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before"Numazu tourism - Shipping Accessories All-harbor entrance park -In the article、I introduced the sunset and night view of Byuo.、I couldn't take very beautiful pictures because I used a point-and-shoot at that time.。so、「Introduced once the Numazu night view! Of ~ fireworks the day before the calm before the storm -I tried to take full advantage of the point-and-shoot, but I managed to take a beautiful picture.、After all it was a result that I was not satisfied with。

And、This time I will keep waiting from the evening at the shooting revenge、Finally, I was able to shoot something that I was satisfied with, so I would like to introduce it! !!


Filming location "Byuo" & "83 Port Town"

Byuo has both sides, the Minatoguchi Park side and the fish market side.、This time I took a picture from the fish market。Thinking from the place where the sun sets in this March、Because the sunset looks more beautiful on this side。

so、Eighty-three port towns were shot aiming for weekday nights when people were gone。Because the store closes at midnight、I wanted to take a picture of it shining brightly before it closed。


The setting sun behind the zoo、And the night view

I caught the moment when the sun was shining through the gap under the zoo。Succeeded in shooting sunlight by changing the settings several times。Search for the best position by changing places several times from here until the sun sets。

Go a little forward and get closer to Byuo。This time, the main characters are Byuo and the sun。When you look at it like this, the boobs look big and you feel like a last boss 😆 I don't care、The sunset is dazzling and I feel very bad for my eyes 😥

Change the white balance to make it look blue overall。I wonder why the image color of Byuo is (probably) blue.。

The sun is hiding in the clouds, so the glare has eased.。

The buoy was gradually lit up shortly before the sun set.。Byuo has many variations of light-up colors、Or blue、Or orange、It's blue & orange ... It looks like blue this time。

The wind is getting stronger and my body is getting colder。But I can't get rid of it from here。

The sun has completely set。However, the sky is slightly dyed orange by the light from the horizon.。From here, the sky turns blue toward the twilight time! !! The place is already fixed here。I keep looking into the finder while enduring the cold 🙂

The moment when the color of the streetlight, the color of the stool and the color of the sky are just right。Finally get a night view photo that you can be satisfied with!! After this、I took some pictures、It went black without being able to take good pictures.。It's difficult to have a limited time limit after the setting sun and before the sky is completely dark.。Moreover, I have no choice but to give up when it is raining or cloudy.。


The night face of the lively "83, Minatomachi" in the daytime

Visited 83, aiming before the store closed。There are many people in the daytime、It is difficult to see such a quiet figure。If it's too late at night, the surrounding lights will go out.、This time is the best because the atmosphere will disappear.。Although、Weekdays are better because there are many people until night for some reason on holidays。

Focusing on the lanterns of Numazu Port。Hama Grilled Shin-chan、Lively circle、And the Numazu Deep Sea Aquarium "Coelacanth Museum" is all in one!

I think that few people visit Byuoto Minatomachi 83 at night.、You can enjoy a different atmosphere from daytime。Please visit if you have the opportunity 🙂


Next time, I will introduce the night view along the Kano River centering on Onari Bridge!

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