 10 people can ride the ride。What mind to Mercedes-Benz 😯

Here is Kazan Bus Terminal (Автобусный Вокзал)。Immediately after the case walk from Kazan city, which was passed under the underpass of the highway。And I wonder if there is no possibility that miss in the big。

The car of the bus。Let's obediently show so you are sure ticket when the ride。By the way, I came to check the ticket was the aunt, which is corresponding to when you purchase at the counter on the day before。

It should be noted、The days of the good if Kurere paid in cash at the time because I had forgotten round-trip ticket buying The trouble is that the ride on the way back When I talked to the driver。Since the exchange of up to this point has been difficult in Russian、Since the driver told me to start Google's voice translation app was able to communicate in English。Driver's clever!

Pass through the Kazan Federal University bus is starting。

City Center passing

You go out to the suburbs。The road there is familiar to those who came by taxi from the airport。

I went into the highway。Russia also seems the same there is a large building in the suburbs I do not know whether the university or hospital。It is cheap land prices

Softening of the stadium。

Arrival to the first through train station。Kazan south bus terminal。I initially thought whether I will ride from here to the bus、I stopped by Mendokusaku because it must Noritsuga the subway and bus。It is a good idea obediently ride from Kazan bus terminal!

1 bus stop。Landing is different for each destination。There is a Bolgar to four from the top。Starting after quite caught the earlier bus terminal。It has been attention to the driver and seemed There were apparently late the people 😛

Somehow taken because there was a supermarket on the way。

30Run about minute and a snowy field。Enjoy nature up next to the town。

Arrival to the next town。The town was fairly small and unlike Kazan。Kana feeling village or that town?

Mars over the brook。

We arrived traced to the Volga river。We are already running about two hours from riding the bus。

Break time in about 20 minutes from beyond the Volga river。Over was fun because it was fresh landscape I was also tired of me ride leave

There was a toilet。

Toilet is this written in Russian。Remember those who Russian can not be read by going to now go to Russia。

It had written me 10 rubles Once you have opened。I got out immediately because it has been found that it is paid。Then came aunt is to get out from in a later time。Whether I thought the guards there were。To a large extent I wonder I was free ...... or rather

Probably wonder if chain stores of meat for me Шашлычная is?

When the break is over again into the wilderness。

It has finally the weather is getting better and run for about a further 1 hour。It was anxiety cloudy。

Animal discovery of the wild。Perhaps ish has arrived in Bolgar region。

Bolgar city。In around here I went down a person little by little。And、One person myself was down in front Bolghar of final destination。It is released from was long bus ride 4 hours mood refreshing。


Next time will head to white mosque in exploring the Volga river near the Bolghar!

World Cultural Heritage "Suviyashusuku" in the Kazan tourism - snow ② ~

Following the previous Subiyashusuku Village Part 2! It is a continuation of from where views of the Volga river in the outback。

If there is a place where there has been profusely people、Relatively long free action time is also here tour。

Drinking beer、Or eat snacks。

Or buy souvenirs。

I guess you candy。Candy had been sold。...... that guy was the face of the alien is a concern

By the way, I also bought here Subiyashusuku souvenir。So profusely like a love magnet I Russia kinds wealth。However、Buy Subi Yash disk Keychain about three because I like those of key chain than the magnet。Rhea Keychain GET can not buy only here! By the way, the clerk to get what you want because the price has not been written, "сколько это стоит?(Sukorika-eta Sutoitto) "and is good to hear。It will lead because it is not difficult to pronounce。

...... dog and it passes through the beginning of the photo of the gate! !

The proximity。

Was suited turned away(^▽^;)

It has been placed the shield and sword? Bunch ornaments do not some people?

The building next to it。It looks something like something specific。

It was after all manner。It seems Apparently Crossbow use in over there to devote game。

ax throwing。Ax throwing and the literal translation? It is somewhat dangerous。

For? There were people at the earlier of the decoration。

100Do you lending in rubles。

Or let a little up on top of that gate。

I did not'm just a decoration。It seems to have been tools of the trade for the sword fight pretend apparently borrowed a favorite weapon。Everyone happily。

Inverse aspect。Here is overlooking the side of the Volga river。Arere? Tour members are gathered ...... soon starting car

Maybe here hotels。Also it seems possible for one night to Subiyashusuku village。It looks good in even romantic Toka night sky to see from here!

Get a。Come to think of it I was also in Raiffeisen monastery。

Well I do not know object to well。Was doing had been bowed what somehow auspicious looks good 😆

Now、The next Innovation I will head to the Cathedral。

Souvenir shop。So I'm always open not open here now。

Walk a few minutes to。Here it is the Cathedral。

Entering the cathedral on site。

Here in the Russian Cat discovery! There is no divided cat to dog had。Russia's cat powers!

Hey Do not run away(^▽^;)

Meantime cat aside ......

The right side is the cathedral entrance。Unfortunately, in the Cathedral of camera shooting NG。Women gave color tradition that must be covered head because like a scarf, which is located at the entrance。

Not so large, medium, as seen from the appearance。Most inaudible not guide Mr. I was not me variously described in the Russian twisters。

Through without buying anything because in the shop also has not been only sold religious ones。But it is do is I bought anyway while ago Suviyashusuku limited goods

While ago the cat If you get to the outside has been done yet! Wandering around the base of the pillar。Probably had me waiting for me! 😳

Let's opposite to the inlet out of the cathedral。This both late tour late。Japan also has been late。

First visited the monastery came into view!

Bakery of Suviyashusuku。Here stalls bakery if spring Toka summer might be selling bread。

There is something fence。

Toka Toka jam honey。These things of being sold There is only a bread workshop。There is also shop of indoor to other、It was still sold to jam Toka main。

Ah ~、Probably because of the horse a little while ago of the fence。Like Apparently it is riding。During the rest of course it so that piled up snow now。zzz… 

And the end also tour late game

Back to square one。You will see that has become much darker than the previous。Even fewer people。

Was fun tour at this all there is to it。It still has many car。


It became the dissolution back to this after Kazan city。Return of the strange documentary programs in the bus was flowing, but I have slept because it was exhausted。It was already Kazan City when I got up。

next time、Bolghar which became the biggest adventure in Kazan tourism。Here is what has been World Heritage Site in 2014。See you soon!



Kazan tourism world cultural heritage in ~ snow "Suviyashusuku" ① ~

Finally the tour final destination to Suviyashusuku。This place name is I write I Свияжск in the difficult Russian to pronounce in Japanese、Impossible to Japanese notation is that this ж。Although various notation of how Toka Suviyajitsuku is、Because in English, such as described and Sviyazhsk、Let's described below and Suviyashusuku in this article!

About 30km from the restaurant of the previous article。About 60km from the Kazan city。Or rent a car because the taxi is too little high、Or you may come from Kazan city by boat if the spring and summer。But now the time is without the option of a ship because it freezes Volga river。

Sashikakari the bridge after a while out of the restaurant。Perhaps the Volga river。

Run This is also a moment from passing through the bridge。Then you will probably have arrived at the destination because the bus has stopped。The time being I tried to shoot around。Suviyashusuku is I island surrounded by the river。

This is Suviyashusuku! Car is also very large bus。Also headed towards the gate with surprise to the abundance of the tourists。

Perfect silver world。Osoru Beshi Suviyashusuku。

We arrived at the gate! Following the guide's so as not to lose sight of the tour members because there are many people。

Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese notation。Russian、Tatarstan language、3 representation of the English。Crowded Crowded。

Here in holding the bar code of the ticket and the mechanism to open the gate。The just-you that devoted to the pitch the ticket that I received from the bus guide's 😀

In the sanctuary of the other Suviyashusuku from here。Although it goes up the stairs、Let's have a look because that before there is a map in

Overall view of this is Suviyashusuku。It's pretty wide

The hordes of birds on the ground before climbing stairs。What these guys

Outright climbing the stairs、Looking down at the inlet side。Bus and car Zurari! 😯 I、Probably amazing tourist?

I realized the vast natural。Volga river superb view point of。Rush to pigeon destination late in the tour but for a while I wanted to enjoy the scenery here。

This is political purge monument。Supreme leader Joseph Stalin of the former Soviet Union Soviet Union in the 1930s、And those that remember the large-scale political repression was carried out in Mongolia。No way did not think that the relationship between Stalin here。

Now、Little bit the Suviyashusuku description in front of the tourist start ...... and from here into the village of Suviyashusuku。

That of the region with a focus on the island at the confluence of the Volga River and the Subiyaka river and Suviyashusuku。As can be seen in terms etc. had come by bus to the island、Rikutsuzuki the mainland。

What originally it was built in 1551 as a fortress of Russia。after that、There is a school becomes rural areas became a made in village。

It has been recommended for registration from Russia from the previous to the World Heritage、Cultural heritage Initially、It has been rejected in UNESCO but had registered the applicant as a complex heritage, which also serves as both the natural heritage、2017It is a relatively new World Heritage Site that is only registered as finally cultural heritage in the year。Unfortunately, because of cultural heritage subjects Cathedral and monastery only and not the entire island。Regret。

It should be noted、Such of did not like a World Heritage Monument of UNESCO because they visited just before it is registered as a World Heritage Site。There may be if you go Maybe now。

First, the entrance to the immediately monastery。I This is the gate to enter the site。

Board that is written softening Notes Toka various。Business hours are 9:00~18:00。

The monastery's how?

First building that looks to the left entered the gates。Seems not a monastery since the off-limits for。

The number of amazing people Why do not you turn around。See Is this monastery before。

Souvenir shop discovered before entering the monastery。Acclaimed closed in。I'm always open you do not open now?

Now let's enter the monastery。

Well、I did not write separately big deal。

so、No photo Unfortunately because the camera shooting ban in the monastery。Well it was a normal feeling like a church。

Out of the gate from leaving the monastery、Let's take a walk towards the back of the village Suviyashusuku。Crunch over the snow、Crunch。

Museum discovered in the middle。Through it does not depend on the museum in this tour。However Suviyashusuku village Well good because they come in purpose Toka landscape than this kind of museum。

Toilet discovery。Moreover, three languages ​​notation。

There was up to the bookstore。Fear shalt Suviyashusuku village。After all, it's habitable here There is only village。

Across the square Mars。

Kana residence?

The car was running。

Guy who the memorial sign put a coin to press。I guy that do not exist in Japan but I see quite well in many parts of the world。And、Finally to the deepest part of the village Subiyashusuku。

Mother Volga! 360-degree spread a snowy field and the river! Photo's and very refreshing but this grandeur is easily transmitted、It was a superb view point!

Another one by changing the angle just a little bit。Summer it might be good to come again to think of Do not I seen the landscape different in the summer。When、But it was hit in the accident that here in just the camera battery runs out、Survived it was over because I have a spare battery。


The number of characters also because it has become much that I next Subiyashusuku village Hen Part 2!