Day Blue Mountains travel plan from Sydney! Go by train、Return is by ferry

Sorry I made you wait。It is a continuation from the Sydney article。

But I just want to say immediately ...... the travel diary of the Blue Mountains、First of all from the schedule created。When I was Internet search in the Blue Mountains day trip、The way back, we learned that there is a coming route back to Circular Quay ferry ride from a place called Parramatta。

The Blue Mountains you may go on Sunday。Sydney transportation IC card "opal card (Opal Card)" is has been set upper limit fee per day、In particularSunday, getting on and off many times at the upper limit of 2.7 Australian dollar lower (2019 of May)It will be able to! ! Always Since this fee are subject to changeNSW HomepageIn the check。

so、Furthermore, what that of the upper limit of the Opal Card is can also be used to ferry! That it would ride to the ferry at 2.7 Australian dollars that、Downright deals too much of ......

Where you want to ride in before the day is sunset to the ferry if pains。Unexpected not be unless crafted a dense schedule from morning wake up time if。


Sydney - Katoomba (From Sydney to Katoomba)

Sydney Central Station, one of from (Sydeney Central Station) to the Blue Mountains of Katoomba station (Katoomba) No transfer。Hopon Hopoff bus of the Blue Mountains 9:15Since the departure of is where you want to arrive in until it。So explain the way of the timetable search。

To begin withNSW HomepageSelect in the order of "Train" → "BMT Blue Mountains Line" go to。

Select the "Current" in the PDF timetable。

Of the open PDF the left side of the "Central to Lithgow and Bathurst," "Weekends & When you click the Public Holidays "is the time table that corresponds to the main window will be displayed。Time that is written in the back at the top looking for a time that you want to arrive at the "Katoomba", "Central" is the time to leave the Central Station in the。

In the present case、At Katoomba Station 10:15In order to ride to hop on a bus of 9:48Since it is necessary to have arrived in、Sydney Central Station 7:54You will ride to the calling of a train。


Blue Mountains National Park bus (Blue Mountains) (Bus)

The order in which around a positional relationship of each point。But you know if you look at the map、There is also a sufficient walking could spin range without the use of bus。

It makes use of the Hopon Hopoff bus in the Blue Mountains National Park。Time tableBlue Mountains Explorer Bus HomepageIt can be downloaded from。

Recommend the case for Scenic World in a Day (Scenic World)、Echo Point (Echo Point)、Journey around the three plants of the ruler cascade (Leura Cascades)。Return will could spin efficiently and return from the ruler station (Leura Station)。

so、The figure above that shows the riding time of the bus that takes into account the tourism scheduled time at each point。Surely before sunset because I want to return to Sydney、Ruler station 15:26Originating Parramatta station 16:50I wanted to ride just to train wearing。Might be a good even here, remove if there is no time because the residence time of the ruler cascade has become quite tough rather than。I was sightseeing running (laughs)



Ferry Parramatta (Parramatta) (Ferry)

Riding on the same train and go from the ruler station (Leura Station) Parramatta to the station (Parramatta Staion)、Route towards the Circular Quay and transfer from there to the ferry。It is a good idea with a margin because about 1km from Parramatta station to ferry。Want it will be introduced in each of the articles regarding detailed to go the way of the ferry landing。

againNSW HomepageTime table that was borrowed from。This time of "Bathurst and Lithgow to Central," "Weekends & Select the Public Holidays "。And it will focus on "Parramatta" from the "Leura" in the main window。Ruler station 15:26The ride to the outgoing 16:50In is likely to be arrived at Parramatta station。

so、Then search for ferry Parramatta station to Sydney flights。Next timeNSW HomepageSelect the "Parramatta River" from the "Ferry" in。

Click on the "Current" in the PDF timetable。

「Parramatta River to Circular Quay」の「Saturday & Select the Sunday "、Let's check the departure time of "Rydalmere" in the main window。This time 17:58Issued 19:04I will ride to the wearing of。Sunset of this day 19:50That likely put in Sydney out somehow bright because it was。


Now、In fact if you continue to the Blue Mountains tourism because make a schedule。Next time you head to Katoomba station from Sydney Central Station。

While watching the sun sinking in the NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu incidentally night view also take! !

Following the previous NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu。This time, we want to mainly centered on the landscape of the night view from dusk。NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu place ...... this isPrevious articleLet's omitted since it is Could look at the 🙄


From the second floor terrace to the observatory deck

Already day it takes to sink when I come out on the second floor of the terrace、The sky was over dyed a little red。That appears to be far away front Osezaki。Nishiura from there toward the left、Uchiura、Shizuura、And Numazu city、Followed by a。

You have to stop where you have written me the central After a little look good well I track that has stopped to the left "Basubasu"? Perhaps large vehicles is OK, so ginger、It is why I think I bet I large vehicles Once was。

Capture the perfect moment。The moment when the sun goes down the building and mountain。Good view and is under rainbow in a circular。Rainbow NEOPASA🌈

Here was the sun on the back side opposite。So Shall we head to the observation deck across the road in front of Starbucks。

Observation deck, which was visited in a long time。Or two more years? ? Naa there was such a bell Speaking。

Numazu City as seen from the observatory。Began gradually sky becomes dark when I looked landscape Innovation baud、Soon rush to the stars are faintly visible coming time zone。Here pleasure the outlook just a little more、And to the first floor。


The first floor in the waiting from dusk to twilight time

While the observatory was Kankodori that not one person Hitokko、Leading to upload the image a little too bright because the first floor is troublesome not become If you do not put the mosaic processing to still face in humans is a lot of shutter speed slow and too Ballmer people unless copyright Yara something or problems。

To take photos in decent is waiting Nde ND filter did not even bring。Since there is no wayPrevious articleIn had taken Toka banners, such as introduced "Love Live! Sunshine !!" 😆

I tried to take the whole picture of NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu、Compromise like this because the will is reflected small buildings and much too far。It has become quite dark

Completely pattern hidden in Yamanoha If you look at the direction that sank the sun。

Here I'm get copper is the number of characters earn blog even say KNOWLEDGE (Unchiku) and "Yamanoha" "Yamagi is" have become a different meaning in a similar I、"Yamagi is" "Yamanoha" with an empty portion in contact with the mountain is that part of the mountain that is in contact with the sky。Although you will Some people remember in The Pillow Book。

I'm sorry、That to return to the right course。

It was getting dark。Shooting afford a slow shutter by increasing the F value becomes a far。By the way, I do not think have been in everyone of the way so that the shooting make a sneak tripod in Hajikko so as not to interfere with the passers-by (maybe ......

Photograph was aiming was taken! Good empty gradation is at stake in the good feeling! ! Actually withdrawal at this because you want housed on the second floor of the scenery camera but I want to Neba' in a little more the first floor。


Again ...... to the second floor terrace

Although people of Numazu city had become another dark、Barely Those who from Osezaki et al side of the right was a feeling that received the light of the sun。Though the track is more than a little while ago、It was fully occupied the location of the bus。

Time that the stars appear clearly with the naked eye。The view from dusk to night view 's a superb view!

State of the second floor terrace。I dusk people there were full、It does not come so much people and darkens。

Suruga Bay, which has become a completely dark。Distinction somewhere other that the sea is grabbing ...... 😥

Finally, the dark to NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu became from the front 📷


A little side trip to NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu (down)

This is the local strengths! It's at once enjoy you the uplink and downlink。Here is love live elements without any、Instead, mascot character "Michimaru" Mr. of Japan in the NEXCO is for us to welcome ~ 👏

This is it is "Michimaru" kun! What it is healed cute care 😳

Outlook spot of the down side。Nothing seemed Masen completely dark now unfortunately。It's shining white to the left would be around Numazu Station。Metropolitan Numazu! ! !

Well especially unusual place something that is not normal service area kana ~。Recommended up line if still NEOPASA Suruga Bay visit to Numazu。On the way back If you go from Tokyo to Osaka area、I think it may come to go toward toward the reverse from Osaka to Tokyo area。But it is also a story I good According nor return Well ...... go 😆


Next time introduce the Australian article again! Finally Sydney of large attractions、It will head to the world heritage "Blue Mountains"! !

"Love live in NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu (up)! Sunshine!! Premium shop "is re-appearance for a limited time!

I think I did not go to the recently NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu Speaking、The kana Let's somehow toward。Soshitara just love live even this time! Sunshine!! Premium shop had been opened。

Of this timeperiodThe "2019On February 23(soil) - May 19,(day)"Until。Andbusiness hoursThe "10:00~21:00That of a "。Arrival and departure locationThe "Gamers Numazu store "Except、Last admission is 20:00Because apparently the Notes who intend to visit in the last minute of the! !


I location of NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu (up)?

Article that was introduced last NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu "Numazu tourism ~ NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu -This time it did not me for a map to unkind In "tried to put。

In fact NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu nearest station original station next 2 stops from there rather than the Numazu Station。Order that it from the Tokyo area of ​​"Numazu → HoHama → original"。Although it possible Speaking possible to walk a map of the route、5km a little less than a slope、I think the required 1 hour or so and quite tough。Only if Madashimo return is also made to think and hey ...... so car or taxi is recommended to walk to go Well。

Although、It has come up with a shuttle bus or something shiny bus Actually, for a limited time from the Numazu Station Gamers (Gamers)。It it was a bus of NEOPASA bound I thought what have occasionally anime bus Rashiki wine red color Love Live is running Being in Numazu -

Prices round trip 2,000 yen "Awashima online shopIt seems can be purchased at "。The starting time is 10:00It was or 11:30Was Tari、Please check the link destination different because from day to day。Residence time 1:30Although it is a grade、It is enough to dine at the restaurant and shopping a walk。


NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu first floor

Outside the entrance of the highway。The same at the time of previously visited the is under banners of Love live。However, the design has changed。Before was a design that was more deformation of。

Over the Rainbow must praise released in!!Held period:2019On February 23 - May 19

Welcome to the Suruga Bay Numazu SA!!Love live in such a fine place 😛

Also on the inside of the door 🙂

Soon Love live Sunshine well into

Numazu location site map。Something like before also was the same kind of design。

It is supposed to be great even wall。

Town there Ki cans badge。It seems to be able to get throughout the Numazu。Closer look north here Suruga Bay Numazu SA、As far south as Mizuno。Very likely to collect all the。Moreover Datte got a 12 kinds limited badge of every month!

The wall surface of the premium shop。I guess there is also probably something goods is only available here

I tried not to go out。This also curtain is ...... the highway side

Twilight of NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu SA。Also another design banners ...... over here of the entrance


Now、So I guess let's up to the second floor in the elevator!


NEOPASA Suruga Bay to the second floor of Numazu SA

I tried back at the back while riding in an elevator。Familiar anymore irresponsible 😆

This is in memory! It is exactly the same as two years ago! ! Because mon feel that I wrote in a previous article I have me listed only character of the "swamp"

Taken all this time Charuyo。positive

And reverse side

I was doing bird's-eye view of the What with the premium shop from the sky

It's still also this Mini

Here family hermitage also has changed the menu。Certainly before there is a memory was the guy I Aqours Zen。This time, a set of chicken and steak。Pattern Nowak still 9 character of the goods at random。

This pop has changed。Previous postsIt Nde is dressed when I was different look at the。

Overview from opposite side。

Well'll'll containing the sign of the voice actors for each character when I look 😯

Oh? There is no sign only Sakuranai Mariko。Maybe the voice actor of this character do not come here。

Quite carefully Do'm also leaving a comment -

I had everyone sign the other characters。I'm sure Sakuranai Mariko of the voice actor's Reakyara Reakyara。

Paint is also on the second floor of the exit。I think maybe this pattern also I have a total of nine characters worth of design。


Now、Please be next time to introduce the original visit dusk and twilight time & night view of the purpose and which was NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu SA!