Arrival in Tasmania state capital "Hobart"! GO from the airport to the city

Early in the morning departure from Sydney Domestic Airport、Anyway good night's sleep since the flight service also airplane paid。From already When you noticed where the land of Tasmania had seen。Also to be a lot of tourism today、I If you do not resting on around here -


Map of Tasmania throughout

Tasmania is floating in the south of Australia island。The entire island has become one of the state of Tasmania。so、The first destination of the capital is now there, "Hobart"。It is located in the south is in Tasmania。By the way, big in the next Hobart second city Launceston。When you come by plane from Australia、Whether it made in either of the Hobart or Launceston。It was shown in the map、We visited location。It was around in the order of "Hobart → loss Village → Launceston → Devonport → Cradle Mountain"。Return from Devonport to Melbourne by ship Tteyuu Spirit of Tasmania (Spirit of Tasmania)。

For comparison、It's not surprisingly known but what ......You can see the aurora from the Hobart! !

But、I am unreasonable in operation since the license is required best season this time is to be seen to give up 😥 Aurora in early November、But just a certain image that can not be found only in a cold place and say it ...... Aurora it was was a November visit here、Cool this time in the summer and I from here Tasmania、You about're comfortable off the beaten path can be seen in everyday clothes -

Aurora is so can be seen from Toka highest Mount Wellington in Hobart。


From Hobart Airport to the city

People who have driver's license would be best to rent a car at the airport。So it can be said that from the tourism the world heritage "Port Arthur" and small town "Richmond" from the airport to go to Hobart city。Unlicensed person like me can not be like that、It will head the shuttle bus to the city from obediently Airport。

No such thing as train in this Tasmania、Moving means car only。The big city Sydney I know opposite the idyllic location。


We arrived at Hobart Airport

Such scenery When the plane rattled loud and woke up。The clouded a little disappointing 😐

Huge amount countryside。In fact, I love this kind of landscape、Actually, I had the most fun in this trip to Australia - I'm was this Tasmania 😆

Arrival ~。It had stopped affiliates like a plane of truly Qantas Tteyuu Qantas link to airport。

Fumishime Tasmania of the earth。that? I wonder if descended from the beginning the right foot? I wonder if it was the left foot? ...... or do not remember、It is as good、Well So if let's enter the Hobart Airport!


Hobart Airport

There is no odd people in the Hobart Airport small percentage。Check-in counter was crowded great 😯

Objects in the Hobart Airport。Introduction Unlike I thought if this man belongings were。

Tasmanian Devil! ! Those rich in humor, which represents the Tasmanian Devil that sponging in the luggage of travelers at the airport。This is probably a child and from the size。Cute Do ~

It was a human child I thought I quite realistic child objects ......(Lol)Tasmania also to children Devil is popular as!

Without any particularly those seen in the other because the airport is small。The outside there was a lot of such mystery ball 🙂

Shuttle bus is waiting for and go outside to Hobart city。I had that for a small or large、The left of the big bus I was riding。In fact, only show it because it was already purchased the ticket at the already Internet。ticket isThe official site of SkyBusYou can buy from。so、I'm often a pattern that in such a country town、Bus does not depart on time as。Waiting for the arrival time of the airplane、It will depart Once you have gathered some extent passengers。


By shuttle bus to Hobart City!

Bus departs and from beginning to end like this landscape。You earnestly Tsukisusumi the green。Island blessed with environment。Actually、This Tasmania has a clean best air in the world island。Rather than this is often self-proclaimed、Toka's a result of the United Nations was measured scientifically air pollution concentration。Certainly I felt like ...... that was not clear the air when compared to Sydney!

Hobart City If exceeds the Tasman Bridge (Tasman Bridge) coming soon。

Hobart Cenotaph look to the far right of the photo is。That of the memorial is the Cenotaph。In other words、Hobart Cenotaph。Memorial for those who died in the First World War。Here the flame seems to continue to burn for 24 hours。

Finally to Hobart City。It is very violently up and down I Hobart。This fall I look。

Off at Hobart city。Tell a destination when the ride at the airport to the driver of the shuttle bus、Becomes a place to get off I'm tells us in a loud voice the name of the vicinity of the、But even so I English I thought I wonder if have corrupted me honestly what are you talking about whether Wakaran ...... beginning Tasmania of people、Like the driver was a special 😕

I have stayed this timeAstor Private Hotel。It's not a clean hotel、It cheaper price may be rich in traveling alone。Aunt of accepting more than anything was interesting in a friendly person -。Parents gave me various Toka story that raised the poor little baby wombat that was hit by a car。I hope, even a little bit more big place to stay in the family、Also probably wonder if use this hotel when you travel next one。


Tasmanian Museum that was recommended from the aunt of the hotel next time&Introduce the museum!


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