Must for Liverpool tourism World Museum-like organisms! ~

Liverpool World Museum has been first created because Liverpool、It becomes a tourist spot representing the Liverpool today。Permanent exhibition、space、Natural History、Human history、of 3 One of divided into sections、It seems aquarium and planetarium that among them has become attractions。I wonder if the pass but this time because the planetarium there is no time

Place 2 to about 3 minutes walk from Liverpool Lime Street Station。About 1 to 2 minutes from the Queen Square。And bother wonder if there is no need to write a route because only walk along the main street。

The appearance of the World Museum。The back side of Liverpool Central Library、Furthermore, one back is Walker Art Gallery。It may stretch three turns (It's all admission free :lol: 

I thought here is whether the inlet、Different unfortunately。

this”MUSEUM”The entrance is a place that has been written I。Time taken this photo in the morning 9:00Still opened before because just before a。People are less。

Kana flower beds that are managed by the World Museum。Because it is not unfortunately time flowered pale in only grass 😥

Already preceding visitor was lined up at the entrance。It seems a local elementary school。Wait for the opening hours side by side in the back of the corps。Now the time 8:59

Bronze statue that welcomes us in the entrance。Disagreeable、Marble image may。We put in from both sides of the image。

Entrance is free of charge。However、Always a donation box in the museum of Liverpool。Once you are satisfied £ 4 put Please give。

Oh、It is contained in the elementary school of Liverpool 🙂 everyone is like to visit from the first floor、I'll go at the root come down to go to the top of the floor at the beginning。It It is empty towards over there。

It goes up to the top floor in the elevator Mars

Cafe on the top floor。There is a need across this cafe in order to view the exhibit。

It has led from here to the space corner。

By the way menus and amount of the cafe like this。Coffee, is £ 2 snacks at £ 3 ~ 4。Well, it was not so high。

Eat corner is pretty wide。But nobody most of since morning、I wonder I wonder crowded is something at lunch。

Ah、...... universe corner that is a little out of focus。A little dim。Planetarium Let only the time being the exhibition because it does not open too early in the morning。

A exhibition of images and objects、It is Well general exhibition。

Next to the dinosaur corner of Natural History。

There is a model of the dinosaur! Since the favorite dinosaurs went up tension 😛

From First other exhibition before the main dish of dinosaurs。Here is zebra。I had a zebra in ancient United Kingdom

There are also birds that live in the jungle。

Specimens of insects? Also Toka Toka butterfly shellfish。Well、This kind of is I do not massage interested unfortunately 😥

Something is hidden cute organisms。

Endangered species of the exhibition corner of Toka Polar Bear。

Well I guess let's look at the dinosaur。 🙂 Megalosaurus-ish?

It was still Megalosaurus! It is a dinosaur that is said here in the description was alive 100 million 5000 years ago, it has written。Seems to have quite a bit to the Jurassic in the discovered dinosaur in the first period I also live in Asia and North America as well as Europe。

Another Itcho!

One of the carnivorous dinosaurs are said to Allosaurus 😯 Late Jurassic of the strongest。Were you also in the UK I was wondering what the United States of the dinosaur?

And are on display next to the Allosaurus is this。

Camptosaurus(Camptosaurus)It seems Tteyuu。Apparently natural enemy of the dinosaurs seemed huge carnivores such as Allosaurus、It is that represents the manner in which this exhibition is also running away from Allosaurus。

Down the stairs next to the human history。Cultural corners of the world。

Africa、America、Oceania、And Jan almost all that is me Asia ......!

First Africa。It is lined with exhibits that represent the culture of Africa。

Africa follows the United States。

Inuit costume Toka kind of the main。so、The next is Oceania。

Break corner discovery。Rest while being surrounded by people of various cultural attractions 🙂

Kana Oceania ish exhibition of Toka Toka ship harpoon often。Next to Asia。

Carpet in the stone statue。After all wonder if Asia that's because there Persian image Speaking carpet。

Japan Japan of the exhibition! It is Toka Toka Buddha Senjukan'non image。

We can consider the history of mankind is using the collection of the Museum of me this Weston Discovery Center、It seems where or providing an alternating current of the field。We've tightened Unfortunately morning early this time

Now armor and Japanese sword。It is quite often the Japanese exhibit。

The last of the tightening Ukiyo-e。This in human history corner is the end!

To a special exhibition area down the stairs。Exhibition here will change on a regular basis because it is not permanent。It seems this time is exhibiting the animals of the mummy。Somehow it is dangerous ......

People has increased。It would be guys that probably came begun to visit from the lower floor。Is not particularly strange thing also entered the mummy、Or there is a stuffed。

There was no crap Apart I tried to passed under because there was something strange cave

I wonder if Egypt of the Speaking of mummy? Exhibition on Egyptian mummy。

The last shop。Since the shops of special exhibition I will do they sell things that can only be purchased here this time、Dattari book of strange mummy、Because something like there was no only a strap was through 😉

Baghouse from here。Probably bad most feelings in this museum、Harsh exhibition corner。

It is a model of the camera or something ...... flies out-of-focus because it was dark。Genuine specimen can be seen from the side of the round hole of Description Board。

Tarantula only be an ordinary exhibition in consideration of the people to see I had a lot of something like。It has been Well Konchu exhibition in like this、It is where you or there is many insects Toka of the model of some places leg。

Here baghouse end。The following is to Croix Natural History Center。

It puts also from the place of one previous photo、You can also across the corridor from the special exhibition go to Croix Natural History Center。Seems to collection of the Tate for me this Croix。The I Tate isAlbert DockIt is Tate of met Tate Gallery in。

Stuffed a lot! 😯 drawer of the shelf is to be able to open、Also contains a specimen of a lot of creatures in this。Not seen all too many to be honest。

Or you can distinguish the alligator and a crocodile? Quiz that。Point to distinguish the、Nose and teeth。I Alligator has a flat and rounded nose、Crocodile have pointed nose、It seems to protrude the fourth tooth of the lower。

By Te、Crocodile is left、Right What a alligator!

It is ammonite。But looking at this not be seen only in just a shellfish。

Anyway exhibition of a lot of fossils in the wall。Do not touch unfortunately!

Trilobite。Just tried to take somehow。Thailand is not。

Thing that contains the most terrible animal in the world in this。And ...... it I opened、Please make sure to come here by all means readers of your own! ! 😉

Cross the corridor from the side of the emperor penguin。

As soon as the down the stairs Aquarium。This is a popular spot along with planetarium in this world museum。

Style that is if there is a water tank Description Board is the hotel's on the wall。

Just this week is like a shark week、Of shark drawn by local children art had been affixed to the wall。

Aquarium is over the next Treasure House Theater。

Since Ah not a ...... staged time did not put。What a pity!


Liverpool World Museum in the whirlwind tour was was, but is now complete。Or look at the planetarium、Or look at the performance in the Treasure House Theater、Was the play likely to place in one day if or taking a meal in the cafe。People who like is it is a good idea to tourism and carefully taking enough time!

The following are around in one fell swoop a further Walker Art Gallery of the next to the next to Liverpool Central Library!

Liverpool tourism Liverpool Museum - all genres exhibition ~

Merge Piaheddo - modern buildings Liverpool Museum in river。There is no particular theme focused and this、A wide range of exhibition seems to be a feature。

Location is immediately to the right across the pier that follows from Albert Dock to Piaheddo。It would not that not be found because it is extremely large building。

The front of the Liverpool Museum。Note that this is not at the entrance。There is the entrance on the left side of the building as seen from the direction。Merge - It is the opposite side of the river。

Entrance square in front of the。Albert Dock look to the far left is。

Entrance before also Ramubanana discovery! Now What 's one of the anime characters like a face。

We enter an open eye gallery in this building as seen from the entrance of the museum。Let soon introduce a silky so Well, small gallery。

Something just one television station was during the shooting and entering the inlet。The museum also Admission is free。The contribution If you want to because there is a box for donations。

First, we head to the top floor in the elevator。Good around how to come down in order from the top of efficiency。I wonder if it was the main exhibition of the sport Toka here。

Not only triangular trade Liverpool's famous、Beatles、Steven Gerrard、To The Zutons、Novell, such as John Conte、Music、There are a variety of cultures from comedy to sports、That their history can be seen in one fell swoop of this corner。Funny comedy Ppoku Nante the wall of the mannequin。

Look down from the top of the Albert Dock from the window of the floor。I do not crap Well 😆

Cycling on the ceiling、The per middle exhibition of record。Fun only look has become jumbled really various culture。

Now、Exhibition of the Beatles and the football from here。The hotel is dim、There was a simple screening Toka also。

Corner where you can see the history from 1916 from here。Now do you try to enter!

Somehow truly exhibition of the history! ! In Ttoiu feeling article only。Well、Neither time here will Fly 😛

We had gathered the children at the model of the old Liverpool。The Fashion or even quite fun to be seen at the time of Liverpool。

Edwin Rutien'nu design of the Liverpool Catholic Cathedral (aka:Lutyens model of the cathedral)。Apparently somehow do this cathedral is seems was not made with financial difficulties are referred to as the "dream of the Cathedral"。It's the best part of the museum is also the model is seen to not do real

It overlooks the Piaheddo side from here。It is on the left Attractions and ferry、Also figure Three Grace-lined to the right。Indeed I'm feeling port city of Europe

Mars cage this spiral staircase

The following are exploring this floor。Interesting and a lot is softening model!

The history of the railway。A steam locomotive that appear under the locomotive of the name Tteyuu "Lion"、1800It was like age at the time "Lion" and two locomotives Tteyuu "Tiger" was a big success at Liverpool、Like it was also used several times in the movie。

Piaheddo from a slightly lower position than before。Just people of yellow was like during the repair work of the museum jacket was a busy。

Is it common Once at the time poster but was Museum Ppoka'。Middle”Revengers Tragedy”It is Thomas Middleton's play of the title Tteyuu "avenger of the tragedy" is for me。

Well the end is to the ground floor。And the I 1F in the UK corresponds to the second floor referred to in Japan、Ground floor is not to be confused because it corresponds to the first floor。

Here wonder if the history of the voyage? Toka exhibition Toka picture of the ship had been decorated。I to this kind of was full seen in the Maritime Museum Well

Datte Education area。School kana do that or use in the charter。Now was off-limits seems to just use。

Liverpool is a city of great empires # 2。Wearing any clothes at that time、What were you what life、Seems corner that is seen。

Mainly corner that was of less than 6 years old children in the target。Playing learn of me fantasy theme (well Wakaran

You can see up close the "Lion" as seen from the earlier。You can feel the transportation of the time of Liverpool。

Last souvenir shop。But pretty lofty assortment of do I Museum shop、Here were sold include the various types Toka Toka tableware figure。

Also a café。Exhibition is not only a wide range of、It shopping has also been making, such as enjoy the meal。Conversely、It is that is not suited to people who want to learn deeply because there is no strong theme such as this。

Tired late personally、Became a feeling wonder if another good(Lol)Might be a good museum is widely know shallow minute for Liverpool。In this sense、First, try to visit here、It might be good to go decided the museum with an exhibition that interested。

Sunset time when I go out。Well、Pretty tired。


Do Where shall we go next?

Three Grace - that narrate the reflection of Liverpool tourism Piaheddo-Industrial Revolution

Albert Dock and Adjacent is Piaheddo (Pier Head)。When the Albert Dock is shopping and restaurants that it is the main、Piaheddo is kana image I attraction is the main。

Merge from Albert Dock in the continuation of the previous article - route of advance along the river will introduce in this article。Since the very close from one bus station、Then to be also good for shopping at the Albert Dock around the Piaheddo ahead。

Over road on the left side of the bridge to Piaheddo from Albert Dock。Now、Let's over!

From the middle of the bridge。Naa's a shame is still cloudy, such the。However because the UK is that there is no way。

What this is made in honor of the horse who continued to work in 250 years Liverpool。Even during the Second World War、Like was handy to carry the goods and food between the dock and the warehouse have them back and forth to the horse。Liverpool Retired Carters Association (Liverpool retired Carter church) is funding 12 years、2010Toka It was built by Liverpool mayor on May 1st year。

Back look and exit the side of the horse is of Liverpool Museum。Very big! ! Because only in such going to use 1 article this museum will help you First of all around the Piaheddo!

We will walk next to Liverpool Museum。Ah、Monument that looks towards the left No way ......

After all Ramubanana! ! Moreover, paint of A Flock of Seagulls (A Flock Of Seagulls) is。United Kingdom is the birthplace of the band that took the Grammy Award。but、Not a Beatles painting。

Liverpool museum as seen from the front。Here it is introduced in the next article Mars。And Twitter hash tag is introduced to flag towards the right。It’s Liverpool !!!

Liverpool Museum of the front plaza。Ramubanana two dogs eyes 🙂 now is a paint profusely of artistic。Suddenly the child has increased come here。

Battle Monument along the river (Naval War Memorial) discovery。After all, But the Battle of'm Speaking of Liverpool this would'm any naval battle of the monument? Or Trafalgar Toka Arumata the place is a little different。

This image is probably the Marine standing next to a monument。Since closer look flower is affixed to near、It would surely of such Toka general who died in the war。

This seems to the United Kingdom and Germany of the monument who died in World War II。

Monument for the people who have not made a grave reason for this is that was not passed away in the sea。Liverpool guess I'm remaining scars of war here and there。

Now、Some directly in front of the grave monument of the FREE STYLE! ! I like a mon amusement park attractions。You can ride anyone。If you pay even money。

This is also an attraction。Guy to rotate round and round round and round sitting in a chair。I have just riding children 2 people、I dad will not take pictures。

Still continued attraction。Ticket office of is is reflected on the right side。

It is now the equestrian statue。This is the King of England Edward VII。The son of Queen Victoria、It is a friendship Saxe = Coburg-and-Gotha morning of the first king, which was instrumental in with other countries。The Saxe What Chara Gotha morning、House of Windsor (King George V is the first king) has been with the predecessor of。

The Beatles, which had been waiting for! ! Here is like a photo spot、We had taken everyone photo in order in a row。I was taken to when exactly no one。

Merge - River ferry。I think certainly from here that go to Belfast and Dublin, Ireland。Of course it merges - You can also go to the other side of the river。

Something or If you think it has become noisy is like a place where amusement park。

Here guess there are other shops of attraction。Wonder if Festa something like。By the way, this time the beginning of November。Everyone attire it's winter equipment、Indeed Liverpool is cold。

Attraction to rotate round and round riding an elephant。Age of the subject might have a little bit up, unlike at the previous。In fact it was enjoyed by adults。

Profusely ...... quite scary to a full-fledged attraction。

We were side by side here of the ticket office。It window also multiple。

Annual skating rink in the tourist destination。Up to this point, you put in a free。It all great though it is still fall。

Full picture of Piaheddo is like this。It is beautiful lit up at night。

This in was around the Piaheddo and kidnapping。so、The last in the introduction of three-Grace, which was in the title。


■ Three Grace (3 goddess)

Beautiful, such as telling a reflection of the Industrial Revolution in the Piaheddo three buildings、Royal River Building、Dock BuildingIt seems that the three Grace the queue Oxnard Building (3 goddess)。In order。

First best to far from the Albert Dock and Royal River Building。The height is also about 90m、At that time, one of the best height boasted was a clock tower building in Europe。Often also appears in the movie、Now seems like an insurance company is using as an office building。

Behind Edward VII image、The Cunard Building for position next to the Royal River Building。This building、At the time of the headquarters building of the passenger ship company Cunard Line。It is a famous company because it built a beautiful building in New York。

And finally the Port of Liverpool Building、Aka dock Building。Characteristic is a large dome of the Baroque。2001The purchase Downing year of the real estate company、1Current figure that was subjected to a large renovation ten million with a fortune of pounds from 2006 to 2009。Beautiful But even when viewed from the outside、Interior also have been built much the same、It seems Hanabanashi of the Industrial Revolution can feel。


But it was around the Piaheddo above、Next time I would like to enter into the Liverpool Museum。