I definitely want to go when I visit Kamakura! "Bamboo Garden" in Hokokuji, which won three stars in the Michelin Guide

Hokokuji Temple is about a 5-minute walk from Jomyoji Temple。Even though this temple is not Kamakura Gozan、It is one of the tourist attractions that is almost always featured in Kamakura's guidebook.。

The reason is that the bamboo grove "Bamboo Garden" in the garden of Hokokuji Temple seems to be greatly influenced by the Michelin Guide's acquisition of three stars.。Well, I wrote an introduction to Hokokuji Temple so awesomely.、I don't know what it is until I go、A fool who tried to come back without entering the garden due to time constraints.。

It's close to Jomyoji and there's still time until sunset so let's stop by、It ’s like visiting。But、How many people are there when you go? !! The temples and shrines on the Kanazawa Highway were basically few people and it was easy to go sightseeing.、This Hokokuji Temple is completely different。Moreover, the worshipers are fully equipped with kimono and yukata! And full of young couples! !! !! !!

What is this ...? Going through the mountain gate with doubts、When I went to the garden because I wasted time while receiving the red stamp、You finally understand the reason why Hokokuji is so popular.。

Then, let's put it on the walking map as usual.。


Walking map "From Jomyoji to Hokokuji"

Just across the Kanazawa Highway from Jomyoji。I think it's easy to understand because there are several guides (?) To guide you to the parking lot of Hokokuji Temple on the way.。Or rather, I might have never seen a guide to a parking lot in Kamakura.。Maybe I was in Kotokuin, but I didn't know because I didn't go to the parking lot.。

The sense of distance from Tsurugaoka Hachimangu is like this。You can go on foot, but many people are using the bus.。There are Sugimotodera Temple and Egaraten Shrine near Hokokuji Temple, so you can stop by on the way, so I think it's a good idea to walk.。Well, the kimono and yukata were on the bus,。


Go through the gate of Hokokuji Temple

It is the gate of Hokokuji Temple。This temple is not so big。Especially if you don't enter the main bamboo garden, sightseeing will probably be completed in 5 minutes.。The red stamp was accepted next to the entrance to the bamboo garden.。I was told that you could write it directly, so I was given a number tag and waited for a while.。so、I didn't want to waste this waiting time, so I decided to enter the bamboo garden.。By the way, there is a charge for admission to the bamboo garden.。However, if you have come to Hokokuji, we strongly recommend that you enter without being stingy.。Because I don't have time。It is no exaggeration to say that there is no point in coming to Hokokuji if you do not enter this garden.。

There was also a set ticket with matcha, but this time I used only the admission ticket without using matcha.。When I think about it now, I regret that I should have killed time while drinking matcha.。As a way to go around the Kanazawa Highway、JomyojiAfter having a meal at the Stone Oven Garden Terrace、I think it's best to have matcha time at Hokokuji Temple。


Michelin Guide To the three-star "Bamboo Garden"

This is in the bamboo garden。Since the precincts of Hokokuji are ordinary temples, I am sorry to introduce the garden suddenly, not to post it on the blog.。

I think it's a dry garden、There was a pond。This bench was also filled with a couple of men and women.。It's been crowded since Tsurugaoka Hachimangu in today's sightseeing (Is that an overstatement?)。

Is it the backyard of Hokokuji Temple?。I just noticed that the off-limits partition bar was also bamboo.。Only in the bamboo garden。

Stupa on the slope of the mountain。I was curious so I took a picture。By the way, it seems that Yasunari Kawabata, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1968, also lived in this Hokokuji Temple.。

Now、From here, I will introduce the state of the bamboo grove at once.。Things to watch out for when shooting、What kind of shooting aid (monopod) in the precincts of this Hokokuji Temple、tripod、Selfie sticks) are also prohibited.。If it is a bamboo grove, it will be dark, so the shutter speed will be slow and the image will be blurred.。

So make the camera settings manual、Raise the ISO even if there is some noise、Set the shutter speed to about 1 / 60th to 1 / 30th of a second、Set the aperture (F value) to 8 or less (preferably close to 8)。After that, the point is to hold your breath and shoot without moving the camera as much as possible.。Even smartphones have a manual shooting function, so please try it even if you do not have a full-scale camera.。


The biggest highlight of Hokokuji Temple Bamboo grove "Bamboo garden"

A masterpiece of bamboo grove。Aim for the timing when there are not many people。

No trespassing in the bamboo grove。Will be taken along the promenade。

There are also lanterns。

Like Arashiyama in Kyoto。

This seems to be the best shooting spot。Many couples lined up and took turns taking two-shot photos against this background.。In the bamboo grove, it was difficult to aim for the timing when there were the least people here, and I was sticky.。

Anyway, this bamboo grove is wonderful。Convinced to be listed in the Michelin Guide。But don't get me wrong、There is almost no quiet timing like this picture。It's quite crowded。

Look up from below

This is the last shot。As expected, I'm about to have some free time。There were people who did their best to shoot even on smartphones, but after all it seems that a full-scale camera is overwhelmingly easier.。


created byRinker
¥260,000 (2024/05/20 02:02:18At the time of Rakuten Ichiba research-detailed)

The camera I used this time is this type

Nikon ( Nikon ) Large aperture standard zoom lens AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f / 2.8E ED VR Full size compatible AF-S 24-70 / 2.8E ED VR

I used this lens。If you want to take clear pictures even in the dark, I think the next Sony α7ⅢS is good.。

created byRinker
¥488,000 (2024/05/20 02:02:18At the time of Rakuten Ichiba research-detailed)

And the lens is this。

created byRinker
¥229,788 (2024/05/19 22:03:05At the time of Rakuten Ichiba research-detailed)

However、I think it's difficult for people who don't like cameras to reach this price range.。In the first place, it is difficult to spend money on the camera body and lens。So if you have the following compact things, you can easily use them in various scenes, so I wonder if it's okay。

created byRinker
¥167,461 (2024/05/19 22:03:05At the time of Rakuten Ichiba research-detailed)

After all, when it comes to a decent camera, it will be a decent price, so unless you are very particular about it, you can use a smartphone.。

The second half was about my personal hobby, so the article about Hokokuji is complete around here.。Next time, I will introduce the evening view photos of Enoshima!

Is it a stone oven bakery in the precincts? !! To the 5th place "Jomyoji" in Kamakura Gozan

From Zuisenji Temple to Jomyoji Temple, go back to Egaraten Shrine with a guidebook etc.、From there, I think the route to go east on the Kanazawa Highway along Namerikawa is introduced.。Even if you ask the entrance of Zuisenji Temple for a shortcut to Jomyoji Temple、After all the route was recommended。

But、But。It ’s not very interesting to go back the road that I used to go through.、I want to try a new path if possible! From the thought、Find a shortcut route、I dared to deviate from the recommended route。


Walking map "From Zuisenji Temple to Jomyoji Temple"

so、Here is the route I took。Returning to the site of Yofukuji Temple, crossing the residential area while looking at Prince Moriyoshi's Kubitsuka, from the east side to Jomyoji Temple.。

Thanks to this route, there was a merit that I could see Prince Moriyoshi's Kubitsuka.。so、If it is said that the time has been shortened、Unfortunately it didn't change ...

Rather, go up the long stairs just past Prince Moriyoshi's Kubitsuka.、After that, it was a very difficult road to repeat ups and downs for the mountain road.。Even for free, use your physical strength so far、Besides, I was carrying nearly 10kg of luggage on my back、It's hard enough to think what kind of training it is。

In addition, it rains on the way and it is stepping on and kicking.。In fact, there are some unfortunate things about Prince Moriyoshi's Kubitsuka.。I'll write that later.。


Emperor Go-Daigo's Prince "Prince Moriyoshi's Kubitsuka"

It is the Kubitsuka of Prince Moriyoshi, which is just a short walk from the site of Yofukuji Temple.。Amazing stairs ……

so、This Prince Moriyoshi is said to have destroyed the Kamakura Shogunate along with Masashige Kusunoki, who is often cited as one of the strongest in the history of Japanese history.。after that、Emperor Go-Daigo, the father of Prince Moriyoshi, started the new Kenmu Restoration.、It is said that the emperor dictatorship was created。

There is no point in talking about the history from the Kamakura Shogunate to the establishment of the Muromachi Shogunate, so next。If you are interested, it is best to read the history book.、It is also recommended to watch the past taiga drama "Taheiki"!

By the way, to Prince Moriyoshi's Kubitsuka ... What a gate? ??

What what、Currently, "The Tomb of King Gora、Due to a landslide caused by a typhoon in September of the first year of Reiwa、For the time being、We will stop entering from here and worshiping in front of the grave。For those who come to worship、Please worship from this place。By Miyauchi Agency "。

What the hell is that ... but what does it mean that the landslide in the first year of Reiwa hasn't been repaired yet? Maybe I don't want to fix it、I misunderstood。

That the、From here, I crossed the residential area and headed for Jomyoji.。


Jomyoji, the 5th place in Kamakura Gozan

Arrive at Jomyoji in both rabbits and corners after a long journey。It seems that the rain that had been raining earlier has stopped.。It was good

The red stamp was available at the entrance。I heard that you can write it directly.、I want you to receive it when you finish worshiping。I got a number tag、Would you like to worship。

The approach to Jomyoji。There are few people here as well, and it looks like this。The gardens on both sides of the road are well maintained。

The mountain gate side is like this。Is the blue sky gradually beginning to appear between the clouds? It would be a problem if it didn't clear up like the sunset on Enoshima.。


Main hall of Jomyoji

The main hall is at the end of the approach。Contact、When I thought there was no one, the dog came as a predecessor。I was taking a commemorative photo of a cute toy poodle。

Go to the main hall so as not to disturb the dog。There is a solemn atmosphere。It seems that this Jomyoji was originally a temple of the Shingon sect.、It seems that it was changed to a Zen temple of the Rinzai sect when Ryōnen Tsukimine, a disciple of Lanxi Daolong who opened Kenchoji Temple, became a priest.。


Resting place "Ishigama"

Next to the main shrine is a building called Ishigama。It seems that you can get matcha and sweets here.。If you have time, it's a good idea to take a break here.。

so、Jomyoji is quite wide from here to the back。There seems to be a stone kiln garden terrace at the end of the stairs, so let's go there。


"Stone Oven Garden Terrace" in the precincts of Jomyoji

There was a fashionable stone kiln garden terrace in the back of Jomyoji! Moreover, I was surprised to see quite a few customers coming out of this building.。Apparently it's a pretty good price of around 3000 yen for lunch.、There was a word of mouth that the bread is delicious because it seems to be handmade.。

From this terrace, you can enjoy delicious bread while overlooking the Kanazawa Highway.、I want to take a break here if I have time。I have to visit by the time the next Hokokuji Temple closes、I'm pushing for a while so I decided to hurry ahead without eating here。It's not like money!

Cherry blossoms were in bloom near the stone kiln garden terrace。The orange building in the back is the stone kiln garden terrace.。The early blooming cherry blossoms are beautiful。


"Kamatari Inari Shrine" in Jomyoji

There is a private house in the east of Jomyoji.、There was Inari Shrine quietly up the stairs further ahead.。It seems that this is the place where Fujiwara no Kamatari, who is famous for the Taika Reform, buried the Kama-yari according to the dream.。


This is the end of the Jomyoji tour.。There are only five mountains in Kamakura, so it's wider than an ordinary temple.、After all it is a little smaller than Kenchoji and Engakuji。I think it will take less than 15 minutes if you don't eat matcha or bread。

Next time, go to Hokokuji Temple, which is famous for bamboo grove.。

Zuisenji Temple, the Engakuji school of the Rinsai sect, lined up in the ten temples of the Kanto region

Go further from Kamakuragu to the hinterland of Kamakura。This quiet area, which is different from the area around Kamakura Station, is called the Kanazawa Highway.、Zuisenji Temple and Jomyoji Temple、Hokokuji Temple is a highlight。

There are relatively few tourists、It is good to be able to go sightseeing slowly。Only Hokokuji is an Instagram-worthy spot, and there are many young people.、Let me introduce it in the article of Hokokuji Temple again.。


Walking map "From Kamakuragu to Zuisenji"

Exit the torii gate of Kamakuragu and proceed to the left、Turn left at the next corner。If you go around Kamakuragu, you will see the Yofukuji Temple on your left.。There is no temple now because it is a trace、It seems that it is used as a spacious park。

If you continue straight along the road, you will reach Zuisenji Temple.。The road to Zuisenji is not so wide、There are not many car streets。Parking lot around Tsurugaoka Hachimangu is charged、Moreover, there is a high possibility that it will not be possible to stop because it is often full.、Parking is free at this Zuisenji Temple。10I only have a space to park about a car、Unless you are very unlucky, I think you can stop normally.。

When I visited, there were only one or two other tourists、I didn't even encounter a car on the way to Zuisenji Temple。After all, Kamakura sightseeing is mainly around Kamakura station、I wonder if it doesn't come so far。


The remains of "Yofukuji", a memorial service for Mr. Fujiwara Oshu, including Minamoto no Yoshitsune

I'm getting tired from walking, so I took a break around here。Departing from Fujisawa Station, Kamakura Daibutsu from Hasedera、Zeniarai Benzaiten、Jufukuji Temple、Tsurugaoka Hachimangu、Grave of Minamoto、Egara Tenjin Shrine、I want to take a break by walking in a row with Kamakuragu without a break。Actually, on this day, I used a single-lens reflex camera and a replacement lens to shoot the evening view of Enoshima.、And because I carry a tripod、I was walking around without a break while carrying a considerable amount of weight。Especially with Zeniarai Benzaiten no Saka、The bad road from Genjiyama Park to Jufukuji Temple was terrible.。

There was a bench on the site of Eifukuji Temple (pronounced "Yofukuji"), so I sat there and took a short break.。It feels good to see the pond and trees in front of you as shown in the picture.。

In 1192, Minamoto no Yoritomo was his younger brother, Minamoto no Yoshitsune (childhood name).:Ushiwakamaru) and、It was built to memorialize Mr. Fujiwara Oshu, headed by Yasuhira Fujiwara, who concealed Minamoto no Yoshitsune.。If you look at Yoritomo、You may have been afraid that Yoshitsune, who was killed like a disposable top, would appear as a ghost.。There is also a story that Yoritomo was an extremely coward.。

It seems that the memorial tower, Eifukuji, was also burnt down in 1450.、Not restored after that、Seems to reach the present age。A map of the restoration of Eifukuji Temple at that time was drawn on the information board just at the pond.。It seems that it was a pretty good temple。

Now、I'm not completely tired,、Let's head to Zuisenji Temple。


To the entrance of the Rinsai sect Engakuji school "Zuisenji"

Cross a small stream from the site of Yofukuji Temple、If you go up the slope, you will find the stone monument of Zuisenji Temple.。The entrance is the entrance through the gate that you can see in the back of the photo.。Even though it is an entrance, there is only a hut that can accommodate about one adult.。Then pay the admission fee and proceed inside。

The road that goes straight from the entrance。You can see a dead tree on the left side、This is probably a cherry tree。1 more、It seems that it will bloom beautifully in two weeks.。I'm sorry I can't see that、On the contrary, thanks to that, let's enjoy the merit of being able to calmly go sightseeing because there is no one else.。


Go up the many stairs to the gate of Zuisenji Temple

The main shrine of Zuisenji Temple is located far above the entrance.。To go up the stairs like this。

Fork on the way。Whichever way you choose, you can reach the gate of Zuisenji Temple.。

Even so, the growth of moss on the left road is amazing。There is another name called Moss TempleFirst of all, let's introduce mainly the Kita-Kamakura area where I started sightseeing.I think you're surprised。Now、I chose the stairs on the left to go、I decided to come down the stairs on the right on my way home。I'll join you later so it doesn't matter。

Finally arrived at the gate of Zuisenji Temple。This Zuisenji belongs to the Engakuji school、It seems that Muso Soseki has opened、It is said that it is a prestigious temple lined up in the Kanto Jusatsu, which is next to the Kamakura Gozan.。EngakujiWas introduced in the previous article.。By the way, what is Kanto Ten Temple?Other than Zuisenji、Zenxingji Temple、Toshoji Temple、Wanshou Temple、Daqing Temple、Kosho-ji Temple、Dongjian Temple、Zenpukuji、Hosenji Temple、It's like Chorakuji。I can't remember、Yes。


Cross the garden of Zuisenji Temple to the main shrine

The main shrine of Zuisenji Temple is located ahead of this garden.。It's a building that you can see a little to the right in front of the photo.。I forgot to take a picture of the main shrine, so I'm sorry I couldn't post it on my blog.。

Also、You can see the red stamp at the office on the left after passing through the mountain gate.。When you go inside and ring the doorbell, the boy will welcome you.、I will give you a red stamp book there。Since you wrote it directly, you will be asked to wait in the chair at the entrance of the office, so wait。Here at Zuisenji, the price of the red stamp is not fixed, so it is better to give the market price of 300 yen to 500 yen.。I was happy that you wrote it directly, so I paid 500 yen!


Scenic beauty Zuisenji Garden and Tennyo Cave

Behind the main shrine is a wonderful garden。The mountain surface also has an atmosphere、There is a taste that other temples and shrines do not have

The cave on the right is Tennyo Cave。It seems that it used to be a zazen training ground。

Then cross the bridge on the right、Further up the mountain, there seems to be a building called the Dekai Listei, where monks from the five mountains of Kamakura gathered and held a lyric session, but it is not open to the public so far.。


Although there are few tourists at Zuisenji Temple、The garden is worth a visit, so if you have time, please visit it.。Next time is Jomyoji, the 5th largest in Kamakura Gozan。

Grave of Minamotoyo / Grave of Hojo Yoshitoki → Egaraten Shrine → To Kamakuragu

Next to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, go to the grave of Minamoto no Yoritomo。By the way, the grave of Hojo Yoshitoki, who is the protagonist of the taiga drama "The 13 Lords of the Kamakuraden", is also nearby, so after stopping by there、Egara Tenjin Shrine、The scope of this article is to go through to Kamakuragu and head to the Kanazawa Highway area.。

Aside from Egaraten Shrine and Kamakuragu, I thought that the grave of Minamotoyo was a place that no one would stop by if it wasn't influenced by the taiga drama (individual impression).。


Walking map "From Tsurugaoka Hachimangu to Kamakuragu via the Grave of Minamotoyo / Grave of Hojo Yoshitoki and Egaraten Shrine"

To get to the grave of Minamoto no Yoritomo, it is better to go out from the eastern torii gate on the east side instead of going out from the large torii gate at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu.。If you walk along the Kamakura Elementary School / Junior High School attached to the Faculty of Education, Yokahama National University on the left side, there are information boards to the grave of Minamotoyo in some places, so if you follow the guidance, it's OK.

Both the grave of Minamoto and the grave of Hojo Yoshitoki are up the stairs.。In particular, the tomb of Hiromoto Oe is located at a higher place, so I think that I will use my physical strength in the middle.。

You can reach Egaraten Shrine and Kamakuragu without any problems if you follow the information board.。On the map, it's about 1km from the east torii gate of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu to Kamakuragu.、Actually, it goes up the stairs a lot, so it's better to think that it's harder than expected.。


"Grave of Minamoto" located on the stairs next to Shirahata Shrine (Nishimakado)

Shirahata Shrine is on the left of the photo。At the top of the stairs is the tomb of the first shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate, Grave of Minamoto.。Because it is such a remote area, tourists are constantly coming。Awesome taiga drama effect。

To worship Yoritomo's grave、You have to climb this long staircase。Since there are handrails on both sides of the stairs, I think that even people with slightly weak legs can visit.。

The stone pagoda that appears in front of you when you go up the stairs is the target grave。It looks like no one is in the photo、Anyway, there are always people。I waited more than 5 minutes to take this picture。

After this, go down the stairs that came up and go to the left、There is a tomb of Hojo Yoshitoki up the long stairs again、There was a tomb of Hiromoto Oe up the long stairs from there.。But、Since there is only a stone pagoda, it seems that it would not be enough to post it on the blog, so I will omit it.。If you are interested, please come visit us with your own feet.


"Egaraten Shrine", one of Japan's three oldest gods, enshrining the god of learning "Sugawara no Michizane"

Go down the stairs of the Grave of Minamoto and the Grave of Hojo Yoshitoki and proceed to the left at the intersection one block ahead, and you will see the torii gate of Egaraten Shrine on your left.。Writing utensils such as pencils were sold at the office.。It seems that they also pray for success。Why writing tools and praying for success?、It seems that this is a company where Sugawara no Michizane, who is famous as a god of learning, is enshrined.。

In the olden days, it was also called Egaraten Tenmangu Shrine.、Dazaifu Tenmangu Shrine in Fukuoka、Along with Kitano Tenmangu in Kyoto、It was called Japan's Three Great Tenjin。Currently, the three major Tenjin in Japan are Dazaifu Tenmangu in Fukuoka.、Kitano Tenmangu in Kyoto、Because it is Hofu Tenmangu Shrine in Yamaguchi、It seems that it is now considered to be one of the three ancient Tenjin in Japan.。

I was able to get the red stamp at the office。This is also a book。I made a connection with the god of learning (gassho)

The photo above was from the front of the hall of worship.、This is what I saw from the pencil mound。Many dead trees planted in the precincts、Probably 1、The cherry blossoms will be in full bloom in two weeks。

so、This is the pencil mound。Author of the manga "Kappa Tengoku":It is said that it was built by Ryuichi Yokoyama following the wishes of Kon Shimizu.。Ryuichi Yokoyama has already passed away,、Pencil mounds are still a popular spot for many people.。

This pencil mound depicts 154 frogs drawn by 154 cartoonists.。This cartoonist is also a big name。Osamu Tezuka and Fujiko Fujio、Shigeru Mizuki、Jiro Tsunoda, etc.。

The other day、Fujiko Fujio A has passed away.。I pray for your soul。


"Kamakuragu" was built to enshrine Prince Moriyoshi, the son of Emperor Go-Daigo, under the command of Emperor Meiji.

The end of this article is Kamakuragu。This is a shrine where Prince Moriyoshi, the prince of Emperor Go-Daigo, is enshrined.。The tomb of Prince Moriyoshi is also built near here.。

The approach from the torii gate to the main shrine。The shop on the left is。The red stamp will be in the building on the right side of the torii gate that you can see in the back.。The red stamp of Kamakuragu is a two-page double-sided one.。Here you could write directly despite the corona。So、I will receive a number tag and worship until the bookkeeping is completed。

A stuffed tiger, probably because of the year of the tiger。If it changes every year, I definitely want to visit next year。There will be a cute stuffed rabbit on it!

Chozuya。There was also a heart-shaped fan with the words "I'm in Kamakuragu" printed on it, probably because it was posted on SNS.。so、Somehow many red objects are floating in the water.。

Like a lion dance like a demon。I feel that the hand water is placed instead of being stopped as a measure against corona.。Does that mean that this can only be seen now? !!

It's the main shrine。Prince Moriyoshi is enshrined here。Behind this main shrine is the dungeon where Prince Moriyoshi was imprisoned.、Shinen where you can enjoy forest bathing、There seemed to be a treasure hall。I didn't know this time、It seems that anyone could see it if they paid the admission fee separately ...

Shinen seems to have beautiful autumn leaves、I wonder if I will visit you at that time。

Murakamisha on the right side of the main shrine。It is said that Hikoshiro Murakami, who is enshrined here, was a loyal retainer of Prince Moriyoshi.。Protect Prince Moriyoshi until the end、The spectacular death that threw his internal organs at the enemy on the verge of death has been strongly handed down to the present day.。


This is the end of this article because the article is getting longer。Next time, we will head to Zuisenji Temple through the ruins of Eifukuji Temple.。

Visiting Kamakura's symbol "Tsuruoka Hachimangu" -There was also a 13-person taiga drama hall in Kamakura! ~

The article on Kamakura is also the 9th。Normally, I think Tsurugaoka Hachimangu will be introduced to the beginning.、It was so late to introduce me because it rained heavily on the first day and I skipped it.。

I expected a lot of congestion because it was before noon on the holiday of the year that is the stage of the taiga drama, but it was less than expected。Well, it wasn't free。


Walking map "From Jufukuji Temple to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu"

Cross the railroad crossing of the JR Yokosuka Line from Jufukuji Temple、After passing the Kawakita Movie Memorial Hall on your left, you will join Komachi Street.。If you turn left and then right immediately, you will see Tsurugaoka Hachimangu on your left.。

This route is a bit dull, so in this article, I will go down Wakamiya Oji, which is the approach to Tsurugaoka Hachimangu.、Let me introduce you from the second torii near Kamakura station.。


"Ninotorii" at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

Exit Kamakura Station and go straight east、Turn left on Wakamiya Oji and you will see a large red torii gate.。The stone monument has a large character of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu。The guardian dog in the back is wearing a mask to prevent corona.。

A tree-lined road continues behind the torii。It's dead now, but 1,It will be full of cherry blossoms in about two weeks.。I envy people who visit at that time.。I'm sorry I couldn't see it ...


Walking along Wakamiya Oji

Toyoshimaya Western confectionery shop on the right side after passing through the second torii gate。Toyoshimaya is a long-established store famous for Hato Sablés.。It seems that the Toyoshimaya started Western confectionery.。I got to know

If you walk a little from there, you will see the Toyoshimaya main store on your left.。The number of customers is amazing。I wonder if it was so crowded when I visited a long time ago。Hato Sablés are famous all over the country, so you can buy them at department stores.、After all, many people buy it at the main store.。In the upper right corner of the building, there is also a design hollowed out in the shape of a pigeon of Hato Sablés.。The pine tree in front of the store also has an atmosphere。

Just before the torii gate of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu San, I saw something interesting on the left side.。Cute Kitty is a cute Sanrio cafe。Pompompurin is also designed and taken。I wanted to stop by if I had time。


To the precincts of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

Finally arrived at Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Sanno Torii。It's a pity that the sky is cloudy。Early-blooming cherry blossoms are blooming pink flowers on the left side of the photo.。

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine's famous Taiko Bridge。Unfortunately I can't cross。There are a lot of people, but not as much as I expected。The cherry blossom season is going to be amazing, though.。

On the left side of the approach leading to the main shrine, there was a taiga drama hall commemorating the 13 people of Kamakura.。For a limited time, those who are interested should go by the end of 2022.。


"Hataage Benzaitensha" floating in Genji Pond

Go right after passing through the three torii gates and you will reach the vermilion bridge over Hataage Benzaitensha.。There were just a lot of pigeons and ducks。by the wayKotoku-in Temple of the Great Buddha of KamakuraThere was also a pigeon。Oh? Only one bird is mixed in different colors。

Mr. Shirohato walking tech tech

If you think you have moved to the edge of the bridge, there are many ducks in the pond!

Even so, the white appearance is dignified! It may be the guardian deity of this shrine。

I was distracted by the pigeon。so、This is Hataage Benzaitensha。You can get the red stamp at the office located just past the torii gate.。This was also a bookkeeping one。It should be noted、The red stamp here is different from that of the main shrine of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu.。

Genji Pond seen from Hataage Benzaitensha。Beauty。Also, behind the shrine, there was a stone that was said to have seated Masako Hojo, the regular room of Minamoto no Yoritomo.。It's just a stone、The appearance of the people who made a line to see the stone and took pictures was surreal.。


To the main shrine of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu

Maiden in front of the grand stairway of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu。The priests were just dancing。The red stamp of Tsurugaoka Hachimangu will be at Wakamiya (Shimomiya), which can be seen in the back.。This was also a bookkeeping one、It was gorgeous with pink colored paper。

Tsurugaoka Hachimangu is the grand stairway here。First of all, let's introduce mainly the Kita-Kamakura area where I started sightseeing.、There are not so many people。There was a looping beside that。

I refrained from shooting because there were too many people in the main shrine.。Instead, here is a photo of the Maiden from the top of the grand stairway.。It's before noon on Saturday, but there is a line in the circle、Do you see that it's not so crowded?。It was supposed to be amazing before the offering of the main shrine!


Tsurugaoka Hachimangu has many attractions, but this is about it.。The site is large、There is also a national treasure hall、I think it will take a lot of time to go all around.。

Next time, from the grave of Minamoto Tomo to the grave of Hojo Yoshitoki、I will go around the tombs of Hiromoto Oe。

From Ugafuku Shrine (Zeniarai Benzaiten) through Genjiyama Park to Jufukuji Temple

After Kotokuin, we headed to Ugafuku Shrine。The name Zeniarai Benzaiten may be more common than Ugafuku Shrine.。There is a company that does money washing in Enoshima,、Kamakura is probably the most famous one.。

Because Ugafuku Shrine is located on the top of the mountain、It requires a fair amount of physical strength。Because there is a possibility that it will be sick if it is in a state of slapstick after walking around in the evening、It may be better to visit while you are physically fit。

Also、Genjiyama Park is right next to Ugafuku Shrine。Is the statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo the highlight?。If you get off the mountain road from there, you can go to Jufukuji Temple, one of the five mountains of Kamakura.。


Walking map "Kotokuin-Ugafuku Shrine-Genjiyama Park-Jufukuji"

About 2.5km from Kotokuin to Ugafuku Shrine。However, I think that I will use my physical strength more than the distance because I will climb the mountain。The map above is the easiest way to go,、If you use a mountain road called the Great Buddha Hiking Trail、You can head to Ugafuku Shrine via Sasuke Inari Shrine on the way.。

However、This route is quite a difficult road, so on a sunny day、Moreover, it is a little difficult unless it is a sneaker that is easy to walk.。It will probably take more than an hour from Kotokuin to Ugafuku Shrine。

And Genjiyama Park is just around the corner from Ugafuku Shrine.、It is not recommended to get off at Jufukuji Temple from there。I didn't think it was such a difficult road。En route、There is a steep slope, no stairs, no handrails。There was a terrifying advance on the unpaved ground with both hands on the rock surface.。

I think it's better to go straight from Ugafuku Shrine to Jufukuji Temple along the car street.。


Zeniarai Benzaiten aka Ugafuku Shrine

Information boards are placed every time from Kotokuin to Ugafuku Shrine.、The number of people increases as we get closer to Ugafuku Shrine, so it's easy to understand.。If you go up the slope on the way, you will find a stone monument with the name of the shrine on your left.。

The entrance to the shrine often starts at the torii gate、This is a special structure that goes through a cave and heads for the main shrine.。

Ichikishimahime is enshrined here(Ichikishimahime no Mikoto)。Three Goddesses of Munakata, said to have been born at the time of the pledge when Amaterasu Omikami bit the sword of Susanoo's life。One of the three pillars is Ichikishimahime.。

I'd like to make a gift here、I was able to get the red stamp at the next office。Unfortunately, it was not possible to write it directly because it was written down.。

You can wash your money here。Put a coin in a colander and pour it with this water。I was able to take a picture like this because it was relatively free, probably because it was the morning time.、Perhaps there will be a lot of people lined up on holiday evenings。

Many people were washing money in spite of the corona sickness.、I don't have the courage to see off this time。I also wanted to wash the money even when the corona calmed down.。


Statue of Minamoto no Yoritomo in Genjiyama Park

There was a statue that stands out in Genjiyama Park。This is Minamoto no Yoritomo, the first shogun of the Kamakura Shogunate.。The number of tourists is small probably because the influence of the 13 people of the Taiga drama Kamakura has not come so far.。It's a good idea, so I'll take pictures from various angles.。

Yoritomo from the front。

Yoritomo from the other side ... That's it! !! !!


Jufukuji Temple, the third place in Kamakura Gozan

When I headed for Jufuku-ji Temple from Genjiyama Park on the information board street, I was terrified ...。People who are not confident in their legs should definitely stop。Thanks to that, the bottom of my shoes and trousers got dirty with soil ... Well, I worshiped Ota Dokan's grave on the way.。

so、This is the gate of Jufukuji Temple。I couldn't get the red stamp because of the misfortune of Sanmon.。If there is unhappiness in the priest's relatives, as Sanmon unhappiness、After that, you will not be able to receive red stamps for several months.。Due to such circumstances, I stopped visiting the temple and left early.。

A long approach after passing through the gate of Jufukuji Temple。At this time, I was in the middle of doing some maintenance.。It seems that the season of autumn leaves is colored bright red。


the above、I introduced about 3 places with my legs。Next time, we will visit Tsurugaoka Hachimangu, one of the biggest attractions in Kamakura.。

You can see the handsome Buddha statue in Kamakura, which is enshrined in Kotoku-in.

Actually, I visited the Goryo Shrine and Kosokuji Temple before and after Hase-dera.、No photography is allowed at Goryo Shrine、Kosokuji has omitted the article because it is difficult to introduce it on the blog.。

Kotoku-in thought that it was difficult to write an article because the highlight was only the Great Buddha.。Although、When introducing Kamakura, please keep in touch with us because it is so famous that it cannot be omitted.


Walking map "From Hasedera to Kotokuin"

About 750m from Hase-dera to Kotoku-in。Moreover, you can walk along the main street。Also、The name of the bus stop at Kotoku-in is "Daibutsu-mae", so even if you get on the bus, you may forget to get off.。

so、As I said at the beginning, Kotoku-in really has only the Great Buddha.。After passing the entrance, go out to the Great Buddha Square、It ’s said that it ’s over when you go around the Great Buddha.。

By the way, it is rumored that the Great Buddha of Kamakura is one of the best handsome Buddhas in Japan.。That's why this time it's not a guide to Kotokuin、Let me make it a photo book of the handsome Buddha!


Digital photo album of "Kamakura Daibutsu", also known as Amida Nyorai sitting statue

Entrance to the Great Buddha Square

Even though it's Saturday, it's morning, so there are relatively few people.

Near the stone monument

head on。1 more、After two weeks, the cherry tree on the right side of the photo will be in full bloom.

Oh? There is a black thing on my head。

It was a pigeon。I feel like I won't give up the scenery I see from here。

From the front

From diagonally below

Opposite side

The face of Daibutsu Kamakura, who is famous as a beautiful boy


that's all。The red stamp was given at the office on the left side of the Daibutsu-sama.。Souvenirs were also sold, so I bought longevity chopsticks there、I bought a key chain at a souvenir shop in the backyard of the Great Buddha.。Enoshima key chains were also on sale, so I bought a set of Kamakura Daibutsu and Enoshima.。


Almost only photos, this time it ends。It seems to be crowded in the afternoon, so it is recommended to visit on weekdays or holiday mornings.。

Next time, go to Ugajin Shrine, Zeniarai Benzaiten。

To "Hase-dera", which has Hase Kannon, which is one of the largest in Japan

Cloudy sky that is not sunny although yesterday's heavy rain has stopped。The day started with a haze that I could shoot the sunset of Enoshima in the afternoon.。

When you go sightseeing in the Enoshima / Kamakura area, be sure to check the advantageous transportation set ticket.。"Enoden one-day pass Noriori-kun" is a ticket that allows you to get on and off Enoden for one day, so it is recommended for people who are mainly sightseeing along the Enoden line.。Also、13 for this "Noriori-kun":00Discounts are given instead of being usable only after that、In addition, the "Kamakura / Enoshima Afternoon Pass" with admission tickets for various sightseeing spots in Enoshima is also on sale.Official websiteIs a check required。

This time I used "Noriori-kun" and a set of Hase-dera admission tickets.Noriori-kun & Hase-dera viewing set ticket」。This is like a collaboration product commemorating the 1300th anniversary of Hase-dera, so it may be for a limited time.。By the way, it is on sale as of April 2022.。

Walking map "From Hase Station to Hasedera"

Hase-dera is about a 5-minute walk from Enoden "Hase Station"。When you get off the station, there is an information board, so if you follow that street, there is no problem.。There is a parking lot at Hase-dera, but the price is 350 yen for 30 minutes.。It would be a considerable amount of money to pay a parking fee for each visit to each temple, so I think it would be better to walk around Kamakura or use public transportation.。


Kamakura Music Box Museum in front of Hase-dera

Kamakura Music Box Museum on the right side on the way to Hase-dera。At music box stores nationwide、We also have high-class music boxes。Music boxes named after Kamakura, such as the music box of the Great Buddha of Kamakura, can only be bought at this Kamakura store.。It seems that the mechanism clock is said to be a landmark ...

There is no choice but to worry about the dog image than that。Dachshund is wearing sunglasses and pulling hard。


Hase-dera entrance

Click here for the entrance to Hase-dera。The reception is at the building on the left side of the gate instead of entering from the gate.。It's early in the morning so there aren't many tourists yet。When this is around noon, the number of tourists and students on school trips will be enormous.。

Hase-dera gate。I was visiting Engakuji Temple and Kenchoji Temple until yesterday、I was reluctant to call the gate at the entrance a mountain gate.、At Hase-dera, this is the gate that is easy to understand.。


Take a walk in the garden of Hase-dera

The pond spreads out when you exit the entrance。Will it be dyed bright red at the time of autumn leaves?。A carp is swimming in the pond、It seems that you can get it if you buy the bait sold in the precincts。

I see this system quite a bit、I think the mechanism that makes tourists pay for the food they should bear is excellent.。

Landscape photography with few people, probably only on weekday mornings。I was afraid, but I couldn't use a tripod, so I gave up on slow shutter shooting.。

Ah ~、Please be careful if you visit Kamakura for shooting。Almost all temples in Kamakura are shooting aids such as tripods and monopods.、And since smartphone selfie sticks are prohibited。

Nagomi Jizo。At Corona, you are praying with a proper mask on.。Just looking at it will calm you down。

Beyond this is Benten Cave。There is little light inside the cave, so it is almost impossible to shoot without a tripod.。I gave up because of that。So、Please visit with your own feet。


"Jizo-do" at Hase-dera after going up the stairs

Jizo with the benefit of Koyasu's prosperity。This seems to have been reconstructed in 2003。

Manji Pond next to Jizo-do。The reason for this name is that the shape of the pond is like a swastika.。Next to this is Mizukake Jizo.、Somehow you can be happy if you sprinkle water on it。

Sentai Jizo。It seems that anyone can make an additional dedication if they apply。So far, so many people have been dedicated.。


Kannon-do where the principal image "Hase Kannon" is enshrined

If you go up the stairs further, you will arrive at Kannon-do where you can worship Hase Kannon.。Click here for the reception of the red stamp。Despite the corona wreck, you wrote it directly on the red stamp book。grateful。

Hase Kannon is one of the largest wooden Kannon statues in Japan.。The height is 9.18m! Unfortunately, it is not possible to post the figure on this blog because Kannon is prohibited from shooting.。If you want to see it, please use your own feet (second time)

Kannon-do from another angle。The number of people has gradually increased。However, it is sparse because there are no group guests yet.。Let's hurry around before people come!


Hasedera's "Miharudai" overlooking Yuigahama

On the viewing platform with chairs and tables where you can take a break after passing Kannon-do。Hase-dera has a mountain behind it, so due to its location、You can't see Enoshima or Mt. Fuji, but you can see Yuigahama.。The street where you can see the house at the bottom、I've climbed the stairs this much。

There is also a paid telescope that is often found on the observatory on this observatory.。By the way, in the morning the sky was completely covered with clouds、It looks like a little rift has come out。I wish I could keep it until the evening ...


Hasedera's "Keizo"

Keizo next to Kannon-do。I couldn't take a picture of Hase Kannon,、Since this statue is placed outside, it seemed like I could take a picture, so it's a shame。I didn't bring a telephoto lens, so this is the limit for blurring。

Keizo pond where carps swim。It will be beautifully colored here as well when the leaves are colored.。

There was a Jizo statue near here as well.。Is this Mizukozuka?。Hase-dera is as you can see from Koyasu's prosperity、It seems that child-related benefits are the main focus.。

Now、Let's go up the stairs further to the walking path。


Go around the walking path at the back of Hase-dera

No way to climb the mountain further ... You can see that it has come to a much higher position than when viewed from the viewing platform earlier.。Visiting Hase-dera is like climbing a mountain like this.

The walking path goes around along the road。It's great to be able to go one way so that people don't come and go on the way back and forth.。And the scenery is wonderful。


This completes the introduction of Hasedera。It seems that the flowers that are blooming change depending on the season, so you can enjoy it all year round.。Next time I want to visit when the leaves are colored。

Now、The next destination is Kotoku-in, where the Great Buddha of Kamakura is.。