Orlando tourism ~ WDW "Epcot" Future area ① ~

Epcot from around in a whirlwind tour of the First whole Future area and world area because it was the first tourist、It's enjoyed the attraction、Is bad blog to unity that it is it。I might try to introduce one by one from the attraction of the First Future area that。

Although supplement、The method I'll do each attraction from around the whole since the arrival in the evening was considerably better。Because、That it is not necessary to line up enough to slow down if late(Lol)Practical、We did not line up at all other than "test track" and the popular attraction "Soarin"。

To introduce in this article are four of "Spaceship Earth," "project Tomorrow", "Universe of Energy," "mouse gear (shop)"!

So the first. Spaceship Earth! !


Spaceship Earth (Spaceship Earth)

This golf ball look into the entrance attraction Tteyuu "Spaceship Earth"。

Flower beds in that before。”Thank you for celebration with us!”Apart from their own、I do not celebrate 😆

I tried to come in front。It is understood that is an aggregate of the unevenness of the triangle and well look good。

Crowd of people even before fountain。After all, it's the golf ball shooting point。

Just monorail was running。It will go to the Magic Kingdom in this monorail。Fare is also free。

There ordinary lane and fast-path-only lane to attraction。Fastpass You can get also from the app、You can also ticketing kiosk in the Disney World。Since most prior to the survey did not have enough、What attraction does not ticketing because you did not even know the popular。I wonder if salvation was not crowded so much because it was Monday? so、It is Soarin and test tracks for the better which had been absolute discovered in this fast-path。

and、I wonder if time riding on the attraction was around 19 o'clock? It exudes a good atmosphere just sphere is steeped in sunset。

Rude have blurred a little image。Congestion of the time this is a visit I actually attraction。Yes、When I Toka zero-latency Did 😮 Monday 18 o'clock we have become possible over a stretch a total of whirlwind because almost no line up over

Internal to the invasion success! Funny picture has been drawn something。Is it the future of image。

Once again shake to have examples。Attraction start riding for such a truck like a。The present invention is not limited to this attraction、It does not somehow from being asked me "What people?" Towards the staff? ? Thats can be seen Nante alone! ! 🙁

It helped ...... Since the mid-do Guggu 😕 rolled another shake dark


It as the content is the attraction that over the near future of science laboratories while riding from is moving scientists mannequin is something in the truck (?)。

Me fortune of his own in the future based on the last input information。By the way, Japanese correspondence。

so、...... After you have found the future of their own”Welcome to your Future”Well、Without even especially physical strength ThatLookLikeThis、It is round and round over attraction aboard the truck。Elderly-friendly too!

Now、Of the next attraction to introduce。


Project Tomorrow (Project Tomorrow)

I mean the next attraction ...... Spaceship earth and building More。I I've been connected to the project Tomorrow it is the exit of the Spaceship Earth。

In a little dim。

Nde simple the game like a has been placed in strategic locations、I enjoyed the game lovers。I want around all、Tearfully through because there is no spare time playing this time 😥

A basis what has been a projection on the floor went stepped foot earn score guy。

And quite widely、Since the game is also a lot may enjoy over if the time spend in one day Epcot tourism。Venerable next to the attraction!


Universe of Energy (Universe of Energy)

Entrance is good brackets。The duration is up good is better to have a margin to in some of that 45-minute time of attraction。Well wonder what the such?

Indeed object Tteyuu near future。

Guided to the hall Once inside。What is starting well Wakaran。Although there were some people sitting on the wall of the chair。


Program began to flow on the screen and are waiting for a while。I think inaudible little if there is no confidence in English because quite twisters that。Briefly、Tteyuu modern people suddenly to time slip to the dinosaur era。

When the earlier of the program is completed、Is instructed to sit in the seat is guided in another hall。The hall itself is has become want to see gondola、Concept explore the dinosaur era。Since frequently English of the announcement to enter、Also still wonder if not enjoy English force unless。

45Since such a minute attraction、It might be better to give priority to there if there are things you want to look around to the other。I It is a lot to the other if the system of attraction around in gondola。Now、The end of this article will Shimekukuro in the shop!


Mouse gear (Mouse Gear)

Mouse Gear。Although it is indescribably good named、Although just a shop 🙂 because Disney official shop types are often higher you also price。And、The store is wide! Price is also high! (Second time)

Unlike Tokyo Disneyland it thinks a thing is not so much as to be aligned in the shop。Basically, because Florida's Disney World Keru rose also customers in its own way because the scale is big。

The Tteyuu such theme parks shops、Guests Toka I often purchased as memories of theme parks than the goods themselves。So、Such as memorable、Such as to leave a good memories、It seems to run in the concept, such as to want to visit again


Also continued Future area next time!

Orlando tourism - Disney World to "Epcot"! How From the airport go by bus?

Disney World, which has finally arrived! It is this will to be due only on the relationship between Epcot stay time。so、I want to described in this article to everyone but so is the introduction of Epcot、Directions by bus of that from the front to the Orlando International Airport to Disney World。Tidbit also people say not only go by taxi If you look on the Internet。But、Struggling to you but will go in bus。Its introduction in the article。


The Disney World?

To begin with、From Disney World entire description。Orlando Disney World boasts the world's largest。Because Disney World is not like a single Tokyo Disneyland、Tokyo Disneyland and whether want the image I aggregate the sum of the Tokyo Disney Sea, etc.。What the area is about 110km²! It is also is a world's largest Disney Resort to say 😀

Disney World is easy to put together and the aggregate of the following facilities。


SUMMARY OF THE Disney World]

  • 4One of the Disney parks
    • Magic Kingdom (Magic Kingdom)
    • Epcot (Epcot)
    • Hollywood Studios (Hollywood Studios) 
    • Animal Kingdom (Animal Kingdom)
  • 2One of Disney Water Park
    • Typhoon Lagoon (Typhoon Lagoon)
    • Blizzard Beach (Blizzard Beach)
  • 6One of the golf course
  • Racing circuit
  • 20Resort Hotel


What I do not know somehow too the other scale deca(Lol)

so、Disney parks Speaking of the main tourists visiting Disney World。Is the Epcot of them had visited this time。And say why it has to Epcot、Magic Kingdom is one like Tokyo Disneyland。Subtle and from the arrival time because the Animal Kingdom was the evening around closed down。so、The rest of the Epcot by I wonder if good even universal resort I was a Hollywood studio。There is simply reason that it was like to like a World Expo。


Directions at the local bus from the airport

Take the # 111 bus at Orlando International Airport。Depending on the road conditions、As much as 50 minutes after the ride”Sea Harbor Drive And Academic Drive”In get off。It is right next to the bus stop of Sea World。Hilton I think that can be seen right in front of。Or if you do not know in advance should tell the driver、It may show the driver to print out in advance if there is no confidence in English conversation。so、Please tell that to switch to be sure the driver when you get off。Since the take over the charge that it is transit。Therefore nothing to say and must pay the money at the time of the next bus ride。

Wait for the number 50 bus was down、And transfer it arrived at a destination Disney spring (Disney Springs Superstop) in about 20 minutes。Approximately 100 minutes and included transfer time。From Disney spring to each theme park Let's take the bus that runs the theme park。Because it is free。It can be a monorail that runs in the Disney。

11Carried out in the bus number to Lynx Central Station、50But there is also a method to switch to bus number、In terms of time-consuming、That come close to the security worst of downtown while having a carry bag is not recommended。

Except、At your own risk when using more of the route bus。Although it has been severely also described in the article of until now、Orlando route bus of security is bad。It is a good idea obediently use a taxi if there is a valuables。

For comparison、It is about 2 dollars but bus。Kana not you be much that's taxi 40-60 dollars?


Epcot tourism start!

Here is a taxi of Epcot landing。Yes、I used the taxi had been described only that(Lol)

Because、Since this day there was a meeting at the Hyatt Regency until the evening、Time I have come Mottainaku directly from there。It says eventually pay $ 20 or more to were examined prior to An'nani。It's taxi and does pay even 15% to 20% chip Naranshi 🙁

Senna's Tteyuu Epcot、From the initials of experimental Future City (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow)。Once upon a time was changed to just Epcot I was was a name I Epcot Center。

To the entrance。Mood is excited pounding

Golf ball that looked! ! Not sunk is still day! !

Luggage inspection。Here hazardous materials and food will be confiscated。Previous articleIn as described、It seems not much is to be confiscated in relation to drinking water。Look、I mon has put PET bottles when you look at backpack to the right of the people of the photo?

Ticket counter when you pass through the baggage inspection。Quite high and just 1 theme park。100It was more than $? Ah、No many people still buy water after the luggage inspection。It had been sold a lot of bottled water。

I got the bar code of the wristband type Once you paid the money or rather ticket ......。I wrapped it in arm、Finally admission is held up to the entrance gate。It came Epcot! ! !

The I this Epcot is divided into roughly divided into two areas。"Future area" and back in the direction of "World area" in the vicinity of the inlet。


Here at the end this time because there is a good Kiri。Next time around the Hugh char area!

Orlando tourism - supermarket Tour ~

Supermarket tour of Orlando, this time with a slightly different taste。In particular、If you are directed to Disney World in the rental car、Water is a good idea to purchase a large amount in a supermarket。Disney World, but bring in food and drink is the prohibition、It seems there is little to be confiscated water Apparently the entrance of the check。Except、We need your help in self-responsibility because this is not a certainty。

As of the positional relationship between the above map from the Crowne Plaza Hotel。Whether easy to understand because there is a scale in the lower left。Anyone who Crowne Plaza of place you do not know the first place isPrevious postsPlease refer to。The positional relationship between the Disney World is I think I can see。By the way, I Whole Foods、Public scan、I was around and walking in the Wal-Mart of the order。

Now、An overview of the supermarket to visit here in this。But for different target customers。Easy summary as follows:。


Comparison of supermarket

  Whole Foods (Whole Foods) Public scan (Publix) Wal-Mart (Walmart)
Price range high ordinary cheap
Assortment Few ordinary Many

So we will introduce in order。


Whole Foods

Whole Foods (Whole Foods) is located in the compartment that Phillips Crossing (Phillips Crossing)。Is gather shopping area Toka Toka restaurants grocery store Toka spa As can be seen if you look at the signboard。

Entrance arrival of Whole Foods。There somehow classy! (Be that entered prejudice?

Next to the Whole Foods Dunkin Donuts。It is in the cleaning Whole Foods of toilet、I had come because it was said to me by using the Dunkin Donuts of。If there Toka terrace、A little luxury Dunkin Donuts!

What's Phillips Crossing so much trouble that。Seito there was I sushi (SEITO SUSHI)。Sushi is also popular in overseas。

There was up to shop of golf equipment。It seems aligned anything one way。After all, rich area also from the fact that there is a golf shop!

The hotel is such a white box。This is recycling box。It is recycled and put the Toka clothing and shoes in this and seems to be resold。Must surely also good material because clothes of the wealthy。Thought Do apparel shop 🙂

Whole Foods in-store rush。There is little sense of luxury like this is in the shop。

Sold by weight corner。Moreover, die feel awkward with each other in accordance with the shop of the atmosphere in the wooden ......

Drink Corner。And wine are island display。

Dining space in the wine corner there is! That is feeding a snack while taking a break here。rich!

There is also a buffet。You will get along with the wine brought this to the earlier of the dining corner。

That was surprised in this supermarket has a plastic shopping bags was a paper bag。It's usually a plastic bag? 😕


Public scan

The next public scan。It is super for general customers than Whole Foods。

Encounter with such a track while towards the public scan from Whole Foods。It would be a delivery truck。

Publix Food & Pharmacy!!

Into the public scan。Ordinary super apparently。

Round and round the middle。

Clearance goods Corner。

Or say what、It was a typical supermarket in Japan。I wanted to a little introduction、Well None(Lol)I price range was still the impression that cheaper than Whole Foods。

And after the store to the time being directed to the Wal-Mart。

While I was there from the public scan about 1.5 km to Wal-Mart、This shop was found in the meantime。Location is fairly close to Wal-Mart。At the store Tteyuu Dollar Tree、Apparently dollar store of pattern。It is a 100 yen shop of the place referred to in Japan!



Finally came we were Wal-Mart。Many people do you know because it is both a SEIYU and business in Japan。

Anyway, big! Scale of the parking lot is also an order of magnitude than the other supermarket。You have to walk about 5 minutes until near the entrance from the previous signboard。

vending machine。Juice whopping 50 cents! In the vending machine and the amount of money it is cheap enough to not compare with the super of up to ...... now。

The ceiling is high! The store is wide! About not see too wide as well as to see the end from the end。

Odd there is no number of products。Moreover, cheap mess。Sprite I bought because it was about $ 1 with 2 liters。

It is also sold to what seems such a cute to non-food。I have fallen in one floor。

Absolutely is better to buy in here than buying in the shops of ...... Moreover mess cheap ...... Disney there is a souvenir shop of Disney World。There was also 1 much of the goods of 10 minutes than buy at the official shop in the price。

Register is such a belt conveyor。Put more and more from the shopping cart to the conveyor will continue to flow。Also、Clerk's also interesting very cheerful。Really I felt I Do's super that do for the common people。


Supermarket tour is the end or more。It would be Wal-Mart is a good If you seek a cheap。Wonder if Whole Foods If you stick to the Toka Organic。

Next time finally to Disney World!


Orlando tourism to 4 large mall tour ④ International Premium Outlets -

Under the cold weather at the bus stop of the Mall at Millenia、About 1 hour encounter in the bus waiting、Somehow it seems celebrating today of the final destination of the International Premium Outlets。

Distance to about 3.6km。It was not a distance can not go walking Well、It was to be Mendokusaka' Back again a stroll while ago。Another Universal Orlando Resort is before the eyes。By the way, Orlando outlets are two large。VinelandHere is a。Which is also hard to remember the name because、If you go by taxi if Vineland "closer to the Disney"、There is no problem if I tell the driver I "closer to universal resort" if the International Premium Outlets。

The bus Reverse run as it is a road that has been walked earlier、Distance from where you get off at No. 42 bus which has been riding from earlier Florida Mall of about 1.5km。But it was long wait、Arrive in about 10 minutes After the ride。24You may not have to worry about where to get off because the turn of the end of the bus。

After it sank already day Once you get off the bus。Another store is Zurari from the immediate vicinity of the bus stop! Ah、There is of me Disney gift。It's a cheap absolute better to buy here than buy souvenirs at Disney World。The most、I'm going to write in a later article, but、Disney-related gifts I'm cheap is more of Wal-Mart over here to chisel。

Now、Here again the entire image of the outlet mall。

The like a green jewels is You are here。so、Market Place is divided into 3 major area。International Premium Outlets area at the top of the big red frame which is commonly referred to。This time, in a clockwise direction from the lower left corner of the Market Place。In other words、The last will to go to Artegon Marketplace。

It should be noted、The topInternational Premium OutletsHours of 10:00~23:00。Artegon Marketplace of the lower right 11:00~21:00(Sunday 11:00~19:00)。Although information was not found、Perhaps even lower left corner of the Market Place 21:00It would be safe to those who visited。I think it is probably that it's business time is different for each store。

It should be noted、International Premium Outlets is also opening hours are the same Vineland Outlet Mall。Since the actual assortment also almost the same、Will not both need to go。

South to and McDonald's。Not a meal far from but also to also feel like I have been hungry。If Ne from turning all before the outlet mall is closed。

Arrival at the beginning of the Market Place。You will see a far Ferris wheel。

I wonder what。So much lifeless but very 😥 store that you are quiet in is open to open。Time I wonder if because time。

But I've got a Toka Toka GUESS Calvin Klein。Customers are less likely to。Well、I wonder if I should come a little early。That the、That will head to the favorite of the International Premium Outlets。

About 5 minutes walk。Please be careful not to run over by a car because across the main street。Arrive at the outlet also to write to the door!

Ralph Lauren and COACH。Ah、There are many people, unlike earlier 😀

23:00Still there are many people There is only open until。Naa I'm by the customer of Universal Resort way home。

Too crowded shop me this Victoria's Secret。'Em divided customers to the marketplace, which has been a little while ago and quiet。

I fountain。Or say whatVinelandEntirely。I It is also similar design。I would have absolutely the same make or rather。

Key classic palm to the mall ♪

Stalls over ♪

Pokémon! ! Something not a funny face of Pikachu?

There are many green on site。Atmosphere around here is be different and a little Vineland。

It is under Ogawa have to flow bridge on site。But I had a pond in Vineland。However I'm pond there are crocodiles :lol: 

Ah ~。This may become a picture。I wonder would be beautiful if you take night view bring tripod。

Animal Ride。Little attraction。

Food Court found!

After all, the same as the Vineland。Although over there to the store of Haagen-Dazs did not。

Datte Japan Cafe! Tteyuu Chi such coffee is not anything in Japan specialties。


Converse! adidas! Nike! Here is how sports shop area。

Good people medium also individual landscape。I wonder if you bring a single-lens reflex camera 😥

Since the time also has become slow or let's head to the next destination。Artegon to Market。

It appears at the beginning and across the main street out of the outlet building。Its name Outdoor World。

Is great store of decoration。A child is curious in fireplace。Its beside Dad Sing Sing to the smartphone

Kan Riaru bear。

Next to the boat shop。They are lined up shop of something outdoors system。

Now visit a shrine to Artegon。Here is today the last of the tourist location。

that? Something popular little? ? And ...... it is bad feeling something ...... spree out-of-focus 🙁

Oh……  Artegon Marketplace is now closed……It seems to be softening under construction ......

Last but was very disappointing was quite satisfied because various Maigret Orlando。The time being are now lodgingCrowne Plaza HotelIt was very found to be close to Universal Resort。Maybe good this hotel If you visit here in the main。


Next time, let's also in Orlando supermarket tour as opening act in front of the Disney World ...!




Orlando tourism to 4 large mall tour ③ Mall at Millenia -

This 3 Me shopping mall tour in Orlando。Mall near the Universal Orlando Resort this time at Millenia。

Universal Orlando Resort is visible to the left of the map。You can go without a transfer if ride to the number 40 bus from the shopping center。

Arrival at the entrance of the Millennium at Mall。Walking on the side of the roadway to the site。

It seemed at the beginning and Macy's (Macy's)。Shop was also at the time of the Florida Mall。Another explanation would be unnecessary。

For the time being to the middle from here。Let us probably entered when the main gate is to put I'm a different location。

It breaks new ground in the store!

This is the inside of the Millennium at Mall。

I tried to climb to the top。2It is a shopping mall storey。

thisMall at Millenia (The Mall at Millenia)Hours of basically morning 10:00~21:00。Sunday only 10:00~19:00is。Since these information are also likely to change、The check always official website If you visit。

Mall at Millenia has received an image of a notch than the other three malls。There are many exclusive shops are also entered store。I You There is a concierge in Information Center。

Except、The number of shops is considerably less than the Florida Mall。That amount、Tenant fee is also high likely。

It will head to the heart of the shopping mall from Macy's。

But there is a first floor course and the second floor course、Select the second floor course。Is I'm somehow better of the above!

Dadappiroi space。Monitor for the exhibition was also flickering。After all fashionable than other shopping mall。Richman Richman! !

Although exit was seen、The time being you to the inside of tourism。

Here kana dining area。

Meal place even prying have Mari somehow rich image。Richman Richman! !

Let a little try to go out。

Palm tree。Kore Do, which is also where the shopping mall。

Luxurious entrance。This is the main gate。It's be lit up at night、Night view because not to be visited to another one last today is abandoned。

...... is a moving object when I look at the palm trees?

Squirrel! cute! I'm good at climbing trees I squirrel 😀

Bloomingdale's (Bloomingdale's)。Luxury department store。Price range is comparable to the Nordstrom。

Not be built only 30 to 40 throughout the United States、Toka earns in its place a very large site。Like is called I Bloomy from locals。Difficult indeed to say in the long name Nante Bloomingdale's。

In fact, Bloomingdale's brothers company and Macy's。We both have federated Ray Incorporated department store the (Federated Department Stores) in the parent company。

Luxury floating store。

Luxury floating-store (the second time

Ah、It had cut through shop。

Why do not you leave outside IKEA。Maybe not become competitive considering price range。It is cheaper of course IKEA。

I have a the entrance to each shop、Here is something lonely。Will because the inner part。

After all of that glory is the main gate。The difference number of cars were also only。

Police resident。Be that such for maintaining security。

Restaurants often。Terrace。

Equestrian statue。Upscale image and somehow there is a bronze statue。

Entrance right next to the restaurant。Price high likely!

Let's enter into from here so much trouble that。

Bright atmosphere。

If there is a fountain、Full of bench people beside the。

Join the plaza visited towards the beginning。Here there is a Information Center、I heard the details of bus stop、Answer of taxi use premise。It's Oh yeah likely。Because there will be a number 24 bus in the street that came in because there is no way、We decided to ride from there。

This at the Mall at Millenia tourism complete!

It will return to the place of the Jaguar of signboard。

French cafe Once across the street。

24Bus stop turn the bus directly in front of this restaurant。Did not come at all be waiting Sure enough。Japan had begun to be coming late write up 🙁

Traces of progressively Illumination also sign of Mall at Millenia。

Had taken the restaurant from various angles do not come at all bus。Xiaxiaxiaxia Xiaxiaxiaxia

It is becoming increasingly cold、Approximate bus came after 1 hour。Tourism in the bus realized that Do not difficult。Do not be helped because cheap compared to taxi。


Next to Premium Outlets International Drive。