privacy policy

Our side、About the handling of personal information、It recognizes the fact that properly and safely manage a social responsibility、Define the personal information protection policy、In accordance with this policy、 We will strive to protect personal information。

Our side、Identified as much as possible the use of personal information、Properly deal with this within the range to achieve its purpose。

Our side、In the management of personal information handled、Take appropriate preventive and corrective measures in order to prevent other safety management of leakage, loss, falsification。

Our side、Get the personal information in a lawful and proper manner。

Our side、We comply with the provisions in accordance with the laws and regulations and the personal information protection policy concerning personal information。


Definition of personal information

There with information about the individual、The name, address, date of birth, telephone number and e-mail address, place of employment other statements that are included in the information、You say what you can identify the individual。

Also、Only the information even if that can not be identified、It can be easily collated with other information、Including those that result in the individual and can be identified。


Use of personal information

Use of personal information is as follows in us。

Services provided to the user。

- our answer to inquiries about the service。


Provide personal information

It is as a general rule、It will not be provided to third parties without the consent of the person in question the personal information。

Upon identifying the providing destination and provide information content、It offers only with the consent of the person in question。

However、In the case of the following、We may disclose personal information without the consent of the person in question。

• If you are allowed by law。

• If you from the court, the Public Prosecutor's Office, police and bar association or agency that has the authority pursuant to these disclosure is required by。

- We are、If it is determined that exerts a disadvantage to a third party。


Management of Personal Information

Personal information which we have managed、In order to prevent the loss, leakage or misuse、With implementing appropriate security measures、We will strive safety measures so from unauthorized access, virus, etc.。

The following external services are used for advertisement delivery and usage measurement of this website.、We may collect and accumulate information such as your behavior history.。Information we collect using cookies、Information to identify and identify individuals is not included。Collected information is managed based on each privacy policy。

・Google Analytics:privacy policy:

・Google Adsense:privacy policy:

・Amazon Associate:privacy policy:

・Facebook:privacy policy:

·Rakuten:privacy policy:


For the creation of statistical data

On our side、In order to improve services、On the basis of the personal information that has been registered、Although you may want to create a statistical data was processed so that it can not identify an individual、Such statistical data、And it shall be used without any limitation。


Change of privacy policy

On our side、Change of personal information to be obtained、Change the purpose of use、Or making any changes other privacy policy、We will consider it as published with a change of this page。Privacy policy will take effect from the time that has been revised in on the site after the change。


Contact Us

Inquiries about personal information management、Thank you by e-mail。