Three Grace - that narrate the reflection of Liverpool tourism Piaheddo-Industrial Revolution

Albert Dock and Adjacent is Piaheddo (Pier Head)。When the Albert Dock is shopping and restaurants that it is the main、Piaheddo is kana image I attraction is the main。

Merge from Albert Dock in the continuation of the previous article - route of advance along the river will introduce in this article。Since the very close from one bus station、Then to be also good for shopping at the Albert Dock around the Piaheddo ahead。

Over road on the left side of the bridge to Piaheddo from Albert Dock。Now、Let's over!

From the middle of the bridge。Naa's a shame is still cloudy, such the。However because the UK is that there is no way。

What this is made in honor of the horse who continued to work in 250 years Liverpool。Even during the Second World War、Like was handy to carry the goods and food between the dock and the warehouse have them back and forth to the horse。Liverpool Retired Carters Association (Liverpool retired Carter church) is funding 12 years、2010Toka It was built by Liverpool mayor on May 1st year。

Back look and exit the side of the horse is of Liverpool Museum。Very big! ! Because only in such going to use 1 article this museum will help you First of all around the Piaheddo!

We will walk next to Liverpool Museum。Ah、Monument that looks towards the left No way ......

After all Ramubanana! ! Moreover, paint of A Flock of Seagulls (A Flock Of Seagulls) is。United Kingdom is the birthplace of the band that took the Grammy Award。but、Not a Beatles painting。

Liverpool museum as seen from the front。Here it is introduced in the next article Mars。And Twitter hash tag is introduced to flag towards the right。It’s Liverpool !!!

Liverpool Museum of the front plaza。Ramubanana two dogs eyes 🙂 now is a paint profusely of artistic。Suddenly the child has increased come here。

Battle Monument along the river (Naval War Memorial) discovery。After all, But the Battle of'm Speaking of Liverpool this would'm any naval battle of the monument? Or Trafalgar Toka Arumata the place is a little different。

This image is probably the Marine standing next to a monument。Since closer look flower is affixed to near、It would surely of such Toka general who died in the war。

This seems to the United Kingdom and Germany of the monument who died in World War II。

Monument for the people who have not made a grave reason for this is that was not passed away in the sea。Liverpool guess I'm remaining scars of war here and there。

Now、Some directly in front of the grave monument of the FREE STYLE! ! I like a mon amusement park attractions。You can ride anyone。If you pay even money。

This is also an attraction。Guy to rotate round and round round and round sitting in a chair。I have just riding children 2 people、I dad will not take pictures。

Still continued attraction。Ticket office of is is reflected on the right side。

It is now the equestrian statue。This is the King of England Edward VII。The son of Queen Victoria、It is a friendship Saxe = Coburg-and-Gotha morning of the first king, which was instrumental in with other countries。The Saxe What Chara Gotha morning、House of Windsor (King George V is the first king) has been with the predecessor of。

The Beatles, which had been waiting for! ! Here is like a photo spot、We had taken everyone photo in order in a row。I was taken to when exactly no one。

Merge - River ferry。I think certainly from here that go to Belfast and Dublin, Ireland。Of course it merges - You can also go to the other side of the river。

Something or If you think it has become noisy is like a place where amusement park。

Here guess there are other shops of attraction。Wonder if Festa something like。By the way, this time the beginning of November。Everyone attire it's winter equipment、Indeed Liverpool is cold。

Attraction to rotate round and round riding an elephant。Age of the subject might have a little bit up, unlike at the previous。In fact it was enjoyed by adults。

Profusely ...... quite scary to a full-fledged attraction。

We were side by side here of the ticket office。It window also multiple。

Annual skating rink in the tourist destination。Up to this point, you put in a free。It all great though it is still fall。

Full picture of Piaheddo is like this。It is beautiful lit up at night。

This in was around the Piaheddo and kidnapping。so、The last in the introduction of three-Grace, which was in the title。


■ Three Grace (3 goddess)

Beautiful, such as telling a reflection of the Industrial Revolution in the Piaheddo three buildings、Royal River Building、Dock BuildingIt seems that the three Grace the queue Oxnard Building (3 goddess)。In order。

First best to far from the Albert Dock and Royal River Building。The height is also about 90m、At that time, one of the best height boasted was a clock tower building in Europe。Often also appears in the movie、Now seems like an insurance company is using as an office building。

Behind Edward VII image、The Cunard Building for position next to the Royal River Building。This building、At the time of the headquarters building of the passenger ship company Cunard Line。It is a famous company because it built a beautiful building in New York。

And finally the Port of Liverpool Building、Aka dock Building。Characteristic is a large dome of the Baroque。2001The purchase Downing year of the real estate company、1Current figure that was subjected to a large renovation ten million with a fortune of pounds from 2006 to 2009。Beautiful But even when viewed from the outside、Interior also have been built much the same、It seems Hanabanashi of the Industrial Revolution can feel。


But it was around the Piaheddo above、Next time I would like to enter into the Liverpool Museum。

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