The most famous historic market in Tasmania "Salamanca Market"

But do not take off in Hobart tourism is what Salamanca Market ......、Is it was a weekday I have visited。Actually、Once a week、Every Saturday 8:30~15:00The market will be held here Salamanca to。We will introduce in this article the usual Salamanca because there is no way。Although、Middle people for fewer people to visit here on weekdays、It is as the information there is a demand?


The location of the "Salamanca Market (Salamanca Market)"

Salamanca south of Hobart harbor。I asked where to dine at the hotel reception、First of all tell of me was here。After all、Here we were using the restaurant of Hobart without meal harbor、It is a detail in the next article。


Morrison Street from (Morrison Street) Salamanca Market to (Salamanca Market)

You can see the way that Sharp left and southward along the Hobart harbor。A stone's throw the destination anymore from there。Across the street is the Salamanca。

Statue at the entrance of Salamanca。This is Abel Tasman (Abel Tasman) Monument。1642The Netherlands is the explorers who issued the Tasmanian west coast on November 24, year。By the way, behind the statue there is a Tasmanian State House。Well omitted introduction of the blog because not interesting Amma as a tourist destination 😛


Salamanca Market arrival

Salamanca Market, which has been seen! On the wall of the building it has been written me SALAMANCA FRUIT。

There are many car for a weekday。Might have been walking in the vicinity of tourists put the car in around here。Ah、His shadow had crowded reflected below the photo!

Now it's a quiet ThatLookLikeThis、Saturday it becomes busy in the opening。

There is also a popular shop in spite of the daytime。Habit of drinking alcohol on weekdays during the day is similar to Europe。As expected based on United Kingdom。

Around here are many, especially the audience。Is It seems popular Toka Tasmania microbrews。


Salamanca Market to the alley

Let's toward the back because there was a street of little spread。By the way, the name of this street is I Tteyuu Salamanca Square (Salanca Square)、Store name is Salamanca Market on the corner, which goes here。I tried entering the trial、Toka Toka vegetables grocery、Well it was felt that the supermarket for Hobart residents。

Interesting monuments。Grass is wound around a bicycle chain to the people who are playing the left of the guitar

Shopping center like a guy Tteyuu MERCURY。Restaurant also Shi a supermarket are also entered。By the way, because there is a public toilet、Please use those who remember the urge to urinate is in here。

Bunny girl(?)Dog photographers to shoot。I do not know what you mean。

The restaurant's terrace seats rattle in the alley。Perhaps crowded from the night。


Fountain area of ​​Salamanca Square

See the fountain towards the other side。

Idyllic alley。

The bench around the fountain was resting a lot of people。Without falling debris to the ground、It is a beautiful town really。


Chess area of ​​mystery

Giant chessboard。The children were playing with two people。Ah、One lying around are ...... to the left

It is raising children bearers of the white bishop。It seems not motivated to seriously game。


So back to the people of Hobart harbor

Characteristic rock。It might be event space for。

I came back to Salamanca Market entrance。


The mystery of bear-chan doll

But there was a bike of unusual shape ...... driver bear! ?

Bear Kawaee ...... Tasmania's spear Nikki ......

It is sad goodbye with this bear 😥


Next time introduction of Hobart harbor!


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