Liverpool tourism Liverpool Museum - all genres exhibition ~

Merge Piaheddo - modern buildings Liverpool Museum in river。There is no particular theme focused and this、A wide range of exhibition seems to be a feature。

Location is immediately to the right across the pier that follows from Albert Dock to Piaheddo。It would not that not be found because it is extremely large building。

The front of the Liverpool Museum。Note that this is not at the entrance。There is the entrance on the left side of the building as seen from the direction。Merge - It is the opposite side of the river。

Entrance square in front of the。Albert Dock look to the far left is。

Entrance before also Ramubanana discovery! Now What 's one of the anime characters like a face。

We enter an open eye gallery in this building as seen from the entrance of the museum。Let soon introduce a silky so Well, small gallery。

Something just one television station was during the shooting and entering the inlet。The museum also Admission is free。The contribution If you want to because there is a box for donations。

First, we head to the top floor in the elevator。Good around how to come down in order from the top of efficiency。I wonder if it was the main exhibition of the sport Toka here。

Not only triangular trade Liverpool's famous、Beatles、Steven Gerrard、To The Zutons、Novell, such as John Conte、Music、There are a variety of cultures from comedy to sports、That their history can be seen in one fell swoop of this corner。Funny comedy Ppoku Nante the wall of the mannequin。

Look down from the top of the Albert Dock from the window of the floor。I do not crap Well 😆

Cycling on the ceiling、The per middle exhibition of record。Fun only look has become jumbled really various culture。

Now、Exhibition of the Beatles and the football from here。The hotel is dim、There was a simple screening Toka also。

Corner where you can see the history from 1916 from here。Now do you try to enter!

Somehow truly exhibition of the history! ! In Ttoiu feeling article only。Well、Neither time here will Fly 😛

We had gathered the children at the model of the old Liverpool。The Fashion or even quite fun to be seen at the time of Liverpool。

Edwin Rutien'nu design of the Liverpool Catholic Cathedral (aka:Lutyens model of the cathedral)。Apparently somehow do this cathedral is seems was not made with financial difficulties are referred to as the "dream of the Cathedral"。It's the best part of the museum is also the model is seen to not do real

It overlooks the Piaheddo side from here。It is on the left Attractions and ferry、Also figure Three Grace-lined to the right。Indeed I'm feeling port city of Europe

Mars cage this spiral staircase

The following are exploring this floor。Interesting and a lot is softening model!

The history of the railway。A steam locomotive that appear under the locomotive of the name Tteyuu "Lion"、1800It was like age at the time "Lion" and two locomotives Tteyuu "Tiger" was a big success at Liverpool、Like it was also used several times in the movie。

Piaheddo from a slightly lower position than before。Just people of yellow was like during the repair work of the museum jacket was a busy。

Is it common Once at the time poster but was Museum Ppoka'。Middle”Revengers Tragedy”It is Thomas Middleton's play of the title Tteyuu "avenger of the tragedy" is for me。

Well the end is to the ground floor。And the I 1F in the UK corresponds to the second floor referred to in Japan、Ground floor is not to be confused because it corresponds to the first floor。

Here wonder if the history of the voyage? Toka exhibition Toka picture of the ship had been decorated。I to this kind of was full seen in the Maritime Museum Well

Datte Education area。School kana do that or use in the charter。Now was off-limits seems to just use。

Liverpool is a city of great empires # 2。Wearing any clothes at that time、What were you what life、Seems corner that is seen。

Mainly corner that was of less than 6 years old children in the target。Playing learn of me fantasy theme (well Wakaran

You can see up close the "Lion" as seen from the earlier。You can feel the transportation of the time of Liverpool。

Last souvenir shop。But pretty lofty assortment of do I Museum shop、Here were sold include the various types Toka Toka tableware figure。

Also a café。Exhibition is not only a wide range of、It shopping has also been making, such as enjoy the meal。Conversely、It is that is not suited to people who want to learn deeply because there is no strong theme such as this。

Tired late personally、Became a feeling wonder if another good(Lol)Might be a good museum is widely know shallow minute for Liverpool。In this sense、First, try to visit here、It might be good to go decided the museum with an exhibition that interested。

Sunset time when I go out。Well、Pretty tired。


Do Where shall we go next?

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