Kazan tourism - Tsugan'arubumu entertainment complex -

Baumann street from the Kazan Kremlin、And the number to continue south to Petersburg Odessa Street ten minutes。You get to tourist destinations of Kazan city south end。

Let's such like this castle look at the right-hand side when you see。

Deden! The entrance of here Tsugan'arubumu entertainment complex。I wonder if compartment of the which is the image of a village of Tatarstan? The promotion of the show that women wearing the costumes of Tatarstan also to advertising in front entrance is to appear。Now、Let's admission。Exciting :lol: 

Buildings wooden color。Cobbled also the ground。It is a souvenir shop there on the left side。Nikki written me Suvinirui。Even so, concrete building of far is ruined ...... the landscape(Lol)

Here is the heart。Few people because the day is also late。Flower beds Toka be in good condition、Taste a little different atmosphere。

I wonder if was doing in stalls? Or candy that's what is sold is、Or accessories of the。It is written in this table”Tatarmaster.ru”Or something publisher of Kazan When you try to access in the mood that I、Was the site are introduced mainly souvenirs to the main。Here also the facility of I Ya ne for tourists。

Contact、The character of "Ресторан" far。This is read me "Risutaran (pronunciation of winding tongue Li and La is that shakes the bottom I Rururu)"、As restaurant its name。Except、Note that the meaning is different from the I Russia of restaurants and restaurants in Japan。In Russia there are several call you to the shops that can be eating out、A restaurant that also the most exclusive and restaurant like a treat in the。General cafeteria says I "столовая (Sutarovaya)"。

Here before restaurant。I am a woman wearing a hijab what appears on the bench。This is also a wonder if the Russian national costume?

While I was taking a meal at this restaurant、It was about one person 3,000 yen to eat normally roughly。Wonder if paid about 3,500 yen because this is added the chip 15% to 20%。This is a very high et al consider the Russian prices。But really delicious! It is recommended especially meat Yawarakaku'。I'm sorry。Photos is ...... that I forgot to take there also had other customers

“баня (Vernier)”? ! Certainly this word is ...... until these kind of things, such as was the public bath、Fear shalt Kazan。

Taken from a slightly different angle。Distant castle is the guy that was before the entrance。Now、Day also to the late I should go home soon。

Was Kke saw weird I thought。Apparently they are breeding animals。Children's goat。It is restaurants that are run by。

that's all。The following is the tea Sha Chere Chiya park。


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