The food fried can experience the kangaroos and wallabies! Bonorongu Wildlife Refuge - Part -

It will head to the Bonorongu Wildlife Sanctuary as it is from Richmond。It has with a pompous name Tteyuu Wildlife Sanctuary、That of zoo。Except、And close to the rather safari rather than a normal zoo、I actually do place to play by touching the animals it features。

If you come to Tasmania I think that here is not be removed absolutely。Because、There can be no going home without looking at the Tasmanian Devil and won the bat to come to Tasmania。Although you can encounter if you are lucky even Toka Cradle Mountain、I because it is sure if here。Or raise the food to kangaroo、It is to also point Takashi touch the ass of the wombat!


Map "From Richmond (Richmond) to Bonorongu (Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary)"

About 18km from Richmond to Bonorongu。Note that I wrote in the previous article there is no direct bus to Bonorongu from Richmond。Use the bus from Hobart to Richmond、There is not no way that from there go to Bonorongu using a taxi。But、The first place on a difficulty to catch a taxi likely in Richmond、It is more likely that if much pay taxi fare is more of tour fee become cheaper。For those who do not have a car from、We recommend a obediently tour participants。


Aim Bonorongu!

As it is like this toward the to Bonorongu out of the Richmond。Very deserted。And there is no sidewalk。

Even so it was good to me sunny。...... was quite the worst it were rain

All the time like this landscape。I also want to live in such a peaceful location Once you retire the work。

Entrance of Bonorongu wildlife sanctuary was on the top of a very steep slope。Whether that hill is not it honest impossible by bicycle。Welcome ~ kangaroo objects

It arrived Bonorongu! Tasmanian Devil of Kanban Dekadeka!

Parking conditioning。There are many car in its own way。Car rental set sounds good。Enviable -


Check-in to Bonorongu Wildlife Sanctuary

It will head to those who are written ENTRANCE。Rather than at the zoo that have been properly developed、Merely in the name of wildlife sanctuary、The entrance is also such。

We got a parcel of brown to the driver of the bus。When I wonder what try to open it I thought ...... grain grains of brown。this、It's actually a kangaroo of bait! So、It's direct bait spear can experience the kangaroo in this Bonorongu wildlife sanctuary!

Go through the individual gate。Note of and as close as firmly After opening。Probably because probably animals escapes。

Statues of Tasmania endemic species us。I go to see these guys from now on!

Bush Tucker Shed (bush tucker hut)。This is Australia Aboriginal - traditionally use has been've Tasmania native flora and fauna has been exhibited in the hut。Initially I thought it was the ticket office。


Food fried experience kangaroo

Landscape from Bonorongu Wildlife Sanctuary。It can be seen there in pretty high places。The large natural 🙂

Suddenly appearance hordes of kangaroo! Moreover, the human rest space is Jindora completely 😕 that it is typical zoo kangaroo But I think I'm put in a cage、Here It is good that touched directly -。

Contact、Rogue kangaroo discovery! Not fazed at all completely not familiar person。

A lot towards the other side! Still, it Ja favorite shade? So much wonder if sensitive to heat of the I kangaroo? ?

See I have this large number of kangaroo! Japan、I'm not able to meet absolutely the kangaroo of such number be carried out anywhere in the world zoo or rather。In addition to the Sawa directly kangaroo! !

Oh。But while other tourists have raised feed the kangaroo。Agerunda remains was placed in the palm rather not drop to the ground。Kangaroo also firmly huge amount cute have held the hand of Uncle 😳

Kangaroo's eating desperately the bait of the ground。Carefully, see if、Like being another one animal at the stomach ......

Baby kangaroo! ! PacPac PacPac bait on the ground out of the mother of the bag only neck。Unreal cute! This feeling is I wonder would not transmitted'm still pictures! !

Your parents Kangaroo。In front of maybe dad kangaroo。Because mon'm there is no bag。

Mother kangaroo eating hard food together with the children。At least I try to give or to eat in children (laughs)

Paku Paku Paku Paku Paku Paku


Well then I wonder about time do you go to see the other animals 🙂 I thought I ......、Fine article was longer。So the next time Koala、Tasmanian devil。The wombat! !

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