The oldest stone bridge in Australia in search of "Richmond Bridge" - Part -

Continue to Richmond last time。It finally arrives follow the main Richmond Bridge。


Route from Hobart Town to Richmond (re)

Previous article "The oldest stone bridge in Australia in search of "Richmond Bridge" - Part -Once again just to make sure the map was put in. "。From Hobart to Richmond've followed this kind of route。

You will not need Richmond map。Since the very small village of because you can win even without placing the map。


To the observation deck overlooking the Richmond

Japanese looked and are exploring the Richmond。It was also in Hobart、Would that mean that many Japanese in its own way。Wonder if I, which is also home delivery of the influence of the witch?

Slightly larger square and diverted to a side street。There is also playground equipment、Children were playing happily。

Arrival to Richmond observatory (I named)!

This is the mark of the shooting point! Because there is a great view from here it's gonna take a photo。Reed、I'll take immediately。

See well a photograph scenery! Korezo、The Richmond! Richmond Bridge's is taking to the front、St. John's Church look in the back is the oldest of the Catholic Church in Australia(St John Church)。

After a while enjoy the scenery、We are finally approaching the Richmond Bridge。


Duck's relaxing under the Richmond Bridge

Richmond observatory from (I named) to Richmond Bridge shortcut by using this stairs! !

People are gathering in ✌ something riverside, taken down the long stairs。

Everyone's goal is that white guy or。Strange Chinese had taken photos so hard。

I also piggyback for shooting。Chikayoreru even here in the standard lens。None seem to be any sign of an escape at all。Duck's the best you're familiar people!

from a different angle。Awe-inspiring your appearance 😆

……I went to sleep。For comparison、Passed the camera to the Chinese girl sideways had photographed、You are asked to take a two-shot photos of this duck's、I was doing to take from not be helped。We cherish International Exchange。


Richmond Bridge Only this time

And said goodbye to the duck、Finally main to Richmond Bridge。I have another tourist at the moment you release the eyes were already keeping an eye on the duck。Popular duck。

This is Australia's oldest stone bridge! Completely different from the Harbor Bridge in Sydney that modernization。This is all right now if there is a flavor。

Look duck a lot。Still regret。

Next destination is that church。Although Richmond Lookout (also referred to many times my naming) it did not seem to be much farther away from the bridge from、I there is quite a distance this is。


The oldest of the Catholic Church in Australia to "St. John's Church."

Bridge was finished over in the blink of an eye。If you normally walk shorter but less than a minute。Richmond Bridge seen from here also、This is also good good if there is a flavor。

Since the strange tour bus had remained something、Pass through the side-to-church。

arrived。Destination arrival if climb the stairs。By the way wonder if you put in me this building?

Charity box that was next to the Association。Something、It seems to put need Toka Toka clothing underwear that are no longer like that of the。Will Nowak and re-use to poor people。Do not bring truly travelers unwanted clothes here。

so、Finally to the church。It is impairing the very landscape car that is reflected in the right of the photograph。Although he only is trimming should I、Dared doing put in the composition of the car with church。


Into the "St. John's Church."

It was placed in a church。And I tried various taken because there was no shooting prohibited mark。Among is cozy and ordinary church like this。

I tried to come up to the top outback。The day tourists who had come to Richmond did not encounter in even one person although it was decent to many。Will crazy about everyone duck。


Richmond tourism is completed in the above。Because the small village also will be enough Maware if 30 minutes。Here is each other those of Australia's oldest is 2 Tsumo、It is very historically interesting village。

if、If you have time in Hobart、Please try to visit it!

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