Kazan tourism - Petersburg Odessa street -

This time with the Epifani Church located south of Baumann Street、St. Petersburgskaya。St. Petersburg Skaya、It is a street located further south across Pushkin Street (pronounced Pushkina Street) from the southern end of Baumann Street.。

First of all, Epifani Church。1700The 63m high building built in the 1980s is the Epiphany Church。It may be said that it stands out most in Kazan city.。You need 100 rubles to climb the observation deck、Hours are 7:00~18:30(Maybe it depends on the season, but it's about this time)。Unfortunately I didn't go up this time、I wish I had a chance someday。

The front of the church is crowded and there are many people around the fountain.。The children were running around。

The Chaliapin Palace Hotel is right next to the church。Read as Chaliapin in Шаля́пин。The origin of the name of this hotel is a statue centered on the image。This is Kazan-born opera singer Feodor Ivanovich Chaliapin (Фёдор Ива ́нович Шаля ́пин)。He was born in 1873、I have also performed at the Bolshoi Theater。

And、This name is Chaliapin、Don't you remember the name somewhere?。Actually、The person who is the origin of Chaliapin steak。He has come to Japan、Tokyo、Nagoya、It seems that I went around Osaka。I'm staying at the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo、At that time I was suffering from denture problems、It is said that the chef Fukuo Tsutsui at the time thought of Chaliapin steak when he requested to eat a soft steak when he ate a steak at a restaurant called "New Grill" in the hotel.。

Now、Head to the southern end of Baumann Street。

Kazan's largest shopping mall "Кольцо" at the intersection of Baumann and Pushkin streets。Read as Calzo。I would like to introduce the inside of this shopping mall in another article.。Because it is quite wide。

A statue standing on a hill right next to the shopping mall。Unfortunately, there is not enough research on who this statue is.。I will add details as soon as I understand ...

Kazan city center overlooking from a hill。It feels like you can only see the head of the Epiphany church。The number of cars is small at this time、Traffic jams occur during commuting time。On holiday mornings, the number of sightseeing buses will increase.。


This is right next to the shopping mall。This street is Petersburgskaya street。Bust in the center of the square。Is it a hero?。

Now、Go south。You can see a big building in front。This is the Grand Kazan Hotel。The tallest building in Kazan。You can also climb this observatory。I think it was about 400 rubles。


Hotel entrance。I'm not going to the observatory this time, so through。

The subway entrance is here。M is an acronym for metro。

A short walk to the right will be the Ministry of Youth of the Republic of Tatarstan.。It seems to be a national institution that supports the international exchange and development of young people.。There is a square in front of the building、Children are playing balls, etc.。

Cannon objects on the street。There are also swords and shields。Military power Russia。

"Сбербанк" is a bank。I wonder if there are few people at this point。It seems that the sun has set。

Next time is the Tsugan Albam General Entertainment Facility, which is further south from here.。

Kazan sightseeing-Baumann street-

From Kazan Kremlin, go south on Baumann Road。This Baumann street is full of shopping、The most lively main street in Kazan。What is Baumann、1873Named after the revolutionary Kazan named Nikolai Baumann, who lived between 1905 and 1905。It should be noted、In this article, it is written as "Baumann", but "Baumana" is phonetically correct.。Although the grammar of Russian is related, the notation is different --- because the hotel is near the Tsugan Arubum general entertainment facility, there is a walk to it.。

Immediately after exiting the Kazan Kremlin gate, turn left and the first street is Baumann Road。Well, there are so many people, so you'll understand immediately。

A view of the Kremlin from the Kremryovskaya station along Baumann Road。A very beautiful scenery just after sunset。This is the north end of Baumann street。Now、Let's go south。

The street looks like this。Can you see that there are many people。The Grand Hotel Kazan can be seen on the slightly left behind。The tower on the right is the Epiphani Church。More about each later。

Side street of Baumann street。Is it Bar that can be seen in the front?、You can enjoy your meal, but the main one is alcohol。It was quite noisy。It was impressive that there was a restaurant next to it named "пятница"。This means "Friday"、After all, I realized that the custom of drinking before holidays is universal。

Well again Главная улица!! Ah、When you read it in Japanese, it means "Gravnaya Uritsa" and "Main Street".。Главная means main、улица is in the street。Grammatically speaking、Since улица is a feminine noun ending in a, the adjective главный changes to a feminine noun and becomes Главная。I touched it a little at the beginning、The same reason why Baumann becomes Baumana。Originally Baumann, but улица is a feminine noun, so the last "n" becomes "na".。

I found a strange cosplay on the front so before approaching...

Baumann street specialty part 1 "Kazan Cat"。There are no people right now、There is always a line in front of this statue。This seems to be a symbol of breeding、If I stroke the belly of this statue。This souvenir shop also sells this cat statuette, so if you want one, please。

Kazan's specialty No. 2 "Car of Eccachrina II"。Ekaterina II is known to everyone who knows the Russian empress。A bright man who was from Germany but became a Russian Empress.。Surely the first foreigner to become the top Russian? Her collection is housed in the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg。

Go back。You can ride this carriage。Probably less than Kazan Cat。If there are many children, there may be a line。It should be noted、Behind you is a museum called "Museum of Illusions"。There seems to be a glass labyrinth。I don't know what a big doll is。Do you know that this is the only Russian language。Most of the town doesn't speak English, so it might be better to learn a little Russian before coming.。

And the costume man。Was it really Spider-Man?。I approached when my eyes met, so I quickly dissipated 😡

This time, a pair of robots that are unfamiliar。I don't know what this character is、Probably famous locally。Unlike Spider-Man, I didn't come near, so I carefully observed it.。

This time Mickey Mouse。Isn't there a lot of this? ? I was loved unlike other mascots。I have a strange leaflet in my hand、I think that the purpose is to distribute that。

Hmm? Somehow weird people。A lot of people are taking videos。

It was live on the street。It's popular with kids and adults。People on both sides are shooting on smartphones。The story is a little off、The souvenir shop is holding the word that begins with "сувенир" in the image。The difference in words between the left and the front is due to the grammar I spoke earlier。It depends on the sex of the noun that follows。Should I remember only the lineup of сувенир?。

I'm not only performing live, but I'm also doing something like this classic。Man in the middle、Isn't it too expressionless?

A live cosplay of the army。The place is good but there aren't many people, probably because it's not started yet.。After all Russia is an army popular。

This is the end of this article because the article is getting longer。Next time maybe Epiphani church will be the main。