Introduced once the Numazu night view! Of ~ fireworks the day before the calm before the storm -


2018Year Numazu Summer Festival, Kano River fireworks 71st。Bringing the single-lens reflex camera Nikon toward its fireworks display。The spirit of this time because trying to introduce incidentally was born and raised city of Numazu of night view。Numazu can not be said to be the city、Even though the night view than subtle? There may be an image that。However、I want to know all means to you that I is worth visiting at night in Numazu!

That the、Numazu Station、Kano River、Numazu Port、And I would like to introduce the night view from the Kanukiyama summit with fireworks in the next article!


Numazu Station neighborhood and along the Kano River

I tried to Numazu tour to confirm the condition of the camera on the previous day。From First Numazu Station。It came to the rotary without withstand the car in spite of the night。

Numazu Station of intersection。Is quite rare for here the car is not running is also one。From RAKUUN the lights at night。New attractions Love live Sunshine cafe of Numazu visible in the photo lower left is Off。

Now、Let us toward the direction of History Bridge from here。

The river side of the Riverside Hotel in a slightly different location。Around here is paid bleachers with fireworks。Do will I see are finely divided?


Try to raise the little angle because it was out just a month。This day is not fit middle people is timing and glimpses of the moon fast flow of clouds。

From History on bridge。The slower the shutter speed because I wanted to express the flow of the Kano River。Here is off-limits area in the fireworks。It fireworks launching pad is located on the Kano River。Just is per blue light of Onaribashi is reflected on the surface of the water。

The Onaribashi direction toward to the Perpetual Bridge side is now。SBS from apartment、Riverside hotel、And this landscape with views to the tower of TEPCO is what I would like you to look at all means is when you visit in Numazu。By the way, this place is during the fireworks display off-limits。Hey from fireworks launching pad is right there。

Onaribashi direction from the middle of Eitai Bridge。Blue Onaribashi light up、And red of the towers has beautifully reflected on the surface of the water。The other side of this over the permanence Bridge of fireworks conflagration finale from Onaribashi "Niagara" will be lit。By the way, here is free viewing area in the fireworks。Except、It has been recognized only while walking、But it will be careful with the stop。


Minatohachi thirteen address and Numazu fresh Museum & Shipping Accessories Contact

We came to Numazu Port area。Nobody harbor eighty-three address。Since there is only traffic of the track I was able to shoot and carefully。Great if there is a taste in the evening, night。Maybe not even come place in the middle 's night because the high-end access is difficult and。

Next is Numazu fresh Museum。No one one was in the parking lot。Oh ...... Unfortunately, the moon had hidden in the clouds ......

Beppu Ogawa。Daytime performance What with in even at night quiet this street bustling fresh Museum。Even so, the wearing light for night sounds great。Would you have me after all night view also aware of?

Decorate the last is your guardian Shipping Accessories from the tsunami! After it is no Numazu market、Tidbit is better you are working even at night。In fact, the day before 23:00If you take a look ...... that dark a write-up on when you visit your Shipping Accessories was seen to light up 22:00Things up。In addition, since, as this time is somewhat around 21:30It may be good and come to a guideline until around。

Contact Shipping Accessories seen when it came to the October bonus。Being careful this time not shake I did not only have a compact digital camera。What orange color addition! In fact, this color added'm impact of the anime "Love Live! Sunshine"。Koumi Sen'uta of the anime(Chika Takami)Character image color is an orange that、Her birthday August size likely to affect surprising influence 😯 also the animation from now Tteyuu attempt was realized that trying brighten your Shipping Accessories in orange give in Numazu to suit your day。

Numazu night view of the first part completed in more than。

how is it? ? There will be taste in Numazu of the night? ! everyone、Please also visit all means of night Numazu!


So next time is the 71st Numazu Summer Festival, Kano River fireworks long-awaited us!

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