Try walking Numazu night scene ② ~ along the Kano River in the ultra-sensitive camera -

Numazu Port next to the Kano River。Building to be little I Numazu、Night is because the lights disappear a place where night view is seen beautiful limited to early。There also would especially become the night can not be seen Mount Fuji specialties、We have a lot of people who would return to tourism only during the day。In fact to tour pattern is often due to the Numazu only noon。

so、We want to tell along the good Kano River of the best in my Numazu city, a local Numazu people night atmosphere to everyone。before"Introduced once the Numazu night view! Of ~ fireworks the day before the calm before the storm -Even though there are those similar to the scenery that were introduced in "、D series of Nikon time was used in the。Please let originated the Numazu of splendor using the α7sⅡ of Sony this time!


Shooting location "Kano"

Range of over the History Bridge from Numazu night view is roughly the Perpetual Bridge to look beautiful of。I would like around and look at the night view in the center of the Onaribashi while, so head to the Bridge History from Eitai Bridge。


Seen from the Perpetual Bridge side Onaribashi from a distance

Daytime was good sunny evening but was cloudy。Of the previous article has become the same composition is、Again I wonder'm such because the scenery was the best。Tidbit also people who are jogging along the riverbed。

I'd say'm Japan is really peace but to go out there resistance alone at this time of the day that's overseas。

A little zoom。Change from the focal length of 16 to 25。Tokyo Electric Power Company of up to red and white tower is visible range of people from Shizuoka newspaper SBS white building to the right of the left is kana attractions。

Is too late and regret if I was not taken with this when ISO100 is better to funneled a star by increasing sensitivity not it that looked pretty。When to introduce the next Numazu night view of the Kano River with starry sky。

It was to approach to Onaribashi! After all, the leading role of the Kano River is probably this! ! It leaves powerful when viewed from the bottom。Anime "Love live there after the bridge! Sunshine!!Has become the Holy Land in the "Numazu Riverside hotel (Numazu River Side Hotel)。I did not cage the person who is the Holy Land pilgrimage is to truly this time(Lol)


From Onaribashi to Ayumi Bridge

Bent under the Onaribashi is to Ayumi Bridge side。We moved quickly to take jogging and so as not to disturb you people are immediately。

Finally from the History Bridge。To the ever brighter with a slightly different atmosphere。Although it seems divided likes and dislikes have only light。At the time of the day before the shooting of the last of the fireworks this time I'm handrail side was off-limits approached the river。I hope also Onaribashi see from Eitai Bridge side、It is also good from the History Bridge side


...... even in Oran 陀館 on the way back

I wonder if I will introduce in Oran 陀館 because the article has become too short。Cafeteria is in the acclaimed crowded with animation effect。「Numazu tourism ~ ~ to Watanabe, the day of the parents' home Oran 陀館It's made to close for another year since the introduction even "。The early The time has passed……


Even so, of closed just before 21:00Hey it is still great I have stopped three and three bikes car in spite of the。

From the top of the embankment。This It is also the same composition as the last shot。Even so, a person does not pass at all。Deserted to have Oran 陀館 😀

Another 21:00So it is closed。I return so tired soon because went from evening to Numazu Port today。


Next time you go to the Numazu NEOPASA Suruga Bay!

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