Numazu Kano River fireworks, Numazu summer festival - noon Hen

The Numazu Summer Festival has arrived! Kanogawa fireworks display! We will deliver the Numazu special feature three times from this time!

It seems that an event will be held at the Hiroryo Ground in conjunction with the Numazu Summer Festival this year, so I'm excited to live in Numazu. :lol: 

Now、I think most people will participate in the fireworks display after the evening.、I think I'll introduce the daytime situation this time as well.。

Noon on the first day of the summer festival。The stalls are being built little by little。The churros clerk in the foreground is relaxing.。Some have already started doing business from this time。You have to join a local union to get a stall、It seems that you are paying a monthly membership fee。The market price seems to be 1,000 yen a month, so 12,000 yen a year。Considering that there are only a few events a year, it costs a lot.。

Let's go from Koryo Ground first。It's near the Numazu Citizens' Culture Center。Right next to the ground is Yasushi Inoue's stone monument。As I explained in the previous article, Yasushi Inoue is a writer who has a great connection to Numazu.。By all means, you too will be a fan of Yasushi Inoue!

A mysterious staircase in front of the Cultural Center。When I was in elementary school、How many times have you thought about going up here。After all, I grew up without ever climbing。

Next to the stairs is the entrance to the Cultural Center。Various events are held here。Actually, there used to be Numazu Junior High School (now Numazu Higashi High School) here.、This was built on the site where Toko moved to the top of the mountain.。By the way, in 1967, Numazu Higashi High School moved to what is now Okanomiya.、Fifteen years later, in 1982, the Citizens' Culture Center was built.。

Finally arrived! This is the entrance to the event venue。wheelchair、Visitors with a stroller are also welcome!

The venue is very crowded。Surprisingly spacious。Olden days、An event called Numazu Festa was held here.、At that time, I remember that the shops were lined up in a narrow space.。

The first thing I saw when I entered the square was this procession。It's like a love live sunshine lottery。Very prosperous。

Banderole is also participating。Noppo bread seems to be popular。I knew it for the first time the other day、It seems that sales of Noppo bread have increased five times compared to before.。Also、The salt caramel taste is that the anime character is printed on the package and I collaborate with Love Live Sunshine.、It has already exceeded 200,000 ... Anime effect is not licked。

It's a commercial seller 🙂 It seems that you can get collaboration goods when you buy Noppo bread。Tote bag 1,500 yen、Isn't the clear file 400 yen expensive? Well, is this something like that?。Like Disney。

What? A great crowd。What are you doing。

The kids were doing something。Is it a dance? At a later date、Or rather, I read the morning edition of the Shizuoka Shimbun the next day and found out.、It seems that the voice actors of Love Live Sunshine performed here。So I learned that many people wore T-shirts with anime pictures printed on them.。And、It seems that nine of the voice actors have been certified as Numazu's Numazu Tourism Ambassador.。

There is a food stall right next to the venue、Love Live Sunshine everywhere。In particular, the product of Numazu Burger called Orve of the Fallen Angel was popular and there was a line of dozens of people.。that? Have you heard that characteristic name? When I thought about it, I introduced it when I wrote an article about Numazu Port before.。

It should be noted、There weren't many customers in the shops that didn't collaborate with Love Live Sunshine.。I used to give out something at a local high school、Impression that there were few customers after all。Other exhibitions will be introduced in the next article along with the situation on the second day.。

Introducing the event at Koryo Square。The name is the same as the Numazu Summer Festival。The festival is hiragana。Manufacturing corner or experience corner、Furthermore, this sign also has a picture of a child, so I think it's for children.、I had a strong impression that anime fans were the majority 🙂

Break corner in the middle。It started to rain on the way, so shelter from the rain。I noticed while writing this article now、On the right side of the center, there is a shoulder bag with a tote bag (1,500 yen) hanging from the shoulder.。Rich Man!

Taken when the number of people decreases due to rain! This is where the line was formed when I first visited here。that? The car on the left is also familiar、I introduced it when I wrote an article about Awashima Marine Park 🙂

Enter the Citizens' Culture Center as it is from the entrance of the event venue。Is it the back door? The inside of the cultural center looks like this。An obscure object hangs from the ceiling。

It's so crowded that there's no place to sit anymore。Unlike the outside, the inside is cool so take a break。It's raining so I can't save a little time。

If you think it was crowded, the cause is this。When I asked the person in charge, it was said that a love live sunshine screening was being held.。Moreover, the place is a large hall。It's amazing to charter a large hall 😮

Now、Go to Central Park as it is。Across the city hall、Via this Hachiman Shrine。This shrine is directly connected to Ayumi Bridge。Unfortunately there are no worshipers today。Head to Ayumi Bridge from the back of the shrine。

Is it a place to take。Ayumi Bridge is no longer filled with sheets。It doesn't matter, but Rilakkuma stands out.。

The fireworks launch pad sticks out from the left bank into the river。At the Numazu Fireworks Festival, there are two launch pads, the first of which is here.。

I went to the central park。It seems that the event is already held here as well。It came out Love Live Sunshine。Collaboration with Tokai Bus。Only the bus is stopped during this time、Depending on the time, the taxi may stop。It seems that there are 9 characters of Love Live Sunshine, so 9 types of taxis are running in the city.。

There are two buses at this time。This bus is not a figurine, but the exact same thing runs through the city。I didn't see much before、I've been working on it lately。I wonder if I increased the number。

These are the penguins brought from Awashima Marine Park。There was a mobile aquarium next to it。It seems that there are image penguins for each character of Love Live Sunshine.。What criteria do you decide on? 😐

There are already many people trying to leave Central Park and proceed to Numazu Station。It's very fresh because Numazu is so busy several times a year.。

Contact、Is this a love live sunshine taxi?。Discover the first of 9 types! Is there 8 more types?。Or rather, the first ride is 690 yen and a higher price is set? It seemed that there were anime chirashizushi and stuffed animals in the car.。

Especially in front of Numazu station。Even though it was bright, the drums were open。Lively scenery of Numazu station。

There are many people in Nakamise。I wish it was as busy as usual。Good luck Mayor Onuma!

Oh? Is there a crowd in Nakamise?

If you take a peek, a concert。What kind of concert I asked my neighbor about, like the opening song of Love Live Sunshine。The one on the back monitor is the opening of Love Live Sunshine.、It seems that you are playing live to the screen。Head to Onaribashi while listening to the voices of anime fans cheering along with the song, "Oh! Oh!"。

Next to the riverside hotel。There is already a drum here。There are already traffic restrictions。

Fireworks headquarters in Onaribashi。...... I don't care。

This thread is like Niagara at the end of the fireworks display。Today's 20:15To、It will be ignited from this Onari Bridge toward the Eitai Bridge that can be seen over there.。

This is the second fireworks launch pad。One place on the Ayumi Bridge side across the Onari Bridge、There are two places in total, one on the Eitai Bridge side.。

Now、Next time is the fireworks display。I have to take a place where I can see the fireworks beautifully!



Kazan tourism - night view Hen

This time is a special feature on night views。It includes a little dusk。Kazan is a very beautiful city, so when you stop by, you definitely want to enjoy the night.。


◆ Kazan Kremlin

First from dusk。

Stunning blue and red gradients。Crucial mosque。My uncle is also taking pictures in front of me 🙂

Another one! It will be lit up properly!

Suyumbike Tower。This is also a superb view that can not be seen in the middle。Just when the lights started to turn on。You can see the Ferris wheel in the distance。

Get closer and get another one。There are quite a few people。

I killed time and waited for the night。From here it is a night view。

Crucial mosque with the night sky in the background。It's pure white!

This is also very beautiful。It's romantic ~ 😮

Of course the entrance is also lit up。The statue is orange。


◆ Kazanka River

The Kazanka River also shows a different face at night。Merry-go-round is open for business。And the shopping street on the right is shining。

Restaurant for lunch。The fountain is also beautiful。It's blue now、It also changes to red or yellow。There were many couples。

This is an agricultural temple。The building you saw when looking down from Kazan Kremlin。

Kazan Kremlin seen from the Kazanka River。Sorry for the poor image quality。You can see it in a very medieval landscape.。


◆ Baumann Street

At night, the center town also comes to life。This is the intersection of a shopping mall at the southern end of Baumann Street。Glitter。

Epifani Church will also be lit up。There are many people even at this time。


This is the end of the summer of sightseeing in Kazan。I will visit again from autumn to winter! До свидания!

Kazan tourism - tee Sha Chere Chiya park -

Located in the center of Kazan is the Dekadeka Park, which is the Tishacherechia Park (Парк Тысячелетия).。English name is Kazan Millennium Park。”Millennium”Is Millennium because it means "1000 years"。

Destination park、5-10 minutes walk from Tsugan Arubum general entertainment facility。Walk along the red line in the above figure。Since it's just a corner, there are a lot of things near the park, so I'll also introduce the surrounding areas.。

Now、And proceed to the left out of the north exit of Tsugan'arubumu entertainment complex、IT PARK hotel is there at the beginning of the intersection。It is reasonable hotel。This time we stayed here。Kind of dish is small but it was also felt good at the buffet breakfast。

And straight through the intersection and turn at the next intersection to the right。From there 2、Let's 3 minutes walk。

Entrance from the south side of the traveling direction so park on the left side comes into view。Here tee Sha Chere Chiya Park (Парк Тысячелетия)。Since there is almost no tall buildings in Kazan city does not have impaired the landscape 🙂

The basket hole is to the south of the park。2003Story of the construction cost, which was built in August year took $ 14 million。Like a facility for the name of street basketball。That said、It seems to be a multi-purpose indoor arena, which is also carried out volleyball and concerts。

The park had been planted a lot of flowers。Very cozy it seems properly are clean。cozy!

The fountain is there in the center of the park。Object of the cauldron in the middle has Russian word for cauldron that is also derived from the city name "KAZAN" motif。This "KAZAN" is to have been made by "(Jutland in the local language) Jiranto" creatures on the legend、It has been reported to have born the current Kazan city in that he had been buried in the ground "KAZAN" was boiling。Guy I ...... Well Frequently legend。

Image of there near the fountain Qol Ghali。This is the poet of 1200 around the Middle Ages Tatarstan。It seems to have left behind a great achievement as a poet of Muslim。The Russian has been established is a thing called Qol Ghali Award in 1992、It seems to be given to those excellent in poetry and literature。

His famous work is "Qíssai Yosıf (Tale of Yusuf)」。I wonder if it's Japanese to say "the story of Yusuf"? But I have never heard。

Finally, the park again Pasha! Biraiya Palace Hotel and the basket hole has entered successfully。Ah ~、Is a hotel that has entered in the photograph from just now I Biraiya Palace Hotel。High guy there that it is image above to the left。

Nijuni-bag lake look as soon as the exit from the main gate of the park west。Many people who are on a boat、It has become the entertainment spot。Now、Or let's go because there is a strange form of the building on the other side of the lake。

arrival! Theater or something Kamal theater。The name is derived from the playwright Galiaskar Kamal、1906Theater quite a long history, which was built in December。Kamal's is famous even in translation activities、The literature of the Russian has been said to be the pioneer that was translated into Tatarstan language。

Because too building square in front of it was going to be a picture taken at a different angle。It was some people are doing skateboard。

Campus of the Kazan Federal University is the next to the theater。The main building here of small because it is a short walk from here。

Now、Next time I think I try to introduce a night view of the place visited so far。



Kazan tourism - Tsugan'arubumu entertainment complex -

Baumann street from the Kazan Kremlin、And the number to continue south to Petersburg Odessa Street ten minutes。You get to tourist destinations of Kazan city south end。

Let's such like this castle look at the right-hand side when you see。

Deden! The entrance of here Tsugan'arubumu entertainment complex。I wonder if compartment of the which is the image of a village of Tatarstan? The promotion of the show that women wearing the costumes of Tatarstan also to advertising in front entrance is to appear。Now、Let's admission。Exciting :lol: 

Buildings wooden color。Cobbled also the ground。It is a souvenir shop there on the left side。Nikki written me Suvinirui。Even so, concrete building of far is ruined ...... the landscape(Lol)

Here is the heart。Few people because the day is also late。Flower beds Toka be in good condition、Taste a little different atmosphere。

I wonder if was doing in stalls? Or candy that's what is sold is、Or accessories of the。It is written in this table””Or something publisher of Kazan When you try to access in the mood that I、Was the site are introduced mainly souvenirs to the main。Here also the facility of I Ya ne for tourists。

Contact、The character of "Ресторан" far。This is read me "Risutaran (pronunciation of winding tongue Li and La is that shakes the bottom I Rururu)"、As restaurant its name。Except、Note that the meaning is different from the I Russia of restaurants and restaurants in Japan。In Russia there are several call you to the shops that can be eating out、A restaurant that also the most exclusive and restaurant like a treat in the。General cafeteria says I "столовая (Sutarovaya)"。

Here before restaurant。I am a woman wearing a hijab what appears on the bench。This is also a wonder if the Russian national costume?

While I was taking a meal at this restaurant、It was about one person 3,000 yen to eat normally roughly。Wonder if paid about 3,500 yen because this is added the chip 15% to 20%。This is a very high et al consider the Russian prices。But really delicious! It is recommended especially meat Yawarakaku'。I'm sorry。Photos is ...... that I forgot to take there also had other customers

“баня (Vernier)”? ! Certainly this word is ...... until these kind of things, such as was the public bath、Fear shalt Kazan。

Taken from a slightly different angle。Distant castle is the guy that was before the entrance。Now、Day also to the late I should go home soon。

Was Kke saw weird I thought。Apparently they are breeding animals。Children's goat。It is restaurants that are run by。

that's all。The following is the tea Sha Chere Chiya park。