Tasmania's history can experience for free "Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery"

On the day we arrive in Hobart、Richmond Although I had booked a one day tour of the (Richmond) and Bonorongu wild animal protection center (Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary)、Round and round the Hobart city departure in the morning because the afternoon。Thanks to depart early in the morning in Sydney、Is good the time was able to make to explore the Hobart city。

Without so much tourist destination in Hobart city、Hobart harbor、Salamanca Market、And I think about three of the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery to introduce this time。


The location of the "Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery)."

Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (Museum and Art Gallery) I However destination。The entrance is not the Davey Street of the harbor side、Note that in the Market Place, which runs straight to it。Practical、I will towards from the harbor side、It has become to be toward the entrance around round of quarter。Well、For more information in the article。

so、Once you look at the scale in the lower left corner of the map、And how is not in you can see whether Hobart is small town。Tteyuu not only about 300m to walk from Salamanca Market to the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery。


Tasmanian Museum and to the Museum of the entrance

Here is the harbor side。Tourists without putting from here、It is the official private entrance。As shown in this billboard、Let's proceed to the street of the arrow。

Turn left because when reaches the Market Place visible sign of "← Main Entrance"。

Here is the entrance。At all respectable than expected。Because I have heard free we were not building image have more Shobo。actually、It's seen by exploring the medium、It's beautiful、It exhibits many、Clearly say come normal tourists for a fee and Quality。Hobart amazing!

Break space of mystery and fall within the grounds duck gate。In the back there is a cafe、Your old man we had been graciously spent。

Into the building。Note point of order to tourism here that must be deposited in the locker all luggage。At the reception、It is instructed to put the bag in the built-in locker。I thought because there is a charging port of 1 Australian dollar coins next to the locker box paid kana - and、How come what coin is returned at the time of unlocking。Wherever kind Museum and Art Gallery。

Ah、Here Happening。Why the coin does not fall even as attempts to put a coin in the locker。2 Australian dollar coins Once common、1Saying "I Ja impossible, if that is not 1 Australian dollar coin" and when in trouble ...... did not have the Australian dollar coin is next to the old man me over voice、Gave me exchange my 2 Australian dollar coins。The old man、I went back from Mitodoke the key from being applied to the locker using the coin。

Here is where good security of Australia、Absolutely NG Nante exchange with the passing of the people you were general country。Good security not much different from the Japan。And people also kindly。It's very good country、Only the high prices is a drawback 🙁


A lot of replica of Tasmania live animal

Tourism started toward the camera only shoulder。There is an exhibition room on the first floor and the second floor in the center of this hall。Except、Fairly wide because there is a annex in addition to this。Or would not than the collapsible day with only here if people are interested in the history of Tasmania?

Personally was fun of this exhibition。Animal replica room!

Kangaroo! Not yet seen real thing。I guy that will look at Bonorongu of the day。I guess you wallaby not'm kangaroo fact from small?

Echidna and the platypus。Both Australia of endemic species。Not be able to see Koyatsu et al unfortunately Bonorongu。

This is the big favorite! ! ! ! ! ! ! !Wombat! ! ! Seeing this bushy feeling。Huge amount cute 😆

It is no exaggeration to say that came to Dari this time Tasmanian-kun to see the guy。It's also seen in Bonorongu、I hope if I saw the wild wombat in Cradle Mountain。

I have something a lot、Conspicuously're conspicuous ...... in this

You know、Tasmanian Devil! It is very popular in Tasmania endemic species competing with wombat。but、I Those who won the bat is a favorite。


Various exhibits across Tasmania General

I have also had things like animal、We had over a period of time to replica Room。Impoliteness。We will continue to introduce at once from here。First, the sample system。Tasmania inhabitants of skeletal Toka fur Toka such of the Zurari。In the inner part had to be screened for their。

It was exhibited a thing of the work system。Tasmania of industrial technical?

Donations but here's admission free has recruited。Personally those who want to donate to this place。It seems prima facie want about 10 Australian dollars。In the Japanese yen because it does not even 1,000 yen、This only of the exhibit also good up to donate do because seen。System of around here is I'm the same also Toka British Museum。

This is an interesting collection method。From the top to the place of the yellow went down while around in circles and throwing a coin、Game to enjoy whether to enter into a specific location of the box below。In quite popular、Children had large quantities threw one Australian dollar coin。This kind of idea is excellent。

Many coins

Various bills。Enjoy it seems this kind of which are locals。It's a likely enjoy if there Toka so far List exhibition of the Bank of Japan flights。


Antarctic area

Antarctic area。The reason why the South Pole、Probably because here Tasmania is close to the South Pole。Cool, I do not can feel is gonna be very close to the local、Well well I think I'm very close to the local I here If you think -

Exhibition, such as make me feel the history of the voyage

Unreal emperor number of penguins (laughs)

Emperor penguins who are guarding the only themselves from the cold huddled。

Creatures who are in Antarctica。I do not want to go to myself someday Antarctic -


Tasmanian Museum

I came to the hall from the second floor。I did not know'm from the bottom、I did have the image of the stairs I object in the middle。

Tasmanian Museum there is a sculpture and painting。After all exhibition space is much narrower than the museum。Well、Wonder if personal preference is to stay in the museum is fun 🙂


Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery to annex

I thought here at either the end or the exhibition、In another building and walk along the route。

Welcome is Wonbattu! ! !

Wombats from the top!

Many other。A large number than the replica in the direction of the main building。

Amazing tusks of Tasmanian Devil。Toka'm why this face is said to be the Devil。


Tasmania's indigenous people

Story the second floor of the annex of the indigenous people of Tasmania。

May this old feeling is not out atmosphere。The history of the difficulties likely to Tasmania will have been written and Zurazura on the wall。

I tried to take the animals keep to previous blur the sheep 😎

Production using the tent。Seems ...... reporting the Tasmanian life while this shadow moves in accordance with the voice。For more information Dunno。

Ancient life so far。

Welcome to Tasmania! ! ...... I guess I'm like this is given It 's not something that is said in the vicinity of the museum entrance?

Exhibition space-ish, which represents the old life in Tasmania。

Here in the annex is also the end。Since quite Hasho' are、In fact many more exhibition。The annex also It was stories。

This at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery tourism is the end。There was one last interesting。It is this "ShuTaenomon"。In the idioms of Japan、It is the gate that is all things comes out born。I might have wanted to say that came out born the current Tasmania from this museum。


Next time, even in the Salamanca Market。

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