Ross village riding a long-distance bus from (Ross Village) to Devonport (Devonport)

Finally departure from Los village, which has been lengthy introduction。By way of the second largest city Launceston Tasmania from loss Village、It will head the stretch to Tasmania fourth city Devonport。


The entire map "Devonport from loss Village (From Ross Village to Devonport)"

Shortest distance map as in the automobile from the loss village to Devonport。Except、Since this time we are using the long-distance bus、Once stop to Launceston、Then becomes the root towards Devonport。En route、Derorenu (but Deloraine in English pronunciation、In the present article it was via also a town called unification) in Derorenu。here、Toka it has become the entrance of the town to the Cradle Mauntein。


Bus stop loss Village

Omitted this time since the introduction terrible in the map of the article up to now for the location of the bus stop。OK if you wait at the gas station。

from a different angle。Since there is still time until the bus、Did you kill time in this coffee shop and a convenience store like a shop。As the bus is always reserved。Non-not a servant to defunct possibility that the case is skipped that people getting on and off is not in this loss Village。Previous articles about the way of the reservation "The courier service of the Holy Land of the witch of Tasmania middle! - "Los village" tourism ① ~"Please refer to。

Ride complete show the voucher to the driver because the bus arrived on time。But in the Hobart I did not have to exchange the voucher to the ticket、No need to be such a pain if you ride from here。We say goodbye to the loss from the bus。

House of Sukkasuka unlike the morning。I was able to relax and can also use the seat next to。

It seems there is also a drinking fountain is in the car。It did not used。


Campbelltown (Campbell Town)

Next to Campbelltown that the bus has passed through the loss Village。Here is a town located in Tasmania center、The population is less of less than 1000 people town。But City Hall is larger than the loss Village、But it can not be said that fine。

Pass through the church。It seems also Tasmania is always the church in any town。

Spreads such a landscape as soon as the little advance。

Cross the river and after a while。The following is Launceston。


Tasmania's second largest city "Launceston (Launceston)"

It has become a lot number of progressively car。Also looks McDonald's。I wonder if the other around here went to Launceston?

To After a while, the bus terminal。Town of different Oita atmosphere is a loss Village。I got the impression that flourished as much as Hobart。

Here once taken down the bus。Since the destination is subject to change、Once you have the bus to the sky、When you are ready Toka I there is a ticket confirmation again。Round and round around the bus terminal because there is no way。

Although、It can not outing since the departure time also, such Toka after 10 minutes。I have been eventually return to this bus terminal。I guess would be the name of the bus terminal that I Cornwall Square Transit。

Waiting room of the bus。Try to wait in another this。There are there to guide plate、One day about five flights up to Hobart、To Devonport about three flights、Until Barney about two flights、And until the Spirit of Tasmania it does not seem to be out only one flight a day。

Because in this Devonport ride to the Spirit of Tasmania、Really, but I wanted to ride to go to Spirit of Tasmania because it was taking its nearby inn、Not fit unfortunately time。I will be boarding a bus to Devonport flights because not ginger。

In the waiting room。For some reason people receptionist Orazu。

When you look at the bus destination had changed to Devonport。Then because there were soon boarding guide boarded again on this same bus。


Via the Derorenu (Deloraine)

Take the high speed out of the Launceston。Ferry picture of the Spirit of Tasmania is under the name of Devonport。Easy to understand。

Cross the river。Wonder I saw these as a landscape already several times today。

After a while into the town。Here it seems to next stop。

Here is a town that Derorenu、Seems has been used as a gateway to the Cradle Mountain。In a place called the Great Western Tears (Great Western Tiers) is the gateway to the Cradle Mountain、Toka access is good from this town。


Finally the Spirit of Tasmania to the base "Devonport (Devonport)"

While forward and hordes of sheep and cattle out of the Derorenu looked。Hordes of so far is not quite meet you in Japan。

Bus for a while proceed。Another Devonport If Do not cross this bridge。Has been late already day also。Where we want to arrive at the hotel until sunset。

Devonport arrival! It will come in droves everyone down。The town is also not vibrant because at the time the other evening。


Next time unexpected must proceed until the people of the Spirit of Tasmania stand to walk from here about 5km。




Symbol of loss, "Ross Bridge (Ross Bridge)" and "loss Unification Church (Ross Uniting Church)" - "loss Village" tourist ⑥ ~

At last six eyes loss village of article。Etc. say that this world Hiroshi、Also are using the article six here is I think only this blog。Well say politely if、Tedious redundant at worst。If you want to examine the kidnapping and information to would have to reference other blogs、I would like to go through this stance!


Walking map "loss Village"

I guess were reused many times this map。This time、Starting from the loss Unification Church of the above map (Ross Uniting Church) and ends in Los Bridge。Speaking of the most famous photograph in the loss Village、But I think that it is landscape of loss Unification Church that looks to the other side of the Ross Bridge、So finally able to introduce。


Ro su Unification Church (Ross Uniting Church)

The last time、Because from Los woman prisoner prison introduced the short cut of up to loss Unification Church、This time the continued。Want to go into the inside of the loss Unification Church also say this loss village of symbol。

Signs of loss Unification Church。No particularly interesting thing。

Notice of the entrance of the door。In and of it as close always When you close the door。Toka you accidentally get in the birds and the bees。Huh、bee? ! Terror ......

Inside here is the Unification Church。Nobody is here。It is an ordinary church, which was the monopoly state 🙂 small。But on the day of the choice and will of crowded with local people。

Organ that contains the seasoned。

Stained glass。

What is this。Since I do not know religion better Wakaran。Candlestick?

Tourism completed in a few minutes because so widely nor。To exit When you go home there was a visitor note and donation box。Once you are satisfied we'll donate!


Across the Ross Bridge

It directed from the loss Unification Church to Ross Bridge。Walk a few minutes to。It is the three arch bridge like this。

Ross Bridge, next to the square。Loss Unification Church is seen in the other side。

Light there was a。It seems the night is lit up。It is a night view Toka transcendence rare Ross Bridge that are not found to be night here。

The mystery of the Machine。

Outdoor griddle plate。And free? ! Thing is I guess for Toka barbecue?

Now、Soon cross the loss Bridge。

Photos were also introduced in a previous article。For around here "Arrival in Los village! First walk - "loss village" the village tourism ② ~And if you can see. "。

Distance to Launceston

Distance to Hobart。For more information previous article "Arrival in Los village! First walk - "loss village" the village tourism ② ~Omitted, so we have introduced in "。


The most well-view in a place which can loss Bridge with loss Unification Church

Upon completion over the Ross Bridge from Los village district、There is a staircase down to the river bank on the right side。Rather than the maintenance asphalt、We will walk in the lawn。It was a hard time difficult to drag carry bag 😥

Macquarie flowing through the side of the loss village river (Macquarie River)。Idyllic village。

I have been a variety around the loss village ever、I like the landscape seen from here is the best。Ross Unification Church can be seen on the other side of the loss village because only here。

It was too wonderful scenery、Again shooting brought out the single-lens reflex camera, which was closed to the rucksack。

That was multiplied by the evening of the filter here.。This kind of image I loss Village?

Ross Bridge from here & Ross Unification Church also tried to take。But it is good that seen various landscape freely doing this personal travel

Finally Macquarie riverbank & Ross Unification Church。


next time、You finally journey the loss village。Via the Launceston a stretch to Devonport!