The oldest stone bridge in Australia in search of "Richmond Bridge" - Part -

This time, we aim to Richmond in the day tour of Tasmania state capital Hobart。Toka Toka have become tourist destinations in the fact that there is Australia's oldest stone bridge。

Although this Richmond you can go by bus、I wanted to go in at the same time Bonorongu wild animal park、I decided to sign up for your high tour a little。

In the case of bus use、No direct bus from Richmond to Bonorongu、From that case to go to Richmond、Once back to Hobart、We will ride from there to the bus of Bonorongu bound。No reason that such a country bus is out frequently、It's just would collapse one day is a waste of time。

And、But I thought even the hand that cycling、Hobart → Richmond → Bonorongu → Hobart is the way that the inclination is intense。Please be prepared for those who are going in the rent-a-bicycle(Lol)

After all、As long as is rent a car、I would definitely rent-a-car is good。Unlicensed the case for painful 😥


Route from Hobart Town to Richmond (From Hobart City to Richmond)

Way from Hobart Town to Richmond。Although it runs with the feeling to return to the airport、Enter on the north side of the road in a place called the middle Cambridge。so、Since this distance is such as 25km、I thought the beginning also to be go by bicycle。so、Abandoned know that carefully, mess up down I checked is that fierce!

But please try Challenger's Tteyuu want to take dare such tough choices


From Hobart to Richmond

Starting point of the tour is here。Ah、Did was a place I say ...? Since forgotPrevious postsNot please read the。

Bus departure come the set time。Bus driver was an interesting person。A little surprised spoken suddenly in Japanese。I guess larger Japanese tourists in its own way。so、Bus will continue to pass through the Hobart city。

What Chala Bridge came into sight! Be sure the name of this bridgePrevious postsI feel that was introduced is in。Unfortunately, because I forgot the name of the bridge name examined left to the reader!

Mars over a flame blah Bridge 😆

Tasmania landscape。Still decent look is home from close to Hobart。Idyllic streets。

Changes to directly this kind of landscape。Large rural Tasmania。

There was that like a something strange sandpile。Or bald mountain?

The village like a came into sight。Perhaps here is the first destination Richmond。

The bus carefully from the around the village of Richmond to the parking lot。Parking is a so free people of the car rental is worry。

It is 26km from Hobart。Was Chima' come to such a far away!


What's Richmond village

The time being walking。Ah、There is a huge chessboard in the individual site。It Onnaji as was also in Hobart。

This is bakery。Since Admit Richmond is a pretty free time、When the early completion of the tourist wonder if there is also a crush gracefully time in such a place。

It looks like the village itself generally。Seems to mind is washed。Or、Because actually here Tasmania is a world water and the air is clean island、The phrase is washed is a translation Matowoiteiru。

The main street over Richmond

Signboard to introduce the history of Richmond。But it's not even time to read Nde tour。Since we want around the length of time Richmond。

Richmond supermarket。Locals of the lifeline that this is food is also not available unless。

Zillah Fick Park rather than the Jurassic Park。It is a giraffe-related shops。What a maniac ......

Conspicuously prominent building。

Hotel and restaurant。Moreover Datte NO VACANCY。It means no free room。That is packed thanks。Unreal 😯

It seems there is also information center in the village。

This is the area found a miniature of the old Hobart City。Please try to enter into when those who are interested to come by all means here!


This time, so far because it has become a little longer article。Next time introduce the Richmond village of specialty "Richmond Bridge"!

Once published a night view of the Tasmanian tourist destination "Hobart harbor"!

When finally dusk and killing time in Pokemon GO in the restaurant of the Wi-Fi。Shooting preparation to prepare a tripod。Many rain clouds、It was anxiety likely been raining、Somehow avoid the worst of the situation。


Kings Pier (Kings Pier)

First of all here at Kings Pier。Previous article "That Charles Darwin was also visited 200 years ago in the Beagle "Hobart harbor"Douglas Mawson, which was introduced in the "place of (Douglas Mawson) image。

We first time the sky began dyed red sunset is just Date。

I tried to put the ship in a slightly different location。The sky has been stained increasingly blue。May become more shine painting when I sunny a little more sky。

Although the early summer、Tasmania of the evening, chill in its own way。You may want to warm clothing in its own way is when walking at night。

I tried to put the penguins and seals。Area with an awareness of Antarctica。Because you set the shutter speed to 25 seconds, such that crazy condensed、Looks bright in fact is quite dark in the photo。

Try changing the soon shooting location。Searching for a shooting location around round the Victoria dock。


Mawson Place (Mawson Place)

Night of the Victoria dock。If say Hobart night view、I want to still put the boat。Kill two birds with one stone and Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery also entered that it from here 🙂

But at the time of shooting crane visible in some places it had become matter of concern、If you look at again photo doing this this in the kana good in this。

Another completely day got late。It has also become less pedestrian traffic、Not at all afraid。I around here is the splendor of the security of Australia。When was Toka Europe、Can not be Nante camera shooting up like this late unless a compelling tourist destination。

However、We must be careful in walking around at night in this Hobart、It seems there are legions come occasionally threw a raw egg。I do not know well softening、I heard that apparently there are such guys。

Shooting Elizabeth pier direction to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in the back。Good feeling Simple but!


Brook Street Pier (Brooke Street Pier)

Finally this Brook Street Pier。The main building is had been shining Koko and light even in this time。Have boat even in this time is Ikika'、It was lively Hobart harbor at night!


Although from Hobart we see the aurora、Unfortunately impossible in this weather。if、If you plan viewing the aurora two、And is kana good to stay about three days。

next time、Let's toward the Richmond Hobart onset half-day tour!

That Charles Darwin was also visited 200 years ago in the Beagle "Hobart harbor"

From Salamanca market as it is to the Hobart harbor walk。But I wanted to finish a meal in Salamanca Street、There is no restaurant, which is attracted to say that this。Imperceptibly I have come to the Hobart harbor 🙂


Walking map "Hobart harbor (Port of Hobart)"

Tasmania School of Creative Arts University with a start from the Salamanca Market (University of Tasmania, School of Creative Arts)へ。The distance is about 1km。I have been walking slowly while enjoying the world's clean water and air。


Brook Street to the pier (Brooke Street Pier)

And the Salamanca Market on the back will head to the Hobart harbor。Tasmanian MuseumOnly return the way you came from。

Here is Tasmania's Parliament House。It seems to Tasmania that are cozy and。Somehow strange old man is not lying on the grass。

The building's like a triangle roof of the warehouse which is visible to the other side of the boulevard is facing the Brook Street Pier。Slightly to the right center in the photograph、I guy behind the bicycle man。

Arrival ~。Kana walked about 100m roughly。Toka day tours depart from here。I am also in the Bonorongu & Richmond tour was starting from here say nuclear。It will introduce in a later article。


Elizabeth Street to the pier (Elizabeth Street Pier)

Next to the Elizabeth Street Pier next。The building is destination of light gray triangle roof that looks beyond。

arrival。Wonder if much walking distance 50m。A lively this building is the most、It contains a lot of Toka restaurants during。Actually it was also good for the meal here、Had to pass through because it was too crowded is around a bit。

Yellow boat。It is probably will be something like a water taxi。

Window shopping。It seems fashion is to exhibit a lot of this kind of stuffed toy I Australia。Wombats and dingoes stuffed toy is a concern 😆

Where is from the Elizabeth Street Pier's like a pleasure boat set sail。Realize you like this to see if Do'm still tourist destination What Hobart harbor。


Mawson Place to (Mawson Place)

Looking towards the inland、See the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery。When viewed from a distance there are several crane landscape and ruin 😥

Look at the Elizabeth Street Pier around the dock Innovation Group。Here landscape will also Koyo at night because it is likely to shine night view。

Around here seems Tteyuu Mawson Place。Now Guru was orbiting Innovation is Constitution Dock (Constitution Dock)。By the way, Tteyuu dock、I be of rectangular pool that leads to this kind of sea。Albert Dock LiverpoolThe same meaning as the Toka of dock。

Christmas tree。Nikki Miaki another have only seen in Sydney 🙁


Kings Pier (Kings Pier)

Enter the Kings Pier and black bronze statue is a lot。

The famous Douglas Mawson as explorer who went to the South Pole (Douglas Mawson) image。Also Welcome penguins around。

Profusely respectable building。

Respectable ship。Rashiku Australian Indigenous community of Tteyuu Yandeyarra、Perhaps ship that they are owned by。

Bronze statue of nothing body in the entrance。Let's read because there was this description monument near。

Work of Rowan Gillespie (Rowan Gillespie)。1803Year - and 13,000 prisoners women were brought to Van Dimen (Van Diemen's Land) until 1853、Children of the 2,000 people。Apparently this place、It seems to place her we landed。

This is likely not related to the previous Footsteps monument。I forgot to take a picture of the explanation monument not know the details ......


 Tasmania School of Creative Arts University (University of Tasmania, School of Creative Arts)へ

There is an indigenous Aboriginal art shop in Australia。Through because it was taken ban。I do not put on the blog tough。

You have written me "Gallery Gallery" in Japanese。I'll go because it pains。

Mysterious monument。

What was the art work of the University of Tasmania Faculty of Fine Arts。Even so, I wonder there is to know hesitation location ......


Meal in MORES 🙂

After all、Meals were to be taken here。During location of the Constitution Dock and Victoria dock。A short walk toward the harbor from the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery。

And ask for food at the counter、How to go to pick up during thunderstorms because get this kind of machine。Was around 1,500 yen Fish & Chips。Was delicious but quite higher。There is only a harbor fish is delicious fresh。Not found also look for HOUNDOUR of Tasmanian while doing Pokemon GO because the Wi-Fi was through。Since there is no way I was happy to catch Garura。


Hobart is the next port of night view。

The most famous historic market in Tasmania "Salamanca Market"

But do not take off in Hobart tourism is what Salamanca Market ......、Is it was a weekday I have visited。Actually、Once a week、Every Saturday 8:30~15:00The market will be held here Salamanca to。We will introduce in this article the usual Salamanca because there is no way。Although、Middle people for fewer people to visit here on weekdays、It is as the information there is a demand?


The location of the "Salamanca Market (Salamanca Market)"

Salamanca south of Hobart harbor。I asked where to dine at the hotel reception、First of all tell of me was here。After all、Here we were using the restaurant of Hobart without meal harbor、It is a detail in the next article。


Morrison Street from (Morrison Street) Salamanca Market to (Salamanca Market)

You can see the way that Sharp left and southward along the Hobart harbor。A stone's throw the destination anymore from there。Across the street is the Salamanca。

Statue at the entrance of Salamanca。This is Abel Tasman (Abel Tasman) Monument。1642The Netherlands is the explorers who issued the Tasmanian west coast on November 24, year。By the way, behind the statue there is a Tasmanian State House。Well omitted introduction of the blog because not interesting Amma as a tourist destination 😛


Salamanca Market arrival

Salamanca Market, which has been seen! On the wall of the building it has been written me SALAMANCA FRUIT。

There are many car for a weekday。Might have been walking in the vicinity of tourists put the car in around here。Ah、His shadow had crowded reflected below the photo!

Now it's a quiet ThatLookLikeThis、Saturday it becomes busy in the opening。

There is also a popular shop in spite of the daytime。Habit of drinking alcohol on weekdays during the day is similar to Europe。As expected based on United Kingdom。

Around here are many, especially the audience。Is It seems popular Toka Tasmania microbrews。


Salamanca Market to the alley

Let's toward the back because there was a street of little spread。By the way, the name of this street is I Tteyuu Salamanca Square (Salanca Square)、Store name is Salamanca Market on the corner, which goes here。I tried entering the trial、Toka Toka vegetables grocery、Well it was felt that the supermarket for Hobart residents。

Interesting monuments。Grass is wound around a bicycle chain to the people who are playing the left of the guitar

Shopping center like a guy Tteyuu MERCURY。Restaurant also Shi a supermarket are also entered。By the way, because there is a public toilet、Please use those who remember the urge to urinate is in here。

Bunny girl(?)Dog photographers to shoot。I do not know what you mean。

The restaurant's terrace seats rattle in the alley。Perhaps crowded from the night。


Fountain area of ​​Salamanca Square

See the fountain towards the other side。

Idyllic alley。

The bench around the fountain was resting a lot of people。Without falling debris to the ground、It is a beautiful town really。


Chess area of ​​mystery

Giant chessboard。The children were playing with two people。Ah、One lying around are ...... to the left

It is raising children bearers of the white bishop。It seems not motivated to seriously game。


So back to the people of Hobart harbor

Characteristic rock。It might be event space for。

I came back to Salamanca Market entrance。


The mystery of bear-chan doll

But there was a bike of unusual shape ...... driver bear! ?

Bear Kawaee ...... Tasmania's spear Nikki ......

It is sad goodbye with this bear 😥


Next time introduction of Hobart harbor!