The courier service of the Holy Land of the witch of Tasmania middle! - "Los village" tourism ① ~

Hobart, on the one hand is located in the south of the island in the largest city in Tasmania、Tasmania's second largest city Launceston is located in the north of the island。Although the two places that I think to be a base for tourism、Ross village towards this (Ross Village) is right in the middle that。Tasmania Island'm throat of the middle!

Although this is the loss village、In fact, very famous as a courier of the Holy Land of the witch、We also often tour to stop by this loss village from Japan。actually、I also encountered a Japanese tour in this country village (laughs)

so、Although in general, this loss village I have many people to visit in one day tour and car rental Hobart and Launceston onset、I tried to visit in the long-distance bus。

It Why?、I wanted directed from Hobart to Launceston、Day tour that would return to the departure point there can be no。And、So there was no choice of car rental because it does not have a driver's license。

Well、Because I think the same kind of circumstances of many people in its own way with me、This article is the Do if the reference of the people 🙂


Kiki's Delivery Service of the Holy Land "loss Village (Ross Village)" place of

Ross village about 120km to the north from Hobart。It is about 90 minutes by car。Not a first not possible with such a distance Nde bicycle Toka walk、Do you become not only rely on the automobile。By the way, unexpected is no such thing as train in Tasmania。Go hard place where do I ...... Nante


Long-distance stop in Hobart of the bus "Redline"

Long-distance bus stop in Hobart is easy to access not so much away from the center。To introduce in this article, but's a red line route、It's just that I wanted a little hanging out because there was a time until the departure time of the bus 😆

so、That is Launceston bound long-distance bus of want you to take care is the red line (Redline) not come out only three per day。And、The fact that the number is small, there is also the fact that much increase the residence time of the loss village ......

this time、Of the morning most 10:15Hobart onset 11:55I was riding the bus in Los village wear、The next bus to Los village 16:30To schedule sense of calling。In other words、Residence time is a whopping four hours and a half? ! I not become the punishment game like a situation mid-called long-term stay in the country town that this loss Village、It was accepted thought that my stupidity did not have the other driver's license 😥


Hobart city to Redline bus stop

10:15So do we celebrating the bus stop before、Walk in the Hobart city in the morning。First, from the Tasmanian Supreme Court (Supreme Court of Tasmania)。

Some people that I thought "Oh?"。Because、Whether what it's Japanese sensation Tteyuu Supreme Court because it is one of the country。

Actually、Is referred to in Australia's Tteyuu "Supreme Court of ~" is not represent that of the state-level top court、The top court of the country of Australia is likely to be referred to as the "High Court of Australia" under the name of the Australian High Court。The Australian High Court is apparently located in Campbell。

St. David park next to the Supreme Court (St. David’s Park)。It is considerably larger than the Franklin Square。Pet of the walk is fresh something that is prohibited。

Park spread that are in place and firmly。Fewer people since the early morning。For a while I enjoyed the green。

Now、Or let's about time toward the bus stop。

Liverpool Street towards the north exit the park to (Liverpool Street) along the red line of the terminal of。I have gathered some people have another bus arrived in front of the building。If Ne hurry。

No -。This was really fails。But bus tickets were purchased in advance on the Internet、The seat was not able to enjoy the window out of the landscape not sit by the window in ...... Thanks it was first come, first served basis。

It should be noted、Tickets of Redline isOfficial websiteIn is available for purchase。I mean、Not buy probably the day tickets possibility is high likely。The bus was fully booked even on this day。

Prior to check-in at the reception so I had booked on the Internet。This receipt will be the ticket。

One that can be taken at the moment the people of the window had been sleeping。this is、Town of Oatlands (Oatlands) which is much in the middle of Hobart and Ross village。It was really a small country town。


I will carry over to the next article is the introduction of loss village because it has become a little longer article ~

The world is touching the cute animal "wombat"? ! Bonorongu Wildlife Refuge - Part -

Bonorongu is the latter part of the tourism Wildlife Sanctuary。In this Bonorongu is、You can touch the world cute animal to be in the title。so、It is the wombat unique marsupial of Tasmania。Looking at the various sites、Although it seems that you know the different opinions about the best in the world cute animal、All except where you are raising the wombat to most unfortunately is a liar。It is should not be an cute than wombats animal!


Bonorongu Wildlife Refuge location (re-posted)

Previous article "The food fried can experience the kangaroos and wallabies! Bonorongu Wildlife Refuge - Part -Posted the same map you, but recap as in "。Bonorongu Wildlife Refuge、There in the place where we went to the north about 25km from Hobart。But also it described another many times、Please be prepared for those who are trying to go by bicycle because the up-down is intense。Car or tour is recommended。


Unmotivated koala ......

First koala。It does not work with flutters caught and jitter in tree。Terrifying of lazy。What this creature、Toka I sleep about 20 hours a day! ! ...... I mean the、Than a thing very fortunate we to have seen a koala is happening now in sight? !

so、I was sleeping Sure enough when I look because koala there were also other。What I'm going to sleep like this koala。It does not often slide down from the tree

so、It was such a pose when I come back at the Koala's beginning a little wandering around。Gudetama also of surprise ingredients Deppuri。Will sleeping in downright effortless likely looking just ride to the chin to where the tree is cross! !

head on。that? It has opened a little eye? ? Or ...... Nde poor be too noisy、Do you go to be seen in the following animal。


Probably Yappa Tasmanian Devil how much Tasmania!

Notes that were in the place of Mr. Tasmanian Devil。Datte ... it must not touch the absolute because chew come。Oh scary scary。

Oh! Was Irassha' over there。Softening Nesobettoru。

I fell asleep as soon as I thought(^^;)

📷 the sleeping face wraps around the front and So'!


Wake up to the moment when the shutter is released! ? It is downright sensitive Tasmanian Devil's

Since began to walk after a while Tekuteku profile Itadaki! !

Oh! Was Nasa' me facing here! ! 🙂

Ah、Was immediately suited turned away(^^;)

Patari and your sleeping zzz…  Do you have just these do I Australia of organisms not only koala? !

Got up it was 😯

It has been shifted to the nearby!

Only one ーーー physician has moved in the shade! ! 👿

I wish I looked for a while。Whether a relationship between the position of the sun、It was no longer 's shade。Now、What move? ?

After all, I got up and facing toward the shade or over

You! ! Finally he gave me facing here! ! You guess I was not that kind of eye? !

Again I thought Tekuteku。

I always fall asleep in there eventually in (laughs)

Well I continue much chasing the Tasmanian Devil because I take a lot of photos。So the end of the main dish、Do you go to see Tasmania's Treasures "wombat" san! !


The world cute Tasmanian marsupial "wombat"

Well over there it ...... that would see the wombat hairy discovery gray behind the grass!

It came out over over over over over over over over over over over over over over over! ! ! ! This is the wombat ーーーーー! ! ! !

Ah、Also it had hidden(^^;)

Well、In fact, it is one of the objectives that came to this time Tasmania Hey I was to see this wombat。It's seen is Tsu also seen in Japan、After all seen up close in the field、Moreover, sleeps very much because it is not only come here are Sawa

Something or Mozomozo

You were what are you? ?

Did rice 😆

Door around to the front。Munching Irassharu eat deliciously 😎

A growing number ...... After a while looking at the appearance that rice? !

Baby wombat! Hand this also River(・∀・)Good!!

I、I、I、What? ! Another one animal baby wombat from behind was Nasu' issued a face 😯 this is I guess just a bit cute? !

Has issued a Hyokori and face from the trunk of the tree (laughs)

Ah、I had hidden(^^;)

...... here also whether in the diet If you are looking for other won the bat because there is no way! 😆

Unreal Naa and eat delicious to munch

so、Is the wombat's the here huge is that can this time you touch experience

Hey Hey。It is Sawa like this -。Wombat's also fall asleep comfortably unlikely (laughs)

For comparison、As touching the ass whenever you touch the wombat。But is more of something keepers I seemed to explain the precautions when touching on such at the beginning、Without listening engrossed in the photo。So When I tried to touch his head "No! No!I have been angry with the "! You'd please be careful! !

Aunt of the keepers were able to see that give milk to the baby wombat on way home。

By wild wombats I Australia or jump out on the road、Seems mother won the bat there are many accidents will die after being hit by a car。But、The baby was in the mother stomach of the bag of many things successfully、Toka you're brought up in such a place a wombat who lost that kind of parent。It seems to occur kangaroos and wallabies also a similar incident。So、Those who are about to be rent a car, please operation earnestly care。

Still so small。Me growing larger! !


The end of this at the Bonorongu Wildlife Sanctuary tourism。Next time, let's also go even to the famous Los village as a courier of the stage of the witch to escape the Hobart。

The food fried can experience the kangaroos and wallabies! Bonorongu Wildlife Refuge - Part -

It will head to the Bonorongu Wildlife Sanctuary as it is from Richmond。It has with a pompous name Tteyuu Wildlife Sanctuary、That of zoo。Except、And close to the rather safari rather than a normal zoo、I actually do place to play by touching the animals it features。

If you come to Tasmania I think that here is not be removed absolutely。Because、There can be no going home without looking at the Tasmanian Devil and won the bat to come to Tasmania。Although you can encounter if you are lucky even Toka Cradle Mountain、I because it is sure if here。Or raise the food to kangaroo、It is to also point Takashi touch the ass of the wombat!


Map "From Richmond (Richmond) to Bonorongu (Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary)"

About 18km from Richmond to Bonorongu。Note that I wrote in the previous article there is no direct bus to Bonorongu from Richmond。Use the bus from Hobart to Richmond、There is not no way that from there go to Bonorongu using a taxi。But、The first place on a difficulty to catch a taxi likely in Richmond、It is more likely that if much pay taxi fare is more of tour fee become cheaper。For those who do not have a car from、We recommend a obediently tour participants。


Aim Bonorongu!

As it is like this toward the to Bonorongu out of the Richmond。Very deserted。And there is no sidewalk。

Even so it was good to me sunny。...... was quite the worst it were rain

All the time like this landscape。I also want to live in such a peaceful location Once you retire the work。

Entrance of Bonorongu wildlife sanctuary was on the top of a very steep slope。Whether that hill is not it honest impossible by bicycle。Welcome ~ kangaroo objects

It arrived Bonorongu! Tasmanian Devil of Kanban Dekadeka!

Parking conditioning。There are many car in its own way。Car rental set sounds good。Enviable -


Check-in to Bonorongu Wildlife Sanctuary

It will head to those who are written ENTRANCE。Rather than at the zoo that have been properly developed、Merely in the name of wildlife sanctuary、The entrance is also such。

We got a parcel of brown to the driver of the bus。When I wonder what try to open it I thought ...... grain grains of brown。this、It's actually a kangaroo of bait! So、It's direct bait spear can experience the kangaroo in this Bonorongu wildlife sanctuary!

Go through the individual gate。Note of and as close as firmly After opening。Probably because probably animals escapes。

Statues of Tasmania endemic species us。I go to see these guys from now on!

Bush Tucker Shed (bush tucker hut)。This is Australia Aboriginal - traditionally use has been've Tasmania native flora and fauna has been exhibited in the hut。Initially I thought it was the ticket office。


Food fried experience kangaroo

Landscape from Bonorongu Wildlife Sanctuary。It can be seen there in pretty high places。The large natural 🙂

Suddenly appearance hordes of kangaroo! Moreover, the human rest space is Jindora completely 😕 that it is typical zoo kangaroo But I think I'm put in a cage、Here It is good that touched directly -。

Contact、Rogue kangaroo discovery! Not fazed at all completely not familiar person。

A lot towards the other side! Still, it Ja favorite shade? So much wonder if sensitive to heat of the I kangaroo? ?

See I have this large number of kangaroo! Japan、I'm not able to meet absolutely the kangaroo of such number be carried out anywhere in the world zoo or rather。In addition to the Sawa directly kangaroo! !

Oh。But while other tourists have raised feed the kangaroo。Agerunda remains was placed in the palm rather not drop to the ground。Kangaroo also firmly huge amount cute have held the hand of Uncle 😳

Kangaroo's eating desperately the bait of the ground。Carefully, see if、Like being another one animal at the stomach ......

Baby kangaroo! ! PacPac PacPac bait on the ground out of the mother of the bag only neck。Unreal cute! This feeling is I wonder would not transmitted'm still pictures! !

Your parents Kangaroo。In front of maybe dad kangaroo。Because mon'm there is no bag。

Mother kangaroo eating hard food together with the children。At least I try to give or to eat in children (laughs)

Paku Paku Paku Paku Paku Paku


Well then I wonder about time do you go to see the other animals 🙂 I thought I ......、Fine article was longer。So the next time Koala、Tasmanian devil。The wombat! !

The oldest stone bridge in Australia in search of "Richmond Bridge" - Part -

Continue to Richmond last time。It finally arrives follow the main Richmond Bridge。


Route from Hobart Town to Richmond (re)

Previous article "The oldest stone bridge in Australia in search of "Richmond Bridge" - Part -Once again just to make sure the map was put in. "。From Hobart to Richmond've followed this kind of route。

You will not need Richmond map。Since the very small village of because you can win even without placing the map。


To the observation deck overlooking the Richmond

Japanese looked and are exploring the Richmond。It was also in Hobart、Would that mean that many Japanese in its own way。Wonder if I, which is also home delivery of the influence of the witch?

Slightly larger square and diverted to a side street。There is also playground equipment、Children were playing happily。

Arrival to Richmond observatory (I named)!

This is the mark of the shooting point! Because there is a great view from here it's gonna take a photo。Reed、I'll take immediately。

See well a photograph scenery! Korezo、The Richmond! Richmond Bridge's is taking to the front、St. John's Church look in the back is the oldest of the Catholic Church in Australia(St John Church)。

After a while enjoy the scenery、We are finally approaching the Richmond Bridge。


Duck's relaxing under the Richmond Bridge

Richmond observatory from (I named) to Richmond Bridge shortcut by using this stairs! !

People are gathering in ✌ something riverside, taken down the long stairs。

Everyone's goal is that white guy or。Strange Chinese had taken photos so hard。

I also piggyback for shooting。Chikayoreru even here in the standard lens。None seem to be any sign of an escape at all。Duck's the best you're familiar people!

from a different angle。Awe-inspiring your appearance 😆

……I went to sleep。For comparison、Passed the camera to the Chinese girl sideways had photographed、You are asked to take a two-shot photos of this duck's、I was doing to take from not be helped。We cherish International Exchange。


Richmond Bridge Only this time

And said goodbye to the duck、Finally main to Richmond Bridge。I have another tourist at the moment you release the eyes were already keeping an eye on the duck。Popular duck。

This is Australia's oldest stone bridge! Completely different from the Harbor Bridge in Sydney that modernization。This is all right now if there is a flavor。

Look duck a lot。Still regret。

Next destination is that church。Although Richmond Lookout (also referred to many times my naming) it did not seem to be much farther away from the bridge from、I there is quite a distance this is。


The oldest of the Catholic Church in Australia to "St. John's Church."

Bridge was finished over in the blink of an eye。If you normally walk shorter but less than a minute。Richmond Bridge seen from here also、This is also good good if there is a flavor。

Since the strange tour bus had remained something、Pass through the side-to-church。

arrived。Destination arrival if climb the stairs。By the way wonder if you put in me this building?

Charity box that was next to the Association。Something、It seems to put need Toka Toka clothing underwear that are no longer like that of the。Will Nowak and re-use to poor people。Do not bring truly travelers unwanted clothes here。

so、Finally to the church。It is impairing the very landscape car that is reflected in the right of the photograph。Although he only is trimming should I、Dared doing put in the composition of the car with church。


Into the "St. John's Church."

It was placed in a church。And I tried various taken because there was no shooting prohibited mark。Among is cozy and ordinary church like this。

I tried to come up to the top outback。The day tourists who had come to Richmond did not encounter in even one person although it was decent to many。Will crazy about everyone duck。


Richmond tourism is completed in the above。Because the small village also will be enough Maware if 30 minutes。Here is each other those of Australia's oldest is 2 Tsumo、It is very historically interesting village。

if、If you have time in Hobart、Please try to visit it!