"Love live in NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu (up)! Sunshine!! Premium shop "is re-appearance for a limited time!

I think I did not go to the recently NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu Speaking、The kana Let's somehow toward。Soshitara just love live even this time! Sunshine!! Premium shop had been opened。

Of this timeperiodThe "2019On February 23(soil) - May 19,(day)"Until。Andbusiness hoursThe "10:00~21:00That of a "。Arrival and departure locationThe "Gamers Numazu store "Except、Last admission is 20:00Because apparently the Notes who intend to visit in the last minute of the! !


I location of NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu (up)?

Article that was introduced last NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu "Numazu tourism ~ NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu -This time it did not me for a map to unkind In "tried to put。

In fact NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu nearest station original station next 2 stops from there rather than the Numazu Station。Order that it from the Tokyo area of ​​"Numazu → HoHama → original"。Although it possible Speaking possible to walk a map of the route、5km a little less than a slope、I think the required 1 hour or so and quite tough。Only if Madashimo return is also made to think and hey ...... so car or taxi is recommended to walk to go Well。

Although、It has come up with a shuttle bus or something shiny bus Actually, for a limited time from the Numazu Station Gamers (Gamers)。It it was a bus of NEOPASA bound I thought what have occasionally anime bus Rashiki wine red color Love Live is running Being in Numazu -

Prices round trip 2,000 yen "Awashima online shopIt seems can be purchased at "。The starting time is 10:00It was or 11:30Was Tari、Please check the link destination different because from day to day。Residence time 1:30Although it is a grade、It is enough to dine at the restaurant and shopping a walk。


NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu first floor

Outside the entrance of the highway。The same at the time of previously visited the is under banners of Love live。However, the design has changed。Before was a design that was more deformation of。

Over the Rainbow must praise released in!!Held period:2019On February 23 - May 19

Welcome to the Suruga Bay Numazu SA!!Love live in such a fine place 😛

Also on the inside of the door 🙂

Soon Love live Sunshine well into

Numazu location site map。Something like before also was the same kind of design。

It is supposed to be great even wall。

Town there Ki cans badge。It seems to be able to get throughout the Numazu。Closer look north here Suruga Bay Numazu SA、As far south as Mizuno。Very likely to collect all the。Moreover Datte got a 12 kinds limited badge of every month!

The wall surface of the premium shop。I guess there is also probably something goods is only available here

I tried not to go out。This also curtain is ...... the highway side

Twilight of NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu SA。Also another design banners ...... over here of the entrance


Now、So I guess let's up to the second floor in the elevator!


NEOPASA Suruga Bay to the second floor of Numazu SA

I tried back at the back while riding in an elevator。Familiar anymore irresponsible 😆

This is in memory! It is exactly the same as two years ago! ! Because mon feel that I wrote in a previous article I have me listed only character of the "swamp"

Taken all this time Charuyo。positive

And reverse side

I was doing bird's-eye view of the What with the premium shop from the sky

It's still also this Mini

Here family hermitage also has changed the menu。Certainly before there is a memory was the guy I Aqours Zen。This time, a set of chicken and steak。Pattern Nowak still 9 character of the goods at random。

This pop has changed。Previous postsIt Nde is dressed when I was different look at the。

Overview from opposite side。

Well'll'll containing the sign of the voice actors for each character when I look 😯

Oh? There is no sign only Sakuranai Mariko。Maybe the voice actor of this character do not come here。

Quite carefully Do'm also leaving a comment -

I had everyone sign the other characters。I'm sure Sakuranai Mariko of the voice actor's Reakyara Reakyara。

Paint is also on the second floor of the exit。I think maybe this pattern also I have a total of nine characters worth of design。


Now、Please be next time to introduce the original visit dusk and twilight time & night view of the purpose and which was NEOPASA Suruga Bay Numazu SA!

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